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Gameplay Discussion
« on: April 30, 2016, 06:49:13 PM »
After giving some time for feedback, the Expansions have been moved to be children of the Gameplay board in the Sims 4 section. There were several boards between them, so all gameplay talk is now in one area. The existing gameplay child boards' topics are in general. We had a few reasons for this - forum performance (less boards is good) and avoiding situations where a post could belong in one or more of the child boards. For example money making is largely through a skill or career. We had a skills board, but many of the questions in careers and money making relate to skills. The gameplay systems all interact with one another in this way and there's a lot of crossover.

Building has been left alone for the time being. It's listed first so that people are not at a loss to find it. We realize there are plenty of people who would prefer to have that separated. Expansions come first beyond that, then Game Packs, and I'll try to keep them in the order they're released though it entails doing some shuffling when we get a new one.

Any future board generation will be related to addons only. If we continue doing things exactly this way, we'll eventually end up with over 100 boards if there's a Sims 5. Organization is good, and we should definitely keep contests, stories, and things of that nature separate from gameplay info, but over-organization can divide a community's attention among too many areas. Since some of these boards go weeks without a post, it seems to be an example of that in action.

Something I will do next, once I get a chance to tidy up threads, is move the Challenges board from the graveyard to a more obvious spot. The team did a lot of work over the years to make them, and it'd be good for some players to get to try those past challenges for fun, practice for the tournament, or perhaps inspiration for making their own twists on them.

If you have any feedback, you can post it here in the original thread.