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Missing child
« on: February 07, 2016, 04:21:14 AM »
So on sims I decided to make a guy and have him have as many kids as possible without being in a relationship with any women. He has 16 at the moment or should have 16 as one seems to have gone missing. The child lived somewhere with her mother, but her mother grew into an elder and then died. I can't find where she lived to see if the child is there, she hasn't been put up for adaption, she is no longer in my friends list and I can't find her on the family tree( but that might be because I had so many children that they couldn't fit on, which is the case anyway, I just don't know how to scroll to see them all) so anyway this child have just disappeared and I don't know where please help!!                   
    Also one of the other parents is an elder should I take the kid before she dies or what??

Help me please!!

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Re: Missing child
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2016, 05:10:55 AM »
Hi sweetandsour welcome to the forum.

If an elder dies and the only other sim in the household is a child then they get deleted.  :-\ They don't get taken by a social worker like in previous games, they just are gone. So yes, if you have any other children in elder-only households I would move them into another house very quickly.

There are various way you could do this. The easiest would be through manage worlds>manage households and then add the child to an existing household or to your own sims household.

If you wanted to add the child to your own sims household in-game. Then befriend the elder to the point where you can 'ask to move in'. When the moving screen comes up move the child in instead of the elder. (Or both of them if that's what you want to do!)
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