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Other Games Discussion
« on: January 02, 2017, 07:03:31 AM »
Happy new year, everyone. We have had the idea of discussing other games come up a few times this year. There are some titles many of us already play, which could be very good candidates for discussion. Rather than pick and choose which games to allow discussion on, we've decided to make an 'Other games' board. It is found near the Other Sims Titles board at the bottom of the forum.

In getting this started, it'd be better to (at least temporarily) keep things to one thread per game. We do not want to diverge too far from our original mission, but there are very dry times in between Expansion releases that can get kind of slow. Sims players kind of behave like any others in playing a bit less and trying other things in between times, so it's a natural decision given the pacing of releases have slowed.

It's also been brought up that some games have content that is way, way beyond the forum's original boundaries as set by the rules. Some 'M' titles may be good for discussion given we are primarily talking about the gameplay and not the details of story, but while this is in an early phase those will be limited. Any games rated 'T' are fine to bring up and start a thread about. Early on in making the rules for the site, we decided we wanted a civil community that would also feel fine for usage by parents of younger players.

It's a good time to remind you that you can collapse categories using the '-' sign on the right side of the green bar. This lets you avoid seeing parts of the forum that you do not use.