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Rules: Black Widow Challenge
« on: October 01, 2015, 04:28:35 PM »
Black Widow Rules

Main goal: To have 5 ghosts living with you in your mansion. These ghosts must be deceased spouses. Have achieved the Black Widow in game Achievement.
Challenge ends when all spouse-ghosts are living in the house with your main sim and you have completed the Mansion Baron Aspiration and have the skills and ingredients to cook ambrosia.

Making Money:
No Money Cheats

Your Black Widow sim may not have a job/career. You can only make money from collecting, fishing and woodworking/pumpkin carving but only before your sim is married or in between spouses.

Your Black Widow may have any amount of pets but ensure you have room left for your spouses. Pets must all travel with your Black Widow every time s/he travels anywhere.

You may also make money from gardening but may only have plants in garden planters and may only have as many planters as you have ghost-spouses living in the house. Only the spouses are allowed to garden. (This means that you can not use a cow plant to dispose of your first spouse. Note that a cow plant must be placed on a hard surface once it is fully grown so that the pot appears under it.)

The main source of your income is the money your spouses bring in as living sims when you invite them to move in. If your spouse comes into the house with a career you may keep them in that career (after all they are not going to be alive long enough to make much money) and you can decorate/use any of the career reward items they may have unlocked.

Each time you invite a soon-to-be-spouse into the house you must build or move. This could be an extra room or upgrades to existing items or decorations but the house must be increasing in size and worth over the course of the challenge. If you move it must be to a house worth more than the current house. You can ‘save’ some of the money for a move later on but you must still improve the current home.

Game Play:
Aging on or off as you wish. If you play with aging on you can use Potions of Youth to keep your Black Widow sim young but he/she must buy it themselves.
Full autonomy on.
Start with a new sim made in CAS. He/she must have the jealous trait.
You may make a pet at this point or adopt one later in-game.
Move him/her into one of the games pre-existing starter homes, not an empty lot.
You may add Lot Traits to manipulate the difficulty level of your challenge but not to make it easier.
Find a suitable sim to be the first spouse, build a relationship to the point where you can ask them to move in. Also must have some level of romantic relationship.
At least 3 of the five spouses must have the jealous trait. (You can take them into CAS and using the ‘casfulleditmode on’ cheat change one of their traits to jealousy if you can’t find any townies already with this trait.)
Move the soon-to-be-spouse sim in, decorate/build/extend the starter home.

Prerequisites for the Death of a Spouse:
Goes without saying but obviously be married!
BFF with your spouse.
Soul Mate with your spouse or the romance bar completely filled.
One gold date after they have moved into the house and the date must happen in the house.
One Potion of Youth (Paid for with Satisfaction Points by the spouse it is for)
One Angelfish (Anybody can catch this at any point of the challenge)
One new training trick mastered by your pet if applicable
Your Black Widow sim must witness the death of each spouse. (If this glitches out for some reason then mourn the urn afterwards)

AND: Choose 2 of the following options. (These can be repeated for each spouse if you want to)
One gold party.
One shopping trip to Magnolia Promenade.(Must spend simoleons and have something to put in the house as a ‘reminder of the shopping day’)
One weekend away to Granite Falls. (Can be any two days of the week)
One night at a nightclub dancing etc until dawn.
One visit to the spa. (Complete two options: Massage, Yoga Lesson, Foot massage or Hand massage or Mud Bath for both sims)
One trip to the gym followed by a pampering massage. (Both sims must work out and Push the Limits while energized and the massage can happen at home if you have a massage table)
One trip to the gym followed by a refreshing drink at a bar. (Both sims must work out and Push the Limits while energized)
One picnic at a park. One sim must talk to a community Gardener or Professional Fishing Sim. (Use the park grill and food must be excellent in quality)
Visit a Community Pool. Swim, splash and chat in the pool together. Eat a meal there. (You will need to build this lot or download one from the gallery/library or add a pool to one of the existing parks in build mode if you do not have Get Together. To eat there you can place a grill and cook or bring a plate from home with you in your inventory.)
One visit to a lot that has an obstacle course for pets. Train your pet for at least 2 sim hours. Feed your pet there and then go for a medium walk (dog) or play with a cat toy (1 sim hour).
Take your pet for a check up at a Vet. Buy pet food at a vendor and feed your pet this before returning home. (Take a pet bowl with you.)
Purchase a vet treat at a Vet Clinic and then go for a jog with your dog.
Go for a long walk with your dog and do 10 friendly interactions.
Help a teen with their homework and become good friends.
One visit to a neighbors house. (You must be good friends with the neighbor before you leave)
Have the spouse win two games of chess.
Play three games of cards together.
Play two games of horseshoes together.
Carve two excellent quality or above pumpkins and preserve both of them. (Main sim or spouse can do this)
Craft three excellent woodworking items.
One overnight camping trip in one of the home worlds. Grill a fish over the campfire for dinner. (Travel somewhere like beside the lakes in the area where the Lothario household live. Use the option ‘Place in World’ to place down a tent and a campfire etc from a sims inventory.)
A trip to the Library. Play a game of chess and read one book and research something on a computer. (Both sims)
A trip to the museum. Look at 10 paintings/museum items and paint one painting. (Both sims)
One visit to a lounge. Play one song/Practice/Sing Songs or use the microphone to Tell Jokes. Have two drinks. (Both sims)
One trip to a Karaoke Bar. Both sims to sing 2 solos and one duet. The duet can be with any sim but preferably with each other. Both sims to have one drink at the bar.
One visit to a cafe together. Both sims to order food and at least one drink each. Both sims to complete reading one book while there.
For Vampire spouses: drink deeply from 12 different sims.
For Vampire spouses: transform 5 different sims into vampires.
Aliens: be discovered by five different sims.
Visit a Bowling Alley and complete two games of bowling together. Eat a meal at the Bowling Alley (bar).
One trip to a restaurant. Both sims to eat a three course meal with at least one drink. (If your sim is a vampire with the withered stomach weakness that means 3 Plasma Janes as a meal replacement plus drinking deeply from one waiter.)
Breed a complete type of frog (for example one of each: heart frog, striped heart, spotted heart, surf heart, whirly heart. This must be done by the spouse)
Collect 5 different sorts of the same type of collectible. (e.g. 5 different Postcards or 5 different Microscope Prints etc. All collected by the spouse.)
Collect 50 wild plants and unlock the Harvested Interest in game achievement
Visit 25 lots and unlock the Knock Knock in game achievement
Woohoo with one of your ghost ex-spouses while your current living spouse is living in the house and unlock the What Would it Be Like in game achievement
Complete 10 whims at one social even and unlock the On A Whim in game achievement
Have a bladder failure while on a date and unlock the So...I’ll Call You? in game achievement.
Marry a disguised alien without your sim discovering that they are an alien and unlock the Double Life in game achievement.

Inviting the Ghost to the household:
Once the deadly deed has been done you will have to place the urn/tombstone somewhere and wait until the ghost appears. This usually takes a few nights. Because you had such a high relationship with the spouse before they died, the option to ask them to join the household should appear immediately. If it doesn’t turn ‘testingcheats on’ and right click the ghost and choose the interaction to add the sim to the household. The reason I have included this is that if the spouses ghost gets culled it will ruin the challenge for you. You must invite (or cheat) the ghost into the house the first time it appears.

Once the ghost-ex spouse has been added you may not control the ghost except to direct it to garden, fish and to eat a cow plant’s cake for the essence or to change aspirations for point raking. (You can use these extra points for any potions for your Black Widow sim except Potions of Youth)
If you leave the lot you can take the ghosts with you or not, it’s up to you.
You must do your best to maintain a decent level of friendship with all your ghost-ex spouses. The friendship bar must be in the green.

Must complete the Mansion Baron Aspiration
You are free to complete any other aspiration except the Serial Romantic as the reward trait for this will stop any jealousy.

Ambrosia: You must have an angelfish and a Potion of Youth for each spouse and your main sim must have the skill to cook ambrosia. It is entirely up to you if you actually give the ghosts this ambrosia at the end of the challenge but the ability (skill and ingredients) must both be present. Remember you need a Death Flower to cook ambrosia.

Extra Challenge: You could try to achieve a different death type for each spouse and you could keep playing until you have 7 spouse-ghosts in the house. If you choose to do that you could make 5 of the seven have the jealousy trait!

Last Thoughts: The timing of asking soon-to-be-spouses into the house is up to you but you can not have a soon-to-be-spouse in the house without having some level of romantic relationship. Aliens and vampires are also fine to have as spouses.

Updates for Vampires
Having a vampire Black Widow or as one of the doomed spouses is allowed. If the Black Widow is a vampire you are not allowed to drink deeply from any of the household members as this causes sims to pass-out which could be manipulated to your advantage.

If you want your Black Widow to make or join a club that is up to you. Your Black Widow is not allowed to be in a club with any household member. Your Black Widow can be in a club with an intended spouse but there must be no buffs or rules that would make romancing this intended spouse any easier. So a dance club would be acceptable where the buffs are for increasing learning the Dance and or DJ skills.

Remember to empty the spouses inventories before they die especially if you have been collecting. Full inventories have been known to cause issues. You can store all the excess collectibles in a basement.
You can alter/build on any lots and add sims into houses or to the ‘Not in the World’ category at any time. If you want a spooky themed house you can demolish and rebuild your starter as soon as your main sim moves in using the money he/she has available. Or find a spooky starter and place it into your game so that your main sim can purchase this as his/her starter home.

CC is allowed. Don’t use Mods that will change the level of difficulty to the game play. (Example, lighting Mods are ok but not mods that effect sims emotions.)

If you are writing a story on your challenge (which I hope you do) remember the forums rules for stories (Link) especially about PG ratings for story content and no violence. Just be sensitive about how you go portraying the deaths. Please link your story, Twitch or You Tube Let's Play back to these rules as a courtesy.
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Re: Black Widow Challenge
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2015, 05:11:02 PM »
Oooo...This looks like fun. It almost makes me want to build a spooky house and start looking for the first Mr. Right.
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Re: Black Widow Challenge
« Reply #2 on: October 21, 2015, 12:47:15 PM »
I am intrigued by this challenge and will give it a go.  I did the Asylum Challenge (The Sims 4 Website Forum), and liked it. In the end I had my insane Sim go completely off the deep end and do away with all her fellow asylum residents (death by cowplant). Must be a bit of the macabre in me, I thought it all quite fun. And I shall enjoy being the Black Widow.

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Re: Rules: Black Widow Challenge
« Reply #3 on: May 28, 2016, 05:12:52 AM »
Thinking of doing this @Playalot 

A couple of questions :

Can we use clubs in the challenge? 

Can I use a skill/trait free clone of one of my IDC heirs that I am particularly missing deeply?

I will do a story :)

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Re: Rules: Black Widow Challenge
« Reply #4 on: May 28, 2016, 06:19:36 PM »
Good point @ tjtemple I wrote the rules before Get Together came out so I will go through and add some GT content. Totally ok to use clubs and cafes and nightclubs etc I probably wouldn't allow using clubs with an intended spouse/victim that included any romantic interactions though as that would make getting them to 'spouse' level way to easy but for sims that are already married and or making a club with the dead/ghost spouses sure as long as the club actions do not actually aid you in maintaining your friendship levels or just basically make any aspect of the challenge easier.  :)
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Re: Rules: Black Widow Challenge
« Reply #5 on: April 12, 2017, 02:09:42 PM »
Someone on the Sims forums was asking about the Black Widow Challenge. Would it be okay to share a link?
Thank you in advance

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Re: Rules: Black Widow Challenge
« Reply #6 on: April 13, 2017, 07:00:16 PM »
Sure! I'll also put this on my 'to-do' list to get it updated. Long over due for a bit of an update. @EuphorialQueen
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Re: Rules: Black Widow Challenge *updated 16th April 2017*
« Reply #7 on: April 16, 2017, 01:04:13 AM »
Updated the challenge today. Went through and added more activities from the dlc we now have available to us and a new rule regarding vampires.  :)
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