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Political Ads Disclaimer
« on: October 07, 2016, 10:22:17 PM »
I want to be clear because there are ads that come up on the guide from too many sources to black out completely: I'm not directly endorsing any political candidate. If you see an ad on a page it's not that we chose to put it there. The two candidates are marketing heavily through display ads right now, but thankfully it'll be over after Nov 8. It is a shame that the election has been so vitriolic that I worry I'll appear aligned with either of them. I work with a few networks and while I can block bad ads, they're advertising politics from so many angles that I can't weed them all out. I'm locking this one as a gaming forum isn't a place for political discourse :)

I haven't been around much. Like many others, I have been waiting on an EP and look forward to writing about City Living when it releases. I'm glad the community has weathered this dry spell and look forward to playing again now that I've had a break. We will definitely be giving away a few copies of City Living, but I think it'll be a few days after release before we can acquire keys due to the way EA/Amazon distribute them.