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Basic Box 1 Cheap Starter home
« on: November 05, 2015, 07:03:56 PM »
Item Name:  Basic Box 1
By: (Origin ID) Joria  (original eh?  ::))
Hashtags:  carlsguide, carlsguiderdc, Joria, Joriah, affordable, modern

Lot Size: 50x50

The house, furnished is $9,472 Simoleons according to the gallery.  Don't believe it.  The cost when looking at build mode is $19, 472 unless I read it wrong.  I can barely see the words and numbers the was EA has them colored and with my bad eyesight, even with a magnifying glass!  In any case, it is CHEAP.

I used basic items throughout.  The only better quality item is the bed and it's not the best.  I used the enlarge thing on decorative and landscaping items.  There is a stair going up to the roof and I discovered, (though didn't use for the download), if you enlarge a few of the cheap, small, plants in buy mode they actually can make a decent, and a lot cheaper, "fence" so that roof could easily become usable party or science space.  It is not my most attractive build but really is quite usable, easily expanded and could be upgraded once your beginner has some extra cash.  I set it to the right side of the lot so the picture doesn't show up in the gallery correctly.  This was to be able to take in the beautiful view through the very tall windows.

Like Twinmum I forgot a garbage bin both inside and out!  My bad.

Over view:  As you can see, not much to look at.  Note the enlarged plants.  Really cut costs there! Next time I'm going to make the trees even bigger and build a tree house.

Interior walls down:  Recolored the penguin tv which COULD have been enlarged and just sat on the floor.  The rug is one of the small, cheap ones enlarged. Mirrors do not enlarge well.

Front view through the window/door to show the enlarged plant and picture.  At least a 5x enlargement on the picture 3 or 4 on the plant.

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Re: Basic Box 1 Cheap Starter home
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2015, 07:21:21 PM »
Looks very nice, and offers plenty of room on the deck and the roof for easels, guitars, chess tables, etc. I could see using this.
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