Author Topic: Aurora Wampiria - A restaurant Houseboat  (Read 645 times)

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Aurora Wampiria - A restaurant Houseboat
« on: December 07, 2016, 02:09:11 AM »

It's named Aurora Wampiria because I built it in Aurora skies & It's a vampire bar x)

Everything is tested and should work okay.

No cc & store content, except the jar lights used on the exterior are from the Old Mill brunch set. However it'll work fine even if you don't have them. I built it so you'd only need Late night & Island Paradise to play.

Obviously, to attach houseboats you will need a free port. You can build your own or demolish an existing houseboat, if you happen to play in Isla Paradiso. Building your own ports in other worlds is totally doable though.

This is a sort of lounge area on the first floor, for the pianist that'll be hired when you build high-end bars in late night

Second floor bar, with the larger deck for a wedding arch if you have one in your game.

Third floor is the command deck (stearing deck? Idk. Command deck sounds star-trekky, lol). Purely aesthetic, but can still be used if your sim owns the bar and decides to move it out to the sea.

Basement. Dining area & a little nook for amateur bands to perform without interrupting the quests :p