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2018 Building Challenge 2
« on: March 05, 2018, 11:24:57 PM »
2018 Building Challenge 2

Hidden In Plain Sight

Never judge a book by it's cover but I think it's safe to say you can judge these little lots by their exteriors.
This challenge is going to take you on quite the adventure. Not only must you build a small and unique home but you also need to transform the lot across the road... into a Family Friendly Park where all ages, including Toddlers, can learn, play and eat.   

Dates and General Challenge Rules:

Start Date: Tues. Mar. 6th
Photos Due: Wed. Apr. 11th
Voting: Fri. Apr. 13th - Fri. Apr. 20th
Winner Announced Tues. Apr.24th

Please do not upload the build until after the winner has been announced. (Date stated above)
We cannot accept late entries due to the amount of time it takes to put the polls together.
Include the final price of your build when sending in your screenshots.

2018 S4 Building Challenges Rules

At any time you can ask Playalot or MrsFlynn for clarification of the rules or post any general questions here in the TS4 Building Challenge Discussion Thread. Link here.

Details and Information:

Challenge Background
This challenge is all about Life States. Your task is to create a home for either a fairy, witch, alien, vampire or a ghost family.
Strict Newcrest Council Planning has passed a mandate asking for more diversity and creativity from it's architects. The current housing stock does not truly reflect the wonderfully diverse community. It's up to you to design, plan and build a home for a specific life state. Are you a witch with some dark, well kept secret or a fairy who loves to garden? Maybe you're an alien who longs for the stars. Or a ghost who simply slips by unnoticed.
Luckily for your unique family, as a bonus, the Newcrest Council have also finally found the budget for a Family Friendly Park and surprisingly this wonderful facility is going to be right across the street.
What bliss! A 'perfect' unique home and a gorgeous park nearby! What more could any sim want.


All packs are allowed.

The Unique Residential Lot at time of saving must be worth $55,000 or less - Final Price you see when you save it to your library. More information Link here
The Park Lot has no budget restriction.

No career unlocks, no items that are from party rewards and no debug items-except the 'alien plants' from the debug menu for the garden which are allowed.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
MOO allowed at your discretion. Please be mindful that items intended for sim use can be rendered useless if MOO is used, so please either play test everything or place the items sims use last without MOO being on (beds, chairs etc) - that way the game will inform you if the item is in a "disallowed space". Keep in mind that these homes are intended for use in various of our forums dynasties etc so anything that is placed with MOO could cause issues so please use MOO for effect rather than 'the norm'.
You may enlarge and decrease items sizes as this is not a cheat.

The Home
This lot must be set to Residential.
As many floors above ground as you wish.
Basements allowed.
At least 3 bedrooms and the following spaces:
Great Room
Garden area

Your home must contain the following items:
One Skilling items for all age groups from toddler to adult. A skilling item may be shared by all/any age groups that can use it in normal game play.

Unique Decoration:
The exterior and interior must reflect the Life State you are building for. As we don't actually have fairies and witches in TS4 this will be a work of creativity! Think of colors and decoration items that could be used in creative ways. Hopefully at the end of your build it should be obvious at a glance what Life State your home is for.
Your exterior and/or interior does not need to be 'pristine', depending on what DLC you have you may be able to create something rather the opposite.

The Park
The lot must be set to 'Park'.
Must be a fully functioning and complete Park Lot and contain various skilling and play items for all ages.

Additional Required Items:
At least one potty and one highchair
At least one toddlers skilling item
Outside trash can
At least one grill
Pet Food bowls and kitty-litter tray (if you have Cats and Dogs)

Can include items from all packs and base game items such as the Wishing Well, Yoga Mat, Telescope or the Basketball Court and so on. It really is up to you how to design and decorate. It can be themed to 'match' your residential lot or not.

Set Up:
Start a new save file. Make a sim and place into a starter home somewhere in Willowcreek.

Go to manage worlds/map view and click 'Build' on Beach Byway 30x20 in Newcrest to start building your Residential Unique Home.
Click on Midtown Meadows 40x30 in Newcrest to start building your Park.

If you want to take 'live' screenshots do this after you have saved your build and made note of your 'Final Build Price', by moving any sim into the house and going into live mode for the purpose of taking screenshots for the forum.

Saving Your Residential Build:
Please call your lot "2018HouseChallenge2" and include the hashtags #carlsguiderdc and #carlsbuild2018

Saving Your Park Build:
Please call your park lot "Family Friendly Park" and include the hashtag #carlsbuild2018

This year we are asking builders to upload their builds to The online Gallery with the hastags #carlsguiderdc and #carlsbuild2018. But not until the challenge has ended.
This is to allow your wonderful creations to be used by the challenge participants and their stories.
Link to Challenges Board
Link to Legacy and Dynasty Stories
If any builds are used in stories the builder is acknowledged and tagged.
This is not a requirement but we are asking you to please support us in making houses for the Challenge Team as the housing stock is a bit low! It's also pretty fun to have your house star in someone's story!

General Considerations:
As this challenges requires you to build on two separate lots please ensure your total screenshot count is under 11. You can have any number for each build but the basics must be there for the house.
(Street level-walls up and birds eye view of each level-walls up.)

Ensure that your 'Park' lot is fully functioning; it must contain all the items necessary for the game to consider the venue complete. (1 toilet, 1 sink, 1 bench, 1 chess table, 1 patio table, 4 outside patio chairs, 1 playground equipment - the game will inform you your venue is incomplete if you try to leave build mode without one or more of these necessary items.)
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