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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
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Chapter 8: Mighty Pregnant

Let the record reflect that my pregnancy went swimmingly the first time. It was a piece of cake and the only downside was that I'd had random strangers approaching me wanting to touch my stomach and I couldn't bend down to see my feet or tie my shoes, if I ever wore the darn things. Yup, pregnancy was pretty cool.

I was able to get work done from home by giving psychic readings over the phone.

Arlo: So when I see a pink haired fairy riding a unicorn during a full moon, that's when my true love will manifest into my life?
Aura: That's right, Arlo. Now, it might not be today and it might not be this year but seeing as you're a vampire now you've got aloooot of time to improve upon yourself, whether it be looks, a less crowded living space, more money, your looks....
Arlo: You already said looks...
Aura: The point is it'll take some time! Now my predictions have never steered you wrong, have they?
Arlo: No.
Aura: When I told you to stick to night time activities or else you'd run the risk of dying during the day, was I right or wrong?
Arlo: You were right.
Aura: That's right I was right! Do you know why?
Arlo: Because you are the daughter of the legendary Mambo so your powers of prediction are true and just.
Aura: Right again! Now as I said it will take some time and I want you to be your best self physically, emotionally, mentally, and physically for her when she arrives. Can you do that Arlo?
Arlo: Ye...yes.
Aura: Good man. Now this phone call is gonna cost you about....

Easy breezy, pregnancy squeezy.

Little Siren was born during the wee hours of the morning on love day. She was such an even tempered baby so her burrito days just flew by. Being that she was our first child and being that she was so easy to handle it was really no surprise that I quickly became pregnant with our second and final child.

Perhaps it was my arrogance or maybe my karma catching up to me from all of my "house calls" but my second pregnancy was a tad bit tougher.

But only a little bit.

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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
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Chapter 9: Feel the Music

I am now the mother of two wonderful little witches.

My first born, Siren, is a quiet little one in general. The only time you'll catch her being overly animated is if you catch her losing herself on her little xylophone. When I'd mention if she was playing what she'd been hearing in her head she'd just look back at me and give me a cheeky little grin.

After a while I'd noticed that she would play the same song over and over on her xylophone. Although I am a psychic, the best Sunset Valley's ever seen, I figured it would be better to teach her how to talk so I could get a definitive answer.

Aura: Okay my little songbird are you ready to speak?
Siren: *sticking out her tongue* blllhhhh blah blah blah
Aura: No blah blah blah, real words. Will you speak to me? Can you say S I R E N?
Siren: Ah blah blah
Aura: *sings* S I R E N?
Siren: mmmm Ren.
Aura: Almost!
Siren: *Laughs and claps*
Aura: *sings* S I R E N!
Siren: S I R E N!
Aura: Good girl!

It didn't take much time teaching her after I discovered that she was more inclined to learn if I sang to her. Positive, my little song bird became a chatter box. Negative, I passed my musical curse down to her.

Luckily her sister, Lyre, didn't seem to inherit the music. Whenever I sang to her she'd just sway and coo not really singing back.

Michael took it upon himself to teach Lyre how to speak. He made sure to instill great self worth and made sure she knew she was the best.

Michael: Lyre you are the best!
Lyre: Bessss
Michael: Don't let anyone make you feel like you're second best and if you have a dream, work hard and achieve it.
Lyre: Besssss
Michael: Be the best.
Lyre: Best.

Michael also took it upon himself to catch up to the rest of us adults. He aged up the same night I'd gotten a promotion for work. He's just as handsome as ever.

Now, he says he didn't have a mid-life crisis but through the entirety of our relationship he's never had any wish to ever do something he calls 'karaoke', excuse my ignorance as growing up my mother never exposed me to such things.

 Michael and the other men would go on field trips to 'karaoke bars'. They'd take the girls with them while I was at work. Apparently, they'd all have a grand time. Quite strange they are in the valley.


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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
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Chapter 10: Debut

Well mum kind of breezed through my baby years. I think that's for the best as I couldn't introduce myself to you back then. Well, my name is Siren Nightingale and mom tells me that because of this book uncle Connor found and read in the library a long time ago, that makes me the heir to a dynasty. I think that just means that I can hear music like mummy can hear music. Being able to hear music randomly is pretty fun, I think. I've started writing songs to the beat.

Daddy and Uncle Leighton like to help. I always tell them to give me constructive criticism because it will be something I'll need to get used to.

Michael: Now sweetie, I don't know how this makes sense to the rest of the composition?
Siren: You walked away leaving the orange to swing off the door hinge…could be iconic.
Michael: Orange and door hinge might be too cerebral for most.
Siren: We need at least one song that gets people thinking. I think this could be that one.
Michael: I see the vision and I'm fully enveloped.
Siren: Nice!

"Constructive Criticism" was apart of my vocab test for which I got an A. I'm in the advanced classes at school we get to take a music elective and wear uniforms. I'm not a fan of the uniform because it always blows my cover. Afterschool I like to go hide by the side of the theatre and listen to the music until an adult comes out and shoos me away for "loitering".

When they shoo me away from there I go to my favorite place. I go to Mick's and watch the acts perform and I'd usually pretend that I'd be performing on the stage in a pretty costume. I take pictures when I'm there for headshots. Daddy has an agent friend who says he will book us as an act.

When I say us I don't mean Daddy and I, that would be too perfect. Nope, "us" means me, my sister Lyre, and her sister Echo. Daddy thinks it's a great idea and he tells me we will all bond but I don't think so.

They don't care for me and I don't know why. Lyre doesn't even call me her sister, only Echo. Echo was a doll first but on the day of Lyre's birthday she came to life just as mom was going to tell my sister to be nicer to me.

Her mouth dropped to the floor and she stopped in her tracks when she saw her appear. Lyre yelled, "my dear sister you're finally here" as she threw her arms around Echo....

It's fine that they stick together it doesn't bother me until they start snickering or laughing when I pass by them. I don't even ask them what it's about anymore I just ignore it and go on my way.

Siren: Oh look at me I'm Lyre and I'm such a fantabulous diva! I'm the best at everything and everyone will cheer my name. Of course you'll scream Echo when I want you to. Oh, no darling not echo my name but you'll scream for my dear sister Echo too! We are the darling divas of the famous Nightingale house after all!

Okay sometimes, it gets to me. Then I just go joke around with my best friend Mitchel and he makes me feel better.

Mitchel: What do you call a vampire who passes out in front of somebody else's home?
Siren: A ghastly cliché.
Mitchel: Hohoho good one.  ;D

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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
« Reply #18 on: August 17, 2019, 07:56:19 PM »
I'm absolutely adoring this story and I can't believe I haven't commented sooner!
I love, love the naming scheme you are going with. Your sims have so much personality and I'm excited to see how Siren and Lyre turn out. Hopefully Echo and Lyre will be friendlier to Siren in the future.  :)

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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
« Reply #19 on: August 25, 2019, 04:20:47 PM »
I'm absolutely adoring this story and I can't believe I haven't commented sooner!
I love, love the naming scheme you are going with. Your sims have so much personality and I'm excited to see how Siren and Lyre turn out. Hopefully Echo and Lyre will be friendlier to Siren in the future.  :)

Thank you, I appreciate it soo much. All future generations kinda have quirky names that relate to their LTW or supermax skill. :)

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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
« Reply #20 on: August 25, 2019, 10:24:59 PM »
Caught back up! So glad to see that Zhuvi had a kid in that last screenshot (the rest can be ambiguous about it but c'mon)

Lyre created hell for the house with yet another sister and she might never be forgiven!
No respect, no chance, cease and desist when I chant-

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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
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Chapter 11: Finding the Groove

Let me just start off by saying that having two sisters is like permanently having a big, big thorn in my side. Everyone has breaking point and I've finally reached mine. Please excuse my anger, I should back up a bit.

If you remember I told you that daddy had an agent friend. His name is Mr. Clavell and well, it's official we're a group now. We go by The Mini Muses. It's not the best name but it's pretty recognizable here in Sunset Valley. Our agent, and co-manager, was pretty great. He was able to make sure that the local bars and venues didn't get over on us.

Being in the band had it's positives and negatives. We did actually sound pretty good together, but Lyre automatically assumed that she was the boss and went out of her way to boss me around.

Lyre: *whispers* The song is about to start, now don't go being off key and missing cues. I know you're used to amateur hour but this isn't that and...
*music starts*
Siren:*sings* You walked away leaving the orange~~
Lyre: *flustered*

Sandi: Woot! Yeaaaah! Tell me about the door hinge!

Daddy was our other co-manager. He was our biggest supporter and fan. So while we were downstairs giving a great performance he and Mr. Clavell were upstairs talking business and how they could catapult our careers even higher.
 Mr. Clavell put in a call we were to appear on "Oh So Peachy"! It's the biggest musical talk show out right now!

George Peachy: I'm here with The Mini Muses. These three girls have been making music that's been spreading like wildfire amongst the youth and adults alike. They've been breaking records left and right and they do it while not missing a single test or page of homework. Ladies and gentlemen, Siren, Lyre, and Echo!

Echo: Thank you Mr. Peachy! I'd like to add that doing the homework and passing the test isn't the hard part, it's waking up on time to catch the school bus to get there.
*Audience laughter*
George Peachy: You all still take the bus to school? How down to earth.

Siren: It's good to be relatable because we are just kids. I wanna show everyone at home that anyone can work hard be able to make their dreams come true and be able to sit across from the world famous George Peachy.

George Peachy: What's your ultimate goal?

Siren: For me it's becoming a household name by spreading my music and being known as a good person.
*Audience: Aww*
Lyre: Well George, I could sit here and tell you about spreading music and working hard but for me, it comes down to talent, luck, and diva appeal. * Lyre stands up* I'm going to give you a preview of our next chart topping hit. An exclusive right here just for you.

George Peachy: How marvelous! The lovely Lyre everyone!

Lyre: Thank you! You all can come see us perform our new song at our upcoming spooky day party.
*Audience cheers*

This is where my nightmare continues.

Lyre and Echo beat me home and had more time to get prepared for our mini concert and time to torment me by putting hair dye in the shower. By the time I'd washed all of the dye out of my hair, I had to rush and put on my costume, run downstairs, and get in position only to find out that they'd switched my costume. We were supposed to go as a "pack of tigers", Echo's idea.

Mommy and Daddy were too busy being taking care of security so I decided to just get through the performance.

So I went and found my best friend and he let me get it all out afterwards. Mitchel was really the best.

When everyone had gone I'd went upstairs to have a moment of alone time before bed. All of a sudden the relaxing silence turned into a barrage of nasty insults about how our new song was terrible and should be flushed down the toilet and all of my songs that I'd written should just be thrown in the garbage.

I was just about to snap when a giant wiener came to my rescue.

Leighton: What needs to be flushed and thrown out are your terrible attitudes and rotten hearts. Last time I looked at the credits on the back of all those hit records the only writer who was credited was Siren. Pick up a pen and write some hits or quit the group if you don't like how things are but you're going to stop picking on your sister or I will ground you both until you're young adults.

Thanks Uncle Leighton for coming to my rescue and putting an end to their onslaught.

…well almost.

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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
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Chapter 12: Resentment, Sounds from a Lyre

I had everything going for me as a child. All that I ever wanted, the fame, the fortune, but most importantly the adoration and the attention. I was The Lyre.
But of course it didn't last because of course she had to go ruin it and take it all from me again. I remember the day after our final group performance, she had to go an age up, leaving us behind to hog the spotlight.

She got to take another step closer in her pursuit of eclipsing me.

 While I had to stay upstairs writing farewells to my fans explaining that our group, my dream, was no more.

Our family fawns over her. They go out of their way to boost her higher and whenever I attempted to even the playing field, I'd always be written off as a "spoiled, bratty child with diva-like tendencies".

So when my birthday rolled around I made the decision to make myself the best. Ignore her and cast her out completely. She was my ultimate competition in the war for significance.

I aged up to be the most beautiful Nightingale daughter, the world wasn't ready but it was my time to shine.

I'd come up with the perfect plan. I got the parents a free vacation. I'd made sure she'd be out of the house and out of my way.

Then, I threw the biggest, best teen house party Sunset Valley had ever seen.

The party was jumping. I was the queen of the teens. All of uncle Leighton's kids came and a few others who heard by word of mouth showed up.

It was bound to be MY most memorable moment up to date until she came clomping up the stairs. Her and her pizza.

She just had to come feed my guest all of that cheese and grease as if I hadn't ordered some lobster thermidor from the bistro in advance. I mean, was she trying give my guests acne and breakouts so that they'd go to school the next day and blame me, as if.

More lonely lobster eating for me.

As if hearing everyone appreciate and thank her for the pizza wasn't enough for her, she just had to suck up some more of my spotlight by having everyone cry over the fact that she was going to retire for the night and not stay for my party.

One day it'll only be about me.

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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
« Reply #23 on: November 09, 2019, 10:46:45 PM »

What a fun story! Enjoyed perusing this and seeing what other simmers are doing with their dynasties.

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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
« Reply #24 on: November 12, 2019, 11:05:25 PM »

What a fun story! Enjoyed perusing this and seeing what other simmers are doing with their dynasties.

Thanks so much, your dynasties were some that really inspired me to try and I still go back and read them over and over!

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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
« Reply #25 on: November 13, 2019, 12:27:46 AM »
Chapter 13: Queen of the Teens...Psshaw

The night of my teenage birthday was probably one of the most emotional days of my life. Uncle Leighton said chalk it up to an early, first dose of teenage angst and emotions. That wasn't what it felt like. It felt like the pressure was on, everyone had high expectations and hopes for me, but the weight of it was crushing me. Dad was right there when the sparkles were done. Honestly I was so thankful to have him right there next to me. Plus, he didn't even cry.

We drove home and before the hour had passed, Lyre had put up an announcement on our official fan page. She posted that I had aged up and that our group was now done. Fans were very disappointed, confused and hurt. Obviously a lot of people lashed out and blamed me for the group's breakup. It hurt and I didn't like letting them down, but I was pushed out without a fair chance. Mom heard me strumming away and pulled me away from the music for a quick reality check.

With new found esteem and energy, I stayed up and wrote one of my best pieces. It was no Orange and Doorhinge but it was still pretty great. Upon a next day release the fans seemed to agree.

The fans and critics were calling me the Queen of the Teens, but flashy titles like that are over-rated.

My talent and skill got me a lot of gigs as a solo act. Mom and Dad came along to chaperone my first one but I think they just used it as an excuse to get out and be all mushy in public. After this we agreed that I was responsible enough at this point to not need a chaperone anymore.

I started doing features and vibing with cool new artists. It opened me up to an older audience.

They didn't treat me like a little kid but my music seemed to liven them up a make them feel much younger.

The proprietors in town were spreading my name amongst the industry praising my professionalism which in turn got me more work.

More work and opportunities meant more stress, and more stress meant terrible breakouts.

Terrible breakouts lead to iffy odds when it came to asking my best friend to prom. He decided we'd go together but only as "friends", not what I was hoping for but me and my pimple took what we could get.

Uncle Connor was super geeked for my prom, I think it's because I was going with Mitchel. Uncle Connor made a promise to Mitchel's dad who died when he was a baby to take care of him so he's super protective of him.

He sprung for a limo and made sure to wait outside with us before it pulled up. My angsty teenage senses say dad may've also asked him to play bodyguard too, but no definite evidence to back this theory.

I was voted prom queen and I got to feel like a normal teen that night. No one treated me differently, asked for an autograph, or picture. I have to admit that prom night was pretty dang awesome! Who knew that the very next day my 'rents and uncles would recieve an all expense paid rest & rejuvination retreat. Being that I'm the eldest I was put in charge.

Now I love my mom to pieces but there's a reason why I'm more of a daddy's girl. She's the all mighty, all powerful daughter of the Mambo, and if she were to come home to one thing out of place after this retreat let's just say my final next big hit would go something like "hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gaaaaalll"...


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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
« Reply #26 on: December 02, 2019, 11:34:23 AM »
I love these characters and I am team Lyre for life!

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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
« Reply #27 on: October 02, 2020, 12:11:13 PM »
Chapter 14: Two Sides to every Story

I get home from a gig to find that Lyre is in the middle of a rager. Ah yes, a bunch of teens unsupervised, feeling the effects of the full moon, what could possibly go wrong? I take a deep breath and decide a few things as I head upstairs.

First, don't freak out. Second, don't interrupt their fun and let my sister have her moment. Third, hope that mom doesn't find out because I wanna live long enough to be an old, rock legend.

I make my way through the crowd of teens and drop off the dinner I picked up. Everyone was thankful and asked me to stay and hangout. I kindly declined and retired to the safety of my studio for the rest of the evening to get some rest.

At around 2am my big sister sense started kicking in. It was time to shut down the party. I cleared everyone out and then proceeded to assess the damage.

Fairly manageable, I cleaned a bit that night and a bit before I got ready for school. Crisis averted and life not in danger by parental units.

Everything seemed like smooth sailing the next day but of course with Lyre things could never just be smooth. She'd decided that she wasn't gonna go to school, or come home, or answer her phone all night.

She stayed out way past curfew and I stayed up waiting for her to come home willingly or see the blue and red sirens from the cop car and the paparazzi trailing closely behind. Neither of which happened.

I just fail to understand her and unwavering one-sided feud with me. I was more understanding and more patient of this type of stuff when I was a kid but this is ridiculous. I know we're family and I try to keep that in mind now but some days I think it would great to not have her around anymore. Then I feel terrible and automatically take it back.*sigh* Anyways gotta clean up this house and get to school early so I have enough time to make up another excuse as to why my sister isn't in school today. Same old same, rinse, repeat.


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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
« Reply #28 on: October 02, 2020, 12:18:25 PM »
Chapter 15: On the Rise

The 'rents came home to a clean house all in tact. Not the tiniest thing outta place. I can now breathe a sigh of relief.

That night, the school arranged an award ceremony for the music club. I was to perform and receive an award that night. Mum and Dad were so proud.

I'd have preferred them to be my only guests for the evening but dad wanted it to be a family affair. Lyre and Echo were actually on their best behavior.

As a reward, dad took all of us out to lunch for our birthdays. He figured we were on a role as far as fixing our "sisterly" relationship. Sorry to disappoint dad but not anytime in the foreseeable future.

We got home and mum had the cakes ready for dad and I. He went first. He begged me to spare him the elder photos, so I obliged. As for me, when the candles were blown out there were immediate camera snaps. Luckily my outfit was kinda fitting...minus the pink sandals.

The Doo Peas Times ran a story ranking me as the Top Rising Star to look out for.

"From her start in the successful childhood group, The Mini Muses, to her run as Queen of the Teens as a solo act. Siren Nightingale has dominated the airwaves for more than a decade and she's only just beginning"!

"Don't let her age full you. She's definitely earned her stripes. She's is a true musical genius".

"And a household name. You've done soo much in such a short span of time. What do you have in store for your future"?

"Honestly, I just wanna continue connecting to everyone and bringing peace the best way I know how...through song".

"Siren Nightingale everyone, good luck to you dear".

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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
« Reply #29 on: October 03, 2020, 09:46:55 PM »
Chapter 16: Because We are Best Friends, right?

She graduated putting her a little closer to the finish line. She got a boring write up in the newspaper, so I bet she feels like hot stuff...teh. She'd won prom queen, awards in music, but in the end decided to stay independent instead of signing with one of the biggest music record labels. Not the brightest crayon in the box. She'll fizzle out for sure and soon I'll take the lead.

In the end it'll be me.

Echo: "Lyre's been spiraling ever since Siren's aged up. It's like she's grasping for everything around her to take in and be hers to dominate without regard for the pain it'll cause. Prom came and I'd had my eyes on Bruce. Lyre helped arrange for Bruce to come from school with us so I could ask him to be my date, to which he agreed.

I was on cloud 9. I'd never been to a sim prom before. I never allowed myself to be inspired by romance as that was not my intended purpose. That was never what they sent me here for but to feel like a true sim just this once, like simderella, felt like a fairytale.

On the night of Prom we all got gussied up in our finest and headed to prom. Lyre got a text in the limo and was eerily quiet the rest of the ride.

Once the limo pulled up, Bruce got out and grabbed Lyre's hand. "Wait a minute. You're my date"!

Bruce: Well I really wanted to go with Lyre. When I went to your house that day I only said yes to be polite. It was always Lyre. My bad".

Lyre gave a hearty chuckle. " Sorry bout it babe. Look on the bright side, Jena texted me in the limo and let me know you were voted prom queen. So at least you can say you have something that I never will. You know I love you my sweet doll. Let's just enjoy the night".

They walked in hand in hand. Everyone complimenting them and telling them that their pictures will come out gorgeous. It's everything she ever wanted. Except, it's not. This moment will never be a happy memory for her because they chose me. They adore me for being myself and it's genuine. The compliments that they're giving her right now cut her like daggers. To her they're just lies because if they were genuine then she'd be prom queen. In her mind, I like her sister, am here to steal everything that she's worked for.

The truth is, I've loved her more than anyone else. Been on her side when she was wrong and through thick and thin. If only she knew to what degree me being her imaginary friend was no coincidence.... I realize my place in her life now. I will always be just that "sweet doll". I guess all fairytales don't have happy endings. Tis this lifetime.