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Fial Draíodóir YA/male/witch
« on: February 14, 2015, 01:06:04 AM »
Fial Draíodóir

Fial has always had a knack for putting ingredients together.  He’s quite the natural cook.  But now, with the development of supernatural powers, he’s finding all new ways to put things together and make potions he never dreamed possible before.

Download as sim:

Age: Young Adult
Sub Type: Witch
Traits: gatherer, irresistible, loves the cold, loves the outdoors, natural cook
LTW: The Culinary Librarian
Favorites: Egyptian, Frog Legs, Orange

Download as household:

Skills: Charisma 1, Cooking 8, Alchemy 6, Witch 5
Career: Alchemist 4
Funds: §16,500
Inventory: wand, umbrella (upgraded to unbreakable), harvestables, Ancient Dragon (to act as familiar, named Tagnik'zur)

EPs: Into the Future, Late Night, Pets (household only), Seasons, Showtime, Supernatural, University Life
SPs: Diesel, High End Loft
store: August Mission Shirt, Dragon Valley, Knitted Beanie, Lukasz Layered Tee, On Safari Shorts