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Help Us Report Game Bugs or Issues (Where & HowTo)
« on: September 14, 2014, 05:57:44 AM »
Updated: Dec. 2023

To Report about game bugs or game issues, you can either report them via your EA account, the Answers HQ Forum (AHQ) or through several different social media sites.

Reminder: Please move the Mods folder to the desktop, Delete Game Cache Files and Repair Game:  Open the EA App >  Library > Find Sims 4 and Click Manage > Repair  to help troubleshoot issues.

All issues reported in the AHQ forums must be tested on vanilla (no mods/cc) games.

Via EA Account:

How To: Contact EA's Customer Service / Use EA Help:

1. Go To:
2. Select a product from the list. If you don't see it in the list. Search for it by name in the search bar given.
3. Select a Platform (PS4 / XBox One / PC / Mac)
4. Select a Topic
5. Select an Issue
6. Select Contact Option (Sign-in with your Username and Password that you purchased the game with or sign in with a Facebook, PSN, or Xbox Live account)
7. Select Support Options - Options are: Chat, Answers HQ forum, and Call EA Help.

** If you're having problems accessing chat, try changing the location in your browser window to U.S. or U.K or try clearing your browser's cookies and cache How-To: Clear Browser Cache and/or try using a different browser. For example IE or Chrome.

Live chat only open from 8 am to 11pm  UTC, Monday through Saturday.

Contact Us Help Page:

** If having EA account issues, please check this page and click the appropriate button.

Via Answers HQ Forum:

1. Go to - and click the New Post button to the right of the screen.

2. Fill out the form. To make sure it's to your liking, select Preview before clicking the Submit button.

** If you want to be notified of replies, check mark the Subscribe to replies.

Or check this post (linked below) from Crinrict that shows how to with photos!!

Crinrict's How To Report a Bug via the AHQ Bug Forum -

Please report the bugs and issues you find to help the developers in knowing what needs fixed. The more Me Too's a bug report and/or an issue report has, the more likely it will be seen and fixed by the devs.

Check the Compiled List of Bugs thread first, to see if the bug has already been reported. See the link below:

Compiled List of Bugs
You might find helpful information. Also, you can click on the link to a bug report and on the first post you should see a "Me Too" button below the first post. This will help show that others are having similar issues and hopefully that should help get it some attention and will save you from posting something if you don't want to.

If a solution or work-around to your issue has been posted choose the reply that best answers your question and mark it as an accepted solution.

To mark a message as a solution click Accept as Solution on the reply.

If you'd like confirmation on how your case is progressing, the best thing to do is contact customer support again (

Open a new ticket and quote the case number for your existing case. The CS agent can verify how your case is going and give any information they may have on it with you. Using the Chat or phone option is the recommended option for getting updates.

Reference Links:

Welcome to the Sims Section of AHQ

Answers HQ forum FAQ Page:

Answers HQ - AHQ for short, is a players helping players forum and can't help with design decisions. Post feedback and "wish lists" at the Official Forum - Feedback.

Note: This post is locked as it's for informational purposes. If you have any bug related questions, please create a new topic here in the Gameplay Help Board. Give us as much details/information as possible on the issue so we can try to help.

Most of the bigger game bugs and issues are things that the game devs will need to fix or offer a work-around for.