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Greased Lightning Car Lot
« on: December 05, 2016, 09:52:09 PM »
Details about my car lot/residential lot because of the choices --- no exact car lot choice:

Houses : 180 Wright Way
Name: Greased Lightning Car Lot
Lot Size: 40x30
Bedrooms: 0
Bathrooms: 1
Cost when placed on X lot: 180 Wright Way --- §741,151
Cost when placed on X lot unfurnished: 180 Wright Way --- §27,061
Requires expansion/Sims 3 store content: none --- base game and Fast Lane --- no Sims 3 store content
Requires expansions?: yes --- Fast Lane Stuff Pack

Short Description:
This is the perfect car lot for your Sims' next ride.

Long Description: 
"Greased Lightning --- Go Greased Lightning!"  I showcased the two main cars in the movie Grease in the front of this car lot.  You mischievous Sims can purchase the black and orange flame car that the Scorpions used in the movie --- or if your good-natured under a cool guy or girl exterior, then, your Sim should go for the T-Birds white Greased Lightning (next to the black car with orange flames at the entrance of this lot.
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