Author Topic: The Power of Blood: The Doran Immortal Dynasty - 20: It's a Sad World (11/15)  (Read 21746 times)

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First a very beautifull wedding, then a jungle adventure. Two different sites you are showing us of her personality, i like it. But poor Diego

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@Shewolf13 Diego is so not made for the jungle, but he'll do anything for his lady  ;D Aurora certainly does seem to be popular with everyone except who she wants to pay attention to her...Niall's a bit oblivious, bless his soul.

@FrancescaFiori Aurora -heart eyes- She's definitely one of my new favorites. With her mother's influence, how could she not end up taking care of this crazy family, though? Someone needs to keep a level head around here, and it's not the panicky mom or the over confident son, rofl. Also, poetry readings are always appropriate, as far as Diego is concerned :P

@Tynynounours I feel so bad for Raj. But he doesn't do anything particularly interesting...I like the giant angelfish theory, though, it fluffs things up a bit!

@LenaLJ Poor Diego? He got a nice change of scenery, and then peaced out as soon as thing's got scary  ;D I wouldn't risk that beautiful boy for anything.

Chapter 10: Older But Not Wiser

Aislin: All right, moodlet solver, thatíll take care of this stupid temple curse. Itís a good thing we packed a lot of these. Really, a lot. A ridiculous amount, to be honest, considering I can only take on one temple per trip. Still, better over prepared than under! Bottoms up!

Aislin: Is there really any feeling that compares to the adrenaline rush of finding treasure in the depths of a forgotten and hidden temple? I donít think so! Iím so glad I didnít have to give this part of me up. I wonder if Iíll still get to go on adventures once Iím immortalÖitís rather dangerousÖI hope so.

Aislin: -sigh- And thatís one temple cleared. I honestly wish it hadnít gone so fast, now I have to go back to the real world.

Diego: Did you enjoy yourself, ma coeur?

Aislin: I did, immensely, and Iím so grateful you came with me.

Diego: I see that look in your eyesódonít worry, youíll be back before you know it.

Aislin: Well, there is one thing I wanted to do before we go backÖ

Diego: Oh?

Aislin: We have this villa all to ourselves, and we donít have to hurry back, you know.

Diego: Oh, ma coeur, you do not need to tell me twice!

Aislin: Hello? Iíd like to throw a party. No, no, nothing ridiculousóI donít want any costumesóI thought Iíd try for something a little classic this time. What do you mean that sounds odd for me? I can be classy!

Niall: Absolutely splendid dress, Aurora! I love your color combinations.

Aurora: Oh. -blushes- Thanks. Itís a black and white bash, so, you know, it made sense.

Niall: Yeah, but you look really awesome in it. I mean, you always look awesome, so thatís not surprising.

Aurora: Oh!

Aislin: And then I realized that we werenít getting any newspapers anymore, and that seemed really strange, because the last one had a really detailed column about the socialization habits of zebras next to a great joke about penguins, but then I remembered that weíve never gotten a newspaper, so perhaps it wasÖ

Diego: Marvelous combination of knocking out your party goals, my love, but rather silly, Iím afraid.

Aislin: Love me anyways?

Diego: Always.

J: You two are so cute itís almost sickening.

Raj: And a little extra oomph for this cake! Nothing is complete without flair, donít you agree, Shanaya?

Shanaya: Of course, sir.

Raj: Hm. Or are you just agreeing because you feel compelled to keep us happy?

Shanaya: I am nothing if not honest, sir.

Raj: Well, do you mind not standing in front of the stove? I need to bake this excellent black and white cake, with as much pizzazz as possible.

Shanaya: My apologies, sir.

Raj: All right, itís party time! Iíve got the cake! Are you ready for this, Aislin?

Aislin: I think so. Itís a little intimidating. DiegoÖ

Diego: Donít be afraid, ma coeur, my love for you transcends the bounds of time and age.

Aislin: Oh, good.

Aislin: Well, that wasnít so bad. I think I still look pretty good. Still have a lot of energy, which is good, because Iím not done adventuring by a long shot!

Diego: Thereís my girl.

Bella: Oof, that was a little shocking, though!

Aislin: It tingles, doesnít it?

Bella: It does! I think I pulled it off all right, donít you?

Aislin: Of course! Iím so glad we get to celebrate our birthdayís together, arenít you?

Bella: It does make the whole affair a little less frightening.

Akira: There is absolutely no one else Iíd rather be with in this very moment.

Summer: Oh, Akira, youíre so sweet. I donít know if itís you or this hot tub, but I canít take my eyes off of you.

Akira: We have all night to gaze at one another, but why donít we move on to something a bit more delicious for the momentÖ

Aislin: Oh wow, okay, maybe I shouldnít be doing thisÖCrash landings are risky, and I could tank this whole operationÖ

Raj: Why donít you just buy another rocket ship and upgrade that instead of going on space missions?

Aislin: Because thatís boring! But safer. Maybe Iíll do that after all.

Niall: And the mighty Niall completes yet another aspirationóall part of the master planófearlessly scaling the overgrown monkey bars, taking on the indescribable challenges of life.

Liberty: You know, cloud gazing is a little difficult with that big ball of light hovering over you.

Aislin: Oh, sorry. Itís a blessing from the temple.

Liberty: Thatís pretty cool. You do realize you donít need me for several more days, though?

Aislin: Itís a little sad how cynical you are about friendship.

Liberty: But you canít deny itís the truth.

Niall: And the dynamic duo skillfully treats the terrifying and life threatening outbreak that had taken over the toy world, destroying forever the risk of infection and proving once and for all that they cannot be stopped!

Aurora: Niall, weíre justÖweíre just building empathy.

Niall: Fearlessly. Treating. Diseases. Weíre awesome! Donít deny the awesome!

Aurora: Mom, Iím a little nervous.

Bella: About what, darling?

Aurora: WellÖI still havenít figured out what my purpose is around here. I guess I can fish and provide potions of youth, but is it wrong to want for more? I just wish I knew what to do.

Bella: Sweetheart, you can do anything you want to. You arenít limited just because youíre not a dynasty heiróif you have dreams and passions, you can chase them with all your heart. And if you want to have a family, well, we can work that out, too.

Aurora: Some dreams, I donít think Iíll get to chaseÖ

Bella: What do you mean?

Aurora: Nothing, itís nothing. Forget I said anything.

Niall: Iím the best at fishing, donítcha know? Why am I fishing, when Iíve already maxed mental? All part of the master plan, donít you worry about it. Maybe a bit early for this, thoughÖhm.

Aislin: Aha! Career maxed. Thatís one less thing to worry aboutóand Bella was so worried when I didnít start with connections. I still did it with plenty of time to spare. And now I can really focus on my aspiration, since I donít need to worry about collecting donations. I shouldnít get demoted for that, I donít thinkÖWell, I wonít think about that now, Iíll just bask in the joy of completing this goal! Everythingís working out just fine. Just fine, indeedÖa little too fineÖDIEGO!

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And her knight in shining armour flowery suit comes to the rescue again, I do like Aislin and Diego.

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Bwahaha! Love that last bit. It's just so Aislin. But poor Aurora! Niall, you're breaking her heart!! Someone needs to give that boy a good smack to the back of the head, Gibb's style hehe

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Fear not, Aurora, Niall will be your intolerable doof.  It is written in the stars...or will at least be written in a forum.  Yep, totally still shipping Niara.
Lovely updates (the three or so that I just caught up on) and looking forward to more  :=)

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Things are looking great . . . time to panic! Diego, you're on! :D
Happiest of birthdays to both Aislin and Bella. They're both still gorgeous.
I love Niall and Aurora playing doctor, each in their own way. Aurora dutifully doing it for the skill levels, and Niall making it as awesome and fantastical as possible! Love those kids!

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@HelenP Hehe, I like to refer to hime as knight in shining Armani :P I miss Aislin and Diego They're so cute, definitely.

@Shewolf13 Bahaha, Niall could definitely use a few smacks in the head. If only that were an option, I'd do it ;D Idk, I love him, but he's an idiot.

@PeregrineTook I love ship names  ;D Niara's such a good one.

@FrancescaFiori Yes, panic all day everyday, get soothed by Diego all day everyday--not so bad to be Aislin, is it, teehee? I'm always a little sad for adult birthdays, because I hate the wrinkles, but I think they both aged up well^-^

Chapter 11: Two Awesome Teens

Aislin: Woohoo, youíve got this! I canít believe itís already time for your birthdayóit feels like just yesterday you were my little babyÖ

Niall: Do you mind, mom? Youíre kind of embarrassing me when Iím trying to focus on how to spin as awesomely as I can.

Niall: Yo, party people! I need to throw a party for my best friend. Pull out all the stops, she deserves the best.

Aurora: Thanks for throwing me a birthday party! Iím a little sad weíre not aging up at the same time, though.

Niall: Donít worry about it! Just think, the later you age up, the longer youíll live! And we get to rock out in our party gear, too.

Niall: Booyah. Drinks for everyone. How many drinks? A billion. Iíll keep making drinks until we get a dang toast. Believe it. Awesome drinks, too.

Aislin: To Aurora, the sweetest little girl Iíve ever met! Iím so glad she could be a part of this householdósheís only been with us a short time so far, but sheís already been as helpful as her amazing mother.

Bella: Aw, thanks, Aislin. That was so sweet.

Aislin: You two deserve all the thanks in the world.

Aurora: Oh gosh, okay, itís time for this, then. Iím so nervous!

Niall: Just blow Ďem on out, youíre gonna be great!

Aurora: Okay! Thanks for the great party, Niall, it was fantastic!

Aurora: Okay, things have calmed down a bit, Iím just going to go ahead and get my homework done, even if I aged up too late to go to school today.

Niall: Booyah, first day of high schoológonna beast the crap out of this, just you watch. Looking pretty awesome, too, if I do say so myself. Weíve got two very awesome teens in this house, itís almost too much to handle.

Aurora: Thanks for mentoring me, Mr. Lobo! I want to be a painter when I grow up, so itís really nice to have someone show me the ropes.

Diego: Not a problem at all, dear, just make sure youíre paying attention to your perspective, there. It makes quite a difference in the overall outcome.

Aurora: Of course!

Aislin: Things are moving so quickly around here, I canít believe it. I can tell Niallís not going to stop being a handful, but maybe thatís a bit my faultóI did tell him what goals to complete, after all, instead of letting him do what he wantsÖI hope he doesnít hold that against meÖ

Niall: Booyah, A on the first day, break it down, Niallís awesome, oh yeah. Hey, I wonder what Auroraís been up to todayÖ

Aislin: Hello? Yes, Iíd look to book another vacation. I know, I know, I was just there, but things are moving faster than I expected, and I need to get on with this. And itíll be nice to getaway from everything for a moment. Just the one bedroom villa is fine, thank you.

Aislin: Ah, how exciting, a treasure chest in the middle of the jungle! I will never tire of the adrenaline rush this brings, the feeling of being so present in the moment that I just canít think of anything else. Itís such a rush and yet so relaxing at the same time.

Aislin: Of course, I still need to do some digging to try and find relics. Not quite as exciting, but itís still so great to be out hereóand I canít believe how fast I found the temple this time!

Aislin: OH GOD BATS. Wait, breathe, calm down, Aislin. I can logic my way out of this. Aaaand, yes! Theyíre gone, and thatís another mark down on the aspiration. Phew.

Aislin: Wow, and I found a relic! Time to assemble this and see what it doesÖoh poop, I canít activate it on myself, because I already have the templeís blessing. I guess Iíll have to go home, and just be very careful with itÖ

Aislin: -deep breath in- Iím home. Everythingís fine. Moving along in my aspiration is not contributing to the anxiety related to how quickly things are moving. -deep breath- Iíve got this.

Niall: Sup, grams! Howís it being dead?

Geeta: Eh, it could be better. Iím glad I get to visit you all, though. Iím still keeping an eye on youóI know what youíre up to.

Niall: I couldnít possibly have an idea what youíre talking about. Iím not up to anything. Just skilling up all the time. Oh, what do you know, I need to go do that!

Niall: Booyah, super awesome trick for a super awesome bro. I guess mixology is pretty cool. Cookingís not so fun, but I get to do all these cool tricks here, so thatís awesome. I could get the hang of this.

Aislin: Guess whoís back? Me! Did you miss me, jungle? I missed you.

Aislin: Oh. Oh, wow, and thatísÖthatís my aspiration and my collection complete. I canít believe Iím done now. Well, as soon as Niall is a young adult, Super Parent will be done, and this is done, andÖoh, this is a little scary. What if I donít come back out here? What if this is the last time? I need to soak in this moment.

Niall: Oh yeah, I can definitely get used to this mixology thing. Itís pretty awesome, just like me. -winks- Donít you worry, Iíll always be awesome.

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Oh my, Niall is too much XD  I love that outfit btw.  But oh dear, I can't believe he can fit through the door, his ego is so big lol.  Aurora is GORGEOUS!  Absolutely beautiful.  hehehehe, Aislin in the jungle is a treat.  I get a bit too much enjoyment at her panic XD

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Oh, I'm a little bummed. I was hoping I'd be able to guess Aurora's baby daddy's identity, but she the spitting image of her mother, so I have no idea. She's gorgeous, though. Wow!
I love Niall in the Final Fantasy outfit. It takes a very awesome sim to pull that one off, and he's doing it with flair.
Many, many congratulations to Aislin on completing her requirements! And such a wonderful dramatic moment for it to happen. Do soak it in, dear! You've earned it!
I love the random boogieing Dance Machines do. Suits Niall perfectly!
(And I'm with you on the wrinkles sims get when they age up to adult. I use a cc face overlay that mostly gets rid of them. ;) )

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Niall's look totally fits the "cool kid" vibe he presents.  Aurora is lovely!  Of course, she's Bella's, so that's not a big surprise.  Maybe her biological father could attend her wedding to Niall  ;=)
It's always fun to see Aislin having her jungle adventures.  She's such a fun mix of confidence and complete panic.  She's a treat!

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@Shewolf13 Ain't he, though? :D Don't worry, he gets taken down a few notches.

@FrancescaFiori Aw, I'm sorry. Actually, Aurora took a bit of work to avoid making her dad's genetics obvious...I'm a little determined to keep that a secret, for all the story reasons. Niall appreciates your comments on his awesomeness :P I might have to look for that cc overlay...I didn't know that was a thing!

@PeregrineTook Biological father, what biological father? Aurora was immaculate conception ;) At least, that's the story and we're sticking to it!

Chapter 12: Crisis of Confidence

Aurora: Ah, painting. Everything is at ease at momentís like this, when I donít have to worry about anything but the movement of the brush, of creating something from little more than a canvas and paint. I donít have to worry about who I am here, what Iím doing, or who isnít paying attention to me.

Niall: Betcha think Iím zipping off to school, donít you? Well, youíre wrong. Iím heading out to meet a bunch of people, spread the awesome around town, as it were.

Niall: Sup, lady. Cool shirt you have there.

Lady Whose Name I Forget: Thanks. Itís randomized, so I canít take credit for it.

Niall: Thatís dope, in its own way. You enjoying this fine and beautiful day?

LWNIF: Öitís literally always sunny around here.

Niall: Doesnít mean you canít enjoy it, geez!

Niall: Hey, girl! You look a lot like my totally wicked awesome friend. Whatís up with that?

Cassandra: Um. Whoís your friend?

Niall: Oh, her nameís Aurora Goth. Sheís super cool, we grew up together.

Cassandra: Okay, well that would explain it. Sheís probably my half-sister. I had no idea mom had another kid after leaving usÖ

Niall: Well, isnít this just a big pile of awkward? You should come by some time and meet her!

Cassandra: Yeah, thatís not going to happen. Mom said we werenít allowed to talk when she left, so I donít think I should Ďcome by.í

Niall: You just love to make things awkward. Bye!

Niall: Well, that was a bust. Back to fishing! No one can make fishing awkward.

Aislin: Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you being here to help out around the house, even though we donít pay you at all.

Shanaya: Itís all right, the agency pays me a stipend for all homes with free services, so it works out. Your son makes amazing food, too, so thatís nice.

Aislin: Oh, well thatís good.

Niall: Another excellent drink, expertly crafted by the awe inspiring Niall.

Niall: FWOOSH. I am so amazing.

Niall: So hey, I feel like I havenít seen you a lot since we aged up. Dynasty requirements are a total pain, taking up all my time like that. Howíve you been?

Aurora: Oh, you know, Iím fine. I keep busy.

Niall: Thatís dope.

Aurora: So, Nialló

Niall: Did you know you have a half-sister? I met her today. Sheís kind of a pill.

Aurora: Oh, um, no, I didnít. ThatísÖthatís interesting.

Niall: Yeah. You donít wish you grew up with her instead of me, do you?

Aurora: NoÖIím really glad I grew up with youÖ

Niall: To you, then! My super awesome best friend, whoís always there for me when I need her.

Aurora: Youíre making a toast?

Niall: Yeah! The option was there, youíre just the best friend in the world, and I wanted to take advantage.

Aurora: -sigh- Yeah. Best friends. Awesome.

Niall: Right, awesome!

Diego: You kids having a good time?

Niall: Well, weíre awesome, so itís kind of implied.

Aurora: Everythingís fine, Mr. Lobo.

Diego: You really donít have to be so formal, Aurora.

Aurora: ItÖitís just respectful, thatís all.

Diego: Okay. Do you mind if I have a word with my son?

Aurora: Of course!

Diego: Youíre an idiot.

Niall: Whoa! Dad, that is so not cool. How could you say that?

Diego: Someone had to. Listen, youíre my son, and I love you no matter what, but youíre as thick as a block of wood sometimes, especially where Aurora is concerned.

Niall: What do you mean? Weíre the best of friends. A friendship to last the ages. What am I doing wrong?

Diego: That girl is head over heels for you, and if you donít get your head out of a certain dark area, sheís going to stop waiting for you to realize it and move on.

Niall: Wait, Aurora likes me? But. But sheís really awesome. And Iím pretty awesome, but Iím definitely not as awesome as Aurora. Sheís a Goth, sheís like fifty shades of out of my league.

Diego: Son, you may be officially a Doran, but you are a Lobo through and through. Just look at your hair. No one is out of a Loboís leagueóand Aurora is a sweet, down to earth girl(which you desperately need to keep you grounded). She doesnít care about leagues. She cares about you.

Niall: I donít even know what to do with this information.

Aurora: -sniff- Itís okay, Iím fine, I can get through this. Best friends forever, I promised that. I can be okay with that. -sniff- I can really be okay with that.

Aislin: My teenage-crisis senses are tingling.

Aislin: All right, sweetheart, why donít you tell me whatís got you crying out here in the dark, by the pool? I love you like a daughter, and I donít want to see you hurting.

Aurora: Itís nothing, donít worry about it. Youíve got enough on your plate with the dynasty, you donít need my problems, too.

Aislin: Aurora, I mean it, youíre very dear to my heart, and if you have a problem, Iím going to move heaven and earth to help you with it. Ask DiegoóIím more stubborn than any sim in the world. I wonít let this go.

Aurora: WellÖokay, but this is a little awkward. I like Niall. Iíve liked Niall since we were kids, but he just doesnít seem to see me that way, and it hurts, but I know there isnít anything I can do about it except try and quietly get over it. I wishÖI really wish there could be more between us, but I donít want to lose what friendship we do have.

Aislin: And have you told him this?

Aurora: WellÖno.

Aislin: Then how are you supposed to know if he feels the same way? Listen, my son is not the brightest when it comes to this kind of thing. He needs a firm hand. Youíre a good girlóIíve always said so, and I would count myself the luckiest mom in the world to have you for a daughter-in-law. I think you owe it to yourself to try, instead of giving up.

Aurora: Thank you, Mrs. Doran. I really appreciate it. Iíll think about what youíve said.

Aislin: Good. I donít want to see you hurting, and if you need anything, youíd better come to me straight away.

Aurora: Okay. That was a good chat, but Iím still not feeling very confident about this at all. What if Niall is weirded out? MaybeÖoh, I donít know what to do.

Niall: Selfie time for prosperity. Maybe the last selfie I have with a decent amount of self-confidence. Capture the awesome while it still exists.

Aurora: Hey.

Niall: Hey. Wow. Um. Youíre in a towel. Thatís. Um.

Aurora: Youíre stutteringÖ

Niall: Thatís new, isnít it? Whoa, bright light!

Aurora: Oh, heh, blessing of the ancients. Itís kind of continuously going around the house every time we talk to each other.

Niall: I dig it. So, uhÖright, wellÖListen, Auroraó


Aurora: Well, that could not have gone worse.

Niall: Eheh. Hehe. Oh, crap. Awesome levels are deflating. Confidence is not doing so hot. She hates me.

Aislin: -deep breath- The kids are going to be fine. I do not need to stress about the potential fall out that could hit this house if that all goes wrong. I definitely did the right thing by getting involved. Not panickingÖdefinitely not panickingÖmaybe a little panicÖ

Niall: Just a little boogie time to get my nerves back up. Still awesome. Still very awesome, right?

Niall: Another day of school, thatís cool, right?

Aurora: I guessÖyeahÖ

Niall: SooooÖumÖwordsÖI wanted to talkó

Aurora: Thereís the bus, letís go!

Niall: Right. Okay, then.

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Ugh!  It's delightfully painful watching these wacky kids go through their not-quite-the-relationship stuff.  Well written!
Diego's heart-to-heart with Niall was glorious!!  Also, "my teenage crisis senses are tingling" was wonderfully clever!  A lovely update...that is hopefully leading us to the Niara becoming a real thing instead of just in my random shipping!!  I mean, we all know Cassandra's hoping she can have Niall, but she just can't compete with Aurora's awesomeness  ;=)

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Bwahahahahah, oh to be a teenager again... (not for all the money in the world!).  I love Diego, I think I may have mentioned that a time or two?  But what I love is, he's so confident, but he's also fairly down to earth which is just the kick in the butt Niall needed!  Now, if only the two of them can sync up XD lol

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Oh . . .so . . .awkward! That was either painfully sweet or sweetly painful. I just hope those two get it figured out in the end. Kudos to both Diego and Aislin for stepping in with the good advice. They're just so made for each other! That last picture proves it. They're the perfect couple.

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@PeregrineTook It's time to grant your wish!

@Shewolf13 Oh, do you love Diego? I can't recall ;) He is delightful, though.

@FrancescaFiori The most awkward! All of the awkward! I think I only know how to write awkward ;D

Chapter 13: Young Love

Bella: -sigh- I hope that witch upholds her side of the bargain. I miss my husband.

Niall: All right, itís a nice, sunny day, thatís a good sign. My plumbob is not green, but weíre not putting this off anymore. Itís time for action!

Niall: No more running! We are having this conversation once and for all. Iíve got some stuff to say, and youíre going to hear me say it.

Aurora: Whoa, what?

Niall: Iím just going to keep steamrolling before I lose my momentum.

Aurora: Butó

Niall: No buts!

Aurora: No, I donít think Iím ready to hear this. I get it, weíre friends, awesome friends as you would say, and thatísÖthatís okay. It hurts, but itís fine. I donít need to hear you say it again.

Aurora: -sniff- I just need toÖto go be alone.

Niall: Nuh uh! I said no running away. Youíve got it all wrong. I think youíre a really awesome girló

Aurora: Niall, youíve said thisó

Niall: Are you going to let me talk?

Aurora: Okay, fine.

Niall: As I was saying, youíre really awesome, and so I always kind of figured that you know, you were kind of out of reach. I mean, just remember when we were kidsóeveryone was always flocking to you. And Iíll admit it, you being a Goth is really intimidating. Youíre from a very old and prestigious line, and Iím just a Doran. On paper, we donít make sense. But life isnít about whatís on paper, itís about so much more. I donít care about that if you donít.

Aurora: IÖI donít know what to say.

Niall: Well, will you let me take you on a date?

Aurora: -blushes- Iíd really like that.

Niall: Awesome.

Aurora: This is nice. I didnít expect an art gallery.

Niall: Yeah, well, youíre a pretty classy girl, so I thought you deserved a classy date. And plus, this place is good luckómy dad chased my mom down out here, so I thought maybe luck would be on my side if we came here.

Aurora: Your dad chased your mom down?

Niall: Oh yeah, you havenít heard about that? Apparently mom was totally not awesome about falling in love and wouldnít give my dad the time of day, but he wouldnít let her get away with it. I guess I got my momís be-an-idiot-about-love genes.

Aurora: Love?

Niall: What do you think? Iíve known you my entire lifeóI know your deepest, darkest secrets, and your brightest lights. I donít think I ever had a chance to do anything but fall in love with you.

Aurora: Oh, gosh. Youíve neverÖ

Niall: My dad knocked some sense into me. About you, at least.

Aurora: Heh. Thatís good.

Aurora: Hey, stop, no, thatís ticklish!

Niall: Thatís the point! I love your smile and the sound of your laughter.

Aurora: Oh, Niall.

Niall: SoooooÖhow are you feeling? Enjoying the night? Pretty flirty?

Aurora: Yeah, I really am enjoying myself. And I guess you could say Iím feeling flirty.

Niall: Very flirty?

Aurora: Um, yeah. Why?

Niall: So I can do this, then.

Aurora: Oh!

Aurora: Niall, I never thought you would feel this way about me. Tonight is the happiest Iíve ever been.

Niall: Cause Iím awesome, right? -wink-

Aurora: Insufferable, but awesome.

Niall: So, that went pretty well.

Aurora: You could say that.

Niall: I could, and Iíd be right.

Aurora: Oh hush, just kiss me.

Aurora: -hums- Life is pretty good. I donít think I have anything else to worry about ever again.

Niall: Booyah! Score for Niall. I got the girl. Bet no one thought I could do that. She loves me Ďcause Iím a goober. I think Iíll celebrate with some zombie cake.

Aislin: Have I told you lately that I love you?

Diego: If I say no, will you tell me again?

Aislin: How about I show you instead?

Niall: Doot doot doot, checking my phone, being awesome. Life is good.

Niall: Bamalama! Look at this cool knife trick! If I have to learn cooking, Iím going to do it with flair.

Niall: Another party, please!

Niall: I canít believe you didnít take any pictures of my party. Iím hurt.

Aislin: Weíre all kind of in terrible moods, so you didnít plan this one particularly well, darling.

Niall: Whatever. Still a gold medal!

Niall: And I still got them awesome tricks!

Niall: So, I took your advice.

Diego: Ah, not so much of an idiot, then.

Niall: Cold, dad, thatís real cold. She digs me, though.

Diego: We all knew that. You were the only oblivious one.

Niall: Dang.

Diego: I love this hot tub. Iím going to spend all of my time in this hot tub.

Aislin: You do that, sweetie. Youíve certainly earned it.

Diego: Because I won your heart?

Aislin: Because youíre amazing.

Geeta: You two are sickeningly sweet.

Niall: So. Sick. Of. Cooking. Grrrrrr.