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Romantic troubles -SOLVED
« on: January 27, 2018, 08:44:15 AM »
My current Sim is a second generation, and I’ve just installed Generations. She’s an adventurer, and met the perfect guy in France, but I had her break up with him because I want her to have a marriage and family eventually. However, no one she’s met in her home town (Riverview) lives up to Henri, plus, I can’t seem to advance any of her relationships there to the “propose going steady” state. I’ve done Clean Slate twice, and that still doesn’t fix it. I’m feeling very sorry for her, because Henri can’t move to Riverview, and it looks like she’s going to die childless. I don’t want to adopt, because I want to continue the matriarchal witchcraft line.

Any suggestions?


Made a new Sim, moved him into Minette’s town, then got them together. However, my game is severely glitched. Once Gavin had moved in with Minette, one of his Romantic prompts was, “Ask Minette to break up with Li.” Minette had never been an item with Li, who died before she and Henri ever got together. After she had “broken up” with this long dead dude, I checked her relationship menu to see if there were any other entanglements. According to the game, she has a teenage daughter in China and a teenage son in France. I’m fairly certain I would remember her giving birth, especially in a foreign country. I’m now terrified of sending her abroad with Gavin, in case more hellspawn pop up.