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Wan Immortality. Update 08/17
« on: August 11, 2017, 01:00:21 AM »
Maybe I should not start another challenge while I have more than half of the decadynasty ahead of me and the legacy sleeping in the stories graveyard but I can not help myself.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

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Re: Wan Immortality
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2017, 01:11:42 AM »
The founder is the result of the pollination that I am carrying out in the decadynasty, in the four generations of the game I have had some spectacular results. Baudilia is one of these results, daughter of Pauline Wan and Stiles McGraw and mother of AnalŪa Wan, who is the wife of my second heir Cypress Hatch.

I thought about changing her name but with time it grew on me. But it is better to let her present herself.

Hi, there. The name is Baudilia, maybe it's a weird name but itís unique like me. In some parallel world I was only the mother-in-law of an heir, appearing very little in the story and for the sole purpose of being pollinated but I am too important to be relegated in that way.

Iím artistic, athletic and a little schmoozer. Very attractive, irresistible it could be say, which is a great trait to have to become a master acrobat, even if I donít think I'm going to have any problems in my career because Iím a natural born perfomer.

Well, as an introduction I think is enough. I better pack my stuff and leave Sunset Valley forever, itís time to start my dynasty and help my watcher, maybe this time with my awesome self as a founder sheíll complete an immortal dynasty.

Bye, to next time.

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Re: Wan Immortality
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2017, 02:46:55 AM »
Chapter 1

Starlight Shores is the city chosen to play this dynasty, mainly because itís a town that I usually overlook and donít play much.
Hereís the obligatory picture of the founder in her empty lot.

"Again, I must clarify, because some watcher isnít very good at her job."
"That was mainly your fault, Baudilia, not mine."
Basically, what happened was that after posting the prologue I started to play the game, which failed spectacularly on the third day of the challenge when Baudilia was caught in a kitchen fire and died incinerated. It was a horrible situation, a lot of panic on part of this watcher because all the actions of sending her to take a bath or making her helper put out the fire were canceled continuously because both preferred to stay screaming and waving their arms instead of obeying me. Like I said: not my fault.
"Well, that was in the past, watcher, now its better that we focus our energies on founding this dynasty."
"And surfing the web, how does that help you?"
"Very simple, I'm looking for the address of my first helper."

It sounds logical, so Baudilia took a taxi to the house of her first victim, I mean helper.
"Honey, what are you doing sitting there and who invited you in?"
"Nobody, Ceres, I've just decided to wait for the owner to arrive home."

"Oh, hello strange lady that I never saw in my life and I donít know how you did to enter my house without being announced."
"Hello there, I am Baudilia Wan and I am founding an immortal dynasty, I came here because I consider you a good candidate to be part of this."

"And I suppose that now comes the moment when you try to persuade me to move to your empty lot and leave my comfortable house."
"Pretty much, although it will not be an empty lot for much longer, with the little money youíll bring my watcher will build a small box to protect us from rain and heat until I convince my other helpers to move with us. Once they are with us weíll no longer live in poverty, as long as they donít forget to bring their car with them."

"... I donít know, it doesnít convince me much, I'm pretty happy and calm without any watcher to look over me."
"Well that's a downside ..."
"Hey! I'm right here."
"... but think of all the positive things you're going to win."
"Like what?"
"Well, not only do I need someone to paint my portraits, but also someone to help keep this city alive."
"Are you offering me to be a pollinator?"
And this is how Javed Meir became the first helper of this dynasty.
"I feel like I'm going to regret this."

When they arrived at the empty lot, Baudilia had to make sure that Javed didnít regret the choice when he saw the desolation of the place.

I didnít let him think too much and I moved him as soon as I had the option of doing it. With his little money I built the box Baudilia had announced.

The rest of the evening was dedicated to learning the painting skill. I'm still not sure what skill Baudilia is going to supermax, I'm between painting and athletics, so I'm going to work on both.

The next morning, the founder went out in search of her next victim and after a detailed search throughout the city she found him in Starlight Plaza.

Mithun Khan was staring into nothingness when Baudilia saw him among the people, adjusting her hair and clothes she approached him decisively.

"Hello, handsome, I've been looking for you all over town."
"It's a pleasure to meet you, beautiful."
"Of course it is, it's always a pleasure to meet me."
I must say that both have very good chemistry, since there were many autonomous interactions between them.

Unfortunately, Mithun had to go to work before they could become friends.

Next in the agenda was to enroll in the acrobat profession, so Baudilia made a quick trip to the library in search of a computer.
"Bau Boom, really? That's my stage name? Lame."
"Yeah, well, I've never been very good with names; I have no inspiration for that sort of thing. That is why my chapters never have a name or, for example, if you were developing the writing skill your first book would be called Baudilia 1 and the second Baudilia 2 and ... well you understand the idea."
"Like I said, lame."

Since she was in the computer, I used it to put together a profile for online dating, at least that way we would know which are the sims that can be interesting as both pollinators and Baudilia's potential husband.
"I like Mithun, I think I want him as a husband."
"Yes, I realized that, but I still let the door open to other possibilities."
Mithun was not my first choice as Baudilia's husband, the reality is that I was planning to use him as a pollinator since he's in the middle of his adult life and looks pretty handsome (besides that 85,000 car being a plus), but I'll let Baudilia choose and if she wants him as a husband, then that will be his role.
"Now that I'm officially an acrobat, I'd better start doing some exercise to build my endurance."
And to look at that cute sports set I colored for her.

"For being an athletic person you're not very good at this exercise thing."
"Oh shut up."
"At least you're not the only one with that problem."

After an unsuccessful gym session, it was time to start working and advancing in the career.
"Er, Ceres, do you know what I'm supposed to do?"
"Do not look at me, you're the one who wants to be an acrobat."
"Just because you decided it."

"I'm pretty sure the one who has to be afraid of the trick is the audience, not the acrobat."

"And I'm pretty sure that for there to be audiences we would have to work at an earlier hour, so maybe I get some tips, oh my wise watcher."
"Speaking of audience, I think that the first spectator is approaching, fast you have to do some pose that youíre sure youíll no fail."
"I think Javed was right, having a watcher if it's a downside."
Itís better to ignore Baudilia for now while we wait for the lady with the cane to approach.

Two hours laterÖ
"I hate canes."
"I hate them too."
And when she finally reached Baudilia, the woman went on without stopping to look at her."

Sigh. Maybe next time we will have better luck.

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Re: Wan Immortality. Update 08/13
« Reply #3 on: August 17, 2017, 01:39:38 AM »
Chapter 2

"Javed, this gift is for you, thank you for agreeing to help me and for becoming my first best friend, although I regret that Iíll not be able to count you among the six that I need as a requirement because I donít think you survive for that long."

"I don't know whether to feel flattered or offended."

Javed muttered something under his breath, but I didnít quite hear what he said.
"I think he mentioned the word downside, although I'm not sure." Baudilia said in an innocent tone.
"I am not a downside."
Javed decided to open his gift and make deaf ear to the two women talking, while inspecting the object he felt a little disappointed.
"A tabcast, typical. What skill do I have to learn from this? "
"Photography." "Photography."
"There're two downside."

"Hello Mithun, I was thinking that you could stop by my house a couple of hours before you have to go to work so we can continue the interesting conversation that we started yesterday."
A murmur was heard through the telephone that I couldnít understand, although Baudilia frowning doesnít give me good vibes.
"Would you rather watch the grass grow?! What?!"

After a bad start to the day, it was preferable to let everything settle down a bit and leave the two people in the house to work on their skills.
The next day, Baudilia again invited Mithun to spend time in her home, this time he accepted quickly.
All was well until the guest arrived while Javed started a fire in the kitchen!
"NO AGAIN! Quick Baudilia, run and leave the house!"

Luckily, It wasnít so bad. This watcher can breathe easy.
In addition, Mithun is initiating romantic actions automatically.
"Oh they are beautiful."
"Not as much as you."
All this was witnessed by the firefighter who arrived a few minutes after Javed put out the fire.  ::)

"Baudilia, your first prize is going to be Fireproof Homestead."
"Don't bother now, Ceres, Mithun is praising me."
"And I'm sure you'll be called to work on the big stages of the world. You're destined to be a star. "
"I definitely stay with you."

There was not much to do for Mithun to move to the dynasty's house, only an hour after he arrived he was already a member of the house.
And most important, he came driving his car, which I sold immediately to build new rooms.

"There is also a first floor where the bedrooms are located but Ceres forgot to take the picture of it."
"It wasnít necessary to specify it, Bau Boom."

Ariella looked at herself in the mirror watching her new hairstyle and makeup and wondering why she was suddenly living in another house and with a watcher to control her. Perhaps it would be better to try to find answers.

Going down the stairs, she found Mithun at the entrance and was relieved to see a familiar face.
"Sweetheart, do you know why we suddenly appeared here?"
"Well, I have some things to tell you, first something that will brighten you up, Ernesto no longer lives with us."
"That's great! You know what I think of him, I know he's your best friend but I really do not like him and I think he wants to live of you."

"Okay, but that's not all. Now we are part of an immortal dynasty. "
"I was afraid of something like that when suddenly I saw myself with a small change of image in an unknown house and with a voice in my head giving me indications. I would have liked you to consult with me previously, but well what itís done, itís done. Besides, if as you say it is an immortal dynasty we can not move from here. "
Ariella looked around.
"At least the house is pretty and Ernesto is not here. Mit, what exactly do we have to do? Surely paint a portrait or something. Perhaps procreate the spouse of the next generation?
"Well, Ari, there are children involved."

"I don't like the tone you're using and you have not answered my question accurately either."

"Er... where do I start?" The man scratched his head thoughtfully.
Ariella's face frowned even more.
"You are here to sculpt and I to fish and garden and, as for children, you will have a child and I will also have a child, but they will not be the same. You see, you will be single mother to create a future pollinator and I will be the father of the next generation. Isnít it cool ?! "
"What?! Have you lost your mind?! How can you decide to accept such changes in our lives without asking me?

"Donít take it that way, it's a great opportunity. Weíll be appearing frequently in the story instead of going unnoticed in the background."
"Oh for all the Sims, I'd rather not talk to you, you'd better disappear from my sight right now or I will not be responsible for my actions."

Mithun didnít wait a second and ran to the back of the house to plant some seeds and start with his garden.
"I can not believe all this. And to think that I thought this was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with." Whispered Ariella.
Standing in the middle of the foyer, she felt a little lost.
"And now what do I do?"
"I have a suggestion."

"I have a bad feeling about this."
"Don't worry, Ari. It's just the first point of sculpting."

Not the best day for Ariella Chen.