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Rules: Gilmore Girls "Challenge"
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The Sims 4: Gilmore Girls Challenge

Disclaimer: Somethings are based off of what I remember, or they are things I want to include in the challenge.

Life span on long
Start of with two parents, Adult Life stage. The father should be at the top of the business career, any branch. The two definite traits are materialistic and ambitious. The other trait can be snob, family oriented, etc. The mother is unemployed, but helps her husband out. She should be a snob, materialistic, and mean.
The teen daughter must be good, and creative.
Have her meet a fellow teen boy, traits don’t matter, as long as they’re positive. But, have him come from a rich family as well.
The teen pregnancy or Mc Command Center mod is totally fine, or you can also age them to young adults when they have a full romance and friendship bar, and after the baby is born, age them back down. Influence them to have a baby girl by having her eat strawberries and/or listen to pop music.
Have the mom come to the hospital while she is in labor, and bring the father afterwards.
Have the mother and daughter get into an argument, and have the two teens move into a crappy apartment together, 2 bedrooms.
When the daughter is a child, the parents can age up and  should have an argument, and the dad moves out.
When the daughter is a teenager, have the father temporarily move in and have he and his daughter reconnect. Her traits should be bookworm, and genius as a teen.
Have one of her everyday outfits be a prep school outfit, and have her be enemies with a teen. Also, she should have a best friend, as should her mother.
When a young adult, the mother doesn’t have to, but can run a retail store with her best friend, even though it’s an Inn in the show.
Also, the daughter of the young mother should be extremely close with her grandparents, while the mothers is hot and cold with her mother.
Have the parents date again, and get engaged, but have him have a young toddler from his relationship after her. Her trait should be fussy.
When the daughter is a young adult, have her become good friends with her rival, and have them move in together
Feel free to have fun, and add drama!