Author Topic: Cheat to get Missing Plants - Dragonfruit, Bonsai Bush and Bird of Paradise  (Read 3778 times)

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I've added a cheat to get the three missing plants to the Gardening Guide just above the plant list. I will add the missing plants to the table later, as I'm doing some gardening testing anyway. They are Dragonfruit, Bonsai Shrub, and Bird of Paradise.

This game has me needing to do many edits across the site when things get patched. I won't bother with a comments system until those bugs are worked out, as I don't want to have all those "this is wrong" posts by people who don't know that I experienced bugs. It just clogs up the messages.

Edit: Oh, and by the way, prices are buggy too.. see my post in the corrections board for Gardening. Also, you get a plaque for finishing the Plant Collection.