Author Topic: How to get rich quick off of treasures  (Read 2047 times)

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How to get rich quick off of treasures
« on: March 02, 2018, 09:25:14 PM »
So the other day I found out a rather unique way to get rich real quick below is the recipe for success follow at your peril you may be struck with gold fever.

the setup . this revolves around collecting and selling the gold treasures to do this you will need a sim with these traits

1. geek you will gain more rare collectibles ( this applies to artifacts but it really helps with the white treasure chests in the jungle and in the temple.)
2. the collector reward trait ( note this guide does not use the collector aspiration just the reward trait it amplifies the geek trait again usefil  for artifacts but mostly for the white treasure chests and the gold treasure chest but more on that in a bit.

the other traits are for your use

our aspiration to complete: jungle explorer ( gives more loot from treasure chests ( both white and gold chests)

normally in the white chests you will gain minor artifacts and supplies and in the main ( gold ) chest you will get one rare artifact or a mystical relic
with this setup and the aspiration complete you will get more minor artifacts from chests in addition theres a good chance you will get a rare artifact from the white chests and/or relic pieces and supplies however below is where the real magic happens

in the gold chest you normally get one rare artifact with this setup and aspiration complete you will get 2-3 rare artifacts and/or relic pieces theres always the chance as well to get a gold relic as well. whats crazier is that you could harvest that gold chest every other day so for a seven day trip you could harvest that gold chest 3-4 times below is the math probabilities that show how profitable a seven day trip in the cheapest cabin is

trip outlay costs 2-3k ( supplies and rent)

treasure chests in the jungle that I know about
1. behind the royal baths
2. in the airplane crash
total profit from treasure 16-20k

white chests in the temple 2-3
24-30k x 4 temple respawns
( these respawn with a new temple the jungle chests dont)
gold chest
2-3 rare artifacts per yield
24-30k x 4 temple respawns

total profit for a seven day vacation 260k at max yield
note your resilts will vary a little depending on the luck of the draw but you will always come out with over 100k in finds just in treasure chests alone. it is entirely possible that with a savings of just 5k you could have fabulous wealth with no cheats and a really nice collection to boot. happy treasure hunting simmers

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Re: How to get rich quick off of treasures
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2018, 07:29:00 AM »
Thanks for the detailed guide!
Also if you own a retail shop you can sell treasures with added up price and profit even more  ;D
It's too shame that the clone machine can't clone treasure but it can clone artifact though.  8)

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