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Rules: Sim Brother Challenge
« on: September 08, 2015, 12:25:20 PM »
I'm sure some of you have heard of the TV Show Big Brother. I'm a long time fan and, and with the approval of Carl and Metro, have decided to make it into a Sims Challenge. Here are the rules:


- Autonomy must be turned to full, you are not allowed to control the sims in any way unless you are setting up for screenshots for story purposes. (Such as diary rooms, eviction ceremonies, etc.). You may tell your sim to drink orange juice or tea if they become sick. You can also have them take selfies for the memory wall.

- Aging is turned off everywhere, even outside households.


- Create eight (or more if you have mods) sims. Their personalities and looks are entirely up to you. The only restrictions are that they must be a Young Adult or Older and that there must be a 1:1 Male to Female ratio.

World View

- Move them onto an empty lot. You can build the Big Brother House or download one off of the Gallery (like I did since I'm not the best builder) Money cheats are allowed and encouraged. You may make a large house or a small house, it's up to you. There are only a few requirements of the house.


- It must have a backyard, a sitting area for nominations and evictions, a a single-person bedroom for HoH winners.

- TVs, Computers, or any skill (with the exception of kitchen appliances) or mood altering objects are not allowed. That includes pools (unless they are used for a challenge).

- You can edit the house at any time or as often as you please.

- The Ice Cream maker is banned.

- If an object breaks, you can replace it.

The Game

- Each sim week you will place objects that contribute to the same skill around the house. At the end of the week remove the objects and the check the skill panel on each sim. The Sim with the most points and progress on the skill wins HoH (Head of Household) and the one with the second most wins POV. (Power of Veto)

- The next day, the HoH will nominate two sims for eviction, they MUST be the sims that the HoH has the lowest relationship with, the only exception is if one of them have the POV. If that's the case, nominate the sim with the next lowest relationship.

- The sim with the POV will remove the sim from the block that has the higher relationship with it than the other one.

- The HoH will then put up a replacement nominee, the sim with the lowest relationship with the HoH that isn't nominated or has POV.

- Then, voting begins. Every sim except the nominees and the HoH will vote. The way voting works is that sims will vote for the nominee they have the lowest relationship with of the two. The sim with the most votes is evicted and must leave the house at once.

- If there's a tie, the HoH breaks it by voting for the sim it has the lowest relationship with of the two.

- To remove an evicted HouseGuest, go to Manage Worlds and remove them from your household, you may place them into any unplayed household. Just don't forget where they are, you'll need them for later!

- In the next HoH competition, the previous HoH is not allowed to compete.

- Keep doing this process until there are four sims left.

- The same process follows, except there's no POV. The one sim who isn't nominated in the final four decides who gets evicted.

- In the Final three, the HoH winner decides who to evict.

- In the final two, bring all of the evicted sims back into the house. They will decide who wins by voting for the sim of the two who they have the highest relationship with.

- In the event of a tie in the finals, You, as the watcher, decide who wins.

Then, your challenge ends! Let me know if you have any questions.

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Re: Rules: Sim Brother Challenge
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2015, 01:07:41 PM »
Corey, I gave this post a thumbs up so that the rules won't get lost as more people post.
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Re: Rules: Sim Brother Challenge
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2015, 07:43:54 PM »
Corey, I gave this post a thumbs up so that the rules won't get lost as more people post.

Thank you!