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Careers by categories
« on: March 28, 2020, 01:39:09 PM »
So, as I've mentioned, I'm wanting to run a project through the ropes before I submit it as a challenge/story here.  One of the restrictions I'm setting is that at start, every household must consist of two sims who can develop a relationship and have kids, as it is a sort of dynasty project.

The part that I want to focus in on this thread is a pair of rules regarding all couples.  First rule, they must be built around one of the four categories of skills/careers (physical, mental, social, creative).  The other rule is that one partner must be part of a rabbit hole style career while the other is in a more active career.

As you can imagine, considering the lack of physical skills and careers, this is where I'm coming up short.  If I could figure out how to run a spa and have a sim as a yoga instructor, I could argue that as a physical active career, despite the skill being based on focused rather than energized.

How would you all categorize all the various ways of making money within the four categories?  Not just careers, but any way of using skills to make money.  Just making paintings or writing books counts as an active creative career, for example.  I could even argue that having a woodwork retail store from Handiness as a creative active career as well.  Physical is the one that I'm most struggling with, so want to see what you all think.

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Re: Careers by categories
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2020, 05:35:20 PM »
A bit more details on the project to clarify.  I'm a big fan of the World of Darkness games by White Wolf/Onyx Path Publishing and want to build a world based on that.  Basically, I'm looking to eliminate all existing households in the game and have exactly one family of each supernatural type, with all the rest being normies.  This will hopefully reduce the massive intrusiveness of some supernatural sims, such as the constant greetings and attempted feedings of Vlad.  That last bit is most important as the basic premise is that the supernatural exists, but is in hiding. 

Where the player comes in with this challenge is that they will need to rotate between four households,  each based on a different of the four categories.  Each generation must have at least two children, one to remain within the household to maintain the strong theme of category, the other to join a different household to prolong the next generation.  Basically, I'm combining a dynasty style challenge with a rotation play style as well.  I'm wanting to test it to see if it works.  Particularly with the one rabbit hole, one active aspect to each couple.  The physical side has a few careers which I could argue fit (such as astronaut after level 4 of the career), but with the exception of military, I think they're all rabbit hole only.  That would prevent me having a "no going into the same career as the previous generation" aspect unless we can find some other ways to have active money gain from being physical.  I'll make another post after this one trying to categorize careers by the four areas, and acknowledge that some may shift after the split in career paths.

If anyone has ideas on how to best fit various skills into other categories, or arguments for careers to be elsewhere, let me know.  Like I said in the previous post of this thread, an argument can he made for the wellness skill to be physical, even though it's based on the Focused (and thus mental) moodlet.  Likewise, Woodworking (as a subset of Handiness) could be argued to be creative.  If you could get a job as a repairsim of some sort, I could argue it for physical too.

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Re: Careers by categories
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2020, 06:50:35 PM »
First alphabetized careers, with a note to one side of where it would fit, or if it could fit multiple places.

Actor - Could count as social or creative depending on how you look at it.  Active career.
Astronaut - Starts mental, but ultimately becomes physical.  Always rabbit hole, though space missions are active.
Athlete - Physical. Rabbit hole.
Business - Social. Rabbit hole. Argument could be made that investor shifts to mental.
Conservationist - Social (Environmental Manager) or Mental (Marine Biologist). Can be either rabbit hole or active, but leans a bit more toward active.  Could also argue for Physical some with Marine Biologist.
Criminal - Social with arguments toward Mental after the tracks split.  Rabbit hole.
Critic - Creative.  Can be either rabbit or active, but leans toward active.
Culinary - Creative.  Rabbit hole.
Detective - I'd argue Mental.  Active.
Doctor - Mental. Active.
Education - Mental (argument for social for Administration branch can be made).  Either way.
Engineering - Mental.  Can be either, but emphasis is on active.
Entertainer - Creative (Musical) or Social (Comedy). Rabbit hole.
Gardener - Creative (Florist) or Mental (Botanist).  Either or, but emphasis on active.
Law - Mental, with some Social leanings (Attorney).  Either, but emphasis on active.
Military - Physical, with Social (Officer) or Mental (Operative) leanings.  Either or.
Painter - Creative. Rabbit hole (sort of).
Politician - Social.  Rabbit hole.
Scientist - Mental. Active.
Secret Agent - Mental/Social.  Rabbit hole.
Social Media - Social. Either, emphasis on active.
Style Influencer - Social/Creative. Active.
Tech Guru - Mental.  Rabbit Hole.
Writer - Creative.  Rabbit hole (sort of).

So that breaks down to:

Actor/Actress Active or Rabbit Hole
Critic Active or Rabbit Hole
Culinary Rabbit Hole
Entertainer (Musician) Rabbit Hole
Gardener (Floral Arrangement) Active or Rabbit Hole
Painter Rabbit Hole
Style Influencer Active
Writer Rabbit Hole

Conservationist Active or Rabbit Hole*
Detective Active
Doctor Active
Education Active or Rabbit Hole
Engineering Active or Rabbit Hole
Law Active or Rabbit Hole
Scientist Active
Secret Agent Rabbit Hole
Tech Guru Rabbit Hole

Athlete Rabbit Hole
Astronaut Rabbit Hole
Conservationist (Marine Biologist) Active or Rabbit Hole*
Military Active or Rabbit Hole

Actor/Actress Active or Rabbit Hole
Business Rabbit Hole
Conservationist (Environmental Manager) Active or Rabbit Hole*
Criminal Rabbit Hole
Entertainer (Comedian) Rabbit Hole
Law (Attorney) Active or Rabbit Hole
Politician Rabbit Hole
Secret Agent Rabbit Hole
Social Media Active or Rabbit Hole
Style Influencer Active

*Conservationist loses effectiveness as repeatable after the island has been cleansed.  Not impossible, but is very much tied to the story of the island.

This is just the careers, and doesn't include a "choose your own title" sort of active "career" such as retail management, but it's clear that the physical section is weak compared to the other three.  Any ideas on making money through other skills or activities that you would count as physical and active?  Preferably something relatively reliable, as running around for collectibles to sell counts as physical but isn't exactly reliable.