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Vitorian Tree House
« on: November 07, 2015, 03:34:38 AM »
Item Name:  Victorian Tree House
BY:  Origin ID: Joria
Hashtags:  carlsguide, carlsguiderdc, Victorian, treehouse, Joria, NOCC, moo
Lot Size: 30x20

The house furnished in game is $119,097, in the gallery it is $137,323, it will be more on a larger lot.

I started out trying to build a basic tree house starter.  I got carried away.  ::)  I've hated bulding in Sims4 from the get go.  Still not fond of it. Doing this tree house was an exercise in patience and stubbornness and was a real nightmare to build but I love it now it's done.  It's been play tested so no routing issues and everything works.  This house is chock full of gingerbread outside and in and tons of "stuff".  If you hate clutter you'll hate this house because I packed it.

Front View:  Very hard to get screenshots of this build.

Ride side of house.  You can see the tree growing through it.

Left side of house:  Note the veggie garden is ready for plants.

Entrance and small pleasure garden w. Regina Mills, (not included) waiting to go in and test it.

The garden and small pond from the rear of the lot:

Rear of house:  The bump one level down actually goes into the house but you can't see much of it when inside.  I pretty much hid most of it.

Upstairs bedroom and large deck.  As you can see by the flowers sitting on the roof ledge, I used MOO a LOT.

Main floor bedroom:  Yeah, pink again.  ;)

Dining room:  Entrance to the house is on the left side of the picture.  The bump out is the bathroom.

Kitchen and dr.

Living room:

More Living Room:

Cozy Deck:  Darn!  I forgot to put flooring on it.  :-*

It just kept growing! lol  There's a lot of skilling stuff in it but no gym or cookout stuff.  Got tired so called it done.  Hope you like it.

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Re: Vitorian Tree House
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2015, 03:56:08 AM »
I am loving your front year Joria! Although I'm taking a week off from building right now (very busy irl), seeing your front yard is making me itch to build and decorate homes.

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