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@Shewolf13 Aww, thank you! I love Diego, too, and I really like the way he handles Aislin. She's very rough and he's just very self-assured and confident.

@LenaLJ Yes, Bella is an excellent mentor! She and Diego, in combination, do a really good job of keeping Aislin calm, hehe.

@FrancescaFiori  ;D I'm glad you liked that part. Diego's lines are some of my favorite ones ever.

Chapter 4: A Family At Last

Diego: You are looking exceptionally beautiful today, my dear.

Aislin: I am swollen and grumpy, do not mess with me.

Diego: Positively glowing, Iíd even say.

Aislin: -squints- What? Whatís going on with you?

Diego: Me? Nothing. Iím just drinking in your beauty. Because I can. Because you love me and couldnít bear to send me away.

Aislin: I could still do that!

Diego: Nope! And I wouldnít go, so there.

Raj: -grunt- Gotta get the -grunt- stupid rocket -grunt- built. My hands werenít made for this!

Aislin: Ugh, donít mind me, just the super pregnant lady going off for her first day of work. Stupid swollen ankles and stupid morning sickness. How am I supposed to make it through a whole day like this? I miss the jungle. But donít worry, baby, mommy still loves you, and sheís going to show you how beautiful and vast the world is, just as soon as you stop tap dancing on her bladder.

Geeta: Look at that!

Raj: Iím not falling for that, mom.

Geeta: But I think I saw something! What if itís a vampire?

Raj: You are not going to cheat at this game, mom. Itís not going to happen. Give it up.

Geeta: Youíre no fun at all.

Bella: Oh god, this hurts, so much. Itíll all be worth it when I get to hold my child, but my back is killing me right now.

J: Katrina, my beautiful darling, how good of you to come and visit me.

Katrina: Oh, hehehe, youíre so sweet. It was a pleasure.

J: Not yet, but it will be.

Geeta: Donít think I donít see you sneaking around back there, little boy.

Diego: Moi? I am not sneaking anywhere, I assure you.

Geeta: Uh huh. You had better not be.

Diego: Now, what could I have possibly done to warrant such a greeting?

Geeta: Iím just letting you know that Iíve got my eye on you. Aislin is my sweet little girl, and no one is good enough for her, and you had better know that.

Diego: Oh, Mrs. Rasoya, I assure you, I know with all my heart that Aislin is a force of natureóyou can love a summer storm, but can you ever really hope to hold it? No. I am only grateful that she chooses to let me love her.

Geeta: Hmph. That was good, Iíll give you that.

Aislin: Oof, being a charity organizer is no joke. Iím running around all day long, and it is not easy on my back, especially with this belly. Why do I get the feeling someone was just talking about me?

J: There! Iíve reached level 7 handiness. Now, for a quick tripÖ

Aislin: Make it really quick! Weíre getting close to push time over here.

Bella: Yeah, I do not want to be in labor for longer than I have to be!

J: Yeah, yeah, Iíve got it.

J: Now, what is the big deal about this guy? I donít get it. Itís ridiculous. Too big to be real, and it isnít even decent art. A complete waste of wood. But Aislin says to make Ďem, so Iíll make Ďem.

Aislin: I know weíre both huge, and uncomfortable, and weíve got t-minus ten minutes till the big event, but I just wanted to hug you and let you know how much I appreciate how youíve been here for me. I couldnít have done any of this without you, and I love you so much.

Bella: Aw, honey, I love you, too. And donít worryóeverythingís going to be okay.

Aislin: What? Whoís worrying? Iím not worrying. What are you talking about?

Bella: You think I didnít hear you muttering about escape routes ten minutes ago?

Aislin: IÖI have no idea what youíre talking about.

Bella: Donít make me get Diego over hereóthat man will dote on you until you forget whatever you were worrying about.

Aislin: Ugh, I know. So lame. I donít love it at all.

Bella: Uh huh.

Aislin: Oh god, itís go time! This hurts. A lot. Why did I do this?

Bella: Arghhhh, just breathe, itíll be over in a minute with a spin and some sparkles. Just breathe.

Aislin: Ahhhh!

Diego: Oh god, whatís happening, what do I do? Cherie, do you need anything? Can I do something?

Aislin: Just shut up and let me push!

Diego: Oh lord!

Aislin: Hey, little guy. Sorry for all the screaming a moment ago, but I promise, mama loves you very much, and is very happy youíre here. Youíre the apple of my eye, Niall.

Bella: Oh, youíre so beautiful, Aurora. Worth every moment of agony you put me through. Just you wait, darling, the world is yours.

Carla: Did I hear someone screaming downstairs?

J: What? No. Certainly not.

Carla: Yeah, Iím pretty sure I did.

J: People are definitely not giving birth downstairs, I promise. Now, allow me to distract you.

Carla: Well, all right!

Geeta: Oh, whoís a cute wittle guy? You are! Yes, you are! You are just so scrumptious. Iím gonna eat you up. Eat you right up! Oh, little babies, so cute!

Aislin: Aha! I can graft now! One step closer to immortality. Got a baby, got a hot guy-who-might-possibly-love-me, got a cool house, about to grow a deathflowerÖyeah, this is all working out. ÖReally well. Working out really well. A little too wellÖ

Diego: My ĎAislin-is-panickingí senses were tingling. Have I told you today how much I love you?

Aislin: Three times, I think, but letís go for ten.

Diego: I will tell you as many times as you require, ma coeur. You have nothing to fear.

Aislin: What if Niall grows up to hate me?

Diego: He surely will not.

Aislin: What if I totally mess this whole thing up?

Diego: I do not believe that will happen either.

Aislin: Okay. Uh huh. I hear you. What if you hate me?

Diego: That could never happen. I love you.

Aislin: Mhm. You say that now, butó

Diego: Darling. Breathe.

Aislin: Right. Breathe. Okay. Everythingís fine.

Diego: And it always will be.

J: So, hey, Katrina, Iím glad you came byóoh my god what are you doing?


J: ÖIím gonna run in the other direction.

Katrina: ARGH.

J: Well, I got one girl! Guess Zoe and I are going to have to spend a little more time together.

Aislin: So, are you ready? Are you super ready?

Bella: Iím ready to eat another bit of salad?

Aislin: Good! Because thatís a gold medal for me, and itís time for our kids to grow up! Iím so ready!

Diego: Wow, darling, youíre very excited.

Aislin: Itís time for him to say his first wordsóI hate youóso I can prove you wrong!

Diego: Ah, there it is.

And a little gratuitous baby collage time! Here are Niall and Aurora, with their parents. Niall got his momís violet eyes, squee!

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Diego: My ĎAislin-is-panickingí senses were tingling. Have I told you today how much I love you?

That line right there... has to be my favorite one ever!  Love it, love it, love it!  Also, loved Geeta and Diego's little moment there lol.  He is such a silver-tongued rogue.  My favorite mwhahahahahahaha.

Also loved Diego panicking hehehehe

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Oh another great story. And I like Diego very much too. He made a great spouse the only time I played him, and he seems perfect for Aislin's uncertainities. (Even if i'm always a bit wary of people pushing their way in and promising they're the only thing one needs to, but he seems to really be here to lift her up.)

Bella seems a bit unhappy with her presence in the house, is the reason she had to leave her family part of a bigger plot to be revealed?

You didn't choose the easiest way with your aspirations, but all is finally moving forward. I'm really impressed by everyone sharing stories and you're juggling with several at once. And a full house... I have a hard time really controlling more than 4 or 5 of them. Welcome little pretty babies, you're all very cutes toddlers.

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Yay! So many babies! And the two in-house kiddos are extra adorable. Hooray for passing on the violet eyes!
It seems like Aislyn and Diego have really got their "panic-and-reassure" routine down these days. Good for them! Nice and smooth. Freak out and keep moving! :) I continue to love their dialogue, and I really love that he calls her "ma coeur."  *sigh*

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@Shewolf13 hehe, he's a very attentive not-yet-spouse. Always there to calm her down when she needs it. I love him ^-^

@Tynynounours I'm glad you like it! I agree, pushy people can sometimes squick me out, but it helps to keep in mind that, with Diego and Aislin, Diego had Bella's help in knowing that Aislin really did like him, and that she was just afraid because of her family history. If she didn't--and I was debating it in the beginning, I had to wait and see what their chemistry was like--he would have respectfully backed off. He also--and I hope I've shown this--knows that he isn't the only thing that Aislin needs to be happy. She needs adventure, at least, and he promised her she'd have it and that he'd go with her :) For Bella, yes, her plot isn't done yet, and her reasons for leaving her family and joining up with the immortal dynasty are yet to be revealed. Actually, her plot is kind of going to continue after she passes, and while it might fade away for a bit after that, it won't be completed until the end of the dynasty. She's all tied up in the middle of it :P I definitely didn't choose the easiest aspirations, but I'm feeling much more confident about completing Aislin's now! Niall's will be a piece of cake, lol. My house is definitely full LOL. It gets a little hectic now and then, but I'm a huge micromanager, so everyone's always busy with something. If someone doesn't have something to do, it's off to fishing for them! The only thing I'm bad at is pollinating, rofl. I keep forgetting to do it. I think J's had like maybe ten babies.

@FrancescaFiori Yeeees, violet eyes! I'm hoping they'll stay in the family for at least a few generations, fingers crossed. I'm glad you're still loving Aislin and Diego  ;D  I adore them.

Chapter 5: Geeta's Farewell

J: Well, thatís interesting, there are just little mini-sims here now. And theyíre staring at me. Why are you staring at me?

Niall: Bwock!

Aurora: Is a man? Ish man. Wha man doing?

Niall: Man bwock!

Aurora: Ooooo.

J: ThisÖthis is weird.

Aislin: -sigh- I wish I was spending time with Niall, but I just found out that I donít need to hit archaeology level 7 to complete my aspiration. If I can find a crystal, I can send it off for refinement and just bring it with me to assemble a mystic relic. I want to get that done before I go back, so that means a lot of digging for me right now.

Diego: You are just so precious, darling. I mean, how could you be anything else when you have your mother and I for parents? But good on you, as well. Youíre going to master this before you know it, right?

Niall: Pawty?

Diego: Thatís right! You go in the potty. You do not dirty your diaper, because that is not what nice and proper sims do. And youíre the most proper, arenít you?

Niall: -cocks head to the side- Wha?

Diego: Donít worry, youíll get there.

Aislin: So, J, I know I promised you that you could quit your jobó

J: And I did! It was glorious!

Aislin: Right, so, Iím going to need you to join the scientist career for just a few levels.

J: What, why? Thatís not in my job description.

Aislin: Well, I need a cloning machine for my big plan to knock out my aspiration in two or three trips.

J: You have a master plan?

Aislin: Yes. It involves a cloning machine and moodlet solvers.

J: WellÖall rightÖ

Niall: -giggles- I watch, I watch! I watch pwetty!

Aurora: -twirls around- I daaaaaance! Dance fun!

Niall: So pwetty.

Aurora: Wha?

Niall: IÖI dance!

Aislin: And then the brave adventurers rushed into the dark cave, heedless of the warning signs posted in front of it, determined to find the ancient relics theyíd head myths about! They plunged far into its depths, battling plasma bats and giant spidersó

Diego: Darling, is that really an appropriate story? Is that even in the book?

Aislin: Itís a better story!

Niall: Bats? Wha bat?

Aurora: Oh, a bat is this little rodent like creature with wings that will suck all your plasma out, sweetie.

Niall: No bat.

Aurora: No bat, nuh uh.

Diego: Ma coeur, apple of my eye, my most valued treasureówhat did you do?

Aislin: Hm? Oh, me? I didnít do anything. I certainly didnít get restless and tear down the house.

Diego: Why would you do that?

Aislin: I didnít!

Diego: Then where is our house?

Aislin: UmÖThatís a very good question.

Diego: -sigh- How much did you spend?

Aislin: We might be incredibly broke.

Diego: Do not do this without consulting the rest of us again, please?

Aislin: Whatís the harm in a little renovation? I mean, it doesnít have anything in it aside from the furniture we had before, and the only wall and floor coverings are on the outside and the patioísÖbutÖitís all good, right?

Diego: -sigh-

Aislin: Do you think weíre good parents?

Bella: I think weíre doing the best job we can.

Aislin: I really donít want to screw this upÖ

Aislin: Aha! I did it. I found a crystal. Now I just need to send it off for refinement. And wait for Niall to max his toddler skills, because we canít take away from his time doing that. And hopefully weíll have a little window of opportunity between my work days and his childhood birthdayÖGah, this is stressfulÖ

Geeta: Darling, I need to tell you something.

Aislin: What? You donít like the house? I tried really hard this timeÖ

Geeta: No, the house is magnificent. I havenít seen anything this huge! You built a mansion.

Aislin: Yeah, well, Iíve always kind of lived in rentals and hotel rooms and shacks, so I figuredÖif Iím going to live here forever, I might as well live out my secret dream of having a nice, classic home.

Geeta: Youíve definitely accomplished that. Now, dearÖ

Aislin: Oh, right! Whatís up?

Geeta: My time is coming soon. I want you to know that I have loved every minute that Iíve spent with you and your son, and I am so grateful that you took us in. I got a daughter when I moved in with you, and you have been the best daughter a woman could hope for.

Aislin: Oh, Geeta. -tears up- I donít want to say goodbye to you. You mean so much to me, youíve been there for me for so muchÖ

Geeta: Silly girl, Iíll still be here for you. Iíll just be a little less solid.

Aislin: Do you think so? Do you really?

Geeta: Of course! Now, címere, I think you need a hug.

Aislin: WooÖbreatheÖin and outÖdeep breaths. Everythingís going to be okay. Geeta isnít really leaving. I donítÖI donít need to cryóohmygod!

Aislin: -sobbing- Oh, god, oh god, oh god.

Raj: Whatís wrong with you, woman? You ran over here like you were on fire, and now youíre crying?

Aislin: IÖI tore down the houseÖand I got really tired after moving all of our furniture into the family inventory, and then I started knocking down the second floor falls and I got really impatient so I just bulldozed everything to start from scratch, and I forgot about the basement room where we had the chest with the angelfish in it, because itís just a little room with no stairs so we never go down there, and now itsí gone! And I wouldnít care if it was anyone elseís angelfish, we can just catch more, but Geeta caught almost all of them, and now sheís almost gone, and I ruined her lifeís work, and Iím going to hate myself forever, I donít know what to do. I canít believe I ruined everything she did for us.

Raj: AislinÖtake a deep breath. We all know how prone you are to unnecessary panic.

Aislin: How is this unnecessary?! How can you be so calm when I ruined everything your mother did?

Raj: Because you didnít. Go buy another chest and then open it, and see whatís inside.

Aislin: UmÖokay. Why?

Raj: Because all the fish will still be there, I promise.

Aislin: Are you sure? Oh my god, thank you! -runs off, then yells- YOUíRE RIGHT, THEYíRE HERE!!!

Raj: Knew it.

Geeta: Thereís my sweet little boy. Give your grams some love, and know that she loved you with all her heart. Youíre my very sweetest little grandbaby, and Iím going to love you until the end of time. Donít you worry about that. Youíll always have me in your corner, no matter what comes.

Niall: Grammy grammy grammy! Wuv grammy!

Geeta: Oh, honey. I love you, too.

Geeta: Oh, sweetie, you didnít have to bring me out here! I would have been just fine with a dinner at home.

Aislin: Donít be ridiculous! Weíre going to do up your final days in style. Youíre going to have the best food you can possibly imagine, and the best nectar, and the best -sobs- time.

Geeta: Hey, hey, shhh. Smile. Smile for a life well lived.

Aislin: Youíre such an amazing woman.

Diego: You are not going to believe what they have on the menu here, Geeta. Itís simply out of this world, you cannot imagine.

Geeta: Oooo, how intriguing! I canít wait to see.

Diego: Simply the best. Perfect for two snobs like us. -winks-

Geeta: Haha, Iím sure youíre right about that.

Aislin: So, um, wait, this food isnít normal food?

Raj: Itís the ultimate in fine cuisine! How could it possibly be normal?

Aislin: I canítÖI canít just get spaghetti?

Raj, Diego, and Geeta: -gasps in unison-

Aislin: Oh, dear.

Diego: Just amazing, look at this pit beast! Itís still wriggling. Would you like a taste, Geeta? You have to pour the sauce on it first, to kill it, and then itís scrumptious.

Geeta: Oooo, Iíll have to try that!

Aislin: Iím just gonna drink this nectar. At least this is safe. Liquid diet for me.

Diego: I simply must capture this exquisite dish. Art in food form! Itís magnificent.

Aislin: I think I might tryóohgodno, this was a mistake, should have stuck to the nectar.

Diego: Are you all right, dear?

Aislin: -gags quietly-

Diego: I hope you donít mind if I order for the table, but we all simply must try this fine dessert!

Aislin: Can I have more nectar?

Diego: Malcolm, hello!

Malcolm: Oh. -sweats nervously- Hello, Diego. What brings you over here?

Diego: I just was physically incapable of sitting quietly while you had the audacity to wear such a suit. Have you heard of a tailor? Oh, donít be silly, of course you havenít.

Malcolm: Iíll have you know, this is the finestó

Diego: Oh, darling, do not mistake Ďexpensiveí with Ďgood.í

Aislin: Are you done berating the other customers?

Diego: For now.

Aislin: Youíre lucky youíre cute.

Diego: You love me and my audacious attitude.

Aislin: Hmph. Maybe. Iím thinking about it.

Diego: Thatís progress, at least.

Geeta: Oh, silly girl. We all know youíre hopelessly in love with him.

Diego: See!

Aislin: -blushes- I donít know what youíre talking about. More nectar for me.

Geeta: Ah, that was such a nice day, but Iím so tired. I think I might justÖlie down hereÖ

Raj: Mom? Mom what are you doing?! You said you wanted to fish!

Geeta: Alone, darling, I wanted to fish alone.

Raj: ButÖbut no oneís here! Aislin will be destroyed she didnít get to say goodbye! I have to go get her.

Geeta: Youíll do no such thing. I wanted to spare you this, too, but you just had to come fishing with me. No, I donít want Aislin to be sad. You stay right here.

Raj: Oh, mom, no. This is terrible. What am I going to do without you?

Aislin: Youíre a horrible woman for hiding from me when it was your time. I canít believe you did that. I loved you so muchÖMaybe this will strengthen your presence here. Iím going to build you a nice resting place, just you wait. Please, come visit me. I donít know what Iíd do without your guiding wordsÖ

RIP Geeta. You were an amazing helper, and you genuinely loved Aislin and Niall so much it was almost too much to bear. You left the house with a supply of angelfish that is almost terrifying to look at. Iíll miss you!

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--cries-- RIP Geeta.  I hate seeing the helpers go. Poor Aisling.

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Geeta's such a rock! I'm going to miss her, and I'm sure Aislyn will, too! So nice that she got a send-off at Chez Llama, though.
Diego standing up to go over and insult Mr. Landgraab's suit cracked me up! True, true. Expensive and good are not the same thing.
What a rollercoaster with the fish in the chest! I'm so glad the magically reappeared! And I'm really glad I know that happens now. I will feel much safer about putting things in chests.
Loved the moments with Niall and Grammy. :) So, so sweet!

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Oh goodness!  I got here just in time to see poor Geeta's departure.
Loved the whole thing so far.  Aislin is delightful!  Her panic attacks bring a smile to my face  :=)  Her relationship with Diego is just priceless!
So much good stuff in the many updates I read that I just can't remember all the things I thought of saying as I went, so just in general...loving this!

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Oh no, Geeta.  :(
At least she got some great time, and babies to light her heart, but still, a sad thing.

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@Shewolf13 I cried. When I got her second notice, I immediately quit my game and refused to play for a hot minute because I just wasn't ready to say goodbye to her. She was such a trooper, I couldn't have asked for a better helper. I wish I could bring her back. I've never not pleaded for a sim before, so it was really hard to just watch when it actually happened...It does make me feel better when she pops up, though.

@FrancescaFiori I'm glad you liked her send off. I thought she deserved to be pampered for once. She worked so hard for the family, she of all people deserved a nice send off. And omg, the fish chest. Another time I literally cried when I realized I'd deleted it. I was so excited for my first time really trying to build something big and cool--the house isn't as function oriented as my usual builds, but I think it's pretty--that I just bulldozed the lot once all the furniture was in the inventory. And then I remembered the chest, and I quit the game all over again and cried about it, because I thought all of Geeta's hard work was for nothing. And then I finally mustered up the energy to load the game and start fishing again, and when I went to put an angelfish in the new chest, I discovered they were all back! And my eighteen cowberries rofl. Biggest relief yet. I wish I could put the ambrosia in the chests, it would make me feel a bit safer about them, but they just won't go. I was really nervous the first time I quit my game after making seven servings of ambrosia and putting them on shelves in the museum room, because when I was playing a rival dynasty I had one of my heirs make ambrosia for their museum contribution, and I just slapped them up on the roof where no one could get them, but when I rotated away from the family and finally came back to it, they were all gone! So, I was scared my ambrosia would disappear again. But they didn't, thank goodness!

@PeregrineTook Welcome aboard! I'm glad you're enjoying it :D I think an immortal dynasty is kind of perfect for me, because I can actually play ahead of my posts without worrying about it, since there's no heir vote, so it's nice to know the story's enjoyable for others like it is for me.

@Tynynounours I know :( Losing Geeta was really hard. But at least it'll be a little while before we lose anyone else...I'm so not ready for the eventuality of losing Diego. He's captured my heart like no other sim has before. If I do another immortal dynasty in the future, I'm going to have to think long and hard about bringing in a helper that's already an elder. Losing someone this early was really tough.

Chapter 6: The Uncontainable Awesome

Aislin: Now, listen closely to this part, Niall, itís very important. This is when the knight finds the treasure and proves her worth to the kingdom.

Niall: Tweasuh?

Aislin: Yes! Treasure! Good boy.

Raj: Ah, thatís the pinnacle of success for any chef. Ambrosia. Well, I guess there are no more mountains for me to climbóIíve done it, Iíve achieved greatness.

Aislin: Okay, deep breath. I know I said I would never do this, but, wellÖlosing Geeta really brought things into focus for me. I donít want to leave anything unfinished between us. I want to be your wife.

Diego: Oh, Aislin, nothing would make me happier! I canít believe this is actually happening.

Aislin: You havenít said technically said the word yes yet. Are you going to? This is very scary.

Diego: Of course, yes, yes, yes!

Aislin: All right. Phew. Your mommy and daddy are going to get married for real. Thatís pretty exciting isnít it?

Niall: Wha marry?

Aislin: Um. Itís a very scary thing that everyone should be petrified about and think long and hard before doing. Letís hope itís worth it. Now, can you say ďIím sorry?Ē

Niall: No, sorry! Why sorry? Niall not sorry.

Aislin: No, no, you donít actually need to be sorry for anything. But, you need to learn to say sorry, because mama needs you to grow up with three positive character values for her aspiration. So, work with me on this.

Niall: No! -stomps feet- Not sorry!

Aislin: -sigh- Come on, big boy. Just do me this favor.

Niall: Ice cweam!

Aislin: Ösay sorry, first.

Niall: -squint- Sorry.

Aislin: All right, victory!

Geeta: Hmmm. Reading. Not terribly interesting, if Iíll be honest. Whatís everyone else up to?

Geeta: Howís the little monster?

Aislin: Terrifying, but spectacular at the same time. Arenít you?

Niall: Niall da best! Hi grammy!!

Geeta: Hey, buddy. Are you being good for your mom?

Niall: Maybe.

Aislin: Yeah, heís a little mini me, all right.

Geeta: Good.

Raj: I was wrong, I had one more achievement to cross off! I got a UFO for the family. Not quite as exciting as making ambrosia, but itís still a plus in my corner.

J: Booyah, I got promoted! Now, I just need to get one more breakthrough and then I can invent the cloning machine, and I can quit another job.

Bella: Good on ya. Youíve never wanted to actually max a career?

J: Heck no! Thatís too much commitment for me.

Aislin: All right, baby boy. Itís time for you to grow up. I canít believe how fast that went! Iím so proud of youómaxing all your skills.

Niall: Wuv mommy!

Aislin: Aww.

Aislin: Are you ready? Deep breath, then blow!

Niall: Wheeeee!

Diego: Aw yeah, one more birthday in this house, too!

Bella: Aurora was a top notch toddler, too.

Niall: Iím very excited for Auroraís birthday, but, I resent being photographed before my makeover.

Aislin: Sorry, darling, canít risk interrupting the party.

Aislin: What do you think, Bella? I think we made some pretty gorgeous children.

Bella: -smiles- I think so, too.

Diego: Welll, of course we all did! Weíre three of the best looking sims in the world. They didnít stand a chance.

Aurora: -blushes and mumbles- Stop, itís embarrassingÖ

Niall: Whaaaat? Itís the truth. Weíre awesome. The world isnít ready for this dynamic duo!

Bella: Oh god, oh god, gotta pee, gotta pee!

Diego: Just a sec, Bella, I just need to make this toast and then we can unlock the doors. To Niall and Aurora, the first children born into the dynasty house, may you take the world by storm and achieve everything your heart desires!

Aislin: Aw, that was really sweet.

Bella: Can I pee now?

Aislin: All right now, sweetie, youíve got your makeover, so letís get down to the homework business. Iíve got to get four hours of helping you with your homework in, so strap in.

Niall: No offense mom, but Iím pretty awesome. Too awesome for homework, to be honest. Look at meóis this the face of a striking young man that does homework?

Aislin: Young man, we do homework and get Aís in this house. Youíd better get used to that idea.

Niall: Grrr. Fine.

Niall: Booyah! First day of school! Gonna beat the crap out of this day. Blaze awesome all over the place until no one can even see straight.

Aurora: Um, that sounds really intense. Couldnít we just sit quietly in the back?

Niall: Heck no! Everyoneís gotta get a piece of Niall. I was born to shine.

Aurora: Oh dear.

Aislin: Look, buddy, I get it, youíre lonely, but youíre a grand master vampire and I just canít have you hanging around my front door. Get going.

Aislin: Hey, Miko! Nice to meet youó

Miko: We work together. Every day.

Aislin: Which is exactly the reason we should be good friends, right? And you should totally donate to my cause while youíre at it. What do you say?

Miko: Isnít it kind of a conflict on interest for me to donate to your cause?

Aislin: Uh, no? We have different causes.

Miko: Right, so I should focus on mine.

Aislin: But weíre good friends!

Miko: I donít think we are?

Aislin: Well, we should be. Iím gonna need a few of them. Eventually. I figure I might as well get a few lined up ahead of time, so I can just pump you up again on the big day.

Miko: What?

Aislin: Nothing!

Aislin: Whatís up, uh, Akira? You want to save the trees, right? A little donation would go a long way to help us save the trees!

Akira: Yeah, I could spare some coin.

Aislin: Awesome! Hey, you seem to have some pretty great geneticsÖ

Akira: Oh? Thank youÖ

Aislin: I might have a job for you. After I get a little farther ahead with these donations, thoughÖ

Diego: And then I just completely crushed this poor sapís hopes and dreams at his gallery opening. It was gloriousóyou should have seen his work, absolutely awful. I already announced to everyone there everything wrong with it, but thatís not enough, Iíll have to do an expose as well.

Raj: Thatís pretty cool. Iím glad youíre not a food critic, though.

Diego: Oh, you have nothing to fear. Your food is absolutely divine.

Raj: Oh, thank you!

Diego: Your clothes, though, are a little off.

Raj: Right.

Aurora: Couldnít we play chess together?

Niall: No can do, doll! Niallís the best chess player there is, it wouldnít be fair to you. Iíve got too much awesome in this body to risk playing you again. It could be devastating. I mean, youíre pretty awesome, too, which is why I donít want to risk destroying you.

Aurora: Oh, okay.

Aurora: Itís no big deal, Iíll just play the piano on my own in the music room. I wish I knew where I fit in this household. Niallís always so busy with his heir requirements, and mamaís so sad all the timeÖThere has to be a purpose for me out there, right?

Niall: Volcano time! Iím going to beast the crap out of this school project. Itíll be just as out of this world as I am.

Aislin: Darling, donít you think youíre being a littleÖextra?

Niall: Nothing can stop this awesome train, mom. Donít even try.

J: There we go! Finally getting a cloning machine in this house. Maybe now I can get back to the fun.

Diego: Oh, Geeta! Itís such a pleasure to have you back in the house. No one understands my criticisms like you do.

Geeta: I know, darling. The other side just isnít as up to par as you and I were.

Diego: Iím sure itís a thousand times classier now that youíre there.

J: Well, that ought to do it. I didnít go overboard, did I? Aislin should be able to blaze through the jungle now. No one can say I do anything halfway!

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Re: The Power of Blood: The Doran Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 6 (3/29)
« Reply #25 on: March 29, 2018, 07:23:26 PM »
Omw, Naill is too much XD I kinda hope he learns to reign in that ego, just a little lol.  C'mon, Aurora, you can do it! And wow, that's a lot of moodlet solvers! lol

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Re: The Power of Blood: The Doran Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 6 (3/29)
« Reply #26 on: March 29, 2018, 10:13:56 PM »
Niall and Aurora.  Is it too early to start shipping them?  Niara?  Auroriall?  Niarora?
Loving the personalities in this family!  Of course, I'm also super curious about who Bella's babydaddy is...

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Re: The Power of Blood: The Doran Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 6 (3/29)
« Reply #27 on: March 30, 2018, 01:11:55 AM »
Look at all those moodlet solvers! Such riches! Yup, I'd say Aislin is more than ready for a trip to the jungle. Exciting! J is such a multi-faceted helper.
The house looks just gorgeous. Can I request a tour? I'd love to get a big-picture view of how it's coming along.
So glad Niall has inherited his father's confidence. :) Can't argue with the guy. He is pretty great!

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Re: The Power of Blood: The Doran Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 6 (3/29)
« Reply #28 on: March 30, 2018, 01:25:44 PM »
@Shewolf13 hehe, isn't he, though? I find it hilarious. We'll have to see where he goes with it. Aurora is certainly a steady balance to keep around ;)

@PeregrineTook Ship names, rofl! I love Niara hehe. Bella's baby daddy is a very closely guarded secret. Although he keeps calling and stalking the house  ;D

@FrancescaFiori If only book's of life worked, I wouldn't need them! But heck yeah, I got moodlet solvers coming out of my ears now. I can absolutely give a tour of the house :D It's got more furniture and wall coverings and such in it now, since we've been churning out camping mascots. I'm glad you like Niall's confidence :P He's very happy with himself.

Here's the house!

And walls down of the first floor. On the far left is a library and just above that is the study. The black and white floored room to the right of the library is the family gallery, where portraits of couples will hang. There's the entrance hall in the very center, and the music room is the rounded room right above it. To the right of the music room is the salon, and to the right of that is the kitchen. Then there's the dining room, which so far is where we've been having parties. The dining room doesn't get used much outside of that, since I'm a horrible abuser of rally the troops...To the left of the dining room is the garden, which I'm still working on getting up to par. I keep forgetting about it, thanks to the butler taking care of it for me. The bottom right is the kids room, with everything a toddler needs to hit top notch all on its lonesome. There's also a little meditation area in the backyard :D It is fenced in and gated, so that only heirs can meditate, because I don't want anyone else getting into the attic.

Here's the second floor. As you can see, it's still unfinished. There are eight bedrooms, two with ensuites, one with a sitting room and a bathroom. Plus two pollinator suites.

This is the basement. Pay no attention to the secret garden on the left. It certainly serves no purpose. There's a bowling alley, a movie theater and game room, a photo booth studio, and the science room! I'm thinking of adding a dance party room, too.

And here is the super formal ambrosia eating room. This is also the museum, but Aislin's collection is already up here and I didn't want to show a picture of it until she turns elder and eats ambrosia for the first time :D

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Re: The Power of Blood: The Doran Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 6 (3/29)
« Reply #29 on: March 30, 2018, 01:38:17 PM »
Oooo, lovely house!  Loving the layout ^^