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Bronson Curious, YA Male
« on: December 12, 2014, 01:06:15 AM »
Bronson Curious

Bronson was the only non-dysfunctional spouse of The Waverly Immortal Dynasty, and also the husband of Lily Waverly and the father of Tegan Waverly. Full of misanthropy, Bronson does have a small capacity for love when it comes to family. Still, is it better to run into a ripped papa bear as opposed to a weightlifting bachelor?

He was also the son of Bunny Curious and Lincoln Baker.

Age/Life State: Young Adult human

Traits: Good, Slob, Unlucky, Inappropriate, Mean-Spirited
(Also gained Athletic and Loner later in life)

Lifetime Wish: Dynamic DNA Profiler (he's much better suited to the Miliary)

Favorites: Chinese, Mushroom Omelette, Violet

Content: High End Loft, Late Night, Town Life, Master Suite, University Life, Grimy Leather, Strikingly Sparkled Blazer, Loose Curl (Midnight Hollow), Plants vs. Zombies T-Shirt (Plants vs. Zombies Fan Pack, Supernatural registration reward)

Custom Patterns: N/A

Does he make attractive children? Yeah, but those genes like to stick around. Use with caution unless you really, really like Bronson.

Please ask before using him for anything public.
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