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Halloween and Harvest
« on: October 31, 2014, 05:34:31 PM »
(There would be Bonfire Night as well if I had University Life enabled at the moment.)

Since the weather here’s recently switched from late summer to mid-autumn with no apparent transition, I felt like designing a house to celebrate all the good things about the season: crunching through fallen leaves, warming up with soups and casseroles (OK, the Sims may be stuck with stu surprise but I can pretend) and then curling up with a good book in front of the fire.

This started off as the next house for my Household Skills Project (the writing house) but I got a bit carried away and the cosy log cabin turned into more of a log mansion.  It’s very heavy on the store content, I’m afraid, but a lot of it’s free and most of the rest could be substituted with other items or simply omitted.

The house has an open-plan ground floor with kitchen, dining, living and study areas, plus a large and mostly empty hallway, which could be used as a party room or gallery.  There’s also a separate utility room and bathroom.  Upstairs are two double bedrooms with en-suites to one side of the central TV/family area; with a nursery, child’s bedroom and another bathroom on the other.  One attic is a ‘man cave’; the other has been converted into a gym at one end, while the rest is used for storing junk and out-of-season stuff.

Lot size 60x60 (original lot: 7 Meadow Beach Drive, Hidden Springs)
5 bed spaces (2 double, 1 single) plus a cot, 4 baths.  Also has accommodation for several dogs and cats.
Price on original lot: §236,595 furnished, §133,986 unfurnished

Content used:
Expansions: Ambitions, Generations, Pets
Stuff packs: Outdoor Living, Town Life, Fast Lane

Free store content:
Harvest Bounty
Fall Fruition
Halloween Treats
More Halloween Treats
Happy Halloween: Gory Goodies
Gifts for the Holidays
Tis the Season for Gift Giving
Year of the Tiger
Year of the Rabbit
Eye of the Bolder ‘10
Happy St. Patrick’s Day
The Sims Strike Back
Adrenaline Rush
Earth Day
Cellar Arch
Generation Clock
Hive of Knowledge Bookshelf for uploading 5 memories.
The Lord Sponge items in the man cave are no longer available, so substitute other suitably tacky stuff if you don’t have them  :).

Registration rewards:
Explorer’s Loot
The Red Carpet Collection
The Sims 3 Generations Registration Gifts
Mascot Attack Pack

Other store content:
Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes
Stone’s Throw Greenhouse
Wooden Spa Column from Sunlit Tides

Buzzer Beater Free Throw Machine
India Inspired Bedroom - Timeless Views Window
Stäncké Stacker Bookshelf
Lazy Angler’s Rocking Chair
Oak Fireplace Mantel
Novelty Office Chair Collection
Fleur de Luce Chandelier
Lightbulb Sconce
I Love Me Mirror
Sparkle’s Trashcan
Open Wide Bunny Trashcan
Playground Potty
Tropi-Con Faux Frond
Classic Candelabra
Aunt Angela's Cast Iron Cookery
Vineyard Vittles Shelf

B. Harvard's Water Collection Set
Woven Wicker Baskets
Reed Basket
The Big Cheese Coat Rack
That's my Dame Table Sculpture
Antique Chronometer
Art Abstraction
Found Art Object #23
Kingdom of Cambodia Bathroom – Walk the Path Rug
The Traveler's Choice Hat Box (Box Version)
The Traveler's Choice Hat Box (Round Version)
Loitering Luggage
Realtor's Baggage Props
Contented Sighs
Reach for the Heavens
The Prodigy
Dreams of the Lotus Eaters
Mystic Mushrooms

(The 'range cooker' is useable, to my surprise.  I'd assumed that the archway and the 'moveobjects' would get in the way and so put in a separate cooker on the opposite side of the kitchen, but my test Sim happily used the range to make macaroni cheese.)

Edit: I've realised that I left space by the sink for a dishwasher and trash compactor but didn't actually put them in.  The Sims can still wash up in the sink but you'll probably prefer to install them, which will obviously add a few hundred Simoleons to the furnished price.

Autumn Lodge, an improved and updated version of this house, can be downloaded from Mod the Sims.

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Re: Halloween and Harvest
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2014, 09:34:29 PM »
So beautiful! I love it!

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Re: Halloween and Harvest
« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2014, 11:26:37 AM »
Thanks :D

After nearly three weeks spent building the thing, I've changed my mind and am playing a rather different game but I may pick it up later to play in (possibly with a remodel).  I enjoyed building it anyway.