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Elementary School 4 Sims
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Send your Sim kids to Elementary School 4 Sims --- where they will receive a well-rounded and truly stimulating education.  Unique to the school, children's excellent teachers focus all lessons in all subjects around a selected theme for the year, such as healthy eating, dinosaurs to space age or modes of transportation.  Included: glowing walls, 9 classrooms (K-8,) a huge cafeteria, which seats 54 students, a well-stocked kitchen with healthy options, as well as a plethora of treats, an auditorium, gym, computer lab, principal's office and 2 playgrounds --- one of them is on the roof.  Recess includes a reading area, social area, telescope, monkey bars, space explorer jungle gym, coolers with snacks, a baseball area and a place for teachers to watch the children play.
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