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Rules: The Trail of Ghost Ancestors Challenge
« on: June 18, 2016, 07:16:32 PM »
This is an idea I've incorporated into my gameplay - Trail of Ghost Ancestors:


You must preserve your entire game history through remnants of the past:

- You must keep all of the houses that you have played as throughout your family generations in the world.

- And all of your family members must continue to live in their houses as ghosts, forever...

It is a collection (a museum) of your Sim generational family history, spread across towns.

Initial Game Setup:

- Build your family:  yourself, your mother, father, siblings, even grandparents, and set relationships - 8 sims max.

- If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend or a spouse in real life, in a separate household build your significant other and his/her parents, siblings, etc. and set relationships - 8 sims max.

- You can also create households for a couple of your good friends so you can have them in your game (optional).

- Download and then renovate houses for each family to make it best resemble each family's home - especially the atmosphere - get the atmosphere just right!

- Place the houses and families in neighborhoods that closest resemble their actual home towns, and use the free real estate cheat: ctrl-shift-c --> testingcheats on --> freerealestate on.

- Set relatively accurate funds for each household by using the cheat: ctrl-shif-c --> testingcheats on --> money x (use the cheat while playing as the household - well, not really playing, just on pause so you can set their money).

- In manage world, split the households:

- Split your sim from your family, and place yourself to live wherever you can afford.  You can download a house, as long as it's affordable.  Do not use free real estate cheat or money cheat.  No cheating. You start from nothing.

- If you have a significant other, split him/her from his/her family, and add to your household.

- Now you are ready to play!!!

Game Rules are Simple:

- NO Cheats, except to fix bugs, and cheats I will explain below.

- You can only play as your direct bloodline starting with you on down.

- You can adopt and have the adopted kid have kids, but they are not the main sim, your inheritor must be blood!

- In choosing your next sim from your bloodline, pick only one from the generation and only from every other generation.

- Every other generation moves out to a new house. Therefore, you play as the Sim of every other generation. [Example:  You start as you, and you have kids, and they have kids.  When you die, you pick a grandchild and move your grandchild out, and play as that grandchild in their new house.  Then they have kids, who have kids, and you select their grandchild (which is your great-great-grandchild).  And that's how the generational cycle continues.]

- When Sims die in your household or your previous households you moved out of, you will use a cheat to summon the ghost as soon as you realize they died, and you will add the ghost to your family, and then in manage worlds place them in the correct household they came from.

- So, when you play as your next inheritor, say your grandchild, your great-great grand child, etc. You must visit and know all of your family, especially those still alive, because how else will you know that they died??  You have to know them so that you can see their ghost in your friend list so you can summon them.

When a Sim dies from any of your households you played as or your ancestors, you will use this set of cheats:

ctrl-shift-c  --> testingcheats on

sims.get_sim_id_by_name (first name) (last name)
(example: sims.get_sim_id_by_name Anna Smith)

Once you have the sim id, use this cheat:
sims.summon_sim_to_zone id
(example:  sims.summon_sim_to_zone 18452729047462486)

Now they should appear in front of your house.

Now right click on the ghost sim that you summoned, and add to household.

Then go to manage world, and split your household, put the ghost in the correct house they belong in.

How To Make It Better:

- If you find there are too many ghosts in your town and you don't like it, in manage worlds, in manage households, delete all other ghosts in the world that are not part of your lineage.
- If you feel like you have too many ghost sims from your lineage, then feel free to delete ghosts from your lineage that do not matter to you.  Keep only those that matter.
- If you want the game to be more challenging, Feel free to mix this with another game challenge!

Warning: To avoid the game deleting your ghosts, do not exceed 180 sims in the entire world.  Keep it way under.  Best strategy: if you import sims to your world, delete that many sims from your game first!  So if you want to import 5 sims from the gallery, first delete 5 undesirable sims.

That's it!! Have Fun!! Enjoy!!  ;D