Author Topic: Look at the Child Boards for a Sims 4 Challenge  (Read 5974 times)

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Look at the Child Boards for a Sims 4 Challenge
« on: March 16, 2017, 06:47:35 PM »
Welcome to the Sims 4 Challenge Board! There are three separate Child Boards:

** 2020 Tournament Challenges. This board is headquarters for the 14-event Tournament season. No matter if you're a casual first-timer or a world-class veteran, all are welcome in the competitive Tournament season unique to Carl and Pam's forum. After participating in three events a player earns a world ranking. The top players at the end of the season earn some great prizes.

** Sims 4 Dynasties. Multi-generational Dynasty challenges are yet another special feature of Carl and Pam's forum. Traditionally, the challenge team offers a new Dynasty at the end of every year. Players can choose from six different Sims 4 Dynasty Challenges - The Immortal Dynasty, the Rival Dynasty, Ten-Gen Townie Dynasty, the Life States Dynasty, the SimTech Dynasty, and finally, the Power of 10 Dynasty. Each is very different and the Dynasties often become a vehicle to showcase the great storytelling that so many players have.

** Sims 4 Challenges Graveyard. The Graveyard is the final resting place for all prior Sims 4 Tournament and building challenges. So, if you want a nice test, and like the fact that all deadlines have been eliminated, then take a look at the wealth of creative ideas from past years. Take an extra moment to go to the end of individual Tournament challenge threads because the top competitors always share their strategy after events have been closed.