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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: The Winterfest Special (Dec 22)
« Reply #200 on: February 18, 2019, 04:20:37 PM »
oooo!  There will be lots of nooboos!  Can't wait to see all the babies!  Laurel and Jax are too cute, seriously.  They are adorable. Aww, poor Aster and Wendy having to say goodbye to their oldest children.
Lots of nooboos coming up!  Sorry for the long delay.   ;)

SoÖthe death types requirement.  Itís a lot of work for 1 point, and Iím not done yet.  I now have 8/10 if I only do the base game ones (just cowplant and overexertion left).  Iíll need to do a total of 19 to get them all.
This is why I will gladly forfeit the point for that. I applaud you for doing it but I'd never have the guts. I don't advocate murder, even if it's of elders who should have died of old age years ago. It's murder in my eyes and I hate murdering anyone, even if they are virtual constructs on a computer program.  :'(
What all that weird colored mist you used? Is that part of the Get Famous expansion? I've never seen that before.
Great legacy, keep it up. I'd do a Sharebear legacy myself but having to make arranged marriages for certain generations is not really my thing.
Yeah, I get it.  The death types requirement is my least favorite point to work on, but I decided to go ahead and try it.  I just found out that you don't have to do them all.  You can stop at 10.
That mist Aster used is part of the vampire power for influencing emotions.  The power lets you give a "burst" of emotion and that's what it looks like when you use it.  You can give bursts of good emotions, too, like focused or happy. 

Your Behrs are doing fabulously as usual!
I feel sad for Hess who's heading to a life of spinsterhood. Surely the watcher has someone in mind for Hestia, the super-legacy-helper?
Can't wait to meet Laurel and Jaxton's nooboos!
Don't worry, Hess will get some kind of happy ending.  She's not destined for spinsterhood.  I don't know exactly who her prince will be, but I do know that she's got a little surprise for you in the next update.   ;)

To anyone who is still reading this:  I really did not intend to take almost two months off, but somehow thatís what happened.  The good news is that I was able to take advantage of several really good holiday sales so Iíve added a lot of content to my game.  I was still trying to get used to Seasons, and then I added Get Famous, Parenthood, and a bunch of stuff packs.   Itís all really cool, but I found myself a bit overwhelmed.  I had to take some time to learn the new things and figure out how Iím going to make it all fit into this legacy. 

Also, I had a bit of a scare with my save files.  After downloading all the new content, suddenly all my old saves were gone.  My game thought it was a brand-new game.  The save folder was empty.  For real.  Deep breaths.  Try not to panic.  Long story short, I found my files.   For some reason, OneDrive decided not to play nice with the Sims anymore so the Sims made itself a whole new empty folder.  I turned off OneDrive (easier said than done) and copied the old saves into the new folder and everything has been peachy since.  I only mention this in case it might help someone else.  Apparently, itís a thing that can happen with OneDrive. 

Anyway, I didnít want to touch my legacy file until I was sure this was all sorted out.  Then I had to figure out what was going on in my story because it had been so long!   Sorry to ramble, and sorry for the long hiatus.  Now letís see what the Behrs have been up to.

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: Bun in the Oven (Feb 18)
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Bun in the Oven

Hess:  Laurel, can we talk?  Sister to sister?
Laurel:  Of course!  Is something wrong?  You donít look so good.
Hess:  Well, thatís the thing.  Iím feeling nauseous all the time.  I thinkÖactually, I knowÖIím eating for two.
37.1 Hess reveal.jpg

Laurel:  Thatís great!  But, uh, I have to askÖwho is the father?
Hess:  Umm, you remember that my birthday was on Winterfest?
Laurel:  YesÖ
Hess:  Well, I was feeling kind of lonely andÖ*whispers*
Laurel:  ThatísÖnot who I was expecting.
37.2 Hess kiss FW.jpg

Hess:  He was really nice to me, and one thing led to anotherÖ
Laurel:  I did not need that mental image!
37.3 Hess FW woohoo.jpg
Hess:  The question is, what do we do now?  Should I move out?  I donít want to prevent you and Jax from starting a family.
Laurel:  You arenít preventing anything.  Have you forgotten that Hermes took Link with him?  We can both have babies.  If you look closely, youíll see that we both are having babies!
Hess:  Oh!  Congratulations!  Iíve been so preoccupied that I hadnít noticed yet.
37.4 Laurel reveal.jpg

Laurel:  Does this mean weíll be seeing more of Father Winter?
Hess:  Probably not.  When I told him about the baby, we agreed to just be friends.  Iíll invite him to birthday parties and such, but he wonít be involved in raising the child.
Laurel:  Oh.  I see.
37.5 just friends.jpg

Two days laterÖ

Linden:  Happy New Year!
Diya: *giggles*   Itís cute that you are so excited, but we still have several hours before the actual new year.
37.6 romance festival.jpg

Linden:  I guess thatís true.  Shall we grab a bite to eat while we wait?
Diya:  I thought youíd never ask. 
37.7 eat pufferfish.jpg
Linden:  HmmÖthe Pufferfish Nigiri is interesting.  Iím not sure itís worth all the hype, though.
Diya:  Tastes good to me.
Linden:  Iíll have to make some for Jax.  Heís a foodie.  Maybe heíll like it.


Linden:  I know this might seem sudden, but Iíve been thinking about this from the day I met you.  Diya, will--?
Diya: Yes!!!
Linden: --you marry me?
Diya: Letís get married tonight!
Linden:  Great!  Are you sure? 
Diya:  Yes! Letís do this!
37.8 engaged.jpg

After they say their vowsÖ

Diya:  Donít look now, but there is a famous person right behind you.  I donít have any idea who she is or why sheís famous, but sheís glowing.
Linden:  I only have eyes for you, darling.
Diya:  OooÖyou are such a good husband already.
37.9 vows.jpg

The first day of SpringÖ

Hess:  Look at us!  Weíre both like balloons that are ready to pop!
Laurel:  I feel more like a whale than a balloon.
37.10 bellies.jpg

Jax:  Do you really have to work today, sweetheart?  Why donít you take the day off and put your feet up?
Laurel:  Thank you, dear, but I think it would be better to take time off after the baby is born rather than before.
Hess (thinking): I wish someone doted on me like that.
37.11 library.jpg

Laurel:  By the way, happy un-birthday!  There is a potion of youth in your inventory.  Be sure to drink it before you naturally age up.
Jax:  Iíll drink it now before your fatherís guests arrive.  I donít want to forget.
Laurel:  Guests? 
Jax:  Just some elderly ladies your father knows.  They are coming over for lunch.
Laurel:  Okay.  Have fun.
37.12 potion youth.jpg

Aster:  Weíre glad you could join us for lunch, ladies. 
Ritu (on the right):  Hmmph.  Itís about time.  Iíve called several times asking to come over.
Aster:  Yes.  Weíve been busy.  But you are here now, and Jax made the Pufferfish Nigiri especially for you.
37.13 dinner party.jpg

Ritu:  So, pretty boy, why arenít you eating the Pufferfish? 
Jax:  I prefer my wifeís meatless monte cristo sandwiches.   Would you like some?
Ritu:  No, Iíll just have another plate of the Pufferfish.  And a glass of that wine youíre drinking.  Kyra, you want pretty boy to get you anything?
Kyra (on the left):  I like the fish.  Itís slippery! 
37.14 party2.jpg

Aster:  My goodness, Kyra!  You are looking parched.  Please let me get you something to drink.
Kyra:  *chokes*
37.15 choking.jpg

Mr. Datta (the butler):  Shall I take your plate, madam?  Madam?   Oh!
Ritu:  That goofball!  She always did have a weak constitution.  Not me!  I ate two plates of your poorly made pufferfish nigiri and Iím fine. 
37.16 death.jpg
Aster:  Grim, I donít suppose you can take the mean one instead?
Grim: Sorry, amigo.  Thatís not the way it works.

Later that eveningÖ

Laurel:  How was your lunch with father and the elderly ladies?
Jax:  I believe your father would call it a success.  How was work?
Laurel:  Fine, but Iím exhausted.  I think Iíll turn in early.
Jax:  I just want to finish this chapter in my parenting book.  Then Iíll turn off the light.
Laurel:  Take your time, dear.  The light wonít bother me.
37.17 bedtime.jpg

Hess:  Iím glad I got the mythical drink guide at work today, butÖohhhÖI donít feel so good.
37.18 Hess labor.jpg

Hess:  Moth-errrr!  Itís time!
Wendy:  Just keep breathing, dear.  It will all be over soon.
37.19 Hess has baby.jpg

Wendy:  Congratulations, Hess.  Itís a girl!
Hess:  Sheís so beautiful!
Wendy:  Do you have a name picked out?
Hess:  Iím going to call her Clara, after the little girl in the Nutcracker.
37.20 baby Clara.jpg
Wendy:  Thatís wonderful, dear.  Now if youíll excuse me, I think your sister will be needing me soon.

Laurel:  Mommy, I think Iím in labor.
Wendy:  I know, dear.  I can see it on your face.
Laurel:  How did you do this ten times?
Wendy:  I only did it twice.  The first eight were adopted, remember?
37.21 Laurel labor.jpg

Laurel: *groans* Mommy, make it stopÖ
Wendy:  Youíre doing fine, dear.  Just keep breathing.
Jax: I feel so guilty for doing this to her!
Wendy:  Nonsense, Jax.  Itís all part of the process.
37.22 Laurel has baby.jpg

Laurel:  Itís a boy!  Jax, we have a son!
37.23 baby Darwin.jpg

Aster:  Four new grandchildren in just a few days.  I can hardly believe it!  First, Hermes and Elektra had a girl, Cora.  I met her just after Winterfest.
Wendy:  Then, Linden and Diya had a girl, Patricia.  Linden went over to see her as soon as he got the news.
37.24 Cora Patricia.jpg

Aster:  And today, Hess also had a girl, Clara.
Wendy:  And finally, Laurel and Jax had a boy, Darwin.
Aster:  Darwin, the first heir candidate of the fourth generation. 
37.25 Laurel family.jpg

Authorís notes:
And thatís all I have room for in this update!  I hadnít planned for Hess to have a child, but the opportunity for a Father Winterís baby presented itself and I couldnít help trying.

Currently in the legacy house:
Aster and Wendy:  The Gen 2 heir and spouse.  They will be leaving soon.  It has to happen.
Laurel and Jax:  The Gen 3 heir and spouse.  Itís time for them to really be in charge.
Hess:  Laurelís beloved sister.  Mother of Clara.
Linden:  The Gen 3 spare.  Has a wife and daughter who do not live in the legacy house.
Clara:  Daughter of Hess and Father Winter.  Laurelís niece. 
Darwin:  Son of Laurel and Jax.  The only Gen 4 heir candidate so far.  Will he Love the Outdoors?  Will he be a redhead?  Will he have green eyes?

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: Something in the Water (Feb 23)
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Something in the water

Aster:  My dearest Wendy.  Weíve had a good run, havenít we?
Wendy:  We certainly have.
Aster:  There is one thing I need to discuss with Laurel before we go.
Wendy:  Of course.
38.1 Aster Wendy.jpg

Aster:  Laurel, your Mother and Ió
Laurel:  Father, I hate to interrupt, but I canít concentrate with Uncle Fig doing acrobatics behind us.
Jax:  HahaÖthat Uncle Fig.
38.2 Fig.jpg

Aster:  Okay, Fig is gone.  Now, can we talk?
Laurel:  Yes, Father.
Aster:  Great. So, you know your Mother and I plan to leave soon.
Laurel:  I wish you would reconsider.
Aster:  Sweetheart, weíve been through this.  Anyway, after we go, you will have two empty spaces in the house. I know you and Jax might want to have more children, but I hope you will consider helping the McClure girls first.
Laurel:  Apolloís daughters?  How can I help them?
Aster:  Let me explainÖ
38.3 Aster Laurel talk.jpg

Later that morningÖ

Wendy:  It finally stopped raining.
Aster:  Yes.  Now is our chance.  Are you ready?
Wendy:  Ready as Iíll ever be.  Do you have any regrets?
Aster:  Not a single one.
38.4 reconfigure .jpg

Aster:  Hereís to you, beautiful.
Wendy:  Bottoms up.
38.5 drink.jpg

Aster:  Iíll see you on the other side.  It wonít take long.
Wendy:  Hold me tight.  I donít want to be separated.
38.6 last moments.jpg

Laurel: Oh no!  There has been a mistake!  They took reconfiguration potions instead of vampire cures!  Quick, Linden, give Grim a death flower and save them!
Linden:  I canít save them, sis.  They did this on purpose.
Laurel:  No!  This canít be!  Why wonít you save them?  Where are my death flowers?  I donít have any in my inventory!
Linden:  I donít have any in my inventory either.  They wanted it this way. 
38.7 Aster Wendy death.jpg

In memory of Aster and Wendy Behr:  a power-couple like no other.  Together they raised ten children and had eight grandchildren at the time of their deaths.  Aster reached the top of three careers (teen manual labor, Politician, and Business Tycoon), maxed 25 skills, and completed 16 aspirations.  Wendy was a Master of the Real who maxed 8 skills and completed 11 aspirations. 

38.8 geneology.jpg

38.9 Aster Wendy collage.jpg

Jax:  I know this is hard, Laurel, but your brother is right.  Your parents must have done this on purpose. 
Laurel:  But why?  Why would they choose death over becoming mortal?
38.10 Laurel sad.jpg

Jax:  Becoming mortal would only have delayed death, not prevented it.  They were vampires most of their lives.  Maybe they never intended to become mortal again.  Maybe they never wanted to grow old.  Maybe they wanted to make sure they died together.  Maybe they thought they were helping the legacy by choosing death by sunlight.
Laurel:  I just wish they had told me.
Jax:  Would you have tried to stop them?
Laurel: Yes.
Jax: Then thatís why they didnít tell you.
38.11 Jax consoles Laurel.jpg

Linden:  Iím just as upset as you are, sis, but I think we have to accept that this is what they wanted.  And I think we should honor their last request.  Remember, they wanted us to help Tamara and Gracie.
Laurel:  I remember.  Can you take care of it, though?  I donít think I have the strength.
Linden:  Leave everything to me.
38.12 Linden supports.jpg

Linden:  Thanks for meeting me for lunch.  Laurel is sorry she couldnít join us.
Tamara (in white):  We never pass up a free meal.  Who is the other girl?
Linden:  This is my wife, Diya.  Diya, these are myÖuhÖnieces, Tamara and Gracie.
Gracie (in burgundy):  Pleased to meet you.
38.13 Lunch.jpg

Some time laterÖ

Linden:  So basically, Laurel has offered to move in two men forÖumÖfor the two of you.  Ultimately, itís your choice, but if either of you wants to have a childÖ *clears throat*  Well, after itís doneÖthat isÖif everything works out, the guys would be free to join youó
Tamara:  They donít have to move in with us, do they?   
Linden:  I guess not.  But they canít stay in the legacy house.  It would only be a temporary arrangement.
Gracie:  Now might be a good time to mention that Iím unflirty and Tamara is evil.  Will that be a problem?
38.14 Linden explains.jpg

The next dayÖ

Laurel:  Heís such a happy baby!  Do you think he knows itís his birthday?
Jax:  He must!  Look how heís smiling.
38.15 Darwin smiles.jpg

Laurel:  Heís got red hair and green eyes!
Jax:  Thatís what we call knocking it out of the park.
38.16 Darwin red hair.jpg

Jax:  If you want to give him a makeover, youíll need to do it quick.  I leave for work soon.
Laurel:  Just give me a sec.  I have to makeover Clara, too.
38.17 toddler makeovers.jpg

Later that dayÖ

Laurel:  Iím so glad you are home, honey.  Did you get the promotion?
Jax:  Yep.  Level 7. 
Laurel:  I like your new hat.  Linden received a promotion, too.  His job title is Kitchenís Worst Nightmare.  Isnít that funny?
38.18 cheek kiss.jpg

Jax:  How was your day?  Did Darwin and Clara keep you busy?
Laurel:  The kids are wonderful, butÖ
Jax: Uh-oh.  What happened? 
Laurel:  Itís those guys Linden moved in for Tamara and Gracie.  Theyíve both gone and died
Jax:  What?  How? 
Laurel:  First, it was Leonardo.  Heís a glutton.  Heís also evil, but Linden said it was okay because Tamara is evil, too.  Well, anyway, he couldnít resist the cowplant.  He tried to eat the cake not once, but twice.  And you know what happens the second time!
38.19 cowplant death.jpg

Jax:  And the other guy?
Laurel:  Max was really old.  I donít know why Gracie chose him.  Sheís unflirty so maybe it just didnít matter to her.  Max got his final notice from Grim right after he arrived.  But Grim said he died of overexertion, not old-age!
38.20 Overexertion.jpg

Jax:  They were hardly here.
Laurel:  Less than 48 hours!
Jax:  Please forgive this very crude question.  Did both men fulfill their purpose before they died?
Laurel:  I hope so.  If not, I donít think I could put this household through that again.
Jax:  Certainly not.
Laurel:  All these deathsÖis there something in the water?  Are we cursed?
38.21 Laurel reacts.jpg

Jax:  Weíre not cursed, but do you know what we should do?  We need to lay low for a while.  Get away from it all. 
Laurel:  That sounds wonderful, but where would we go?  We have two toddlers to consider.
Jax:  Weíll go to Granite Falls.  Iím sure they have a cabin that can be modified for little ones.
Laurel:  If you can find a cabin, weíll leave tonight.
38.22 Family arrives.jpg

Jax:  AhhÖthis is better.
Laurel:  Much better.  You always know just what I need.
38.23 Laurel Jax by fire.jpg

Watcherís comments:

What can I say?  This has been the plan for Aster and Wendy since they first became vampires.  It didnít make sense for the story to keep them around forever and it didnít seem right to just let them die of old age.  Besides, this way they get vampire tombstones and itís nice having young adult ghosts for a change. 

The good news is that Iím done with death-types, at least for a while.   I still havenít decided whether I will try to get them all for completionís sake, but only 10 are needed and Iíve got 12.  (thanks to sdhoey for pointing me to the comments section of pinstarís website).

Finally, here are some random pics of Clara and Darwin as toddlers on vacation.

38.24 toddlers eat.jpg
38.25 potty.jpg

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: Just Desserts (Feb 24)
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Just Desserts

Hess:  This has been a great vacationójust what the doctor ordered.
Linden:  I guess tomorrow it will be back to the grind. 
Laurel:  Donít think about that right now, Linden.  Just sing another campfire song with us.
39.1 group around fire.jpg

The next morningÖ

Fig:  Welcome home!  How was the vacation?
Laurel:  It was wonderful, Uncle Fig.  Thanks for watching over the place while we were gone.
Fig:  It was no trouble at all.
39.2 return home.jpg

Laurel:  If youíll excuse me, Iíd like to go check on Mother and Father now.  I need to strengthen their connection to the physical world.
39.3 strengthen connection.jpg

Wendy:  Thank you for doing that, dear.
Laurel:  Mother!  Oh, Iím so glad to see you.  How are you?  How is Father?
Wendy:  Weíre fine, dear.  Itís actually kind of fun being a ghost.  I hope you arenít mad at us for the way we left.
Laurel:  I still wish you had told me, but I guess I understand.  I just hope youíll visit us often.
Wendy:  You can count on it. 
39.4 Laurel Wendy.jpg

Late that eveningÖ

Laurel:  Hooray for me.  Level 10. 
39.5 Laurel career.jpg

Linden:  Must. Follow. Light.
39.6 Linden abducted.jpg

In the morningÖ

Jax:  Congratulations on your promotion, Laurel!  And happy non-birthday!
Laurel:  Thank you, dear!  Iíve got my potion of youth ready.
Hess:  I should have taken mine as a young adult.  Why did I decide to wait until my next birthday?
39.7 Laurel potion of youth.jpg

Linden:  Whatís on the agenda for today, sis?
Laurel:  The kids need to work on toddler skills, but weíll have to stay indoors because of the rain.  And Iíve invited over Patricia so you can have some Daddy-daughter time.
Linden:  Thanks for including her.  I canít believe Diya sent her over by herself though!  My poor baby!
39.8 Patricia umbrella.jpg

Linden:  A is for apple.  B is for bad mommy who-sends-you-out-alone-in-the-rain.
Patricia:  Bad mommy!
Linden:  C is for cake.  D is for Daddyís girl.
Patricia:  Daddyís girl!
39.9 Linden Patricia.jpg

Laurel:  Thatís my big boy!  Iím going to teach you all the skills.
39.10 Laural Darwin.jpg

Hess: And that is how we say please and thank you.
Clara: Pwease an fankoo. 
Hess:  Yes!  Oh, Iím such a good mother!
39.11 Hess Clara.jpg

Jax:  The Mole had been working very hard all the morning, spring-cleaning his little home.*
39.12 Jax reads.jpg

*first line from The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame (1908)

Linden:  What are these drinks that Hess made for us?
Laurel:  She called them Snaggle Flusters.  She said they help you learn faster.
Linden:  Really?  Well, I guess itís worth a try.
Laurel:  Yeah.  She said there might be side-effects, though.
39.13 snaggle flusters.jpg

Hess:  Did the Snaggle Fluster work for you, Jax?  I hope I made them strong enough.
Jax:  Mine worked perfectly.  I finally maxed my logic skill which is great because--
Linden:  UmÖHess?  About those side-effectsÖ
Hess:  Donít interrupt, Linden.  What were you saying, Jax?
39.14 sparkles.jpg

Laurel:  Uncle Fig, I see that you re-joined the family club.
Fig:  Yeah, I donít know how that happened since membership is by invitation only.
Laurel:  What I donít understand is why you are listed as the leader.  Donít you think it should be me?
Fig:  Youíre right, Laurel.  You should be in charge.  Iíll give the club back to you if youíll keep me as a member.
Laurel:  Itís a deal.
39.15 club talk.jpg

Two days laterÖ

Hess:  Hello Mother!  Itís nice to see you.
Wendy:  Itís nice to see you, too, Hess.  Come sit with me and letís chat.
39.16 Hess Wendy talk.jpg

Wendy:  Now, tell me all about Clara and Darwinís birthday.  It was today, was it not?
Hess:  It was.  Today was also Love Day so all the couples were being extra mushy.
39.17 Love day.jpg

Wendy:  Well, thatís to be expected-- especially from Laurel and Jax.  Did Lindenís wife, Diya, come over? 
Hess:  Yes, Diya was here.
Wendy:  Is it just me, or is Linden putting on a little weight?
39.18 Linden Diya.jpg

Hess:  Anyway, because it was Love Day, we couldnít throw a birthday party with goals.  But we still had a party, and I was able to cook three gourmet dishes and finish the Master Chef aspiration.
Wendy:  Congratulations Hess! 
39.19 Master chef.jpg

Hess:  The party started off great.  Hermes, Elektra, and most of the McClures were there.  I helped Clara blow out her candles. She was so excited!
Wendy:  How pretty she is!  I think she has your smile.
39.20 Clara to chlid.jpg

Hess:  Then it was Darwinís turn to blow out his candles. Thatís when things got awkward.
Wendy:  What do you mean?
Hess:  Just as Laurel was about to pick Darwin up, Diya tried to flirt with Jaxton.  It was awful!  Laurel got mad. Linden was embarrassed. And poor Jaxton just looked sad.
39.21 this happened.jpg

Wendy:  Why that littleÖwhat was Diya thinking?
Hess:  I donít know!  Maybe she got carried away with Love Day.  Thatís the kindest explanation I can think of. 
Wendy:  How did Laurel handle it?  You said she was mad.
Hess:  She was angry, but Darwin still needed to blow out his candles.  Laurel put on a smile and helped her son age up.  What else could she do?  It helped that Jax came over and sang the birthday song.
39.22 Darwin to child.jpg

Wendy:  Are things okay between Laurel and Jax?
Hess: Oh, theyíre fine.  Jax obviously didnít do anything wrong so Laurel got over it quickly.  Diya, on the other hand, still kept trying to be a little too friendly.  Luckily, Jax ignored her.
39.23 Jax Laurel hug.jpg

Wendy:  And how is your brother?
Hess:  Linden is still pretty upset.
Wendy:  And rightly so!  As his mother, I canít help but hope that Diya gets her just desserts.
Hess:  I agree, but I hate for Linden to be hurt.  And he and Diya have a daughter.
39.24 Hess Wendy.jpg

Hess:  Oh, I almost forgot!  Darwin got the Loves Outdoors trait! That means heíll be the next heir even if Laurel and Jax decide to have more kids.
Wendy:  Oh, that is exciting!  I canít wait to tell your father.  He hasnít felt like visiting yet, but this news will make him want to come out for sure!
39.25 Aster hug.jpg

Watcherís Note:  I started this legacy about 10 months ago and Iíve covered about 2.5 generations.  At that rate, I figure it will take me about 2 more years to complete!  Iím committed to seeing this through to the end, but I really need to pick up the pace.  That means either more frequent updates or covering more ground in each update.  For now, Iím going to try to update more frequently.  However, in the future, I might have to provide less detail in order to move faster. 

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: Smart Cookie (Mar 8)
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Smart Cookie

Laurel:  Linden, is there something youíd like to tell me?
Linden:  Yeah, Iíve been meaning to talk to you about myÖcondition.  I wasnít sure at first, but thereís no denying it now.
40.1 Really.jpg

Laurel:  Does Diya know?
Linden:  No.  Not unless she figured it out, which is unlikely.
Laurel:  When are you planning on telling her?
Linden:  I donít know.  Itís complicated.   
Laurel:  Donít you think she has a right to know?
Linden:  Itís not like sheís the mother.  Look, I know itís not an ideal situation, but Iíve got enough to deal with right now. 
Laurel:  Iím just worried about you.
Linden:  Iíll tell her when Iím ready.  For now, can you help me fix up the nursery?
40.2 Concern.jpg

Early the next morningÖ

Jax:  I canít wait to tell Laurel about my promotion!  And I finally completed my aspiration.
40.3 Jax success.jpg

Jax:  The best part is that my work task is to repair or upgrade objects.  Itís a nice change from being mean.
40.4 Jax upgrades.jpg

Laurel:  Twins!!  Linden, I donít believe it!
Linden:  Iím kind of in shock, myself. 
Laurel:  Have you picked out names?
Linden:  Yeah.  Iím calling them Stella and Star.
40.5 Twins aliens.jpg

Darwin:  Hey Clara!  Guess what?  I joined the scouts!
Clara:  Thatís great.  I joined, too.
Darwin:  Whereís your uniform?  Didnít you get one?
Clara:  We only have to wear them for meetings, you know.
40.6 Scouts.jpg

Jax:  How is my favorite lady?
Laurel:  Better now that youíre here.
Jax:  Have you got any plans for today?
Laurel:  Well, the flea market is in town.  And we really should go visit the McClures.
Jax:  Sounds good to me.
40.7 Laurel Jax.jpg

Laurel:  I canít believe we travelled all the way to the big city for this.
Vendor:  Is there a problem?
Jax:  The problem is your selection.  Itís pitiful.
40.8 rocks.jpg

Laurel:  At least visiting the McClures wonít be a waste of time.
Jax:  Thatís true.  Tamara and Gracieís daughters are toddlers now so everybody can meet them.
Laurel:  And Darwin and Clara can give them gifts and entertain them to earn scout badges!
40.9 kids.jpg

Finally, the family heads home and discoversÖ

Fig:  FIRE!!!
Jax:  That fireplace is fully upgraded!  How is that possible?
Laurel:  Thank goodness the butler was here.  I should give him a raise.
40.10 Fire.jpg

After everything settles down:

Jax: (reading) I remember him looking round the cove and whistling to himself as he did so, and then breaking out in that old sea-song that he sang so often afterwards:-
"Fifteen men on the dead man's chest-
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!"*
40.11 Jax Darwin read.jpg
*from Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

Darwin:  Do you think we could ever find pirate treasure, Father?
Jax:  I donít know about pirate treasure, son, but I know where to find Omiscan treasure.
Darwin:  Really?  Where?
Jax:  In the jungle in a country called Selvadorada.  Someday Iíll take you there.
40.12 Jax Darwin talk.jpg

The next morningÖ

Laurel:  Have a great day at school kids!  Study hard!
40.13 Kids to school.jpg

Linden:  Itís time to age up Stella and Star.  Will you help me do the honors, Laurel?
Laurel:  Iíd love too!
40.14 Twins age up.jpg

Laurel:  Oh my goodness!  Look at those precious pointy ears!
Linden:  I think the girls are identical.  Weíre going to have to dress them differently to tell them apart.
40.15 ears.jpg

Fig:  You seem a little down, Hess.  Is something wrong?
Hess:  Not exactly.  Itís just that Clara started school today and there isnít really much for me to do when sheís not around.  Iíve reached the top of my career, completed a few aspirations, and maxed several skills.  Raising my daughter is my only purpose now.
Fig:  Raising a child is a noble purpose, but surely you deserve to live a little. 
40.16 Hess Fig.jpg

Fig:  You should go out more.  Have fun.  Isnít there a young man who keeps calling for you?
Hess:  Ali?  Yeah.  I havenít accepted, though.
Fig:  Why not?
Hess:  I donít actually have a good reason.
40.17 Hess date.jpg

A few hours laterÖ

Ali:  Your invitation was a pleasant surprise.  I had almost given up hope.
Hess:  Iím a little surprised, myself, but in a good way.
40.18 Hess Ali 1.jpg

Ali:  May I ask what made you finally decide to give me a chance? 
Hess:  I had a long talk with my Uncle.  He encouraged me to live a little.
Ali:  Wise advise.
Hess:  Yes.  Thereís just one thing, though.  Thereís something I need to tell youÖ
Ali:  Is this about your daughter?
Hess:  You know about her?
Ali:  Sure.  Iíve seen her with you around town.  You didnít think that would bother me, did you?
40.19 Hess Ali 2.jpg

Laurel:  You know what they say, the couple who upgrades together stays togetherÖor something like that.
Jax:  It all comes down to teamwork.
40.20 bathroom upgrades.jpg

Laurel:  I wish my brother and his wife were acting like a team right now.
Jax:  Are they still not speaking?
Laurel:  I donít know, but Linden has been moping around.
40.21 Linden mopes.jpg

After schoolÖ

Clara:  My school project is going to be better than your school project.  Wait and see.
Darwin:  Nuh-uh.  Nothing is better than a Chemical Reaction Volcano.
40.22 Darwin Clara joke.jpg

Clara:  Moth-er!  Pay attention.  We have to make my project better than Darwinís.
Hess:  Iím sorry, dear.  I think Iím coming down with something.
40.23 School projects.jpg

Wendy:  Thereís my favorite little heir apparent.  How was your day, Darwin?
Darwin:  It was great, Grandma Wendy.  I went to school and I made a volcano!
40.24 Wendy Darwin.jpg

Wendy:  You are one smart cookie, grandson!  You know, itís never to soon to think about your future.  Do you think you might want to be a scientist when you grow up?
Darwin:  NahÖIím going to be a doctor!
40.25 Darwin doctor.jpg

Author's notes

Two historical facts for today:
1. Treasure Island was published in 1883.
2. The Boy Scouts started in the U.S. in 1910 and the Girl Scouts in 1912.
Whoís who in the legacy house:
Laurel and Jax:  Gen 3 heir and spouse
Darwin: Gen 4 heir
Hess:  Laurelís favorite sister
Clara:  Hessís daughter (with Father Winter)
Linden: Gen 3 spare
Stella and Star:  Lindenís twin toddlers (with senior pollination technician #3)

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: Wet Noodles (Mar 12)
« Reply #205 on: March 12, 2019, 05:38:57 PM »
Wet noodles
(because itís been raining for days)

Hess:  I canít tell your girls apart. I thought you said you were dressing them differently.
Linden:  I am, but they are in their nightgowns right now because they just woke up. 
41.1 Twin toddlers.jpg

Linden:  Stella has straight hair and wears a bluish gray dress that matches her eyes.  Star has wavy hair and wears a teal color that matches her hair tie. 
41.2 Stella Star.jpg

Hess:  They still look the same to me.  Especially when they spend most of the day in their nightgowns.
Linden:  I donít see the point in getting them all dressed up.  They hardly leave the house.
Hess:  You are such a lazy parent.
Linden:  What you call laziness, I call efficiency.
41.3 Toddler play.jpg


Ali:  Is that one of your little nieces toddling along behind me?  Which one is she?
Hess:  Thatís Stella.  Or maybe Star.  I canít really tell them apart.
41.4 Hess Ali.jpg

Ali: *laughs* Well, anyway, speaking of familyÖdonít you think itís time to introduce me to yours?
Hess:  Iím glad you said that because I asked Laurel and Jax to meet us at the Von Haunt Estate today. 
41.5 Gather Von Haunt.jpg

Jax:  He seems like a nice guy. Do you think itís serious?
Laurel:  It must be.  Sheís never asked me to meet anyone else. 
41.6 couples.jpg

Hess:  Thank you for walking me home, Ali. 
Ali:  It was my pleasure.  I wish I could stay longer, but it looks like rain.
Hess:  Well, before you goÖ
41.7 first kiss.jpg

Linden:  The guy who sold me this contraption said I could use it to change the weather.  Now how do I stop this thunderstorm?  HmmÖ
41.8 weather machine.jpg

Lindenís attempts at controlling the weather fail miserably, so the family is stuck indoors.

Darwin:  Watch out Stella!  The fearsome dragon is going to get you!  Roaaarrrrr!
Stella:  No!  No dwagon!
Darwin:  AwwÖitís only pretend.
41.9 dragon toy.jpg

Clara:  My arms are tiredÖhas it been five hours yet, Mommy?
Hess:  Just one more hour, sweetheart.  Then youíll complete Artistic Prodigy.
41.10 piano hours.jpg

Laurel:  Good job, Darwin!  You earned all of your scouting badges to become a Llamacorn Scout, even in this terrible weather.
Darwin:  I love the scouts!
41.11 Darwin scouts.jpg

As night falls the thunderstorm rages onÖ

41.12 Lightning strike.jpg

Linden:  GreatÖI finally reach the top of my career and Iím about to get struck by lightning.
41.13 Linden promo.jpg
Not to worry, Linden makes it safely inside.

The next day, the family tries to escape the rain by traveling to Oasis SpringsÖ

Linden:  Itís been so long since Iíve seen the sun!
Laurel:  You kids run along and meet people for Social Butterfly.  The weather is nice now, but that could change.
41.14 Oasis Springs.jpg

Sure enough, the rain follows them (even in the desert) so itís back to the house to complete all the steps for Social Butterfly.
41.15 social butterfly.jpg

Darwin:  We're supposed to make friends with this guy.
Clara:  Okay.  But why?
Darwin:  Because we need another adult friend and household members don't count.
Clara:  Oh, right.  What are we supposed to talk to him about?
Darwin:  I don't know.  I thought you knew who he was?
Clara:  Aunty Laurel called him Mommyís suitor, but that doesnít make any sense.  My mommy wears dresses not suits.
Darwin:  Suitor must be another word for tailor. 
Clara: Oh, I see.  Are we friends with him yet?
Darwin:  Yeah, letís go play.
41.16 Kids with Ali.jpg

Ali:  I just had a delightful conversation with your daughter and her cousin.
Hess:  Did they let you get a word in edgewise?
Ali:  I didnít even try.  It would have spoiled the fun.
Hess:  Youíre a smart man.
41.17 Hess Ali chess.jpg

In the evening, the rain finally stopsÖ

Linden:  What are we doing at the park so late?
Laurel:  The kids need some fresh air after being cooped up for two days.
Linden:  But why did I have to come?  And why did you invite her.
Laurel:  I invited your wife because you two need to talk.   Diya hasnít even met the twins!  And on top of that, you seem to have missed your wifeís elder birthday.  She may have behaved badly in the past, but your behavior hasnít been much better recently.
41.18 Park at night.jpg

Laurelís thoughts as she watches Linden and Diya from a distance:

Neither of them looks very happy, but at least they are sitting next to each other.
41.19 talk begins.jpg

Uh oh.  Diya has noticed the twins.  Lindenís got a lot of explaining to do.
41.20 Talk2.jpg

At least she seems to be hearing him out.
41.21 Talk 3.jpg

And now heís listening to her.
41.22 talk 4.jpg

Maybe everything will be alright after all.
41.23 talk 5.jpg

Laurel:  Where is Diya?  It looked like things were going well.
Linden:  I know you were watching us, sis, but donít get your hopes up.  Things are better, but still not great.  Thatís all I want to say in front of the kids, okay?
Laurel: Okay.
41.24 Linden Laurel talk.jpg

Watcher's notes:  Poor Linden!  His relationship with Diya never recovered after she tried to flirt with Jax on Love Day.  I could probably force it, but I'd rather not.  The next update will be sunnier-- both figuratively and literally.

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: Wet Noodles (Mar 12)
« Reply #206 on: March 13, 2019, 11:12:46 AM »
That amazing lightning shot inspired me go back and read many pages. I really like the layout of the lot. I'd never think to do that.

And all the aliens by abduction. I love that. Now I'm trying to remember if Fig was a blue or green alien. The green are definitely way more common.

And mommy has a tailor, which always helps. :)
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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: Wet Noodles (Mar 12)
« Reply #207 on: March 13, 2019, 10:36:44 PM »
That amazing lightning shot inspired me go back and read many pages. I really like the layout of the lot. I'd never think to do that.

And all the aliens by abduction. I love that. Now I'm trying to remember if Fig was a blue or green alien. The green are definitely way more common.

And mommy has a tailor, which always helps. :)

The lightning shot was pure dumb luck.  I paused the game for some other reason and just happened to notice the blue flash in the corner.

The number of abductions in this save is crazy.  Especially since they hardly ever use the observatory and no one has done the scientist career or built a rocket yet.  My first legacy spouse (Andrew) met a random alien at the spice festival and that seems to have started everything.  His son, Fig, was blue.  Linden's daughters are the first twins I've ever had from abduction. Exciting stuff.

Good tailors can be hard to find.  Hess seems to like this one, so we'll keep him.

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: Wet Noodles (Mar 12)
« Reply #208 on: March 16, 2019, 12:35:50 PM »
Sunny Side Up

Linden:  Why did you bring us all the way out to the graveyard to talk, Hess?
Hess:  I like it out here.  Itís quiet and peaceful.
42.1 Talk 1.jpg

Laurel:  So, what do you want to talk about?
Hess:  WellÖnow that weíve all reached the top of our careers, I think itís time to do something for ourselves.
Laurel:  What do you mean?
Hess:  Iím tired of working for other people.  I think we should open our own business.
Linden:  Like a restaurant?
Hess:  Or a store, maybe.
Laurel:  Yes, a store!  We could have a bakery.
Linden:  I like that idea!  And we could also sell jars of your honey, Laurel.  Everyoneís always asking for it.
42.2 talk 2.jpg

Laurel: Itís nice to get out of the house.  Weíve been cooped up for so long.
Jax:  I know.  Can you believe this is the first chance weíve had to teach Darwin how to fish?
42.3 fishing.jpg

The sunny weather continues the next dayÖ

Hess:  Welcome to the County Fair, kids!  What would you like to do first?
Darwin:  I donít know, Aunty Hess.  What kind of things can we do?
42.4 Fair arrive.jpg

Laurel:  Letís start with some carnival games.  This one looks fun.
42.5 Fair darts.jpg

Clara:  Mommy!  Mommy!  Win me a fish!
Hess:  Couldnít I just buy you a fish?
Clara:  No!  You have to win it!
42.6 Fair fish.jpg

Darwin:  Letís look at the animals next.  I like these pigs.  They won a blue ribbon.
42.7 Fair pigs.jpg

Clara:  I like the bunnies, even if they didnít win.
42.8 Fair bunnies.jpg

Laurel:  Oh look!  Theyíve set up a skating rink.  Iíve always wanted to try roller skating.
42.9 Fair skate 1.jpg

Jax:  WoahÖwhy are the kids so much better at this than we are?
42.10 Fair skate fall.jpg

Jax:  Where did Hess go?  Shouldnít she be making a fool of herself with us?
Laurel:  I guess sheís sitting this one out.
42.11 Fair skate 2.jpg

Darwin:  This is the best hot dog Iíve ever eaten!
Jax:  Careful what you say.  Your mother and your aunt are two of the best cooks around.
Laurel:  Itís alright.  I think he just means itís fun to eat greasy carnival food every now and then.
Darwin:  Yeah, thatís what I mean.  Momma is the best cook ever, but she doesnít make hot dogs.
42.12 Fair eating.jpg

Upon returning homeÖ

Laurel:  Oh my llamas!  Is this what the butler does when weíre not around?
Jax:  Quick, block the kids' view so they donít see.  Iíll go speak to him!
42.13 butler streaks.jpg

The following day, itís raining againÖ

Hess:  What do you think of this place?  It used to belong to a woman with lots of cats, but itís been vacant since she died.
Laurel:  Itís a good size.  And I like the location.
Hess:  Plus, itís already got a kitchen.
Linden:  I say we take it.  Now letís get out of this rain.  Weíve got triple birthdays to celebrate at home.
42.14 buying store.jpg

Linden:  Iíve got the cake ready.  Can we start the party now?
Laurel:  Just let me have one more hug before these girls age up.  Itís going to be a while before we have any more toddlers in this house.
42.15 toddler hug.jpg

Linden:  Make a wish!
42.16 twin birthdays.jpg

Laurel:  They still look so much alike!
42.17 Stella Star.jpg

Laurel:  Now itís your turn, Jax.  I made you a fresh cake so you donít have to share.
42.18 Jax birthday.jpg

Hess:  Our own storeÖat last!
Linden:  The Three Behrís Bakery.
42.19 store opening.jpg

Laurel:  Letís open these doors and greet our customers.
42.20 Store customers.jpg

Ali:  How was your first day? 
Hess:  It was great!  Linden was right, everyone loves Laurelís honey.
42.21 Hess Ali store.jpg

Back at homeÖ

Linden:  Hey sisÖcan we talk?
Laurel:  You sound serious.  Whatís up?
42.22 talk 1.jpg

Linden:  Iíve been giving this a lot of thought andÖI think itís time for me to move out.
Laurel:  *sighs* I knew this day would come eventually.  I canít say that Iím surprised.
Linden:  I hate to leave when we just opened the bakery.  But Diya is an elder and Iím afraid she might not live to see Patriciaís teen birthday.
Laurel:  Oh!  I hadnít thought of that.  Well, that settles it.  You have to move in with them to prevent Patricia being taken away.
Linden:  Iím glad you understand.
42.23 talk 2.jpg

Laurel:  Weíll miss you, but I agree itís for the best.
Linden:  Thanks, sis.
Laurel:  Iím not changing the name of the store, though.  ďThe Two BehrsĒ wouldnít make any sense.
Linden:  Iíll just be a silent partner from now on.
42.24 hug.jpg
Laurel:  Are you taking Stella and Star with you?
Linden:  Yes, I want us all to be together.
42.25 Linden family.jpg

Authorís notes:  I didn't realize Diya was so much older than Linden.  I took a peek at her age bar and she definitely would not have lived to see her daughter's teen birthday.
Also, I was in the mood to build this week.  I converted the empty Catscratch Cottage into a bakery and built a County Fair on the Summer Home lot in Windenburg.  I probably should have picked a bigger lot for the County Fair because I only had room for half the things I wanted to build.  Maybe someday.   
Fun fact:  The first public roller skating rink in the U.S. was in a hotel ballroom in 1866.

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: Galloping Gourmets (Mar 23)
« Reply #209 on: March 23, 2019, 01:17:07 PM »
Galloping Gourmets

Hess:  I canít believe itís Clara and Darwinís birthday already.  Where does the time go?
Laurel:  I know.  It seems like only yesterday that we found out we were both pregnant.
43.1 kids bday.jpg

Laurel:  Take one last look at those innocent facesÖ
Hess:  The anticipation is killing me!
43.2 cake.jpg

Hess:  Oh my!  Clara got the romantic trait.  And her dress and her hair are soÖshort.
Laurel:  I think she looks great!  And didnít she get the romantic trait from you?
Hess:  Donít remind me.  Your boy turned out handsome.  Is he reading a book at his birthday party?
Laurel:  Well, Darwin did get the genius trait.  Heís probably reading the Archeology book Jax gave him.
43.3 teens.jpg

After the partyÖ

Jax:  Surprise!  This is the second half of your birthday present, son.
Darwin:  Wow!  A trip to Selvadorada!  Iíve always wanted to come here.  I donít think the ladies are appropriately dressed for the jungle, though.
Clara:  I didnít know we were coming here!
43.4 Family jungle.jpg

Laurel:  Look at our son!  He already excavated a dig pile and now heís recovering an artifact.
Jax:  Yeah, and we havenít even made it to the trailhead yet.
Laurel:  If only he had gotten one of the jungle aspirationsÖ
Jax:  He got the Curator and thatís an easy one.  Heíll be able to pick a new aspiration in no time.
Laurel:  I see many more trips to the jungle in our future.
43.5 Darwin.jpg

Early the next morningÖ

Clara:  UmÖI think Darwin is right.  Weíre not really dressed for exploring.
Hess:  Maybe we should just go back to our lodging.
Clara:  Or the cantina.
43.6 Hess Clara.jpg

Darwin:  Suit yourselves.  Iím going in.
Jax:  Atta boy!
43.7 Darwin temple.jpg

After a very short trip, the family returns home for Spirit Dayóone of their new Legacy holidays.

Shariís ghost:  Tell me about this Spirit Day.  Whatís it all about?
Darwin:  Itís one of our new family holidays.  Spirit Day is supposed to commemorate our legacy founderís death.  Since we donít know exactly what day that was, Momma picked the first day of Fall.
Shari:  Oh, Iím sure thatís close enough.  Itís just nice to be remembered.
43.8 Darwin Shari.jpg

Shari:  What do you do on Spirit Day?
Darwin:  We have two traditions so far.  The first is Remembrance, in honor of you, our founder.  The other is Spooky Spirit, in honor of my Grandpa Aster, since he was a vampire.
43.9 Spirit Day.jpg

Hess:  Clara, come sit with me for a minute.  Thereís something I need to talk to you about.
Clara:  Of course, Momma.  This isnít the Woohoo Talk is it?
Hess:  What?  No.  And how do you know about that, anyway?
Clara:  This isnít the Middle Ages, Momma.  Iíve heard things. 
43.10 Talk1.jpg

Hess:  Well, apparently weíll have to talk about that, too.  But first, I wanted to tell you that Ali asked me to marry him.  I havenít given him an answer yet, but Iím planning to say yes.
Clara:  Thatís great, Momma!  As long as I can stay here.  I donít want to move.
Hess:  Iíll talk to Laurel, but Iím sure she wonít mind if you stay.  Now, about that other thingÖ
43.11 Talk2.jpg

Jax:  Happy Birthday, Laurel!  And may I say, the new fashion looks great on you.
43.12 Laurel cake.jpg

Laurel:  Thank you, honey.  Itís nice to celebrate with so many friends and family members.
43.13 bday crowd.jpg

Laurel:  By the way, congratulations on getting that final promotion.
43.14 Jax promo.jpg

Jax:  Thank you.  I also completed the Chief of Mischief aspiration.  Since Iíd already maxed the mischief skill, all I really had to do was write some chain letters and practice a little voodoo.
43.15 Mischief.jpg

Laurel:  Speaking of aspirations, Darwin finished the Curator.  He even completed our collection of bird feathers along the way.
43.16 feather.jpg

Jax:  Great!  In that case, we can return to Selvadorada.
Darwin:  Itís nice to see everyone appropriately dressed this time.
Hess:  Is my daughter wearing pants?
43.17 jungle outfits.jpg

Jax:  Need some help with that, son?
Darwin:  No thanks, Dad, Iíve got it.
43.18 Darwin gates.jpg

Clara:  Why are we excavating dig piles?  Letís find a temple and search for treasure!
Darwin:  Not all the treasure is in temples.  And besides, excavating raises your archeology skill.
Clara:  But it takes forever and itís boring.
43.19 dig piles.jpg

Laurel:  *whispers* Darwin, is that snake poisonous?
Darwin:  It wonít bother you if you donít bother it.
Laurel:  That didnít actually answer my question.
43.20 snake.jpg

Darwin:  The snakes arenít nearly as dangerous as the spiders.
43.21 spider.jpg

After a lot more exploringÖ

Darwin:  We made it!  This is the final room in the temple.
43.22 temple.jpg

Darwin:  Hey Clara!  Do you want to open one of the treasure chests?
Clara:  Sure!  OoofÖitís heavy!
43.23 Clara's treasure.jpg

Clara:  Hey, why do you get to open the nicer looking one?
Darwin:  Because I did most of the work to get here.
Clara:  Oh yeah.  Thatís fair.
43.24 Darwin's treasure.jpg

Upon returning home, the family is shocked to find they have a new butler.

Hess:  He says his name is Advik Chauhan. Heís an erratic, jealous glutton.
Jax:  Those arenít the worst traits, but theyíre pretty close.
Laurel:  Oh, why did our old butler leave us?
43.25 new butler.jpg

Watcher notes:  As you've probably guessed from all the new cc, generation 4 will take place in the 1920s and 1930s.  Next update will be the official start of Darwin's generation. 

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: Sunny Side Up (Mar 16)
« Reply #210 on: March 23, 2019, 02:45:39 PM »
It's been good catching up! I feel you about pace, though my gameplay being kind of divorced from my narrative pace makes my concerns... Weird. Excited for new fashions time! They look great. (There is something very apt about Darwin completing a collection about birds after exploring. I'm sure he's learned a lot about finches or somesuch.)
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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: Sunny Side Up (Mar 16)
« Reply #211 on: March 25, 2019, 10:36:34 AM »
It's been good catching up! I feel you about pace, though my gameplay being kind of divorced from my narrative pace makes my concerns... Weird. Excited for new fashions time! They look great. (There is something very apt about Darwin completing a collection about birds after exploring. I'm sure he's learned a lot about finches or somesuch.)

It's funny, Darwin must have been channeling his namesake because he's the first sim to ever complete the feather collection in any of my games. 

I'm pretty excited about the roaring twenties, myself.  And Darwin's intended spouse is perfect for it (not to spoil anything). 

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: Celebrations (Mar 25)
« Reply #212 on: March 25, 2019, 12:32:29 PM »

Laurel:  Now that weíre home, we need to talk about your wedding.
Hess:  It doesnít need to be anything big.  In fact, Ali and I could just elopeó
Laurel:  You are not eloping.  Iím throwing you a wedding.  It will have to be after Harvestfest, though.  You know we canít hold events on holidays.
Hess:  Okay, but I insist we have the wedding here in the backyard.  I want to keep it simple.
44.1 Hess Laurel.jpg

Laurel:  DarwinÖcan you tell everyone that dinner is almost ready?
44.2 Laurel feast.jpg

Darwin:  Sure, Momma.  Your timing is perfect.  I just finished writing my book to complete Archeology Scholar.
44.3 Darwin book.jpg

Laurel:  Letís all say what weíre thankful for.  Iíll start.  Iím thankful for our family and that Darwin will soon be taking over the legacy.
Jax:  Iím thankful for your impeccable cooking, as always.
Hess:  Iím thankful that Iím getting married tomorrow.
Clara:  Iím thankful that I never have to go back to high school.
Darwin:  MmhfÖgwfuhÖmornm.
Laurel:  Donít talk with your mouth full, dear.
44.4 Grand meal.jpg

The next dayÖ

Jax:  Canít have cloudy weather for Hessís wedding.
44.5 weather.jpg

Laurel:  Thank you for fixing the weather, darling.  It turned into a beautiful day.
Jax:  Youíre welcome.  Is the groom wearing green earrings?
Laurel:  Don't get me started.  There wasn't time to fix it.
44.6 Hess wedding.jpg


44.7 Bride and Groom.jpg

Later that eveningÖ

Laurel:  Before the newlyweds leave on their honeymoon, we need to celebrate Clara and Darwinís young adult birthdays.  Clara, youíre up first.
Clara:  Donít mind if I doÖ
44.8 Clara candles.jpg

Hess:  My little baby is all grown up.  Tell everyone what career you chose, Clara.
Clara:  I entered the athlete career.  Iím going to be a professional skater.
44.9 Clara skates.jpg

Clara is good, romantic, and family oriented.  She aged up with the responsible, good manners, and emotional control traits.  She is still working on the bodybuilder aspiration.

Laurel:  Now itís your turn, Darwin.  Let your father and I get a front row seat for this.
Darwin:  Gosh, guys, itís just a birthday.
44.10 Darwin candles.jpg

Jax:  And now we have a doctor in the family.  Iím so proud.
44.11 Darwin doctor.jpg

Darwin Loves the Outdoors, is a Genius, and Ambitious.  He earned the responsible, good manners, emotional control, compassionate, and mediator upbringing traits.  He completed the Curator, Archeology Scholar, and Mansion Baron aspirations as a teen.  Heís working on Fabulously Wealthy and will do Jungle Explorer next.

Father Winter:  *mumble, grumble*  Östupid cowplantÖ*grumble*Öshould have a warningÖ
44.12 cowplant.jpg

Jax:  *whispers*  I know heís Claraís father, but why is Father Winter here in his bathrobe?
Laurel:  *in a low voice* Iím not sure, but I think he may have tried to eat the cowplantís cake and then taken a bath.
Linden: *thinking* Weíre going to get coal for Winterfest.
44.13 bathrobe.jpg

Laurel:  Mr. Datta!  You returned!
Datta:  Of course, maíam.  Iím sorry I had to leave suddenly while you were on vacation, but it was a family emergency.  I trust that my temporary replacement was satisfactory.
Laurel:  Oh, he was adequate, but we missed you.  I hope everything is alright with your family.
Datta:  Everything is fine now, maíam.  Thank you for asking.
Laurel:  Iím so glad youíre back.
Datta:  Itís good to be back, maíam.
44.14 butler back.jpg

Darwinís first day of workÖ

Darwin:  Take this medicine and youíll feel better, buddy.
Boy:  I donít know if I trust you.
44.15 Darwin treats.jpg

Darwin:  What brings you to the hospital Uncle Linden?
Linden:  I have three teenage girls.
Darwin:  Yes, but whatís wrong?
Linden:  I have three teenage girls.  Iím really just here for some peace and quiet.
Darwin:  I see.  I still have to bill you, though.
Linden: Fair enough.
44.16 Darwin Linden.jpg

Back at homeÖ

Laurel:  MotherÖFatherÖwhat a nice surprise!
Wendy:  Itís good to see you, dear.
44.17 Laurel parents.jpg

Wendy: Did you get the gifts we sent for the kidsí birthdays?
Laurel:  Yes, and thank you for the fossil.  It was the last one we needed to complete the collection.
Wendy:  I know.
44.18 fossils.jpg

Darwin:  This one is definitely a fake.
44.19 fake.jpg

Clara:  There you are, Darwin.  Iíve been looking all over for you.
Darwin:  Well, you found me.
Clara:  Why are you still authenticating artifacts?  I thought you finished that aspiration.
Darwin:  I did.  But now that Iím considered an expert, people send me stuff in the mail.
44.20 talk1.jpg

Clara:  They say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
Darwin:  Good thing my nameís not Jack.
Clara:  Very funny.  Iíll try another tactic.  As heir to a legacy and Brindleton Bayís most eligible bachelor, itís your duty to go out and meet people.
Darwin:  Iím pretty sure Iím Brindleton Bayís only eligible bachelor.  Unfortunately, all the young women in this town are my cousins.
Clara:  Thatís why weíre going to a nightclub in Willow Creek.
44.21 talk2.jpg

Darwin:  A nightclub?  Thatís not really my scene.
Clara:  How do you know?  Youíve never been to one.  Now get your glad rags on and letís have some fun.
Darwin:  Glad rags?
Clara:  Your party clothes!  For such a smart guy, you sure are a goof!
44.22 talk3.jpg

Darwin:  Okay, maybe this was a good idea after all.
Clara:  Told you so.
44.23 Maja.jpg

Points update at the beginning of Generation 4: 
(Iím still using the old system because there is some confusion about the Love category)

5   Family (4th heir is YA, had 10 kids in gen 2)
4   Creative (need to memorialize Darwinís future spouse, single sim completed 2 creative aspirations)
10   Fortune (about $6.5 million)
3   Love (9 unique traits, Darwin is not married yet)
9   Knowledge (some skills are being saved for future generationsóthings like video gaming and rocket science)
9   Athletic  (some aspirations are being saved for future generations)
7   Nature (10 collections, 12 death types, all paintings and reward potions)
9    Food (everything except upgrading the most expensive fridge and stove)
6   Popularity ( 164 medal points, when I switch to new rules, this will be maxed)
10   Deviance (80+ potion of youth)
3   Bonus (extreme start, Darwin 5 upbringing traits, all family members gold status for legacy holiday)
75   Total

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: The Dating Scene (Mar 30)
« Reply #213 on: March 30, 2019, 02:34:13 PM »
The Dating Scene

Laurel:  How was your night out, son?  Did you have fun?
Darwin:  It was much better than I expected.  HeyÖyou didnít put Clara up to that, did you?
Laurel:  Not me.  It was all Claraís idea.  I would like to know, though, whether you met any single young adults with three unique traits.  I suppose itís probably too much to hope forÖ
45.1 Darwin Momma talk.jpg

Darwin:  Actually, I did meet someone.
Laurel:  Really?
Darwin:  Yeah, surprised me, too.  Her name is Maja and when we shook hands, it was likeÖmagic.
45.2 Darwin meet Maja.jpg

Darwin:  The really crazy part isÖI think she might actually like me.  But then Aunt Hess sat down with us which kind of killed the flirty vibe, at least for me.
Laurel:  Hess was there?
Darwin:  Yep.  And by the way, she sends her love.
45.3 Maja flirts.jpg

Laurel:  Well, I'm sorry if Hess cramped your style.  Are you planning on seeing Maja again?
Darwin:  I hope so.  Itís funny, yesterday I wasnít thinking about my social life at all, and today itís all Iím thinking about.
Laurel:  You know what they say-- when you least expect it, expect it.
Darwin:  I guess thatís true.  Can I ask you something?  As one heir to another?
Laurel:  Of course, honey.
Darwin:  How do you know when youíre making the right decision?  I mean, things worked out great for you and Dad.  But Uncle Linden and Aunt Diya werenít as happy, and Aunt Hess didnít find someone until later in life.
Laurel:  The best advice I can give you is to trust your instincts.  And donít worry too much about the legacy part; Iíve found that everything pretty much takes care of itself.
45.4 Momma son talk.jpg

Darwin:  Thanks, Momma.  Thatís good to know.  Now, can you do me a favor and make sure no extended family members show up on my date?
Laurel:  If only I had that kind of control.
45.5 Heir to heir.jpg

Darwin:  Hey there, buddy.  What brings you here again?
Boy:  I had to sit next to a girl at school.  I probíly got cooties.
Darwin: HmmÖno cooties in here.  But just in case, do you know what prevents cooties?
Boy:  What?
Darwin:  Vegetables.
45.6 Darwin and boy.jpg

The next evening, at Chez LlamaÖ

Maja:  This is a nice place.
Darwin:  Yeah, nice.  (thinking) Donít say anything stupid, donít say anything stupid, donít say anything stupidÖ
45.7 dinner date.jpg

Later, after the nervousness wears offÖ

Darwin:  Really!?  Youíve read my book?  I thought my parents were the only people who actually read it!
Maja:  Are you kidding me?  I couldnít put it down!  Iím usually more interested in biology than archeology, but your theory about Mouseeosaurus teeth is simply fascinating.
45.8 dinner talking.jpg

Maja:  I donít know how to pronounce any of this.  Is it French?  Greek?  Latin?
Darwin:  Beats me.  Letís just point to a few things and see what they bring us.
Waiter:  Thatís what most people do.
45.9 dinner menu.jpg

Maja:  Howís yourÖumÖentrťe?
Darwin:  It looks good, but I donít know how to eat it.  Would it be rude to ask the waiter for a fork?
Maja:  Could you get one for me, too?
45.10 dinner entrees.jpg

The next dayÖ

Clara:  *in a sing-song voice* SoÖhow was your date with Ma-ja?
Darwin:  It was great.  And thereís no reason for you to gloat.
Clara:  I have every reason to gloat.  You never would have met her if it wasnít for me.
45.11 cousins talk.jpg

Clara:  Anyway, Iím glad you two hit it off.  Word around town is that Majaís a bit of a party girl, but maybe opposites attract.
Darwin:  She prefers the word Ďsocialite,í and sheís not just interested in parties.  Maja is really smart.  She wants to be a botanist andó
Clara:  Thatís great.  Hey, if she hosts any parties here, I hope she invites Magnus.  Heís cute.
Darwin:  As Magnus is her brother, Iím fairly certain Maja would invite him to just about any party she hosted.
45.12 cousins talk2.jpg

Maja:  Whose portraits are those on the wall?  And were they actually vampires, or just painted that way?
Darwin:  Those are my grandparents.  And they were real vampires.   My mother and my Uncle Linden were born vampires, but they cured themselves as teens.
45.13 couch talk.jpg

Maja:  Thatís amazing!  Next, I suppose youíll tell me that you have aliens in your family tree, too.
Darwin:  Three aliens.  If you hang around long enough, youíll meet Great Uncle Figís ghost.  And I can introduce you to my cousins, Stella and Star, anytime.
Maja:  Youíre kidding!
Darwin:  Not kidding.
45.14 Darwin Maja.jpg

Darwin:  Now that you know all about my crazy family history, will youÖbe my girlfriend?
Maja:  Yes!  Oh, and not because of your family.  I just really like you.
45.15 Maja girlfriend.jpg

Darwin:  I really like you, too.
45.16 first kiss.jpg

Clara:  Hi Maja.  You look dazed.  Is everything okay?
Maja:  Iím just really happy.  Darwin asked me to be his girlfriend and then he said I could move in if I wanted to so I could start working on skills and get a job and host parties for my aspiration.
Clara:  Thatís a great idea!  You should have a dinner party.  And invite your brother, Magnus.
45.17 Clara Maja talk.jpg

Laurel:  Itís nice to have proper dinner parties again.  If thereís anything you need, Maja, donít hesitate to ask.
Maja:  Thank you, Mrs. Behr.  Everyone has been so nice.
Laurel:  Please, call me Laurel.  Weíre very informal about names.  After dinner Iíll show you around the greenhouse.
45.18 dinner party.jpg

Laurel:  Well, here it is.  We donít have room for everything, but we have most of the essentials.  And weíve got an established bee colony.  If youíre going to be spending a lot of time out here, you should probably start bonding with them.
Maja:  I think Iím really going to like it here.
45.19 Maja bees.jpg

A few days laterÖ

Darwin:  I thought Iíd find you out here.  How was your first day at work?
Maja:  It was incredibly easy.  All I had to do was harvest a few plants and I got a promotion. 
Darwin:  Thatís great!  Youíll be a botanist in no time.
Maja:  HeyÖarenít you wearing a new work outfit?  Did you get promoted, too?
Darwin:  Yeah.  Iím now a registered nurse. 
Maja:  We should celebrate!  Since I earned a paycheck today, you have to let me take you out.
45.20 Maja Darwin greenhouse.jpg

Darwin:  You chose the museum for our date?
Maja:  Since you completed the Archeology Scholar aspiration, I thought youíd like it.
Darwin:  Itís perfect!  *kisses hands*
45.21 museum date.jpg

Darwin:  Seriously, this is perfect.
Maja:  You said that already.
Darwin:  Want me to say it again?
45.22 cheesy moodlet.jpg

Maja:  Letís build a snowpal.
Darwin:  Sure, why not?
45.23 snowpal.jpg

Darwin:  Well, the important thing is that we tried our best.
Maja:  I like her.  I think sheís whimsical.
45.24 snowpal done.jpg

Darwin:  Do you want to see if the lighthouse is open?  The view up there is amazing.
Maja:  Okay.

At the topÖ

Darwin:  I donít have any fancy speech planned, butÖMaja JensenÖwill you marry me?
Maja: *gasp*
45.25 proposal.jpg

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: The Dating Scene (Mar 30)
« Reply #214 on: March 30, 2019, 05:56:11 PM »
@BallerinaHippo, I wanted to let you know I have included Darwin the Gen4 Heirs in the Sharebear's ruleset.

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: The Wedding (Apr 4)
« Reply #215 on: April 04, 2019, 11:03:59 AM »
@BallerinaHippo, I wanted to let you know I have included Darwin the Gen4 Heirs in the Sharebear's ruleset.
Thank you!!!  :D

The Wedding

Laurel:  Come sit by the fire, Hess, and have a cup of tea. 
Hess:  Thank you, that sounds wonderful.  This freezing weather weíve been having lately reminds me of our very first winter.  Do you remember that?
Laurel:  How could I forget?  Jax and I were married that winter.
46.1 Moms talk.jpg

Hess:  Oh, thatís right!  Funny how everything comes full circle.  Darwin and Maja were just married in the middle of winter, too.
Laurel:  At the same church that Jax and I were married in.
46.2 wedding.jpg

Hess:  I must congratulate you, sis.  Youíve got your son married to a wonderful girl, and it was a beautiful wedding.
Laurel:  I canít take credit for any of it.  Darwin and Maja seem almost predestined for each other.  As for the wedding, Maja certainly knows how to throw a gold-medal event.
46.3 kiss.jpg

Hess:  Iím sure you must have helped someÖ
Laurel:  I did make the cake.
46.4 cake.jpg

Hess:  They had quite a crowd at the reception.  Darwin and Maja must have a lot of friends.
Laurel:  They do, but I also think a few people wandered in off the street.  That tends to happen at public venues.  I doubt the gentleman in his bathing attire was an invited guest.
Hess:  I wondered about him!  I was worried he was going to freeze to death.
Laurel:  Jax offered to ask the man to leave, but the bride and groom said ďthe more the merrier.Ē  So we let the eccentric man stay.
46.5 reception.jpg

Hess:  Do you think winter weddings will become a Behr family tradition?
Laurel:  I donít know about that, but Iíll never forget returning home in the middle of a blizzard!
Hess:  BrrrÖit makes me cold just thinking about it!
46.6 wedding run.jpg

Some time laterÖ

Darwin:  This is a perfect venue for Dadís elder birthday!  Dad and Momma had their first date at this restaurant.
Maja:  Thanks!  Your mother told me.  Iíll go check on our table.
46.7 Old Salt House.jpg

Linden:  It appears we are short one seat, Maja.  You go sit with the family.  Iíll just watch from over here.
Maja:  No, you take the seat.  I insist.  My brother seems to have joined us unexpectedly, making our party too big.
46.8 Jax party.jpg

Linden:  Well, anyway, most everyone will stand up when Jax blows out his candles.
46.9 Jax candles.jpg

Jax: What do you think of the elder version of me?
Laurel:  Youíre like a fine a wine.  You only get better with age.
46.10 elder.jpg

The next dayÖ

Maja:  I canít believe Iím actually in Selvadorada, eating real Selvadoradian food.
Darwin:  Iím glad we finally had some days off together to travel.  I just wish we had more time. 
Jax:  I donít remember there being so many bugs.  Were there always so many bugs?
Darwin:  Yes, Dad.
46.11 marketplace.jpg

Maja:  It seems weíve arrived during the rainy season.
Darwin:  At least weíve escaped from the snow at home. 
46.12 rain.jpg

Maja:  Oh dear!  I donít think these are honeybees.
46.13 bees.jpg

Maja:  Now I see why you told me to pack swimming attire.
Darwin:  You gotta be prepared for just about anything.
46.14 swim.jpg

Laurel:  How are you doing with that crystal, son?
Darwin:  Pretty good.  Iíve almost got it refined.
46.15 crystal.jpg

Darwin:  Now I can assemble this relic.
Laurel:  Will you take a chance and activate it on yourself?
Darwin:  Not yet.  I only need to assemble it for this part of my aspiration.  Plus, Iíve currently got a blessing from exploring the temple so I canít activate it.
46.16 relic.jpg

Darwin:  Go ahead, Maja.  Open your first treasure chest.
Maja:  This is amazing!
46.17 treasure.jpg

Outside the templeÖ

Darwin: My parents decided to go home, but weíve got a few hours left of our vacation.  What would you like to do?
Maja: Iím sure we can think of somethingÖ
46.18 woohoo bush.jpg

Darwin:  Exploring the jungle is a lot more fun when youíre around.
Maja:  Donít you forget it, Dr. Behr.
46.19 baby try.jpg

Upon returning home, Darwin must go almost immediately to work.  Itís a tight schedule, but his hard work pays off when he comes home with a promotion to level 7.  Darwin is now officially a doctor.

46.20 Darwin doctor.jpg

The next morningÖ

Darwin:  Whatís the matter, doll?  You seem a little down.
Maja:  Itís justÖI was hoping I would have some good news to share with you by now andÖand I donít.
Darwin:  What do you mean?  What kind of news?
Maja:  Weíve been married for a while and I was hopingÖI mean, I thought that I would conceive by now, butÖI havenít.
Darwin:  Oh, honey, itís much too soon to be worried.  These things take timeó
Maja:  But you need an heir, and your parents probably want grandchildren andó
Darwin:  Weíre still young, Maja.  Weíve got plenty of time.  You canít put that kind of pressure on yourself.  I know itís easier said than done, but the best thing you can do is relax. 
Maja:  Iíll try.  Talking about it helps.
46.21 baby talk.jpg

Maja (thinking to herself):  Darwin is right.  I need to relax.  After all, Iíve got a great husband, a great job, a great life.
46.22 Maja flowers.jpg

Maja:  And besides, trying for a baby is lots of fun.
46.23 try again.jpg

Watcherís notes:  Darwin completed Archeology Scholar as a teen; now heís working on Jungle Explorer.  On top of that, Darwin is in an active career and Maja has a lot of parties she needs to throw for her aspiration.  It's a busy generation.

Darwin and Maja really did have to Try for Baby multiple times.  My Sharebears canít use pregnancy tests yet (not until the 1960s) so I have to wait 24 sim-hours to see if a pregnancy try was successful. 

As for Darwinís career, Iíve decided not to fret over the fact that heís using some equipment thatís too modern for his time period.  I only let him use the computer at the hospital for work tasks.  Also, things like thermometers and x-ray machines were available in the 1920sójust not the versions that are used in the game.  There are other items like the surgery table that I consider to be unique to the Sims (along with huge microscopes, cowplants, and backyard observatories) that I donít restrict the use of.

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: The Baby Shower (Apr 6)
« Reply #216 on: April 06, 2019, 11:20:26 AM »
The Baby Shower

Darwin:  Are you ready for your baby shower, my little momma-to-be?
Maja:  I am so ready.  This is one party Iíve been looking forward to for a long time.
47.1 Darwin Maja.jpg

Maja:  Itís really nice of your Aunt Hess to host the baby shower at her place.
Darwin:  She knows you need to attend parties at different venues, and she likes to help out.
Maja:  She and your mother did all the planning.  They wouldnít even let me bake a cake!
Darwin:  Youíre the honoree.  Youíre not supposed to lift a finger.
47.2 Shower at Lindens.jpg

Maja:  Toddler toysÖthank you, Clara! 
Clara:  I hope your child will think of me as Aunt Clara, even though Iím technically Darwinís cousin.
Maja:  I think thatís a pretty safe bet.
47.3 gift.jpg

Maja:  Your mother thought it would be fun to bring a pink cake and a blue cake and see which one was eaten most.  Based on that, it looks like everyone thinks weíre having a girl.
Darwin:  I hate to go against popular opinion, but I think itís a boy.
47.4 predict boy.jpg

Darwin:  Whatís our next party going to be?
Maja:  A black and white party.
Darwin:  Whatís a black and white party?
Maja:  Well, we dress in black and white and we talk about things that are black and white.  Admittedly, itís a little dull.
47.5 Black White party.jpg

Darwin:  At least the party goals are easy.
Maja:  True.  And you can mentor me in logic.
47.6 chess.jpg

Laurel (to no one in particular):  Why is that other butler back?  And why is he just randomly walking around in the snow?
47.7 other butler.jpg

A few days laterÖ

Darwin:  Merry Winterfest, beautiful!
Maja:  Merry Winterfest to you!
47.8 mistletoe.jpg

Darwin:  I got you a little somethingÖ
Maja:  Rare seed packets!  Oh, Darwin, you really know the key to a botanistís heart!
47.9 Maja gift.jpg

Jax:  I know Maja is good at throwing parties, but should she be cooking the entire Grand Meal by herself?  I mean, your mother completed the Master Chef aspiration, andÖ
Darwin:  Dad, with all due respect to Mommaís cooking, this is my wifeís first Winterfest and sheís nine months pregnant.  If she wants to cook the Grand Meal by herself, sheís cooking the Grand Meal by herself.
Laurel:  Listen to him, Jax.  We raised a smart boy.
47.10 meal prep.jpg

Laurel:  MmmÖthis ham smells delicious.
Jax: *whispers* I still prefer your cooking.
Laurel:  Hush.  She did an excellent job.
47.11 Grand meal.jpg

Clara:  You arenít the real Father Winter.  Youíre too skinny.  And your beard is blonde. 
Not Clement Frost:  Excuse me?
47.12 not my father.jpg

Clara:  The real Father Winter is my father and heó
Not Clement:  OhÖI see!  Look, Iím sorry, but there are a lot of homes to visit in just one night and some districts got reassigned.  This present is for you, from...umÖyour father.
Clara:  Daddy sent me a present?
47.13 Clara gift.jpg

Not Clement:  And these gifts are for the rest of your family.  Merry Winterfest!
47.14 presents.jpg

The next dayÖ

Darwin:  Momma, something happened at work todayÖIím not sure if I should tell you or not, but itís important.
Laurel:  Now youíve got me worried.  What is it, son?
Darwin:  You know I sometimes see friends or family members at the hospital, and normally I would never mention itóa patient has a right to privacyóbut in this case, itís serious.
47.15 Darwin Laurel talk.jpg

Darwin:  We had a code blueóthatís the code for a collapsed simóand it wasÖit was Mr. Datta.
Laurel:  You mean, our butler Mr. Datta!
47.16 Datta collapse.jpg

Darwin:  Yes. And again, I really shouldnít be telling you this.  Heís got a chronic condition which may or may not be treatable depending on the severity of the case.  I performed surgery, and it was successful, butÖ
Laurel:  So thatís why the agency keeps sending that other butler!  Oh, I wish Mr. Datta would have told us!
47.17 Darwin operates.jpg

Later that eveningÖ

Laurel:  Congratulations on your promotion, Clara!
Clara:  Thank you!  My coach says if I continue to do well, I might have a shot at the Olympics.
47.18 Clara work.jpg


Maja:  It was really nice of you to bring me to Chez Llama for a night out before the baby is born.  I feel a little awkward, though, with your Uncle Linden sitting next to us.  I know his wife passed away a while ago so I understand that he might want to date again.  But his date has a horrible rash.  Itís very distracting.
Darwin:  I canít even look that direction or Iíll be too tempted to walk over there and prescribe medication.
47.19 Date 1.jpg

Darwin:  Weíll take anything that doesnít have a health warning for my wife, who is pregnant.  And Iíll haveÖyou know what, just make it two of the same.
47.20 Date 2.jpg

Sadly, Darwin and Maja never get their dinner.  The waitress drops their meal the first time and while waiting on replacements, Maja goes into labor!  The couple rushes home so that Maja can give birth toÖ

Maja:  A boy!  Darwin, you were right.  Itís a boy!
Darwin:  What should we name him?
Maja:  Well, your family traditionally does nature names, and Iím a botanist.  What do you think of Basil?
Darwin:  I like it.
47.21 Baby Basil.jpg

Watcherís Notes:  When Darwin and Maja took over, they made a few changes to the house.  The biggest change is that the downstairs nursery/toddler room is gone (sorry kids!) and has been replaced with a party room (letís call it a ballroom).  Itís the room in the top right corner of the following pic.  The room in the bottom right corner used to have an inspired vibe and was filled with easels.  Now itís Darwinís office and has a focused vibe.  The other changes were just cosmetic updates to modernize things a bitólike new dining room and kitchen tables, new countertops, etc.   Toddlers and kids will get a room upstairs and nooboos will sleep in Mom and Dadís room (in case you were wondering, which you probably werenít).
47.22 house.jpg

Hereís a screenshot taken inside the ballroom.  If you try hard enough, you can almost imagine they are doing something like the Charleston.  Maybe.
47.23 group dance.jpg

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: The Baby Shower (Apr 6)
« Reply #217 on: April 07, 2019, 12:11:07 PM »
I'm loving your story!  The baby shower was really great, and the way you are maintaining the historical aspect is really awesome and fun.

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: Work Hard, Play Harder (Apr 10)
« Reply #218 on: April 10, 2019, 06:44:24 PM »
I'm loving your story!  The baby shower was really great, and the way you are maintaining the historical aspect is really awesome and fun.
Thank you!  I really love how all the Sharebear legacies are so different.  I like reading everyone else's as much as I like playing my own.

Work Hard, Play Harder

Maja:  Are you sure heíll be okay while weíre gone.
Darwin:  Sweetheart, weíll only be gone for a day and my parents will take good care of him.
Maja:  I knowÖI guess Iím just a nervous new mother.
Darwin:  I donít like to leave either, but itís our only time off together this week. I need to make another trip to the jungle for my aspiration. 
Maja:  Iíll just check with your mother and make sure she knows Basilís schedule.
Darwin:  Weíll be back for New Yearís Eve, I promise.
48.1 Darwin Maja leave.jpg

A few hours laterÖ

Maja:  Okay, Iíll get through these vines while you concentrate on your aspiration.
48.2 Maja jungle.jpg

Darwin:  The first thing I need to do is defend against two natural disasters.  Luckily, that didnít take long.
48.3 Darwin.jpg

Darwin:  Then, weíve got time to get through one temple before we have to leave.
48.4 open chest.jpg

Upon returning homeÖ

Darwin:  Is that who I think it is?  It is!  Our favorite butler is back.  And heís taking care of Basil!
Maja:  AwwwÖnow I see why your family likes that guy so much.
48.5 Datta Basil.jpg

Maja:  Hello my precious nooboo.  Were you a good boy while we were gone?  Did you miss your Mommy and Daddy?
48.6 Maja coos.jpg

Darwin:  Hey, Clara, may I activate this relic on you?
Clara:  Itís not a curse, is it?
Darwin: Of course not!  Iíve done the research and itís a good one.   I just canít activate in on myself or Maja right now because we already have temple blessings.
Clara:  Extra simoleons!  Thanks Darwin! 
48.7 activate relic.jpg

Maja:  Címon everyone!  Weíre celebrating New Yearís Eve by learning the new dance moves.
Darwin:  Dad?  Aunt Hess?  Are you joining us?
Jax:  EhÖI think the elderly folk are going to sit this one out.
48.8 New Year's Dance.jpg

Hess:  I donít knowÖlooks like fun.  Maybe next time we should join them.
48.9 Dancing 2.jpg

Datta:  HmphÖI donít think my temporary replacement cleaned this counter the entire time I was gone.
48.10 Datta butler.jpg

Very early the next morningÖ

Maja:  Itís Basilís birthday!  I canít wait to see who he looks like.
48.11 Basil to toddler.jpg

Darwin:  He looks like both of us!  Heís got your blonde hair and my green eyes.
Maja:  I know Iím biased, but heís the cutest toddler Iíve ever seen.
48.12 Toddler Basil.jpg

Darwin:  I might have just enough time to authenticate this artifact before going to work.
48.13 Darwin hobby.jpg

Maja (thinking): Confetti?  Thatís weird. Yesterday was New Yearís Eve.  Something about Darwin, maybeÖoh!
48.14 pregnant again.jpg

Maja:  SoooÖyou know how that cabin in Selvadorada had a romantic aura?
Darwin:  I rememberÖ
Maja:  Yeah, wellÖumÖit looks like Basil is getting a brother or a sister.  Really soon.
Darwin:  Youíre pregnant?
Maja:  Yes!
Darwin:  Thatís great!
48.15 share news.jpg

Darwin:  I wish I didnít have to rush off, but I need to shower before work.
Maja:  Thatís okay.  You go earn those promotions.  The sooner the better.
48.16 kiss cheek.jpg

At work itís Ďpunnyí name dayÖ

Darwin:  Congratulations Ms. Corporis, you delivered a healthy baby.
48.17 baby delivered.jpg

Darwin:  I like your name, Humerous.  Itís very unique.
Humerous:  Thanks.  My brotherís name is Osteo.
48.18 Humerous.jpg

Back at homeÖ

Maja:  Darwin gave me some rare seeds for Winterfest and now that itís Spring, I could plant them.  But maybe I should wait until I officially switch to the Freelance Botanist aspiration.  What do you think, Patchy?
Patchy:  Ö
Maja:  Youíre right.  I should wait.
48.19 Maja Patchy.jpg

Jax:  HeyÖdid we just paint the same picture?
Laurel:  Great minds think alike.
48.20 pictures.jpg

Darwin:  Just one more promotion.  Then I can take a much-needed vacation.
48.21 surgeon.jpg

Darwin:  Mr. Datta, Iím glad you are here.  Could I speak with you in the library for a moment?
Datta:  Of course, Dr. Behr.  Is something wrong?
Darwin:  No, not exactly.  Iím just concerned about your health.  I donít wish to pry, but your illnessÖ
Datta:  My illness is under controlÖat least for now.  I regret that Iíve had to take so much time off in the past few weeks.
Darwin:  Thatís the thing.  Iím wondering if maybe you would be happieróand healthieróif you retired.  Youíve served this family faithfully for two and a half generations, but we donít wish to work you to death.
Datta:  But, sir, I cannot quit.  My mother left me a small house, but I cannot maintain it without an income.
48.22 Darwin Datta.jpg

Darwin:  Iím not suggesting that you quit, and we would never turn you out on the street.  We think of you as family, Mr. Datta.  Iím suggesting that we allow you to retireówith full benefits.  Please consider this to be the first of your retirement payments.
Datta:  This is most generous!
48.23 gift.jpg

Darwin:  I hope youíll visit often and let us know how you are doing.
Datta:  Thank you, Dr. Behr.
48.24 hug.jpg

Watcher's notes:  My game keeps switching butlers (and Father Winter) on me.  It seems to happen when I follow Darwin to work or when the family vacations in Selvadorada.  As much as I love Mr. Datta, the original butler, I was afraid he would get culled when I was not paying attention.  So I moved him into a house.  It's kind of a Catch 22.  Either I leave him 'not in world' and risk losing him randomly, or I put him in a house and let him die of old age.  I chose the latter.  I think it makes the most sense for the story. 

*edited to add*  I've finally updated the Behr family tree.  It can be viewed here .

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: Work Hard, Play Harder (Apr 10)
« Reply #219 on: April 10, 2019, 10:36:43 PM »
It does make more sense. It'll be a little sad to see him in a different role, but it could also be fun in a lot of ways. He could show up at all sorts of times, ha ha.  That's an adorable toddler you've got there, too.
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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: Work Hard, Play Harder (Apr 10)
« Reply #220 on: April 14, 2019, 02:20:03 PM »
It does make more sense. It'll be a little sad to see him in a different role, but it could also be fun in a lot of ways. He could show up at all sorts of times, ha ha.  That's an adorable toddler you've got there, too.
It was a tough decision, but in the end, I think having an immortal butler didn't really make sense.  And honestly, the family is outgrowing the need for a butler anyway.

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: Life of the Party (Apr 14)
« Reply #221 on: April 14, 2019, 02:36:43 PM »
Life of the Party

Maja:  Remember, itís your motherís birthday tonight.  I plan on starting the party at eight.
Darwin:  I wonít be late.
49.1 Before work.jpg

Maja:  I just need a little more honey for the cake.  You guys donít mind, do you?
49.2 Maja honey.jpg

Maja:  Before all the guests arrive, would you like to feel the baby?  He or she is pretty feisty today.
Laurel:  Iíd love to!
49.3 feel baby.jpg

Laurel:  Where is Basil?  Is he already in bed?
Maja:  Darwin is reading to him now.
49.4 bedtime.jpg

Laurel:  Everything looks lovely, Maja.  It makes me almost forget that Iíll be an elder in a few short hours.
Maja:  Take your time, Momma Laurel.  I set this up as a dinner party so blowing out the candles is not a party goal.  You can wait until the very last minute.
Laurel:  Youíve thought of everything.
Jax:  In that case, Iíll have some leftover cake from the last party.
49.5 dinner party.jpg

Maja:  Darwin, I donít think this other butler is going to work out.  Not only is he helping himself to leftovers in the middle of a party, but heís completely ignoring the flames coming out of the oven.
49.6 butler.jpg

Darwin:  I agree.  I wanted to give the guy a chance.  However, Dad has been cleaning up the dishes because our hired help refuses to lift a finger.
49.7 Jax dishes.jpg

Maja:  Weíll have to deal with the butler later.  Your mother just blew out her candles.
49.8 Laurel elder.jpg

Jax:  Hello gorgeous!  Do you come here often?
Laurel:  Youíre such a flatterer.
49.9 Jax Laurel.jpg

Darwin:  Congratulations on another successful party, my love. 
Maja:  Thank you.  I hope everyone had a good time.
Darwin:  Iím sure they did.
49.10 After party.jpg

Darwin:  You look exhausted.  Letís go upstairs and Iíll rub your shoulders before bed.
Maja:  That sounds wonderful.
49.11 massage.jpg

The next morningÖ

Darwin:  I predict this baby will be born before the day is through.
Maja:  How can you tell?
49.12 feel baby.jpg

Darwin:  You go put your feet up, Iíll take care of Basil today.
49.13 reading.jpg

Maja:  I canít rest yet.  Iíve got to throw a couple of parties today.  The more I get done before the baby is born, the better.
49.14 party.jpg

Maja:  I hate to complain, but that butler still isnít helping.
Darwin:  This is the last straw!  We have no use for a lazy employee.
Advik:  Are you saying you no longer require my services?
Darwin:  What services?  I've never seen you perform any work around here! 
49.15 fire butler.jpg

Darwin:  Whew!  That was intense.  Daddy needs to calm down.  Letís play, buddy.
Basil: Play!
49.16 play.jpg

In the eveningÖ

Jax:  What kind of party are we having now?
Laurel:  Maja called it a spooky party.  She said itís like a masqueradeóexcept instead of dancing, we have to carve pumpkins.
49.17 costumes.jpg

Laurel:  Where is your costume, Maja dear?
Maja:  I couldnít find one that would fit my pregnant belly.
49.18 pumpkins.jpg

Darwin:  Okay, Basil, time for a bath.  Then, itís off to bed.
49.19 Basil bath.jpg

Maja:  Darwin was right.  This baby is coming tonight!
49.20 Labor.jpg

Maja:  OooooÖit hurts!  Why did I let you do this to me?
Darwin:  Thatís just the pain talking, sweetheart.
Maja:  Donít patronize me!
49.21 Pain.jpg

Maja:  Itís a girl!  Oh Darwin!  Look at this precious child we made together.
Darwin: *wisely says nothing and ignores all Majaís comments made while in labor*
49.22 Hazel born.jpg

Jax:  Welcome to the family, baby Hazel.  Iím so glad I got to meet you.
Laurel:  I donít like to hear you speak with such finality.
Jax:  I canít help it.  I got my first notice from Grim today.
49.23 Jax Hazel.jpg

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: Partied Out (Apr 21)
« Reply #222 on: April 21, 2019, 01:25:18 PM »
Partied Out

Jax:  Is that Majaís portrait for the family gallery?
Laurel:  Yes.  We finally had a nice enough day for Maja to pose outside for me.
50.1 portrait.jpg

Speaking of MajaÖ

Maja:  At last!  I completed my aspiration.  I am all partied out.
50.2 Last party.jpg

 Maja:  Now I can choose the Freelance Botanist aspiration and concentrate on my career.
50.3 Garden.jpg


Darwin:  I got the call about Aunt Hess while I was at work.   Iím really sorry, Momma.
Laurel:  Could you go collect her urn?  I donít think I can do it.
Darwin:  Iíll take care of it.
50.4 Hess death.jpg

Cousin Star:  I guess youíre here to collect Aunt Hessís remains.
Darwin:  Yes.  We got here as soon as we could.
Maja:  Um, Darwin, something strange is happening with your cousin Stella.
50.5 collect urn.jpg

Darwin:  Oh!  That is odd.  Iíve never witnessed an alien abduction while visiting another lot.
Maja:  Thatís the odd part?
50.6 Stella.jpg

When it rains, it poursÖ

Darwin:  Oh no!  DadÖ
Laurel: *weeps*
50.7 Jax dies.jpg

Jaxton Faust, you will be missed.  You were the first to complete the Public Enemy and Chief of Mischief aspirations and reached the top of the Criminal Boss career.  You may have been a tough-guy at work; but at home you were a loving husband, father, uncle, and grandfather.
50.8 Jax collage.jpg

50.9 grave.jpg

Maja:  I hate to age Hazel up while the family is still in mourning. 
Darwin:  I know, but weíve waited as long as we can. 
50.10 Hazel to toddler.jpg

Maja:  I had a feeling she would be a redhead.  Now we have one of each.
50.11 Basil Hazel play.jpg

Darwin:  So, are you content with two kids or would you like a larger family?
Maja:  Oh, I think we could try for at least one more.  *flirts*
50.12 Darwin family.jpg

A few days laterÖ

Darwin:  Yeah!  Got my last promotion!
50.13 Darwin promo.jpg

Maja:  Congratulations dear!
Darwin:  Thanks!  How was your day?
Maja:  It was good.  The new nanny we hired was a big help.  Basil seems to like her.
50.14 Basil Nanny.jpg

Maja:  And she listened patiently while Hazel tried to talk her ear off about the color yellow.
50.15 Hazel talks.jpg

Darwin:  Thatís great.  And howís Momma doing?
Maja:  Sheís still sad.  She refuses to take a moodlet solver, but I finally convinced her to come out of her room.  She spent most of the afternoon talking to Patchy.
Darwin:  Who is Patchy?
Maja:  The scarecrow.  Heís a really good listener.
50.16 Laurel scarecrow.jpg

Maja:  And I saved the best news for last!
Darwin:  Are youÖ?
Maja:  Yes!
50.17 Pregnant 3.jpg

The next dayÖ

Maja:  Is everyone ready for a Flower Day Egg Hunt?
Darwin:  Youíd better explain it to them.  I donít think they know what to do. 
50.18 Flower day 1.jpg

Maja:  The Flower Bunny hides eggs, and we get to find them.  Flowers are a good place to look becauseÖwell, heís a Flower Bunny!
50.19 Flower day 2.jpg

Basil and Hazel:  More eggs!  More eggs!
Maja:  Thatís the spirit!
50.20 Flower day 3.jpg

Darwin:  Look Basil!  The Flower Bunny wants to say hello.
50.21 Bunny 1.jpg

Basil:  No!  Bunny too big! *cries*
50.22 Bunny 2.jpg

Darwin:  Sorry about that, Mr. Bunny.  At least Hazel isnít afraid of you.
Flower Bunny:  *shrugs*
50.23 Bunny 3.jpg

Maja:  Iíd say that was a successful Flower Day.  We completed the egg collection and the kids got a new toy.
50.24 Egg collection.jpg

Darwin:  Itís too bad Basil didnít care for the Flower Bunny.
Maja:  I think maybe he was just tuckered out.
50.25 tuckered out.jpg

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: Partied Out (Apr 21)
« Reply #223 on: May 12, 2019, 11:33:43 AM »
Wow, I like the idea of the holidays and the fun interactions you had with them, but I don't really want the weather issues ruining portraits and such!
Hazel is such a doll!!!  I mean, not that I'm partial to adorable redheads or anything, but I mean, she totally is a doll!!!  And she's not afraid of the Flower Bunny, so she's got my vote  ;=)
Loving the aesthetics you create with the costuming and social realities for the story.  It's such a wonderful story universe you've created!

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: Birthdays and Such (May 26)
« Reply #224 on: May 26, 2019, 12:50:37 PM »
Wow, I like the idea of the holidays and the fun interactions you had with them, but I don't really want the weather issues ruining portraits and such!
Hazel is such a doll!!!  I mean, not that I'm partial to adorable redheads or anything, but I mean, she totally is a doll!!!  And she's not afraid of the Flower Bunny, so she's got my vote  ;=)
Loving the aesthetics you create with the costuming and social realities for the story.  It's such a wonderful story universe you've created!

It took me waaaaay too long to get Maja's portrait done.  Staging all the portraits outside seemed like a good idea in the beginning, but I didn't have Seasons then.  The weather machine is fully upgraded now so hopefully we're good for the future.  ;D

I have to agree with you that Hazel is a little doll.  I'm really quite surprised at how persistent the red hair has been.  All of Darwin and Maja's kids turned out cute IMHO.  Speaking of which, Maja was pregnant with #3 where I last left off.  She'd probably appreciate an update!

Birthdays and Such

Maja:  What are we going to do when we have a third one?  Where will we put all the beds?
Darwin:  Weíll make do somehow.  Besides, the new baby will sleep in our room at first.
Maja:  Thatís true.  And Basil will be a child very soon.
51.1 Bedtime.jpg

Maja:  Your mother was a big help today with the kids.  I didnít even have to hire a nanny while I worked. 
51.2 Laurel Basil read.jpg
51.3 Laurel Hazel bath.jpg

The following dayÖ
Maja:  Happy birthday my handsome boy!
Basil:  Thanks Mom!
51.4 birthday hug.jpg

Laurel:  What is his childhood traitóif I may ask?
Maja:  Basil is outgoing, like me.  And his first aspiration is Social Butterfly.
51.5 Basil.jpg

Clara:  Basil isnít the only one having a birthday today.  You and I have bubbling age bars, too.
51.6 Darwin Clara.jpg

Darwin:  Yeah, but we have the option of drinking a potion of youth.  Have you decided what you want to do?
Clara:  Iím drinking mine.  Why get older if we donít have to?
51.7 Clara POY.jpg

Darwin:  Canít argue with that.
51.8 Darwin POY.jpg

Maja:  Basil is such a good big brother; heís been entertaining Hazel all morning.
51.9 funny faces.jpg

Darwin:  And earning his first scouting badge while heís at it.
51.10 badges.jpg

Maja:  Itís about time you had a friend, Bluebell.  Donít you think?
Bluebell: *grins*
51.11 cowplant friend.jpg

Hazel:  Daddy home! *tackles Darwin*
Darwin:  Hey baby girl!  Did you miss me?
51.12 Darwin Hazel play.jpg

Darwin:  Mr. Datta, Iím so glad you could come over.  How have you been?
Datta:  Iíve been doing well.  You were rightóa little rest is just what I needed.
51.13 Darwin Datta.jpg

Darwin:  I was hoping you could help Basil with his Social Butterfly aspiration.  He needs to befriend another adult, and I canít think of anyone better than you.
Datta:  It would be an honor, sir.
51.14 Basil Datta.jpg

In the middle of the nightÖ

Maja:  Darwin, itís time!
Darwin:  What?  Baby?  Oh no!
Maja:  Why are you panicking now?  This is our third child.
Darwin:  I just realized weíre going to be outnumbered!
51.15 panic attack.jpg

Maja:  Itís a boy!  Are you feeling better now, Darwin?
Darwin:  Yes, thank you.  I just needed to sit down.
51.16 sparkles.jpg

Darwin:  *confidently*  Oh yeah, I can do this.  You just helped Daddy max his parenting skill, baby Kale.
51.17 parenting max.jpg

A while laterÖ

Maja:  I canít believe I have to do this for workÖ
51.18 cowplant cake.jpg

Maja:  Ugh!  No offense, Bluebell, but I am never doing that again.
51.19 cowplant after.jpg

Darwin:  I am very disappointed young lady!  We do not make messes.
Hazel:  *hangs head*
51.20 Hazel trouble.jpg

Maja:  Letís get you cleaned up.  And no more paint in the house, okay?
51.21 Hazel bath.jpg

Maja:  It was all worth it, Patchy!  I completed my aspiration and reached the top of my career today!
51.22 Maja happy.jpg

Darwin:  Itís time for another birthday.
Maja:  I canít believe it.  Didnít we just have him?
Darwin:  Seems like it.
51.23 Kale birthday.jpg

Maja:  Another redhead!
51.24 Kale redhead.jpg

Watcher's Notes:  It's been over a month since my last update (where does the time go?) so here's a quick recap of who's who in the legacy house:

Laurel: elder, Gen 3 heir
Darwin: YA, Gen 4 heir
Maja: YA, Gen 4 primary spouse
Clara: YA, Gen 4 cadet-- we'll hear more from her next time
Basil: child, Gen 5
Hazel: toddler, Gen 5
Kale: just turned toddler, Gen 5

All of the kids are eligible to be the Gen 5 heir.  I haven't played ahead much so even I don't know who the heir will be.