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Rules for Stories
« on: September 22, 2014, 12:36:53 PM »
There are special rules for Stories - please Read Here before posting!

If you're wondering why are we requesting photos be in .jpg format?

Not only are .jpg file sizes a lot smaller than .png, they're easier to upload to image hosting sites or here to the forum, easier to view because they load quicker and easier to work with when editing.

Read the post linked below about About the default images that come from Sims 4. It's an interesting read, and will explain in more detail why it's better to use .jpg for sharing on the internet. - Those that use mobile or slower internet will thank you for it.

Convert photos to JPG format for stories

Attach and Insert Photos into Posts

Any story that has not been updated by the author/original poster in or around 6 months will be moved to the Sims 4 Stories Graveyard. - Stories can be revived, please ask the staff to do so.