Author Topic: The Power of Blood: The Doran Immortal Dynasty - 20: It's a Sad World (11/15)  (Read 21711 times)

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IDC's are so weird with loss.  Early on, it's heartbreaking, but as you get towards the tail end, it becomes morbidly required to clear space.
I loved the moment when the pollinators were just chatting about how the family had messed up on how pollination was done, but whatever.  Funny stuff!  Little bits like that with peripheral characters just creates so much more depth in a story!
The wedding was lovely, as I'm sure you'll read in many more comments, and I can't wait to see the beautiful nooboo(s) that Niall and Aurora produce!  Such excellent genes!

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@Shewolf13 You know, that's what kept me from doing an Immortal Dynasty for the longest time. Having to have sims fall in love and say goodbye to their life loves...It's hard. I get so attached to my sims.

@PeregrineTook I don't know, I think it's always sad, even when it's necessary  ;D I'm a huge softie when it comes to losing my sims. I totally goofed on the household size, though, so it was just kind of a waiting game for the pollinators to go, for a bit there.

Chapter 17: The First Immortal

Aislin: So…clouds…clouds are cool.

Yuki: You’re not very good at this, are you?

Aislin: At what?

Yuki: Socializing.

Aislin: Oh, definitely not. I’m probably the most awkward sim in existence.

Yuki: That’s okay, I’m more into video games than I am socializing.

Aislin: Oh yeah? That’s pretty cool. I like going on trips and adventures, mostly.

Yuki: Huh. Well, I guess that’s cool, too.

Aislin: So…friends?

Yuki: Sure.

Aislin: Good friends?

Yuki: Yeah, okay, why not.

Aislin: Best friends?

Yuki: You’re kind of pushing it, but I’ll give. Sure. We can be best friends.

Aislin: Oh thank goodness!

Diego: Aw, forgotten birthday. It’s better this way, but still sad.

Niall: Moving on up! Mixing drinks! Mixing drinks is much more fun than cooking. I got all the moves!

Niall: Can you tell I’m throwing a party right now? No, you cannot. But I am, and it’s just gone gold! A little boogie time to celebrate, I think so.

Zoe: I’ve heard you’re cloud gazing with everyone these days.

Aislin: Well, yeah. It’s a bit easier than talking…

Zoe: It’s nice. Nice dress, too, by the way.

Aislin: Oh, thank you!

Zoe: We can be friends.

Aislin: Another thank you!

Diego: Look at you, surrounded by elders. We should start our own club.

Aislin: Hey, not long now until I catch up to you.

Diego: Oooo, she’s got a comeback now.

Aislin: It’s a defense mechanism to mask the fact that I’m very nervous.

Diego: Aw, sweetie, everything’s going to be fine, you’ll see.

Aislin: And, just a bit more…this’ll keep me distracted for another day or two…

Aislin: Ha! Another aspiration completed. That’s good, that’s good…what now?

Diego: I’ve got a good way to distract you.

Aislin: Oh, honey, you always know just what I need.

Diego: Are you ready? Today’s the day.

Aislin: I know. I can’t believe I made it…well, almost. I shouldn’t jinx it.

Diego: Hey, no worrying remember?

Aislin: Right. Oh, you’re too good to me.

Diego: Never, ma coeur. I’m exactly as good as you deserve.

Niall: Woohoo, go mom! Blow out those candles! You did it!

Aislin: Oh god, oh god, oh god, here I go!

Bella: Right behind you!

Aislin: Annnnddddd, age appropriate shirt now, just going to check my friends list quickly to make sure everyone’s still alive. Yep! Oh wow, it’s time.

Aislin: Oh, this room is cool. I haven’t gotten to see it yet. Bit formal. Am I underdressed for this?

Aislin: Wow. So, this is ambrosia. Somehow, it’s everything I expected, and so much more. I can’t believe I’m here. I can’t believe…I did it. I got us past the first generation. Just…just wow.

Congrats to Aislin!

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omw!  Congrats!  To both you and Aislin ^^ I always found the first generation the craziest/hardest.  My time management can be- iffy XD So congrats.  Hehehe, love Niall.  He's really growing on me hehehe  --sigh-- And Diego is still awesome. 

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Congratulations to you and to Aislin!  Such a great accomplishment (and such a nifty looking museum space!  Very classy!

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Wahoooo! Congratulations, Aislin! You did it! And that collection. Wow! It's beautiful and no doubt insanely valuable.
I'm so happy and excited I'm not even going to think about the fact that everyone (including Diego) eldered up this chapter. Nope. Just going to stare at the pretty museum exhibit and be happy.
Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

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Whoops, I disappeared for a hot minute.

@Shewolf13 Thank you! I'm a huge micro-manager, so thankfully I had that on my side for the first generation, but it was definitely frantic for a minute there when I wasn't sure if Aislin would get both her aspirations done!

@PeregrineTook Thank you! I'm glad you like the museum space :D I'm always nervous about my building/designs.

@FrancescaFiori Thank you :D Yeah, the treasures certainly add up. I thought about trying for more different types of treasure, but she'd already been on so many different trips, I didn't want to take time away from the other requirements. I think it came out quite nicely! And yes, let's ignore the age of everyone >> Certainly no other elders around here.

Chapter 18: Soulmates and Skilling

Niall: So, what’s it like?

Aislin: Hm?

Niall: Ambrosia, immortality…? What’s it like?

Aislin: Oh! Right, of course. It’s…strange. The ambrosia itself is an experience I don’t think I could describe—happiness, it tastes like happiness. But immortality…I’m done with all of my requirements, but for some reason I feel this weight upon me.

Niall: That’s real heavy, moms. You don’t regret any of this, do you?

Aislin: Not for a second, not at all. I wouldn’t have you or your father if it weren’t for this. All I ever wanted was a family, and not only did I get to have a traditional family, but I’m going to get to stay with generations of my family forever.

Niall: Not to sound stupid or anything, but…I mean, I know your my mom so you kind of have to love me, but…it’s worth it? I’m worth it?

Aislin: Oh, sweetie. I love you so much. You’re my own flesh and blood—you’re worth the world to me.

Niall: Aw, man, moms…don’t make me cry.

Niall: -sniff- Be cool, be cool. The moms is just waxing poetic in her immortality, don’t lose your awesome over some real touching words.

Bella: All right, plant, you listen up!

J: Yeah! We’ve got something to say, and you’re going to hear it!

Bella: A piece of our minds to give you!

J: Yeah!

Bella: …We’re really old, aren’t we?

J: Yeah…

Niall: All right, gotta get some inspired essences up in here, so I can totally slay this career!

Diego: Maybe I should consider a less terrifying hobby.


Diego: All I hear is you loving me, ma coeur! Loving me fiercely!

Diego: This is much more like it. Aislin can’t have a problem with this.

Aislin: I have a better idea for your next hobby, sweetie.

Diego: Oh? What would that be?

Aislin: Well, I’m immortal, so the best friends requirement is over. How about we do soulmates?

Diego: I thought you’d never ask.

Aislin: I love you so much.

Diego: Wait, hold on! Is that the first 100% free, completely not vague or implied ‘I love you’ I’ve gotten from you?

Aislin: Just shut up and take it before I tense up.

Diego: Oh, I’ll take every moment I can get with you. For this day and every other we have together.

Diego: Isn’t this a little dangerous, though? I thought I wasn’t allowed any more near-death experiences.

Aislin: Shhh, if you get uncomfortable, I’ll send you to bed. For now, let’s enjoy this.

Diego: You don’t have to tell me twice, love of my life.

Aurora: Red plumbobs are not a style, I should not have one, but I’m just going to keep plucking away on this keyboard until I can write books of life.

Aislin: I know swimming too much can give a bad moodlet, but it’s nice for now, isn’t it?

Diego: I’m certainly not complaining about seeing you in more revealing clothing, that’s for sure.

Aislin: Oh, you!

Aurora: Ooo, you’re close to a high score!

Aislin: That’s right! You don’t run out of things to do and start playing darts obsessively and not get good at it.

Shanaya: -butlers seriously-

Aurora: So…that’s a dirty counter.

Shanaya: -butlering!-

Niall: You know I love you, right? And that you’re the most awesome part of my life? You haven’t forgotten that?

Aurora: Of course not!

Niall: Oh, good. I don’t deserve you.

Aislin: It’s been a good life, hasn’t it? A pretty good one.

Raj: Relax, it’s been great. We’re all playing games all day long, it’s all good.

Aislin: I hope so. I’d hate to think anyone regretted being a part of this…

Raj: No way, don’t even think it.

Niall: And we’ve all got boogie fever, ‘cause Niall’s got them sick beats!

Niall: All right, I’m gonna show you how this is done. Bowling for the awesome is a very serious business.

Diego: Is it?

Niall: Yes. And it would benefit from being fully clothed.

Aislin: Shhhh.

Raj: -grunt- I thought we were playing games now. -grunt- But nooooo, now I have to upgrade another rocket for a last minute aspiration. -grunt- Why me?

Niall: Promotion achieved, booyah. Who’s the best? I’m the best. This career is mine.

Aislin: Zzzzz…so many games…ZzzZzzzz

Aislin: There we go, something productive to do! I’m useful again.

Aislin: -sparkles-

Raj: Um, why are you sparkling?

Aislin: I’m a super parent! I seem to have gone into full parent mode.

Raj: But, I’m not your child.

Aislin: Do not question the sparkling.

Raj: Yes, ma’am.

Bella: And you have to make sure to check the babies every hour, because they are very needy.

Aurora: I appreciate the parenting tips, mom, but do you need to give them to me in your towel?

Bella: No time to waste if we want you to max parenting!

Niall: And more boogie ti—

Bella: Niall, get over here!

Niall: Wha-?

Bella: Now buckle in, it’s your turn for parenting tips.

Niall: Oh, okay. I can jive with that. Thanks for changing.

Bella: Yes, well, if it’ll help you pay attention.

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Bahahahahahaha! Man, Diego and Aislin are just amazing.  I don't even wanna think about- later.  I may bawl like a baby XD And Niall and Aurora are just too cute!  Missed you around here, rika!

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Loved how we got a little "check in time" with all of the elders in this one.  The clock is ticking for everyone except Aislin.  Loved how carefully she was handling Diego and managing his mood and such.  Pretty adorable!
Looking forward to more from this lovely family now that you've made your triumphant return  ;=)

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Heya, I just wanted to pop in now that I have a [very] quick second and let everyone know that I haven't disappeared/died/forgotten about y'all! I am experiencing a bit of a life hiccup at the moment and really missing both my game and the community. I haven't even been able to read stories because I have no time at all :( But this story is not going to die, I promise!

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Heya, I just wanted to pop in now that I have a [very] quick second and let everyone know that I haven't disappeared/died/forgotten about y'all! I am experiencing a bit of a life hiccup at the moment and really missing both my game and the community. I haven't even been able to read stories because I have no time at all :( But this story is not going to die, I promise!
Real life always comes first and we'll be here waiting for you when you come back.  Hope things smooth out/become more manageable/get better soon!

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It happens to all of us!  I had something similar happen for a few months.  Just take your time.  Hope everything works out for you, Rika!

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Hellooooooo and welcome back to another chapter!

I really appreciate y'all being patient with me<3 Things are settling down in what has been a really hectic past few months, and I've had some time to mourn the loss of my Yoshida Legacy, so I'm finally feeling ready to jump back into things! I've got a ton of posts to catch up on, like oh my goodness. I'm a little embarrassed to tell you how many posts worth of pictures I have saved on my hard drive(all beautifully organized into folders of ~25 images each, labelled 'post 1', 'post 2', 'post 3', etc.) but the good news there is that we have a lot of material to go through! It's so nice to be writing again. I'm binge writing and saving posts on my hard drive so I have them ready to go in case I have a down week, haha.

I'm going to try to ease back into things with about 1-3 posts per week, depending on mood and energy levels, but at least 1 post per week. :) Again, thank you so much for being patient and supportive, I really appreciate it!

Some belated remarks:

@Shewolf13 I'm still just so glad people like Diego and Aislin! ;D They're just so cute to me, and I love them so much. Oh, definitely don't think about that! Not that I know what you're alluding to--there's certainly nothing to worry about or think about or anything like that. Nope, not at all. Everything's fine here, why would you ask?

@PeregrineTook Aw, yay, yes check in time with the elders was fun. They don't do a whole lot now, so they don't get a lot of screen time, but I really am very fond of them--their presence is rather comforting.

Chapter 19: Goodbyes and New Beginnings

Aurora: A truly captivating subject to paint a portrait of. But I’d better not let him hear me say it, or I’ll never hear the end of it.

Diego: This, ma coeur, this moment is worth the entire world to me.

Aislin: Diego…I…

Diego: Shh. It’s all right, you have nothing to fear.

Aislin: That’s not true, I—

Diego: No, ma coeur. Do not speak of such things.

Aislin: -giggles- What are you doing, stop! Oh!

Diego: -grins- I will always be here whenever you are in need of cheering up.

Aislin: Always?

Diego: Always.

Aislin: Deep breaths. Everything’s okay. I’m not panicking. Oh, oh, wait, there’s a panic. No, no, breathe. No panicking.

Niall: This part of the master plan isn’t as exciting. Wait, is any of it exciting? The look on the moms face will be.

Raj: Are you nervous?

Diego: No, I do not think I am.

Raj: I am…

Diego: We must face the challenges of the world with bravery, Raj. There is no real other option.

Aislin: -sighs happily- I can’t remember the last time I got to sleep, let alone beside my husband.

Niall: -coughs violently-

Aurora: -giggles- That isn’t doing much for your cool guy pretense.

Niall: Hey! It’s not a pretense. I am, in fact, a cool guy.

Niall: You all right, moms?

Aislin: I am deeply regretting my decision to live more authentically and not rally the troops so much.

Raj: Akira…are you…okay?

Akira: Fine, why do you ask?

Diego: You look like you spent a week in an industrial freezer, that’s why.

Akira: Oh…

Raj: Bubble blower newbies.

Aislin: Is it time for this again already? I’m not complaining, this is divine.

Akira: Ready?

Raj: As I’ll ever be.

Raj: Here goes nothing!

Akira: Right behind you!

Diego: Ma coeur…you’re crying.

Aislin: I just…It’s all so overwhelming. Raj and Akira at the same time. And…and it only means…

Diego: Shh. It’ll be all right.

Aislin: It won’t!

Diego: Trust me, ma coeur. Have I steered you wrong yet?

Aislin: Well…no. No, I suppose you haven’t.

Diego: Good. Just remember that.

Niall: Sup moms!

Aislin: Darling, I, um, I wanted to…

Niall: What?

Aislin: Err…

Bella: Well, I suppose the awkward does pass from mother to son.

Niall: It was really weird, she just kept babbling at me and making no sense at all.

Aurora: Really, sweetie? You really didn’t get it?

Niall: Get what?

Aurora: Come here, I’ll explain it…


Aurora: You’re adorable.

Aurora: Guess what!

Diego: I don’t like to play guessing games, they’re generally rather embarrassing.

Aurora: Oh, well, you’re going to be a grandfather.

Diego: Yes! Fantastic!

J: No, that’s cool, we’ll all just forget that I’m here. I think I’ll take a little snooze.

Aurora: Mmm, this is a good song.

Diego: Quite invigorating, I’d say!

Aurora: This part of pregnancy, though, I do not enjoy.

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Eeeee! There's gonna be a Niarora boo! Can't wait! Except --sniffle--

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I'm so very sorry to hear about your Yoshida Legacy!  I wanted to comment but it got sent to the Graveyard before I realized what was happening.
Just want you to know that I'd been planning to offer sending you Ayato as a "legacy love of sorts" when you returned to your Yoshida Legacy.
Best wishes with your immortal dynasty!

And, just in case you didn't know, this forum's Challenge Team will be unveiling a new multi-gen challenge next month. ;D

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@Shewolf13 Yes, Niarora boo(omg I love that they have a ship name, you have no idea how happy that makes me) incoming! Not quite yet, but I think next post :D

@oshizu Oh geez *sniffle* To think that catastrophe made me miss out on having Ayato for my very you think maybe in the future I will ever do anything to be worthy of such a reward again?


And here we go...deep's all gonna be okay. Just remember, we're ripping the bandaid off here.

Chapter 20: It’s a Sad World

Diego: What’s that? Oh, yes, of course. At least I’m going out in style.

Aislin: Diego? Diego? No! No, please, no!

Bella: Oh, Aislin, I’m so sorry…

Aislin: I can’t, oh god, this hurts…this hurts so much.

Niall: I…have a feeling I shouldn’t go inside right now.

Aislin: The bed just isn’t the same without you. Oh, Diego…

Aurora: What do I do? I want to help, but I don’t know how to make any of this better.

J: I now suddenly feel incredibly guilty for being an active sim.

J: Hey…

Aislin: -sighs- Hi.

J: How are you holding up?

Aislin: To be honest? Not well. Not well, at all.

J: I’m sorry. I’m sure he’ll be back to visit soon, though.

Aislin: I hope so.

Bella: Sweetie, I know this hurts, but it’ll get easier.

Aislin: I don’t know that I want it to get easier. It doesn’t seem fair, or right, that this pain eases.

Bella: But it has to, Diego would want it. He wouldn’t want you to spend the rest of your immortality mourning.

Aislin: I know, I know…I just…

Bella: It isn’t over, Aislin. It isn’t goodbye, not forever, not really.

Aislin: What do you mean?

Bella: I can’t say more right now, but I just couldn’t watch you hurting so much any longer.

Aislin: I’m still sad, but I have to say, the hope Bella gave me is helping. I know that I made a promise when I started this, I know the deal I made, and I’m going to uphold it.

Niall: Sad boogie tunes. Wait, my phone’s ringing?

Niall: Pops! It’s you!

Diego: Of course it is. What did you expect?

Niall: Why are you so uncomfortable, though?

Diego: You didn’t notice what room I was walking toward when I died? No, I shan’t tell, it’s not a very elegant way to go.

Niall: How about a few heartfelt compliments to cheer you up, then?

Diego: There we go!

Niall: You’re a super baller shade of green now, pops!

Niall: The moms is really cut up about you leaving, you know. You really should have called her up instead of me.

Diego: Son, I just couldn’t. It would hurt her too much to see me so soon after my departure, it would refresh the pain in a way I couldn’t justify putting her through just for my own selfish need to see her.

Niall: Super chill explanation.

Diego: I love you, son, I’m so glad I got to see you again. Thanks for taking my call.

Niall: Aw, pops, you’re gonna make me cry! I love you too!

Niall: The popster is tired, I see. Rest well, you’ve earned it.

Diego: Hehe, fooled him. Don’t fret for me, dear ones. My life has been long and filled with joy.

Aurora: More strawberries, of course. At least this smock covers my baby bump well!

Aislin: -sobs quietly-

Niall: Moms…you’ve gotta stop crying. You’re breaking my heart.

Aislin: I’m sorry, sweetie. I really am. I’m trying.

Niall: I told you, he’s doing really well, and he misses you a ton. He said he’ll come visit you real soon, too.

Aislin: He will? He said that?

Niall: Of course!

Aurora: Hmmm, what to paint, what to paint…Oh god, I’m so uncomfortable, I don’t know if I can paint today.


RIP Diego. You were an amazing sim, full of life and color and happiness, and you really made a difference in Aislin's life. We're all going to miss you.