Author Topic: stare at objects to get emotion & relative time to get emotion moodlets  (Read 493 times)

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For example, there're special staring options for business-career reward-items, they give an easy 4h +1 moodlet:
 - focused: Executron Personal Stock Ticker, Executron Desk Pen Set
 - confident: Chronos Magazine (Framed Collector's Edition Issue)

Add info that Research Stocks adds 4h +1 moodlet on completion, it's very slow though.

Would be nice to have an idea of how much time, relative to each other, actions take to get the moodlet. For example, you don't need to keep playing chess to get its +2 focused moodlet (but your sim will keep playing), so you can cancel it; researching stocks takes forever, while staring at emotional object is almost instant.

Also just talking can give you all sorts of emotions, some of talking options unlocked in business career give +2 focused, for example.

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I'm wondering if that might be better added to the 'Emotions and Items' thread which you can find here . It's is such a huge area of the game!
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I think it's awesome that we're still discovering ways to manipulate the emotions we want.

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This is a good suggestion for how I should list them overall, at least flagging those that take a long time (or too long), because some might not realize that certain interactions take a very long time relative to the moodlet you receive. I won't ever be able to list all the ways emotions can be changed, given all the DLC that will come out, but can certainly try to prioritize those that are time-efficient. At least a person might be able to do the long interaction first, then go on to the shorter ones in order to get the mood they want. I'll see what I can do about this. Thanks :)