Author Topic: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Whistle While You Twerk [Completed 03/05/2018)]  (Read 99453 times)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Much-Needed Renovations
« Reply #25 on: March 04, 2017, 11:53:01 PM »
Aww I like both Moss's and while the new one does seem to know he's supposed to pout I'm sure he'll figure it out! 

I also really like the house and just find out (thanks to you) that I'm a big fan of the WK Style just didn't know it.

I like the little hookah lounge near the kitchen too.  The skylight it just depends on the type of roofing you want really!

@dontmindme Cherries can at least be bought from City Living if you have it?  And yeah that bug has been hitting everyone sadly.  I can't even take cuttings off snapdragons that are in the neighborhood while I'm on home lot.  So I just plant everything on my lawn now!
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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: The Dineros' Last-Minute Hustling
« Reply #27 on: March 05, 2017, 12:05:47 PM »
I had no idea how Arun would work out for gardening, so the Dinero garden is off to a very late start, sadly.
That's a great tip about the gardener! My sims need to visit all the community lots and generate more NPCs, in fact.

My previous chapter only covered up to Friday night, so the Dineros had 24+ hours to make more headway with their money-making. :-)
So sorry to hear about your cherry cutting! The grafting bug you mention has actually been around since late last year.
I do like Ricalynn--bring the fruit/veggies home to plant and grow in the family garden before taking cuttings.
Lol, I wouldn't say I've got Mansion Baron "down," especially after waiting too long to start grafting the garden plants.
Otherwise, having the Bheedas in the house has been great fun.

I've started to conclude that new Moss just isn't a pouter. He's constantly all smiles and sunshine. Not complaining!
About the skylight, I think I need to see how other simmers handle skylights and roofing. For now, though, the house just needs to be worth $350k at one point…

Nooooo, the garden was heart-breaking! Though the founder managed to acquire most of the plants (except a few rare ones and Outdoor Retreat herbs), the household had no one who could graft.
I was trying something different with the Dineros by not obsessing over the garden right away. At least I know now that "something different" didn’t' work for the Dineros, nor for me.

1.3 Daniela Dinero (3/3): Hustling Up to the Last Minute

Weel 1Friday

Krishna: Sheesh, we're finally able to walk and we have only one full day before the end of the week!
Arun: At least you're not stuck in the bassinets for two weeks!

Moss: Uncle Arun, why does Watchette keep asking me to pout!?
My winning smile isn't good enough?


Salim: It's an outing for the guys of the house! Let's go fishing!
Arun: We have the great idea to take the boys with us, then realize there's nothing for them to do at the fishing spot.
Plus the dock's too far from any potty facilities.

Daniela: Mamas to the rescue!
Jesminder: We bring blocks, toys, and toddler books!

Salim: Hey, Arun! You know what?
Arun: No, what?
Salim: Did you know we also wear the same type of pants?
Arun: Wow, fancy that…
Salim: You know what else, Arun?
Arun: No, what else?
Salim: You and I spend more time together than we spend with our wives. Strange, right?
Arun: It's rather depressing, now that you mention it...

Moss (sighs): Mama so's serious about reading to us that she's ruining the story!
Krishna (whispers): Hey, Moss! Is it okay that we sit inside without ordering anything to drink?

Daniela and the boys are at a café, so why are you grilling fruit, Jesminder?
Jesminder: The boys need to start out eating properly. I don't want them eating pastries and cakes!

Krishna: Did we get kicked out of the café, Moss?
Moss: I don't think so. We probably came over here to eat. Krishna, your mum's very pretty and her stories are fun!

Salim: How long do we need to keep fishing, anyway? It was kinda fun at first, but…Hey, look! My first cowberry!
Arun: And I just caught my second dragonfruit. Salim, my friend, I believe we are done here!

Jesminder: The little boys got really sleepy while waiting for Salim and Arun to stop fishing.
Moss: Grrrrrrr…
Salim: I'm going to pretend not to notice how mad Moss is and hope the storm passes.

Jesminder: Krishna is so tired that he's beyond angry and just feels sad.

Arun: What? Only a distant shot of my back? Where's the shot of me and the fabulous work I've done in the garden?

Moss: What!? No bedtime story, Papa?

Daniela: Tonight's the night we switch houses, but it's been a great day for me!
At work, I get promoted to Level 6 Imaginative Imagist (Painter)
At home, I continue working on Painter Extraordinaire while I finish my daily work task.
Then, voila! Maxing the painting skill nets me enough points to buy my fourth trait, Frugal.

Arun: It's very close to the time for switching households.
Since I'm getting the garden in shape, however, I talk everyone into a quick trip to Granite Falls.
Salim: We stay at Forest Manor (by MaxisCreator_01) for the toddlers' sake.
Jesminder: Thank Carl for that. I worked tonight and don't really feel like roughing it.

Arun: Wow, look how close our rental villa is to that fishing spot!
Daniela: We're definitely coming back here to spend a few days when the boys are older!
Salim: And don't forget about that ashram in the Deep Woods!

Moss: Who needs to pout when you ooze charm like I do?

Salim: It's been wonderful to have Arun living with us, Watchette! He's such an asset!
Yes, I agree. He's already at the last tier of both Bestselling Author and Freelance Botanist.
Salim: Let's think of some way to show the Bheedas how much they're appreciated!

Salim: Come here, you lovely little rainbow fireflies!
Daniela: My husband might not have the versatility of Arun but he's done very well, too.
He's written his three bestsellers and just waiting for enough publishing income to unleash some Books of Life.

Daniela: And let's not forget our incredible Jesminder!
She's already completed Master Mixologist and, after one more promotion, will complete Master Chef, too.
Jesminder: Thanks for throwing those parties this week, Daniela. They really helped out!
Daniela: And since you're also at the last tier of Painter Extraordinaire, I want to mentor you in Painting in Week 2.

Red ghost: I'm absolutely livid! Why can't I catch a crab? It's the only item missing from my fish collection!
Forest Ranger: Have you tried placing crab pots at the northern fishing spot in the National Park?
Ghost: Oh, please! I'm dead, not stupid! Even I know that I can only use crab pots in Stardew Valley!

Daniela: At this point, I've completed two out of Mansion Baron's four tiers.
In the hope of boosting our home's value, I've used only the most expensive flooring.
Besides the basics, we haven't started on the interior décor yet. And we'll eventually remodel part of the painting area for toddler/child skilling.

It's a truly odd-looking house on the outside, but very spacious and comfortable on the inside.

Daniela: We have three main objectives for next week:
   • Help Moss max all his toddler skills
   • Complete the Mansion Baron Aspiration
   • Reach Level 9 in the Patron of the Arts career (we can dream, right?)

Once Jesminder reaches Level 8 Chef, she'll quit her mixologist job and paint full-time.
Combined with Salim and Arun's publishing income, we hope to earn enough for more renovations and a Dinero Museum.

And now we bid farewell to the Dineros. See you in two weeks!

Week 1 Status: Dinero Line

Founder: Daniela Dinero
*Completed Requirements
   Reward traits: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree, Frugal
   Mansion Baron: Tiers I and II

*Incomplete Requirements
  Gold-medal parties: Dinner party, House party (need one more party)
  Portrait: Not yet.
  Mansion Baron: Tiers III and IV
  Career: Patron of Arts (6)

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero
Toddler skills: Potty L2, Thinking L2

Up next: Week 1 with Yukio Soma, Restauranteur

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: The Dineros' Last-Minute Hustling (03/05)
« Reply #28 on: March 05, 2017, 11:31:10 PM »
What a wonderful way to introduce your main characters and then as I continue to read, I become so invested in not only the founder.. but everyone that lives with her too!! Your screenshots are wonderful and your building is very clever.. you have motivated me to look at this challenge again.. perhaps I need to give it another go!  ;D Great writing @oshizu

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: The Dineros' Last-Minute Hustling (03/05)
« Reply #29 on: March 06, 2017, 03:17:44 AM »
Salim: You and I spend more time together than we spend with our wives. Strange, right?
Arun: It's rather depressing, now that you mention it...
Nonsense! This is a Behren level bromance, this right here. Ignore the girls altogether and just focus on the boys and their sons. ;) They make a great pair!

Congrats on getting so much done in week one! Level 6 already for Daniela is nothing to sneeze at, even with connections. :) I'm rooting for you to get to level 9 next week. :)

Poor little Moss 2.0 - he has so much to live up to, and he just wants the chance to be his own person, doesn't he? I'll buy your winning grin, Moss. :)
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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Well, Hello Bradley!
« Reply #30 on: March 06, 2017, 04:48:13 AM »
I'm really grateful for your very kind words about my restart of the Rival Dynasties Challenge. I'm really moved that you would take the time to specify what you enjoyed about the story so far. I've quite enjoyed this challenge! It's so fun to try to think up a theme of sorts for the different bloodlines and the restaurants as well.
I hope you'll start one and share it!

Lol, stop shipping Salim and Arun! They spend lots of time together because I've locked up their writing room to keep the other sims off of their computers.
But I think it's funny that the devs have dressed them in the same shoes/pants for their everyday outfit.
And I don't want to ignore the girls--Jesminder is pretty awesome! The founder mostly focuses on her requirements and has undergone the least personality development, lol.
Once Jesminder reaches Level 9 Mixologist, she'll be home painting with the founder so I need to find some trouble for those two to get into. Oh right, toddlers!
Moss thanks you for appreciating his winning smile!
I love the little Moss and his buddy Krishna. I really hated to leave them behind but I'm sure I'll fall in love with Yukio/Yuki's child, too!

1.4 Yukio Soma (1/4): Well, Hello Bradley!

Week 1/Sunday

Yukio: Where have you been, Watchette? It's 4 a.m.!
Daniela lost 8 hours of her first Sunday, so I took 4 hours out of your day.
Go ahead and go overtime a little at the end of the week yourself!

Yukio: The first thing I do is call a club gathering and Yuki comes over right away.

Oh, see? Yuki likes the lavender penguin TV!
Yukio: Only because there's nothing else to do here. *rolls eyes

Yukio: I want to take Yuki out to a Convivial venue, but I'm making a birthday cake to take with me!
Thankfully, I have enough money left to buy a stove, but just barely!
Yeah, good thing we didn't buy you wall and floor coverings last week! *rolls eyes

Well, hurry and put that cake in your personal inventory, Yukio!
Yukio: Got it! Let's head out, Yuki!

Yuki: I'm really familiar with this coffee shop, Yukio. It's not far from my place, plus the Avant Gardes meet here.
Yukio: Hey, why did you change seats? Is it because you're a loner?
Yuki: Nah, I can see you better from over here…

Barista: Can you believe the nerve of some people? Look at that adult hitting on that poor high-school girl!
Blonde with back turned: I dunno, it looks like a friendly hug to me…

Blonde: Hey, I just came over to introduce myself and chat!
Yuki: Would you please do something about her, Yuki? I'm not good around strangers.
Yukio: Let's cloudgaze, Yuki! No one can join our conversation uninvited if we cloudgaze.
Darn, I wish their names weren't so similar. Totally my bad!(sighs)

Yuki: I'm so glad we're friends now!

You're almost good friends, Yukio, which means you'll be able to cake Yuki up soon!
Maybe you two could go sit at a table now so you can…


Yukio: Huh?

Yukio: Oh c'mon, Watchette! It's way cooler to celebrate Yuki's birthday at Chez Llama!
Yuki: After much consideration, I'm inclined to agree!

Yukio: Oh, the guy Watchette's been wanting me to meet is a chef here at Chez Llama!
Excuse me, Yuki, while I go pay him a compliment so he'll become my acquaintance.

Yukio: That weird blond lady is sitting at a nearby table with Pippin's gardener lady.
Do you think she might be stalking us?

Yukio: Darn it, why can't I order your birthday cake, Yuki?
Yuki: I think it's the round lamp on our table. Ask your watcher to move it!

Nina Caliente: Here's your strawberry cake!

Yuki: I do a birthday leap and age up into a young adult.
Except for Yukio, I'm celebrating my birthday in a room full of strangers for the first time in my life.

Yukio: After Yuki cakes up, we immediately return to my place and I ask her to move in.
Yuki: I have my sister, Candy, move in, too.

Candy: Why am I at this lot again and why is my younger sister a young adult now?
That look on Candy's face!

Candy: So you're Yukihira Soma, founder of the restaurant line?
Why have you chosen my sister when you could have had me?

Candy: Hello again, Watchette. What's my role in this household this time around? Painting? Writing?
Your task, Candy, will be to do penance for your past transgressions.

Yukio: Two dates at the Stargazer Lounge in San Myshuno, followed by a proposal.
Yuki: You know, we should just elope! I'm not a fan of parties, since I'm a loner…

Yukio: After eloping, we return home because we both want to try for a baby.
Before that, though, I manage to guilt Watchette into building that billboard for @wfgodot. Thanks again!

FYI: The character on the billboard is Godot, who appears in the visual novel-based video game series called "Ace Attorney." hehe

Yuki: I'm sincerely glad that the Sims 4 developers believe in gender parity!
But I'd rather not have been the first male sim to be kicked in the face mid-woohoo.

Yuki: *shares the big news
Yukio: *doesn't look that excited
Yuki's gained this little first-trimester baby bump immediately after taking a pregnancy test.

Yuki: After two home dates, Yukio and I really need a break.
We head for Desert Bloom Park with sister Candy and that cook, Bradley Storey.

My outgoing sister is tasked with befriending Bradley and she wastes no time!

Yuki: Thanks to Yuki and all the dig sites at the park, I earn enough points to buy Connections and join the Culinary career.
My first work shift starts at 6 pm, Monday.

Yukio: It's my pleasure to introduce our new household member, Bradley Storey.
He'd been living with three roommates so didn't bring any funds or furnishings with him.
But he's a good-lucking guy and he already has Level 6 Cooking, Level 3 Gardening, and Level 3 Logic.
Yuki: Oh cool! He'll be able to graft plants in no time!

Current Status of the Restaurant Bloodline

Founder: Yukio Soma
Traits: Creative, Foodie, Cheerful
*Completed requirements: None *coughs

Gen2 Heir: xx Soma
Will be born late Wednesday night.

Household Members
   • Yuki Behr (spouse): Loner, Geek, Art Lover
   • Candy Behr (helper): Outgoing, Music Lover, Cheerful
   • Bradley Storey (helper): Snob, Bro, Neat

If Yuki Behr hadn't had a sister, I'd have moved in the Jangs of San Myshuno instead of Candy Behr and Bradley Storey.
Even so, I'm pretty happy with Bradley and his gardening skill!

Also, I'm super excited about building the first restaurant.

Thanks for reading!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Well, Hello Bradley! (03/06)
« Reply #31 on: March 06, 2017, 06:27:49 AM »
Noooo, I fell behind!

I really like the house a lot.  And the kids are really cute.  I liked the comparison between the two  I dunno which one is cuter.  Moss 2 has an adorable face, but Moss 1 has those eyes.
Is that a bromance between Salim and Arun!?  Nooo!!  Their time can't be over already!!!!!
Whirligig speaks pure wisdom.

Oshizu I almost lost my coffee at the picture of Yukio with the cake slice in his hand.  I know your pain way too well.
And the sudden change of plans and venue.
And the billboard.  I better go get a towel.

But the billboard!  An actual billboard!!!

Hello Bradley indeed, goodness.  I was all set to favor the Dinero's with these budding bromances but now???  Now? 

Add "maice" on Origin.
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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Well, Hello Bradley! (03/06)
« Reply #32 on: March 06, 2017, 12:51:45 PM »
Oh, hello there, Bradley! I thought at first that he was Don Lothario because of the facial hair and the fact that he was standing next to Nina Caliente. And the devastating handsomeness. But now I see that he is very much his own guy. What a great find!

The cake! *shakes fist* Oh, well. You found a good solution in the end. :) Welcome to the house, Yuki! Oh, hi Candy. Are you here, too? *glares*

That billboard is amazing! Too funny! And how awesome that there's a video game/visual novel character named Godot! Perfect!

And skipping back to the previous chapter, Moss 2.0 is such a charmer! Look at that glowing smile! I want to say he's got the eyebrows, but he puts such a positive spin on them. He really makes them his own. I love him! I'm really happy you moved in the Bheedas, too. They're such a cute family!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Well, Hello Bradley! (03/06)
« Reply #33 on: March 06, 2017, 09:41:04 PM »
Yuki and Yukio.  I bet when they receive phone calls, it's confusing.  "I'm sorry, did you say Yuki, or Yuki-O?"  I am now referring to them as the Yuki's.
I find it funny that the update was named after Bradley, but was more focused on the Yuki's.  Will Bradley and Candy be pairing up to provide a cousin to be a support Sim for the heir?

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Well, Hello Bradley! (03/06)
« Reply #34 on: March 07, 2017, 04:52:44 AM »
It's not a ship, it's a bro-ship. That's different.

My comment about Yuki and Yukio was with regards to me getting confused with similar names (like how there were three Yumikos in the last RDC?). I should be okay because Yuki Behr I am somewhat familiar with.

Nooo Yukio, not the cake!

I thought we didn't like Candy? Hmm, actually, why do I get the sense that she's about to become the new Summer? Maybe she's slightly more useful, though.

Is the Ace Attorney 'Godot' referential to the play 'Waiting for Godot", perchance? (BF plays Ace Attorney, and he says kind of?). And hey, now I know how to pronounce/the origins behind wfgodot's username. :P

Bradley looks like a great find! Though now I'm curious as to how the Jangs would fare as helpers. Oh well, later on down the line, perhaps?
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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Every Day Is Like Survival
« Reply #35 on: March 07, 2017, 07:19:17 AM »
Yukio taking a slice of Yuki's birthday was totally my fault!
They were at South Square Coffee so I should have had them eat something so the cake wouldn't have tempted him! I got greedy about the time!
But then they went to Chez Llama and I found Bradley there, so I guess it was meant to be!
I'm glad you liked the billboard. I created the Godot image separately then fit it into the sign area of an elnarged retail sign (Get to Work).
I'm rather happy that you're conflicted about which house to support…

Bradley was inconsolable that you would mistake him for Don Lothario!
Candy's being a complete brat--every time I turn around, she's playing video games when I'd thought she was writing. Grrrr. Lol.
I'm glad you like the Bheedas. Their synergy with Salim is exerting a powerful effect on this first generation, or on me at least, haha.

Yeah, Bradley got featured in the last update's title because he's a discovery, while the Behr sisters are already familiar faces. I noticed him around while playing the Dineros and got so excited to see him working at Chez Llama.
As for a Bradleyboo, I'm still really mad at Candy from my first RDC. So, while Bradley may become a baby daddy, I haven't yet decided on his baby mama…

I'm actually tempted to give Yukio or Yuki a nickname because their names are confusing me, too.
Lol, Candy as the new Summer--it's so true and she's already started her mutiny!
Diego Armando took the name "Godot" after coming out of a five-year coma. He made some comment about no one having waited for him to wake up. I'm sure your BF knows better than me!
Salim and Arun are thrown together because of their similar professions and their identification with a minority ethnic group. I guess I resist calling that a bromance--some cultures are more inherently homosocial. I dunno.
And thanks for your curiosity about the Jangs--there just wasn't room because of Yuki's baggage (Candy). I'm trying to not play maxed households this time, but I actually find 8-sim households easier to play (because it's what I'm used to, I guess….).

1.5 Yukio Soma (2/4): Every Day is Like Survival

Week 1/Monday

Yukio: Candy has four hours until her first day in the Writer career, so we head out for some fishing.
Yuki: But not before we all get makeovers. You noticed, right?

Bradley: So…Watchette didn't like my pompadour?
Candy: It's not that all. You're her first sim that looks good in practically any hairstyle.
Yuki: It's true! Some sims look dreadful unless they wear a particular hairstyle.

Bradley: I guess it's true that I have no flaws that require concealing!
Candy: And you've got those deep-set eyes that wfgodot loves!
Bradley: I do?  And she does? *blushes

Yuki: Let's go home, folks! We've got everything we need, plus my back aches!
Bradley: I even caught an Encyclopedia Vampirica!
Yukio: And I need to practice making bar drinks before my shift starts!

Yukio: The wishing well doesn't grant me an instantaneous promotion.
But I'm guaranteed a promotion at the end of my shift tonight. Nice!

And I'm off to go bring home that Level 5 promotion.

Yuki: Since Candy doesn't need promotions and Yukio is guaranteed one, Bradley and I leave for Granite Falls.
Bradley: Right, we're NOT putting it off until late Saturday like another family we've read about!

Bradley: Yuki waddles very slowly now, so she spends most of her time fishing.

Yuki: Bradley gathers every herb except two and even has time to catch some insects!
Bradley: When we arrive at the Campground Area, the plants were already harvestable!
Yuki: He works so quickly that we're back home before Yukio gets off work!


Salim, should I be worried about you? Last Sunday, you followed me to the Zanna's home.
And now you're here, first thing in the morning, behind Yukio's home.

Salim: What's wrong with my wanting go fishing?
You have two fishing spots in your own neighborhood. What's up?

Salim: I'm sorry, Watchette. I can't help worrying that you'll like this family more than ours!
Go home and train your toddler to Top-Notch by the time I return in two weeks, Salim!

(Lol, if only toddler training worked that way!

Yukio: We only have a little over $15,000 after expanding the house, but it's time I get started on my restaurant!
I buy the 30x20 Dusty Turf lot for $3,500 in the Parched Prospect district of Oasis Springs.
The 30x20 Pebble Burrow lot in the Bedrock Strait district is only $1,500 and has access to 3 fishing spots.
But I prefer Dusty Turf because it has greenery and a space gym, too!

I transfer $10,000 over to the restaurant lot and use all but $1,165.
It looks dreadful now but it's equipped with all the required restaurant items, at least.
We really, really need to get serious about making money to build the restaurant!

Before Bradley leaves for his first day of work at 10 am, I make a quick trip to the art museum.
Because my third trait it Art Lover, I'm going to be a painter in this challenge!

Strut yo stuff, Bradley
Bradley: Yep, my first day of work at the Lab.
You know, that receptionist looks so familiar but I can't place her!

Bradley: I can't believe that FrancescaFiori got me confused with my new co-worker, Don Lothario!
I am quite obviously the more debonair, cultivated, and handsome sim between the two of us!

I mean, I am a neat, snobby bro! How can anyone compete with my traits?

Candy: Congrats on your promotion today, Bradley!
Bradley: Yeah, thanks, but I'm not sure why I bothered starting from Level 1!

Candy: Hey, Yukio! Yuki and I have been brainstorming names for the new restaurant. Wanna hear them?
Yukio: Sure, Candy, I'm all ears.
Candy: Since I'm a Music Lover, what about "The Singing Naan"? *sings: Dominique, nique, nique….
Bradley: *groans

Yuki: I'm a Loner, so I thought of "Naan of Your Bizness." What do you think?
Bradley: I also thought up a name. What about "It's a Naan-Issue"?
Candy: Here's one for Beatle fans: "Daal You Need is Love"!

Yuki: Wow, that's four really different options. Which one do you like best, Yukio darling?
Yukio: Naan of them! I asked for your suggestions because I thought my name was too corny.
After hearing your names, though, I've decided to use the one I created.

Bradley: What is it, Yukio? Don't keep us in suspense!
Yukio: It's "Korma Chameleon." Cool, right?
Candy, Yuki, and Bradley: …

Note: As you no doubt already know, "naan" is a flatbread made from wheat, "daal" refers to lentils, and "korma" is a South Asian dish of braised meat or veggies in broth.

Mila Munch: Thanks for inviting me to your dinner party.
Yuki: Thank you for coming, Mila! Yukio needed to throw a dinner party for two of his aspirations.
Candy: Looks like he only invited his co-workers!

Bradley: I still need to tell a second joke, don't I? Whose this redhead?
Yuki: Apparently, Yukio doesn't remember how he knows her…

Yuki: The party ended two hours ago, but Bob Pancakes is still chatting with the gardener lady.
I'd hate for Yukio to stay out late like that!
Oh well, I might as well listen to music and eat strawberries until those two leave.


Yukio: After everyone leaves for work, I open my restaurant from home then travel over.
Korma Chameleon is shedding tears over its horrible appearance!
It's the trade-off, I guess, for living in a somewhat nice house from the beginning.

Still, I open the restaurant anyway because I want to start training the staff and boosting Chameleon's rating.

Yukio: I hear a swiping sound, then notice a table's centerpiece has vanished.
When I look over at the waitress, she looks back at me while Very Embarrassed.
It can only mean one thing--she's a kleptomaniac!!!

Yukio: Ain't no one got time for a kleptomaniac waitress!
After firing her, I hire a new waitress right away.

Victor Feng: You're giving this place 5 stars!? Seriously?
Bearded diner: It only deserves 4 stars, but I'm adding an extra star for the drama!

Bradley: The Landgraabs have been waiting forever for their meal!
Yukio: I think the first waitress took the Landgraabs' order but never placed it.

It's almost as if Bradley knows how cute he is…

Yukio: Thanks to Marcus and Katrina, Korma Chameleon ends its first day with a two-star rating.
I hire a second chef in preparation for more business.
We really need to focus on earning enough coin to finish building the restaurant.
I blame the smaller household size for the current financial crisis!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Every Day Is Like Survival (03/07)
« Reply #36 on: March 07, 2017, 08:07:25 AM »
Korma Chameleon. I like it. :) Well, I mean, the place could do with some paint, but looks like a good start. :) "Naan of Your Bizness", while clever, is a little bit antisocial. You want people to feel welcome. The others were also clever, if a little corny. But I think I like Korma Chameleon best. I'm picturing an Indian-style Rainforest Cafe. :P

Aww, Francesca I can see the resemblance. But yes, Bradly is far more cultured than Don Lothario. And I'll bet Bradley's never been known as a dead-beat baby daddy. ;)

I guess if you're used to having lots of sims to boost a household's income, having only four would take some getting used to. I just know I play better with fewer sims in the house. Also, I'm not usually trying to build a mansion/run a restaurant from day dot, so there's that.

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Every Day Is Like Survival (03/07)
« Reply #37 on: March 07, 2017, 08:14:11 AM »
Loved all of the corny name choices!  Bad puns are the best puns!  Of course, the title of the update already had Karma Chameleon running through my head, so the big reveal was even more epic  ;=)
I think the open-air dining experience is kind of nifty and unique, actually.  A little lacking in decoration, maybe, but still charming.  Besides, everyone who wants to place their order then go jogging  will have a much easier time of it.  Ah, Sims, how you make me laugh.
I'm waiting to see if Candy will manage to do great things to put herself back in your good graces.  Poor, poor Candy.

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Every Day Is Like Survival (03/07)
« Reply #38 on: March 07, 2017, 11:15:23 AM »
I love Bradley in the turban -- he definitely looks good in that style. And I take it you're expecting the Dineros to be regular patrons! Reading this makes me want to go to our favorite Indian restaurant!
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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Every Day Is Like Survival (03/07)
« Reply #39 on: March 07, 2017, 01:53:33 PM »
Oh, gosh! Bradley, I'm so sorry. Now that I see the two of you side-by-side I can obviously spot differences between you and Don's . . . *fumbles* *searches desperately* Hair. . .er . . .skin? No. Nose? Eyebrows . . . ? You know what, you are a very special unique snowflake flower and I will admit that you have probably my three very favorite traits. Just, you know, maybe don't stand next to Nina Caliente, anymore. ;)

Love the restaurant names! I think you picked my favorite, but I'm so glad the deliberations were included in the chapter so we got to hear them all!

I think the neighborhood-stalking by the other bloodlines is my favorite part of this challenge. I love it when they pop up unexpectedly!

Hang in there with the small household! You can do it! Once the money starts rolling in it will roll in fast. My first try I only moved in a spouse, and basically financed Mansion Baron by having a painting club and selling off the other members' paintings at the end of every meeting. Worked like a charm, particularly after their painting skills got up nice and high!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Every Day Is Like Survival (03/07)
« Reply #40 on: March 07, 2017, 06:40:01 PM »
You know everything I like, oshizu!  Actually Bradley is one of my favorite dude names, too.

IMO Salim is just checking out dude's awesome beard. 

The receptionist!  But I'm with Francesca.  He's almost Don's clone!  In the picture where they were discussing the name of the restaurant the only way I could tell it wasn't Don was because of his hair.  He does look better than Don though.  Maybe it's the way his face comes together, or maybe (maybe!) it's the deep set eyes!  He looks really great in his uniform.

I have no regrets about the house being nice and the restaurant suffering! None!

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: So Not Narcissistic!
« Reply #41 on: March 08, 2017, 01:12:07 AM »
I'm glad you like the restaurant's name! I spent a ridiculous amount of time browsing images and recipes of Indian food, trying to think of a name.
I'll be recycling the Hawaiian theme for a later generation's business, so this will be a venue with a W.K.-style interior rather than a tropic interior.
(But I did enjoy looking at images of Rainforest Cafe online! And I also had to google "day dot.")
Besides having fewer sims, I also moved in Bradly who arrived without a dowry of any kind. The Somas are doing okay--I'm just impatient to build the restaurant, hehe.

Thanks for noticing the last chapter's title came from the Karma Chameleon song!
I cracked up over your comment about the open-air experience facilitating diners who go jogging before/after ordering their meal. There will be an open-air restaurant eventually, but not this generation. 
Hmmm, that's an interesting thought--what could Candy do to redeem herself? 
Permanent spray-for-bugs duty? I'm just kidding. Candy is a very pretty and popular sim among simmers. I'm just giving other sims a chance to shine. ;-)

Bingo! I thought it would be fun to create a vegetarian restaurant that the Dinero household might enjoy. Also, City Living offers such a variety of South Asian décor and clothing!

Tsk, tsk, tsk! Bradly is profoundly disappointed that you do not recognize his superior looks!
I'm glad you enjoyed the discussion of the restaurant names. I came up with such corny names that I thought I could pretend my sims didn't realize they were corny, haha.
That's fantastic that you achieved Mansion Baron with just two sims.
I'm just not a fan of the two-sim household..I guess I really enjoy playing (a lot of) different sims and observing how they grow or not.

What a coincidence that Bradly is also one of your favorite names for dudes!
I didn't recognize the receptionist as Serena Zanna at first, because sims are stripped of their make-up when dressed in their work uniforms. She's still cute!
Bradly would dearly love if you would learn to tell him apart from Don Lothario! I'm hoping this chapter will help you in that sense...

1.6 Yukio Soma (3/4): So Not Narcissistic!

Week 1/Wednesday

Yukio: Before we start in on what happens at home after leaving the restaurant, I want to give props to Bradly.
Here's a shot of our fabulous garden as of Tuesday morning, with Bradly thick in the midst of grafting.

Candy: Wow, it took the Dineros until Saturday night to reach this point!
Yukio: Yeah, Bradly's been pretty awesome!
Candy: I totally agree! Watchette, when will I be making that luscious man my baby daddy?
Bradley and you? Nevah!!!! *adjusts halo

Yuki: Speaking of Bradly, one of his co-workers visits after we return from Korma Chameleon.
Don: Hey, Bradly, just thought I'd drop by. Wanna watch some sports TV?

Bradley (internally): Hmmm, Don definitely has the physique of a fitness freak.
Still, his pectorals and biceps pale in comparison to my noble, aquiline nose and disdainful, condescending half-smile/half-smirk!

Yukio: I started painting this morning to help with income and earn more points. At home, I immediately resume painting.
Yuki: But I go into labor not long after Yukio comes home.

Yuki: I give birth to a baby girl, just as we'd hoped! We name her Megumi.

She's named after the blue-haired Megumi Tadokoro in "Food Wars."
In the manga, Megumi exhibits no culinary specialization like the others
However, she excels in considering the circumstances of those who eat her foods and in hospitality.

Don: Erm, dude! I never thought you'd feel this way for me!
Bradly: Neither did I, Don! Who knew we'd hit it off like this?
Don: It's so unexpected, considering that our readers think we look alike! We don't!

Bradly: Are we simply being narcissistic, Don? Everyone thinks we look the same, right? Does that mean loving you is like loving myself?
Don: Man, who cares? Will you be my boyfriend?
Bradly: *squees


Bradly: Never invite Don over when you need to get a good night's sleep!
Don: Wow, Bradly just changes for work then walks off without a good-morning kiss!
Do you think Bradly's just using me? I mean, why doesn't he invite me to move in!?

Yukio: The nanny took long enough to get here! I've been waiting to leave for the restaurant!

As soon as I arrive at Korma Chameleon, I invest $12,000 to start sprucing it up.
Transferring all the household funds to the restaurant, I make peace with the fact that--today--we are living in abject poverty.

In the previous shot, did you notice a sim on the sidewalk, dressed in black?
That's Katrina Caliente, who supposedly showed up as a cook. Why her?

On Tuesday, I'd hired Genji Suzuki but he's never worked here yet.
On the first day, another substitute chef named Skylar Rawls showed up.
I paid for that Skylar's chef training that day, but it didn't transfer to Genji's stats.

Maybe I'll try inviting Genji over to the house tonight…

Both my new chef Mizuki Ikeda and new waitress Tiffanie Wyman are doing great!
It's a good thing I hired a new chef yesterday, since Genji hasn't showed and Katrina doesn't go to the kitchen.
By the way, I discovered today that Tiffanie is an alien…

I place a fourth small table, so the restaurant now seats nine sims.
Katrina has moved inside the restaurant but still refuses to enter the kitchen. *shrugs

I'm excited about my new waiter! I luck out and find the vegetarian Skylar Rawls looking for a waiter job!
I pay for his training and praise him right away for looking great in his uniform.

Sylar: Thanks for hiring me, Mr. Soma! I'm glad to be a permanent part of your team!
I see your primary chef still hasn't shown up! But what's with the redhead?
She's moved 3 steps closer to the kitchen in the past hour. Is she playing "Red Light, Green Light"?

Yukio: Who knows? I bet she still expects me to pay her for today, too! *sighs
But I'm afraid to fire her for fear of losing my original hire, Genji Suzuki.

I have Yukio go around getting to know all the non-premade sims.
Who knows who might make a great roommate for a later generation?
We learn that this gloomy blonde barista, named Ayaka Mori, is a Prime Vampire. Good news for the Zannas!

Yukio: We only served six diners because the Fengs never paid!
Can you believe they arrived before 11 am and still hadn't left when I finally closed at 7:30 pm?
I wish there was some way to force diners to leave after paying!

Still, considering the restaurant's only worth a little over $31,000, we didn't do bad on our second day!
And sadly, I can chat and text that chef Genji, but I can't invite him over. I've even added him to our club!

Bradly: I wonder who our nooboo will resemble?
Taking bets starting right now, dear readers! Just kidding, since everyone thinks they look alike. They don't!

Yuki: Life has been good! Once I reach Level 4 Painter, I can stay home to spend time with Megumi, paint, and help out at the restaurant!
Megumi ages up to a toddler tomorrow night on Friday!

Bradly: And I expect to give birth on Saturday!

Thanks so much reading! I hope Bradly's "situation" isn't too weird for you. It just seemed to happen...

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: So Not Narcissistic! (03/07 new)
« Reply #42 on: March 08, 2017, 02:16:56 AM »
I don't usually comment this late but . . . ermahgerd. This is just epic. The legendary Don Lothario, slain at last in love by his own mirror image. I was already crying after the first kiss, but then the adorable heart squee picture, and THEN the appearance of the baby bump!
I expect, nay, I demand some intense collages so we can dissect all of the incredibly distinct features influencing the appearance of our incoming Donlyboo!

Honestly, oshizu, having achieved narrative perfection in generation one, where can you even go from here? I'm so excited to find out.

Oh, and welcome to Megumi! If she's anything like her manga namesake I'm afraid she'll be absolutely quaking in her booties at the prospect of a spouse springing from such Daddies, but what an epic tale it will be! My heart is full. My life is complete. Now I must sleep.

P.S. The restaurant looks great!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: So Not Narcissistic! (03/07 new)
« Reply #43 on: March 08, 2017, 07:59:14 AM »
Poor Candy.  Poor, poor Candy.  Mean old Don came and stole her baby daddy.
I loved the bromance shot with Don and Bradley in the heart.
The restaurant (while now less suitable for joggers) looks awesome!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: So Not Narcissistic! (03/07 new)
« Reply #44 on: March 08, 2017, 08:55:10 AM »
oshizu!  LOL!  That was surprising!  I'm thrilled, I love Don!  He needs to move in! 
And I really loved the guys wondering if it was narcissistic!

The restaurant looks wonderful.  Katrina is funny, though probably frustrating for you. 

Congrats on Megumi.
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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: So Not Narcissistic! (03/07 new)
« Reply #45 on: March 08, 2017, 02:02:03 PM »
Great update!  I love that you put Bradly and Don together and that they are going to be having a nooboo!

The restaurant looks great too.  How did you do the roof?  Are those giant clay balls on top?

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: So Not Narcissistic! (03/07 new)
« Reply #46 on: March 08, 2017, 03:24:03 PM »
Huh. Don and Bradly. Didn't see it coming, but I think I approve :)

Love Korma Chameleon - both the name and the building itself.

And welcome Megumi!

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 1 + 1 = 3 (Real Math!)
« Reply #47 on: March 09, 2017, 01:47:15 AM »
Lol, noooooo! Bradly's not a mirror image of Don, or am I the only one who still believes that?
Your demand is my command! I've put together some collages and only hope that they are sufficiently "intense" for you.
Thank you for your compliments but I don't think the Bradly/Don subplot ranks as narrative perfection, haha.
And, yes, you're exactly right about the shy, modest Megumi in Food Wars! But our Megumi will be a spitfire (I hope!).

I'm not feeling bad about Candy because I'm thinking you might lavish her with narrative attention in your story! ;-)
You are so darn funny, Pippin! Yes, too bad about the joggers, eh?
I didn't take a screenshot but even Geoffrey Landgraab has taken to a little pre-aperitif jog!!!

I'm so thrilled that you're thrilled. Don won't be moving in, however, because the household already has six sims. Kind of a taste of his own medicine, hehe.
Don won't age at all, though, so maybe a later generation. And they don't look alike, they don't!!!
   Oh yes, Katrina Calienta was driving me crazy--good thing Yukio could only afford four tables! I could make do with just the one chef. Sheesh!
Megumi thanks you for the welcome!

Thanks for dropping by. For the domes, I enlarged the Spherical Emitter in the Fountain Decorations category, then used MOO to put a spire on top. 
The restaurant's still far from done yet! Please stop by again!

I hadn't planned on Bradly and Don either, but he showed up as Bradly's co-worker at the Lab and readers kept saying they looked like. They don't! (lol)
But I'm glad you approve.
Thank you for the nice words about the restaurant!

1.7 Yukio Soma (4/4): 1 + 1 = 3 (Real Math!)

Yukio: We're all very busy now since we'll be switching households tomorrow night.
Nevertheless, there's a matter of utmost import that begs further discussion. Bradly?
Bradly: Thank you, Yukio. I'd like to lay to rest, once and for all, any more rumors about Don and I resembling each other. We don't!

For the image below, I have shamelessly cropped a portion of the 1903 painting "Echo and Narcissus" by John William Waterhouse (1847-1917).

Bradly: Dear readers, I present before you Exhibit No. 1: portraits of both of us in profile then wearing my hairstyle.
Our noses may look similar from the front but differ in profile.
Also, my olive skintone is distinctly lighter than Don's.

Bradly: Exhibit No. 2 consists of portraits of us wearing Don's hairstyle.
I have smaller eyes which Watchette finds very attractive.
And my lips are shaped somewhat like Don's but are thinner.

If you still have trouble telling us apart, I guess I could introduce Don to our closet and give him the tragic clown hair…

And now, back to our usual programming…

Week 1/Friday

Yukio: We all go to work today and bring home promotions, so it's a productive day career-wise.
The new nanny comes out to greet me and follow me around while I inspect the garden.

I fired our first nanny before work today, because she was harassing Bradly and me.
After Yuki returned from work at 4 pm, she fired the second nanny for ignoring  three "Megumi is starving" warnings.
I really hope this third nanny works out! She looks rather intense, don't you think?

Because of all Bradley's recent grafting and evolving, our garden hasn't produced much yet.
That's why we come to San Myshuno to buy Bradly his carrots.

Yuki: Since we're here, Yukio and I start painting.
Candy's a music lover, if you remember, so she's upstairs playing the violin.
Yukio: This isn't such a great idea, since you earned a better easel today!

Bradly: I continue building my handiness, but I really don't approve of skilling here, either.
Every second that nobody's at home, our garden stops growing!

Yukio: We make three brief stops on the way home. First stop, Shimuzu Restaurant.
Yuki: Don't you think it's a little late to be eating, Yukio dearest?

Candy: I can't believe you chose Don Lothario when I'm living right under the same roof as you!
Bradly: Oh please get over yourself! You look nothing like me!

Bradly: So why are we here at Shimuzu, if not to dine?
Yukio: I'm trying to find my errant chef, Genji Suzuki. But the only chef here is Kyra Gupta.

Yukio: I fail to find Genji at Chez Llama as well. I wonder if that Peppino Lovell is a talented cook.
Bradley: So, what now? Do you want to check all the bartenders, too?
Yukio: Hardly! Do you mind quickly visiting my restaurant? I'm going to hire a new cook!

Yuki: We get home in time for Megumi's birthday!

Megumi: I'm on my way to watch Papa in the kitchen!

Megumi: Now, I'm walking back to the living room to watch Mama painting!

Yukio: Nothing like toddler spam to motivate our lazy watcher into finally covering the floors and walls!
Hey! In my defense, I've been trying to save money for the restaurant, okay?
You still need between $70,000 to $80,000, due to depreciation.

Yukio: You're joking, right? We  only have $22,000 right now. *looks dejected


Yukio: It's past midnight when I decide to give the wishing well a try.
Just as I make my wish, that weird nanny runs out and tries to chat with me.
I'm only giving this third nanny one more chance!
I was so upset to see her running toward Yukio that I took the shot with the walls down. Grrrr!

Yuki: Notice how the elderly nanny is standing all up in my husband's business?
Whereas Yukio has a 3-hour Confident moodlet from cooking, notice that the nanny's feeling flirty?
*proceeds to fire the third nanny
What is wrong with these nannies anyway?

Yuki: I'll just have some of this cowplant cake for breakfast!
Megumi: Mama's so pretty that she can even make being puked out by a cowplant look good!

Megumi: On my way to the potty with Papa! I'm most definitely a daddy's girl!
Don't you think Papa's even prettier than Mama!

*hums: You daddy's rich and your mama's good-looking, so hush little baby…

Megumi: Dear readers, meet Daichi Yoshida, our fourth--and, hopefully, our last--nanny!

Yukio: I work from 3 pm and decide not to open the restaurant.
Since it's Saturday, I want to spend time helping Megumi learn her skills.
I use the "Teach to talk" social to get her to Level 2 Communication.
Now she can "Learn Animals" with the nanny using flash cards.

Bradly: Nothing wrong with asking the repairman to mentor me and my third-trimester baby bump in handiness!
Aaaaand, I've reached Level 7 handiness. Thanks tons, Druv!

Bradly: Thanks for coming over, sweetheart! It's almost time and I want you to be here!
Don: Wouldn't miss our nooboo's birth for the world!

Druv: Oh, I see now! So that's how it is! Level 7 handiness, my plumbob!

Bradly: I'm going into labor, Don!
Don: We're not going to the hospital?
Bradly: You're here with me, Don. That's all I need.

Don: What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?
Bradly: huff, puff…

Bradly: Meet our beautiful baby boy, Braddon Storey!
You're going to be grow up to be so fabulous, Braddon!

Bradly: I'll ensure that you have flawless taste, manners, and fashion sense.
And your Papa Don can help you….he can help, let me think…be buff?


Yukio: Watchette, you'd said last Sunday that I could go overtime for two hours into Sunday.
Can we spend the time improving the restaurant?
I'm hoping the other families will dine here until you return to us in two weeks!
Sure, let's do it!

Week 2 Status of the Restaurant Bloodline

Founder: Yukio Soma
Traits: Creative, Foodie, Cheerful
*Completed requirements: None *sighs
*Incomplete requirements:
  Portrait: none
  Career: Chef (L7)
  Restaurant: Korma Chameleon, resale value = $64,257
  Star rating: 2.5 stars
Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
Toddler skills: Potty Level 1, Thinking Level 4, Communication Level 2, Imagination Level 2

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 1 + 1 = 3 (Real Math!) (03/08 new)
« Reply #48 on: March 09, 2017, 05:28:35 AM »
Korma Chameleon, Resale value = $64,257

No one asked, but I thought I'd share my restaurant.  ;D
It borrows building tricks from several builds on the Gallery, such as the use of enlarged spiral emitters for domes.
I'm not sure how to lay out the interior yet.

A bird's eye view

Looking through the front entrance

The foyer and reception area

The dining area

Tonight we did around $35,000 worth of additional building and furnishing.
By the time we reached the dining area, we placed two more tables and started adding decor then ran out of money.
So the bathroom tile on the walls is just temporary, lol.
Landscaping doesn't add much to resale value, so I haven't done any. Or maybe surround the restaurant with water?

The biggest problem with being so poor that one is forced to build in several stages: depreciation...

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 1 + 1 = 3 (Real Math!) (03/08 new)
« Reply #49 on: March 09, 2017, 08:30:02 AM »
I am really enjoying Bradly/Bradley and Don's storyline and pictures.  Congrats on the nooboo combo!  Brilliant!

The restaurant is very colorful and pretty.  It feels warm and inviting too.  Nice work.

Are you enjoying building?  It is very rewarding when you complete a build, even if it was a bit drudging to finish, and then step back and think "Hey, that looks pretty good!  I did, that!".  I do that.