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Stella's House
« on: October 26, 2014, 10:25:31 AM »

Lot size 40x30 (original lot: 9 Azure Lake Avenue, Hidden Springs)
3 bed spaces (1 double, 1 single), 2 baths.  The gym could be converted to a small third bedroom/nursery.
Price on original lot: §87689 furnished, §49647 unfurnished

Content used:
Expansions: Ambitions, Generations, Pets
Stuff packs: Outdoor Living

Free store content:
The Sims Strike Back
Seasons Wall Decal Pack
Earth Day
Rustic Staycation Whirlpool Station (reward for uploading memories)

Other store content:
Chun Co. Teppanyaki Grill
Dreamtime Single Bed
Lazy Angler’s Rocking Chair
Overachieving Bookshelf
Oak Fireplace Mantel
Sparkle’s Trashcan
Palm in Vase
Tropi-Con Faux Frond
Market Piggy Sculpture

The first ‘real’ house (as opposed to dynasty shack) from my third attempt at the Household Skills Project, built on one of my favourite lots.  This was the cooking house, so it has a teppanyaki grill in addition to an oven and microwave in the kitchen, plus a second outdoor kitchen with barbecue and pizza oven.

There is a small gym upstairs and accommodation for cats in the hall and dining room (or on the kitchen counters, in the view of one of the feline inhabitants).

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Re: Stella's House
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2020, 01:55:07 PM »
i love this!

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