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Basic Box 2 starter home
« on: November 08, 2015, 01:00:31 AM »
Item Name:  Basic Box2
By:  Origin ID Joria
Lot Size: 50x50
Gallery Price: 16,208
1 br. 1 1/2 baths

Hash tag: Joria, carlsguide, carlsguiderdc, MOO, NOCC

Not quite cheap enough to be a dynasty starter if you want any cash left to spend but definitely cozy with a lot of room to grow.  I used moo and enlarged items.  Isn't it nice you can have the cheapest tv but at a larger size and have it actually work?  If I'd left the roof fence off it would be much more affordable.


Back:  Note the easel for skilling, could have left that off as well.

Side:  Taken to show access to roof.  I remembered the bin this time!  The funny things on the roof are the tops of the curtain rods.  Couldn't get them to go down just that bit.

Public area:  Kitchenette, dining area and lounge wit tv and book case.


Everything works and no routing issues that I discovered.
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