Author Topic: Three Times a Lady: A Rival Dynasties Challenge Story  (Read 47397 times)

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Re: Three Times a Lady: A Rival Dynasties Challenge Story
« Reply #30 on: September 24, 2017, 09:19:36 AM »
Still Team Mary :-)
because... Math *Pippin The Most Tenacious Simmer*

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Re: Three Times a Lady: A Rival Dynasties Challenge Story
« Reply #31 on: February 05, 2018, 12:39:14 PM »
Ponsonby, Week 2

Well, darlings, we’re in full-on toddler mode here, as I’m sure you are likewise.

I’ve never been more grateful for Mother Geeta than I am this week. I was initially skeptical about her approach to toilet training, especially when she arched her eyebrow and told me she’d had Raj trained before he even left the bassinet, but she’s made a believer out of me. Honey was using the potty on her own fully by Monday morning, and all I did was watch. Thank the heavens for Mothers-in-Law!

Our initial successes with Honey, and my desire to fulfill my promise to give Mother Geeta grandchildren, plural, promoted Raj and I to try for baby once again, with great success!

Mother Geeta painted a masterpiece portrait of me early this week as well.

Originally I was disappointed that I would be immortalized in the family museum smelling a plate of scrambled eggs, but Mother Geeta pointed out that those eggs were prepared by my loving husband, so in a way he’ll be immortalized as well, as will she, being the painter of the portrait. So while it isn’t the most elegant of poses, I’m pleased with its homey symbolism.

Things actually felt a bit slow after the week’s initial excitement, if you can believe that. I need to work on my logic, so I spend a great deal of time at the chess table. Jessica’s taken up yoga, and between the two of them, Raj and Mother Geeta provide little Honey with everything she could possibly want.

Raj is a most adorable and affectionate father, if a bit clumsy at times.

There are moments when I wonder if a second pregnancy was the wisest decision I could have made, but I continue to receive regular promotions despite an aching back and near-constant exhaustion.

And, of course, the sight of my darling girl waiting for me when I get home makes everything worthwhile. She’s a dear and a treasure and I can’t wait for you both to meet her.

Now for the sad news. Mother Geeta left us mid-week. She was in the garden painting, a task she deeply loved, second only to caring for Honey, and by all accounts she went peacefully. I’ll miss her very much. She was a rock and a mentor for me, and none of this would have been possible without her.

I gave birth shortly thereafter to another daughter, who we’ve named Domino. (I know if I’d been continuing our little tradition she should have been called Pussy Galore, but I just couldn’t bring myself to saddle a child with that name, so we’ve skipped ahead a bit.)

I was forced to leave for work immediately after giving birth. No time for maternity leave in this race! Raj picked up the slack right away, bless him, and I’m trying to make it up to Domino the best I can.

We spend a great deal of time together, though without exactly interacting. Her bassinet is right next to the mirror where I practice charisma, so she’ll no doubt grow up with many deeply ingrained memories of my speeches regarding savvy investment strategies and “leaning in.” I can only hope the effects will be positive!

Honey maxed the social and imagination skills, in addition to potty, and was prepared for her child birthday by Thursday.

She grew into a lovely young lady with a creative streak a mile long. We hired a nanny to help encourage her, and she progressed at lightning speed.

Domino made some progress of her own and aged into a truly adorable toddler. She may not move as quickly as her sister, but she’s a very happy and cute little lamb.

We realized quite quickly that we’d need a painter to replace Mother Geeta (as if anyone could!), so Jessica invited over a beau she’d managed to acquire way back when we were all obsessed with getting those magic beans. Remember that? It seems like ages ago! Time moves so strangely here. At any rate, she’d managed to get a flirty bean from this fellow, as well as his phone number, and when he came by and immediately started mopping puddles outside we thought we’d found a real catch!

Once we’d moved him in and it was too late, however, we found that his mopping was a complete red herring. He’s wildly mischievous and loathes children!

Nevertheless, he keeps Jessica happy, and his painting is progressing quite well, so perhaps he’ll come to earn his keep despite his inauspicious beginnings!

Barely a day passed before Honey was ready to age up again. She was stuck with a rather unfortunate haircut until I came home from work, and she’s forbidden me from sharing any pictures from those hours, but rest assured, under the ever-watchful eye of her nanny she made some marvelous progress in the guitar skill and Musical Genius aspiration.

Here she is, post-makeover. She looks so much like Raj, but has a bit of me in her as well. I think she’s a truly lovely girl.

We’d agreed to leave the restaurant by the wayside for most of the week in favor of focusing on Honey’s toddler skills, but we re-opened on Saturday, and managed to raise our rating to 3 stars! You’ll note Honey is in the background making drinks. She’s taken a job as a barista and needed to level up her mixology so she’ll be all ready to get promoted next week. She’s also hoping to leave bar drinks as her museum items, although I’ve heard so many horror stories about consumables going missing that I’m hoping we can come up with something else.

So a great deal has happened, and we’ve much to be proud of, but I confess I leave you all a bit anxious at the end of this week. We’ve still got to raise the restaurant’s rating to five stars and keep it there for three days, as well as making enough money to increase its value and also build a museum in the backyard. The dragonfruit plants are thriving, but we’ll need more than a few bumper crops to get us where we need to go.

The one thing that doesn’t worry me is Honey. She’s a wonder and will no doubt finish her requirements long before her bumbling mother! I cannot wait to hand the reins of the dynasty over to her. In the meantime, I am equal parts exhausted and fulfilled, and I continue to find this mad experiment to be a truly worthwhile success.



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Re: Three Times a Lady: A Rival Dynasties Challenge Story
« Reply #32 on: February 05, 2018, 05:17:28 PM »
Magic beans!!? Are you kidding me? Has it really been that long!?!?
Girl, I know I speak for everyone when I say I've missed your storytelling.

Despite my fervent loyalty to Mary, I adored this update for Loelia.  Her South Asian looks are a great match for Raj aaaaaannnnnd Honey is such a stunner!
This household progressed at a blinding speed this week. So many things to congratulate their Watcher for!  Births, early age-ups, birthdays, the restaurant.
I giggled at the addition of Jessica's boyfriend. I'm glad to hear h'es painting.
Good move replacing his original shoes with yellow ones--those lime-green numbers were clashing with the sweater, lol!

Maybe ask the team about how to deal with the perishability of mixology drinks in your museum?
In my Townie Dynasty, one heir placed drinks as their museum collection, I added a screenshot of the museum exhibit to an update, then I stopped caring about the drinks.
MarianT had this to say about the Townie Dynasty. Would it also apply to an RDC?
Incidentally, cooked dishes and mixed drinks tend not to remain in the museum, but they still count as a collection.

Good luck with this challenge, Francesca! *enthusiastically waves Team Moneypenny banner

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Re: Three Times a Lady: A Rival Dynasties Challenge Story
« Reply #33 on: February 07, 2018, 02:32:46 PM »
@oshizu LOL, yup! I am a master procrastinator. This file's been in progress since last year's Plantsim week and I'm still only on Week 2! It feels good to get back into it, though, and I'm having fun. I've missed posting here, too.

I confess I was a little nervous about how the Rasoya chin would look on a teen girl, but I really think Honey's a looker. Now to find a worthy spouse!

Glad you approve of the shoe switcheroo. That sweater is so loud it's practically screaming, but I somehow can't bring myself to change him out of it. Kinda suits him. :)

Good thoughts about the drink collection! Sounds reasonable to me. I'll just be extra sure to take note of their value before moving out. And then I'll try and put them in an inaccessible basement room. :)

Goodnight, Week 2, Part 1

Well, I don’t know about the two of you, but I’m having great fun!

The children are darlings (Caleb and Jana had a son they’ve called Ethan after no one in particular, but it’s a rather nice name so I’ve let them keep it.), and I get to play with children’s toys and read books all day. It’s smashing!

Lilith and I are still besotted with one another, of course.

Well, all right. There have been a few setbacks. After my headaches with the wishing well last week I sent Jana to serve as guinea pig this time, and of course she got everything her heart desired (skills, in this case, I think) without any trouble at all.

The next time I tried, despite my $5,000 donation, I was not as lucky:

So at this point I found it necessary to enlist some help. If I’m ever to catch up to the two of you and my descendants are ever to keep pace with yours I’m going to have to get this daft thing figured out. And so, being a scientist, I decided to get scientific about things and . . . well, take it away, Snow . . .

Want to know a secret?

Promise not to tell?

We are standing by a wishing well!

Make a wish into the well.

That’s all you have to do!

And if you hear it echoing . . .

your wish will soon come true!

Of course, if you desire true elation,

It helps to make a nice donation.

As the coin hits the water, my heart fills with joy!

I’ll soon have a marvelous promotion. Oh, boy!

Hello employer! What’s that you say?

You won’t be handing out raises today?

Well, what’s this outcome? How absurd!

It makes one want to shout forbidden words!

Nevertheless, despite endless testing,

Mary’s troubles remain perplexing.

I wish nine times and make my requests,

And get (mostly) positive results from all my tests.

Is Mary so unlucky because she’s a vampire?

Does she make her wishes when she’s too tired?

Does it have something to do with her house or her lot?

I’ll call up Rose Red, and put her on the spot!

Rose is a vampire, just like Mary,

a scientist, too, and kind of scary!

She’s as similar to Mary as she could be,

and yet the well grants her wishes, just like me!

Two weeks of testing have made us no smarter.

We’re just as confused as when we started!

Although I’m certainly no detective,

I think Mary’s well must just be defective.

I tell her to destroy it with all haste!

She’s in a  competition, there’s no time to waste!

And to buy a new one, and to lose no time!

So that life can be all rainbows and sunshine!

So as you’ve probably gathering from that little interlude, I’d just got myself a dodgy well. I must say, it was very satisfying to smash the dratted thing with that little sledgehammer tool and get myself a new one. I won’t keep you in suspense; I reached level 8 of the scientist career by the end of the week, and I only had to smash one more defective well to bits in the process. I still can’t say I recommend using one by any means, but I’m happy to say I’m still in the race!

Even Caleb’s got around to making friends and progress on his aspiration to be a good vampire. I think Jana was not best pleased that his choice for a BFF was an attractive teenaged girl, but the male ego (and Caleb’s male ego in particular) being what it is I don’t think any of us were terribly surprised.

It occurred to me rather early in the week that Lilith and I had never actually made things official between us, so I plopped myself down on one knee and proposed. There’s no particular benefit to us being married, of course, other than us both being desperately happy, but perhaps that’s enough.

I made some good progress on my vampiric aspiration, despite hitting a few bumps. I’m afraid my vampire family may have gotten a bit out of hand. I don’t even remember turning this fellow, but I must have done it against his will because he was none to pleased to see me when the week started, and becoming good friends with him was no small task!

Then, of course, there’s also the work of training up my little proteges and getting my own vampiric skills up high enough. I tell you, there are only so many hours between sundown and sunup!

I must caution you, Loelia, about strolling through our neighborhood in the wee hours (although you look utterly smashing in that dress and I demand that you tell me where you got it!). The truth is, at the hour most of my household finds itself getting peckish there just aren’t too many roving pedestrians to be found, so we’re not too picky about whose necks we go after. You’d do well to keep yours covered if you don’t want anyone other than Raj nibbling at it!

Johnny continues to be Johnny. Poor lamb. If he touches that easel again I think Lilith is going to lock him in a room with the cowplant.

Jana makes brave attempts to overcome her hatred of children by observing Ethan and occasionally even feeding him. He’s a charming, thriving boy, and sure to be as handsome as his Daddy.

In the interests of padding the household income (and keeping him away from the neighborhood’s young, attractive residents) we’ve asked Caleb to take up woodworking. He does not enjoy it, stating that his ivory hands were created for more subtle, delicate tasks, but I expect he’ll overcome his hesitation in time. And at least it keeps him away from the violin!

Ah, there it is! Aspiration achieved! Thank you, thank you. No need for applause (unless you insist!).

All right, there's much more to tell, but I've got to close here. Johnny's gone out in the sunlight again and I'll need to summon him back before he gets crispy. I'll write again and fill you in on Tati's child and teen birthdays. I trust I won't be accused of spreading spoilers when I tell you she's gorgeous.

Love and Kisses,



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Re: Three Times a Lady: A Rival Dynasties Challenge Story
« Reply #34 on: February 07, 2018, 04:00:54 PM »
When I reached the end of this wonderful update, I had to go back and edit my previous post to #TeamMoneypenny *grins sheepishly

I lol'ed at the third image of Mary and Lilith's kiss, with their legs spread like they're doing sumo or something. What kind of kiss was that?
The vampire in yellow turban in that shot with Loeila also cracked me up.
I KNOW you wouldn't dress your vampires like that but involuntarily scrolled to check Mary's dark form in the previous image, anyway. :D

I'm sorry Mary had to replace two defective wishing wells but (somewhat) glad she identified the source of her problem.
Without a cooperative well, a vampire can scarcely keep up with Entrepreneurial rivals with Connections.
Congrats on another week of many achievements, Watcher! (A huge 48-hour benefit to marriage in two words: Renew Vows)

Congrats on finishing Vampire Family so quickly! Can't wait to meet Tati!
Quite frankly, I'm even more excited to learn what Miss Moneypenny's been up to!

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Re: Three Times a Lady: A Rival Dynasties Challenge Story
« Reply #35 on: February 07, 2018, 06:22:01 PM »
Ah this is such a great story! I’m absolutely hooked, I have no idea who I’m rooting for here. Welp, best of luck to all the founders! May the best family win.

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Re: Three Times a Lady: A Rival Dynasties Challenge Story
« Reply #36 on: February 08, 2018, 10:33:13 PM »
So glad the story's going again (and that its author has returned from hiatus)!!
Still Team Mary!!  She's great!  the little bit with Snow White appearing to sing the Wishing Well Song was outstanding!
The bit about the jealousy over Caleb's inappropriate connection with Luna was also quite amusing.
And since I'm a couple of updates behind, just wanted to comment on how cute Raj and Loelia's kiddos turned out!  Honey is just lovely!

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Re: Three Times a Lady: A Rival Dynasties Challenge Story
« Reply #37 on: February 09, 2018, 12:19:17 PM »
@oshizu Lol. I won't tell Eve about your momentary lapse. I'm really looking forward to posting her Week 2 update, but I had to split Mary's into two, so it will have to wait a bit.
I believe I just caught Mary and Lilith at a particularly awkward point in a "passionate kiss". I didn't think of them as sumo wrestlers before, but now I can't unsee it. :)
Yes, the vampires in my game have some very peculiar fashion sense, and it's only getting worse. I can't forbid them from wearing custom content the way I do with most random townies because banning cc from vampires means none of my own can use it, so I think we'll be seeing a lot of turban/sunglasses/lacy gloves combos in chapters to come. *sigh*

@pugsandroses Thanks so much for reading! I don't know who I'm rooting for, either. Heck, I'm not even sure who's in the lead at this point, but I'm having a great time.

@PeregrineTook Thank you! I'm very glad to be back from hiatus myself. Feels good to get back into the swing of things, although I'm frighteningly rusty on the rules. I have to keep a paper copy on my desk at all times and keep on referring to it. I'm hoping soon they'll become second nature the way they did with the Immortal Dynasty.
Glad you enjoyed my Wishing Well interlude! It was fun to do even if I don't feel much more enlightened than I did to begin with.
I'm pleased you like Honey! Domino's now aged up into a delightful, pretty child, and I'm very happy.

Goodnight, Week 2, Part 2

Whew! I'm back! Here's the rest of the dirt on this week:

Moments of triumph call for a bit of reflection, don’t you think?

Not much time for that, of course. Tatiana maxed her three skills on Thursday around noon, and was ready to leap from her high chair and into childhood.

Mummy Lilith did the honors, as I was at work. A great sadness, indeed, to miss such a big moment!

She set to work making friends immediately, and I do hope you’ll give Corey my thanks, Eve, for humoring her in her endeavors. She does seem to be remarkably charming, I must say. Bob Pancakes clearly needed a shower, but couldn’t resist coming in for a chin wag with my dear girl.

She became besties with Mummy Lilith, naturally. Another tragedy for the working mother!

I did get to chaperone her club gathering later that evening, though. That’s her on the right, post-makeover, chatting with Billie Jang and Elsa Bjergsen.

Here’s our first contender for a museum piece. Lilith really has a way with the brush!

Uncle Caleb, grateful for the break from his handyman responsibilities, became Tati’s adult friend and assisted with improving her conversational skills.

Lucas Munch was not as obliging, I’m afraid. In fact, poor Tati had more than her share of trouble completing her aspiration, I’m sorry to say. For some reason, nearly all of her acquaintances remained, well . . . acquaintances, despite many hours of pleasant conversation, cloudgazing, and quality time. Sometimes the friendships would register after we traveled home, and sometimes the next day, but some never did. She really ought to have completed things much earlier than she did, but we needed to wait for the official go-ahead before aging her up, which set her back at least a day behind your Honey, Loelia. She wasn’t ready for teenhood until Saturday afternoon.

Lilith’s masterpiece portrait of me in my regular form. Marvelous!

I still haven’t managed to best my beloved in a sparring match, but I hope to get there one day! I’m focused now on raising myself to a Grand Master Vampire so I can earn my required powers. I’m learning quickly, but I’ve a great ways to go!

Here we are! There’s her official notice of “Aspiration Achieved.” Nonsensical, really. She wasn’t nearly chummy enough to be friends with that girl she’s cloudgazing with in the picture, but for some reason that was the moment the powers that be chose to register her accomplishments, so we headed home immediately to bake a cake.

Stunning, isn’t she? No surprise, of course, given how much she resembles her Mummy Lilith. I’ve no idea why her hair became black upon aging up when she was a blonde baby and little girl, but she’s told me she finds the dark color “more vampire-y” so she’s keeping it that way.

She’s infiltrating the club The Renegades in this picture, as she’s planning to complete Chief of Mischief. Morgan Fyres initially rejected her application (I don’t like that girl. I think she’s just jealous of poor Tati.) but Max Villarreal had been my darling’s particular friend since they were both children (the day before) and he overruled the decision and let Tatiana join immediately.

We’ll not be having club gatherings at our house again, though, I can tell you that! Those hooligans broke all of our plumbing and then complained about the mess! Honestly!

That’s about all we had time for when the clock struck midnight, although I did spend a few minutes with my invention constructor and managed to produce a cloning machine. Now perhaps we shan’t have to feed Jana to the cowplant quite so often.

Keep your chins up, dears! We’ll soon be handing over the reins and putting our feet up for a good long rest, I can feel it!



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Re: Three Times a Lady: A Rival Dynasties Challenge Story
« Reply #38 on: February 09, 2018, 02:11:22 PM »
Great job with the masterpiece portraits, Lilith!
So sorry to hear that Tatiana's friendships weren't registering correctly. That must have been so frustrating, both for Tati and her watcher!

Loved the shot of The Renegades in Mary's bathroom, bwahahaha. And they have the nerve to complain about the mess!
Lol, poor Jana and her cowplant intimacy! Hurray for the cloning machine!

Tati is stunning! (Odd about her hair going from blond to black.)  Getting to teen by the weekend is awesome, so she's not late.

Now I can sit back and anticipate Eve Moneypenny's double update! ;-)

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Re: Three Times a Lady: A Rival Dynasties Challenge Story
« Reply #39 on: February 09, 2018, 04:01:00 PM »
This whole thing is genius. I read it all in an insanely short period of time and loved every bit of it.

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Re: Three Times a Lady: A Rival Dynasties Challenge Story
« Reply #40 on: February 09, 2018, 07:51:03 PM »
Tati is gorgeous!!  I mean, look at her moms and it's really no surprise, but still!
I just love how much this sweet little family remains in sweet little family mode while finishing requirements rather than just becoming a goal-oriented report.  Thanks for that attentiveness in your writing :=)
Go Team Mary!!

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Re: Three Times a Lady: A Rival Dynasties Challenge Story
« Reply #41 on: February 12, 2018, 01:12:34 PM »
@oshizu Lilith and I both thank you! Yes, Social Butterfly just about made me lose my mind. I believe they've fixed the issue in a recent patch, but too late for poor Tati. I sure hope the Social Skills bonus is worth it! Grrr!
I've grown to loathe the Renegades. They're jerks, they make the whole household tense, and being an infamous club means everyone dislikes Tatiana as soon as they meet her, so come to think of it it's a good thing she made so many friends as a child! She's quitting the club as soon as she maxes Mischief.
I hope you won't be too disappointed by Eve's single update today. She's really fun to write, but she's got a rather clipped, matter-of-fact tone that doesn't exactly make for long, drawn-out chapters. As Eve's #1 fan, I hope you like it!

@commasplice Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like it!

@PeregrineTook What an absolutely lovely compliment! Thank you! I'm not exactly a power player, so the real enjoyment for me is in the story-writing, and it really makes me happy to know you think my little family is sweet and enjoyable to read about. I agree that Tatiana is stunning. I wish I could just clone her rather than having her find a spouse!

Moneypenny, Week 2

Greetings from New Sixam, my dearies! Here you see myself and my bouncing baby boy. He quite literally bounces. He’s in constant motion and only pauses briefly to sleep.

Corey was promoted. To gladiator, apparently.

We’ve had to start locking the club members out of our bedroom. They’re taking a few too many liberties. The lady in front is the only female in the group, and thus likely to become Felix’s spouse. I’m not sold on her, to be honest. She’s a tad creepy, and she’s an adult, which would mean she’s potentially too old for Felix, even if he weren’t currently a toddler. I’m working furiously on the rocket whenever I get a spare moment in hopes I’ll actually be able to travel to Sixam in the near future to meet a wider variety of possible daughters-in-law.

I notice neither of you have mentioned the spouse hunt, yet. Paolo’s still single! Just saying!

Jillian’s still a marvelous nanny/trainer, though she came to me earlier this week and suggested, in hushed tones, that she has a suspicion that Felix is an alien. A darling girl, really. Just a treasure. But not too bright.

No comments on the incense burner, please! I know having it sitting on the rug that close to my precious toddler doesn’t look safe, but it keeps him happy as a wee clam and the rug hasn’t caught fire once yet!

My fitness continues to improve, though I’m finding it difficult to maintain focus, if you want to know the truth. Jillian has had to literally lock the door to the gym to keep me from diving at the basketball hoop whenever I get the chance. I’m not sure how to explain this compulsion I seem to have to Dream Big and attempt to dunk that ball, but it is what it is. Someday! When Felix is all grown up and out of the house I expect I’ll be constantly found hanging from the rim or tangled in the net.

With Jillian’s help (and a small fortune spent on incense), Felix maxed his three skills by Thursday, and was launched into the world’s briefest childhood.

Good-bye, my baby boy!

And hello my tiny heartthrob! I ask you . . . can you even? I cannot.

The boys messing around while Mummy grinds away at the gym down the street. As you know, my largest challenge consists of racking up as many satisfaction points as possible while not actually completing any aspirations so that they can remain unique for future generations. It’s all a bit of a juggling act, and we do tend to find ourselves participating in a lot of nonsensical activities or making bizarre purchases whenever I get a whim, but this time it worked out quite well since Felix could play (playfully!) on the jungle gym while I worked out at a gym venue.

And then back home to the computer, where the boy spent 80% of his remaining childhood minutes.

The other 20% was spent (adorably) on the monkey bars down the block, which I did not witness personally because fate is a cruel, cruel monster. At least I’ve got pictures.

Corey was promoted to Head Gladiator.

My portrait. I know, I know. Serves me right. I just had to do sit-ups at the exact moment Corey needed to capture my image, and naturally the result was a high-value masterpiece. Your scrambled eggs don’t seem so bad at all now, do they, Loelia? I’ll have him try again, but for now this beauty is museum-bound.

Friday evening my baby was ready to break his mother’s heart yet again by becoming a teenager.

I ask you . . . has the world ever seen such an astounding specimen? I couldn’t have arranged his physical attributes better if I’d custom-ordered them myself. He’s got the best of both his father and I and I’m so proud I’ll no doubt explode after finishing this letter.

Portrait of the heir as a studious young man.

The alien-form portrait in case either of you were interested. I don’t don it much in everyday life as I prefer to remain incognito and I’m fond of skirts, but that particular outfit is well-suited to the climate of Sixam so I may whip it out once the wormhole generator is finished.

A typical club gathering. Flaming basketballs and mind-reading are common occurrences in our neck of the woods.

A ridiculous table I bought to fulfill a whim. Don’t get excited. We shan’t be having any parties. No time! No time!

Mother-Son multitasking.

The rocket ship. Despite working my fingers to the bone, I ended the week about half an upgrade short of completing the wormhole generator, so the spouse hunt will have to wait. Do us a favor and hit up Alien Night again at the bars on your weeks. I’m not at all convinced that the lovely Rhonda is the right choice for my daughter-in-law.

She’s frighteningly competitive at chess. And she doesn’t seem to bathe.

Felix has inherited my proclivity for random dunking. He carries it off with great style!

He fishes now. All the time. And stares eerily at cameras.

And that’s it for my report, darlings! Like the two of you I’m cautiously optimistic about next week. My child has done a fair job of outshining me, as your children have you, so it will likely be Mummy who’s holding up the show, but time will tell. I’ve got the upgrade to finish, one more reward trait to buy and of course there’s the career. It’s going well, but that wishing well is looking more appealing all the time. Perhaps we need just a push over the edge . . .



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Re: Three Times a Lady: A Rival Dynasties Challenge Story
« Reply #42 on: February 12, 2018, 02:47:00 PM »
What do you mean by saying you're not a power-player, hmmmm?
The Moneypenny household just slayed Week 2!  Positively killed it!

Haha, I appreciate that Corey at least wears a gladiator helmet that matches his green t-shirt. I mean, what if the colors clashed? Horrors!
Thank you for sharing the incense tip, dear! Besides herbs, fireplaces, and baths, I'd thought toddlers were immune to mood-boosting chicanery.
The sit-up shot cracked me up--I'm glad you explained exactly what she's doing. Of course, it would be the most valuable portrait. o.O

Oh my word, Felix is diviiiiiiiiine! Where do I sign up for an autographed portrait? I knew there was a reason for being TeamMoneypenny!
*whispers: Nobody will be good enough for Felix, nobody!!!
Lol, did Mary confiscate Caleb's violin earlier in the week, forcing him to resort to fishing?
I laugh that you gave him Paolo's hair and now the two of them have become the two most desperate males in your simverse. Bwahahaha

Eve darling, I have placed a bottle of bubbly in the fridge, anticipating the eventual victory of your bloodline.
Fabulous update, Francesca!!!

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Re: Three Times a Lady: A Rival Dynasties Challenge Story
« Reply #43 on: February 12, 2018, 04:01:50 PM »
I saw Cory and thought... "oh my hat".

I also hadn't thought of the incense for toddlers. For the last batch of kids I had quiet an elaborate room with shelves of MySims trophies for playful, and crystals for energized, and of course they did nothing. I like Rhonda's light blue skin. She's a slob, but no one is perfect!

It is a little thing of my own. I call it "Heart Foam". I shall not publish it. Farewell! Patience, Patience, farewell!

Exit Bunthorne.

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Re: Three Times a Lady: A Rival Dynasties Challenge Story
« Reply #44 on: February 12, 2018, 07:27:30 PM »
What do you mean by saying you're not a power-player, hmmmm?
The Moneypenny household just slayed Week 2!  Positively killed it!
I was going to start with the exact same comment!!
Quite the successful week!  Of course, Now I'm just waiting for Mary and Tati to outshine them  ;=)