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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Shae Berra
« Reply #50 on: September 29, 2018, 09:08:54 PM »
Wow, look at em go! Love all those painters. Can't wait to see the toddler spam!

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Shae Berra
« Reply #51 on: September 30, 2018, 04:28:06 PM »
Wow, look at em go! Love all those painters. Can't wait to see the toddler spam!

Those painters really help out with the finances early in the game. 
Thanks for reading!

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Shae Berra
« Reply #52 on: September 30, 2018, 05:13:27 PM »
Generation 1.  Shae Berra

1.11  A Special Kind of Sunshine in a Smile

Toddler Spam

Wild Child Aavelee:  Hi!  Iím Abyee and I hab 2 nighties cuz I yub pwincesses and mommy yubs me so she got dem for me.
01 - Avelee nighties.jpg

Aavelee: My mommy gabe us cheese sannich for yunch.
Charmer Brandt: Itís Gwilled Cheese Abwee, not cheese sannich.  An itís my fabwit and I mommyís fabwit so datís why.
02 - lunch.jpg

Aavelee:  You not mommyís fabwit but I yike hoggogs more.
03 - hotdogs.jpg

Brandt:  Sometimes Nanny weads to us.
Aavelee:  She says itís good for our maginashuns.
04 -Reading with Nanny.jpg

Brandt: But I want to pway outside.  Daddy takes me in da pool.
05 - Brandt Pool.jpg

Aavelee:  An me too!
06 - Aavelee pool.jpg

Brandt:  We bof wike to swide.
Aavelee:  No I donít yike dat.
07 - slide.jpg

Aavelee: I yike da baws.
08 - Aavelee ball pit.jpg

Brandt:  Me too!  I wike dem more!
09 - Brandt Ball Pit.jpg

Aavelee:  No you donít! 
Brandt:  I do!  An my Daddy is teaching me to dance!
10 - Brandt dances with daddy.jpg

Aavelee:  Well, I aweady know how to dance!
11 - Aavelee Dancing.jpg

Brandt: Well, mommy gibs me a baf wheneber I want!
12 - Brandt Bath.jpg

Aavelee:  Well, I donít need a baf cuz I donít get dirty!
Brandt:  You wun nakee all da time!
Aavelee:  Yeah, because I yike to!
13 - Aavelee clothes off.jpg

Brandt:  Well datís dumb.  My Chompy Monsta will chomp you!
14 - Brandt Chompy monster.jpg

Aavelee:  He better not because I will tell mommy and she will fwo him away!
Brandt:  No she wonít.  She will get mad if you tattle!
Aavelee:  Den I will tell Kitty!
15 - Aavelee talks to Kitty.jpg

Aavelee:  Kitty doesnít yike you anymore!
Brandt:  I donít care.  I wub Bear and him wubs me.  An we Sharebears, not Kitties!
16 - Twins hug animals.jpg

Aavelee:  Iím gonna go pway wif Daddy!
Brandt:  Go head.  I hab someting better!
Aavelee:  Hmph!
Brandt:  Yeah, hmph!

Aavelee:  Daddy will you pway wif me?
Isaac:  Of course I will sweetheart.  Iím gonna get you and throw you up in the air and twirl you around!
Aavelee (Giggling):  You haffa catch me!
17 - Aavelee plays with Daddy.jpg

Brandt:  I wunner why mommy keeps dis hiding upstairs . . . itís soooo . . . . wow!
18 - Brandt Toilet.jpg

Aavelee:  Sometimes I yike to pway by myself.  I wear my Pwincess dwess when I pway castle babies.
19 - Aavelee dollhouse.jpg

Aavelee:  And I pway wif bwocks and toys too.
20 - Aavelee play.jpg

Brandt:  Eberyting da wight touches is myyyyyyy kindom!
21 - Brandt kingdom.jpg

Brandt:  I canít swim wif you today Misser Nomey, cuz I has on my fancy pants.
22 - Brandt Gnome 2.jpg

Aavelee:  I yub you Bwudda.
Brandt:  I wub you too Abwee.
23 - Hugs.jpg

Aavalee:  Byess our famiyee.  Goonight.
Brandt:  Yeah, bwess our famiwee.
24 - Reading kids to sleep.jpg

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Shae Berra
« Reply #53 on: September 30, 2018, 09:20:28 PM »
Goodness gracious, those two are little tornados disguised as toddlers.
They are adorable, which is not surprising given their parents.
The constant competing and word wars cracked me up.
I'm glad they make up every night before bed.

Such an entertaining update! ;D

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Shae Berra
« Reply #54 on: October 01, 2018, 01:24:51 PM »
Om watcher... I can't even. Those two are just too cute!  And boy, are they a handful! lol Their little competitions are just perfect hehehehe

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Shae Berra
« Reply #55 on: October 02, 2018, 09:41:57 AM »
Awhhh they are so cute!

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Shae Berra
« Reply #56 on: March 10, 2019, 03:14:04 AM »
Generation 1.  Shae Berra

Oh, how time flies!  My last Shae Berra update was at the end of September, in Week 3.  My last save is from early October, at Wednesday of week 5.  I do have some notes to go with the screenshots from the time in between, so Iíll do my best to get caught up with the story before I start playing again.

1.12  'Tis a lesson you should heed, Try, try, try again; If at first you don't succeed, Try, try, try again

On Friday of Week 3 Sawyer was promoted to Stem Researcher (Level 6) and Shae was promoted to Community Manager (Level 5, Public Relations branch of Social Media career).
When Isaac was promoted to Canvas Creator (Level 5 Artist), he was so excited that as soon as he got home, he changed into his Police Chief uniform and started dancing in the street.
1 - Isaac Dancing.jpg

Sawyer invited Mariko over, asked her on a date (at home) and then Tried for Baby several times; he only got a bronze on the date because MJ (the Watcher) got distracted with Aavelee and Brandt (the toddlers), but if he gets a son or another daughter from the date, he won't care about just getting a bronze.

On Sunday, Tetsu invited Fabiana over, tried for baby 4 times, then gave her a makeover. 
2 - Fabiana.jpg

Shae was very sad about the death of some guy she barely knew, but Isaac knew how to cheer her up.  She wanted another baby too, and the timing was perfect.  Getting pregnant today meant the new baby would age up to toddler just after the twins aged up to child.  So he took her upstairs to try for baby.  But no baby resulted, and Shae was just too sad to even try again. 
3 - Shae so sad.jpg

Isaac took her outside to renew his vows with her, thinking that would cheer her up, but she was too sad even for that.  He convinced her to drink a moodlet solver so he could remind her that she is, and always will be, his one and only love.  Just before the ceremony was over, Shae got another call that yet another person she barely knew had died, and the sad moodlet returned.  Fortunately, she was happy enough from her moodlet solver and renewing her vows that she was able to overcome the sadness.
4 - Renewing vows.jpg

Sawyer got another work task of being eaten by a cowplant.  He wasnít able to fulfill this the first time he got it because he didnít yet have a mature cowplant.  This time, he got focused and ate the cake. 
5 - Sawyer cowplant 1.jpg

And thatís how the Berra Sharebears got their first Cowplant Essence. 
6 - Sawyer cowplant 2.jpg

Isaac caught Sawyer complaining about the absolute grossness of being covered in cowplant goo, and smirked, ďSuck it up he-man, canít be that bad!Ē  To which Sawyer retorted, ďOh yeah?  Letís see you do it!Ē  Isaac's squeamish trait had him turning green at the thought, but he was not to be outdone by a Secondary Spouse.  ďNo problem, Dude! Itís just a piece of cake!Ē  And he went for it before he could think twice and change his mind.   
7 - Isaac Cowplant.jpg

He knew immediately that this was the most disgusting thing heíd ever done, and something he would never do again.  But at least he got an Essense of Energy for his trouble.
The morning after the cowplant incident, Sawyer got this feedback: ďSawyerís boss was happy with the work he did from home, and he made $10.Ē  Ten bucks.  For being swallowed by a cowplant and puked back up covered in disgusting goo.  So not worth it.  But then Sawyer had an idea, and went to find Shae.  ďHey Shae, you remember that guy from the bar?  The one that slapped you?  I have an idea.Ē

Shae couldnít invite Matias over because he was in Selvadorado, so she thought sheíd run over there, invite him to join Sharebears, and come right back.  But she accidentally took the whole family.  The twins were so excited they forgot they were quarelling and hugged each other. 
8 - Toddlers huggin.jpg

Shae stuck to the plan, invited Matias over, chatted him up as if the slap never happened, and invited him to join the Sharebears Club.  He tried to play it cool but was really overjoyed about being asked.
9 - Getting Matias.jpg

Shae promptly brought the family home and immediately started a gathering.  But Matias didnít show up. 

When the Humor and Hijinks Festival started, Shae decided to go because she had a work task to be mischievious to 5 sims there.  When she initiated the travel, she had the option to take Matias along. She did, but it was raining, she was sad from the deaths of people she barely knew, she wasnít amused by the random guy who showed up naked, and most of the people around her were angry. 
10 - Festival.jpg

Sheíd had enough really quickly, so she took went home, taking Matias with her.  Sawyer and Matias remembered each other very well, and not at all fondly.
11 - Sawyer and Matias 1.jpg

But Sawyer was on a mission.  He turned on the charm and in no time he had Matias eager to get a look at that cowplant Sawyer was telling him about.
12 - Sawyer and Matias 2.jpg

Sawyer easily lured him to the recent greenhouse addition and told him, ďThe best part about these plants is the unbelievable cake.  Itís the best youíve ever had, you can count on that!  But Iíd appreciate you not eating these pieces.  Iím saving them for some friends that are coming over later.Ē
13 - Sawyer and Matias 3.jpg

Matias didnít notice when Sawyer locked the door.  But eventually, he realized he was locked in, and he was none too happy.  Thatís when he decided to eat the cake Sawyer was saving for friends.
14 - Matias and cowplants.jpg

What a surprise it was to discover he wasnít the one doing the eating! 
15 - Matias gross.jpg

Matias thought heíd escape when Sawyer came in to gloat, but he quickly realized that Sawyer could come and go without unlocking the door.  Sawyer seemed really pleased about the whole eaten-by-a-cow-plant thing, and when Matias learned heíd helped out the Sharebears by providing Essence of Anger, that made it so much worse.
16 - Sawyer and Cows.jpg

Over the next couple of days, Matias made friends with the cowplants.
17 - Matias cows.jpg

He also peed himself and passed out several times, but even after two days with no food, he didnít go for the cake.
Meanwhile, Sawyer maxed gardening, but needed to catch 5 more fish to complete Angling Ace, and he hadnít even started Freelance Botanist yet. One of cowplants died, so Sawyer fed the other. He thought that by the time it produced another piece of cake Matias would be so hungry he'd jump on it. 

Tetsu finished the Bestselling Author Aspiration with the 20th book in his Castle series, The Titanium Castle.  He achieved the required royalties that same day, and that gave him enough satisfaction points to purchase Connections.  He then joined the writer career, knowing that he would be meeting the career writing requirements by writing the Book of Life several times.  He decided to tackle the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration next to get the point for one sim completing two creative aspirations.

With the help of mentor Darsh Savalani, Isaac maxed Fitness and completed the Bodybuilder aspiration. 
18 - Isaac fitness.jpg

Next Isaac tackled Fabulously Wealthy.  He sold all the paintings that were ready to sell, and had just over $165k of the $200k needed to finish the aspiration.  So the painters kept painting.  Even the rainy weather didnít stop the painters.
19 - Painters paint.jpg

Still, Matias refused to take the cake. 
20 - Matias no cake.jpg

Isaac completed Fabulously Wealthy, and then he and Shae both quickly completed Mansion Baron.  Shae went for Painter Extraordinaire next, while Isaac opted for The Curator. Carlyle was born, but there was no picture to commemorate the event.  Everyone was on edge and going stir-crazy, unable to leave the lot for fear Matias would escape.  Finally, on Thursday evening, Sawyer put the cowplants in household inventory, and turned the greenhouse addition, where Matias was staying, into an indoor pool.  All except the one square that Matias was standing on. 
21 - Matias one square.jpg

When Matias jumped into the water, Sawyer removed that one square.  At 10:30 that night, Matias was treading water right where he'd jumped in.  At 7:40 am Friday morning, Matias was still treading water in the same spot. 
22 - Matias treading.jpg

The twins worked on finishing up their skilling so theyíd get Top-Notch Toddler.  Sawyer and Shae worked on their work tasks.  When he was finished, Sawyer started practicing yoga.  Nanny didnít help with Carlyle at all, no matter how much he cried.  But the twins were able to get her to read books to them, to finish their imagination skilling, and then they watched her watch TV to finish their thinking skills.

As 2:45 pm, Matias finally started showing signs of fatigue.  Finally, at 4:01pm, after four days locked in the greenhouse, Matias started going down.  Time of death, 4:32pm.  Time of phone calls to all four adults in the household to tell them of Matiasí death, 4:33pm.  And so, after waiting so impatiently for Grim to come for Matias, all the adults were now terribly sad.  But it was birthday time for the twins, so it was moodlet solvers to the rescue.

Because Shae was struggling to complete her work tasks for the day, Sawyer baked the cakes for the twinsí birthday.  Strawberry for Aavelee, Zombie cake for Brandt. Aavelee aged up with the Creative trait and the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration.
23 - Aavelee aged up.jpg

Brandt aged up with the Genius trait and the Social Butterfly aspiration. 
24 - Brandt ages up.jpg

Aavelee went to the mirror to initiate makeovers while Brandt went to clean up the mess he made in the nursery as a toddler.  So nice of mom to save it for him.  Shae brought them into the Sharebear club, and they Rallied the Troops for the first time.
25 -clean and rally.jpg

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Shae Berra
« Reply #57 on: March 11, 2019, 09:08:15 PM »
Generation 1.  Shae Berra

1.13  Living life is fun and weíve just begun

After aging up on Friday evening, Aavelee and Brandt got their homework done.
1 -  Twins doing homework.jpg

Then they worked on their aspirations through the night and early morning, with the promise of a group outing on Saturday.
2- Twins Asp.jpg

Saturday morning, Sawyer finally had the opportunity to go out fishing.  Everyone else was also tired of being cooped up at home, waiting for Matias to give it up, and the whole family went along.  It was cold, being the last day of fall, so they went to Oasis Springs hoping for warmth.  Isaac looked forward to gathering collectibles.  Shae and Tetsu took easels along for painting.

Sawyer was able to catch some of the fish he was missing.
3 - Sawyer Fish.jpg

Aavelee finished her Rambunctious Scamp aspiration while Brandt made friends with other kids to finish Social Butterfly.
4 - Twins Asp 2.jpg

Then Brandt got to work on Rambunctious Scamp.
5 - Brandt RambScamp.jpg

And Aavelee worked on Social Butterfly.  She was really excited to meet Riley, Tetsu and Fabianaís firstborn.  They look so much alike, even though they aren't related.  Aavelee is in the blue.
6 - Aavelee with Riley.jpg

Shae helped Carlyle learn to talk, and then enjoyed some painting time.
7 - Shae.jpg

Isaac dug up some treasures while Tetsu painted Pop Art.
8 - Isaac and Tetsu.jpg

Isaac had to work Saturday, but everyone else stayed at the park for the day, and then came back on Sunday.  By Monday morning, Sawyer only needed 3 more fish to complete Angling Ace.  But the water was frozen in Brindelton Bay, and he couldnít travel or the kids would come home from school and Tetsu and Isaac would come home from work.  So he did the gardening, mastered Wellness and improved his Logic.
9 - Sawyer yoga and chess.jpg

Aavelee and Brandt had both completed Rambunctious Scamp, Social Butterfly, and the first half of Whiz Kid.  Aavelee really loves the science table.
10 - Aavelee science.jpg

Brandt prefers playing Doctor.
11 - Brandt Dr.jpg

Tetsu finished up Painter Extraordinaire (earning a point for completing two Creative aspirations) and then he started on Chief of Mischief.  He started a Mischief Makers Club, built out a Mischief clubhouse in the basement, added a private entrance to the clubhouse, and started a club gathering with several townies he knew.  He had a lot of fun sharing conspiracy theories, claiming to be a criminal mastermind, and tricking club members with his hand buzzer.
12 - Tetsu mischief.jpg

He even started a fight . . . . . . . . . . . . . . with a vampire!
13 - Tetsu fight.jpg

Meanwhile, Carlyle learned to walk . . .
14 - Carlyle walk.jpg

. . . and play . . .
15 - Carlyle play.jpg

. . . and entertain Nanny.
16 - Carlyle and Nanny.jpg

The entire family enjoyed Winterfest.  Decorating the tree and singing carols.
17 - Tree.jpg

Winterfest Dinner Ė with six people seated at the table eating together.
18 - Winterfest Dinner.jpg

And opening Gifts.
19 - Gifts.jpg

Well, almost everyone enjoyed the gifts.

The rest of the week was a big push to advance Ė skills, jobs, and character values for the twins.  Toddler skills were at the forefront, as Carlyle was only at level 2 in potty training and level 3 in everything else, and heíd be aging up on Saturday (New Yearís Eve).

Everyone helped Carlyle with his skilling.  Mom used flashcards for thinking and Sawyer taught him shapes.  Dad used flipping and flying to help him with movement.   
20 - Carlyle learns.jpg

Nanny kept him fed and gave him naps in the highchair when he was tired.  And Carlyle worked on his own also Ė dancing, reading, and perfecting his potty skills.
21 - Carlyle learns more.jpg

Sawyer held a New Yearís Eve Party and invited his girlfriend Mariko and their two daughters, Eden and Sara.  Aavelee and Eden had some fun playing together, while Sara kept a close eye on Mommy and Daddy.
22 - Sawyer Family.jpg

Sawyer was certainly in a festive mood.  Was it just because of New Yearís Eve, or was it having his girls close by? 
23 - Sawyer horn.jpg

Everyone gathered around the TV for the New Yearís countdown.
24 - Countdown.jpg

Thanks to everyoneís hard work, Carlyle maxed all his toddler skills and celebrated with his cake just before the party ended.
25 - Carlyle age up.jpg

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Shae Berra
« Reply #58 on: March 18, 2019, 10:21:40 PM »
Generation 1.  Shae Berra

1.14 It's all fun and it's all games

Tetsu:  I just have to clog drains at three homes to finish Chief of Mischief Ė and Iíve picked the perfect day for it!
1- Tetsu Drain 1.jpg

Tetsu: I've chosen the homes of the wealthiest Sims.  I'm mischievous, but I'm not heartless.  I'm only messing with Sims who can afford the repairs.  And the best part is, I'm Always Welcome in any home, so the homeowners don't even try to stop me!  Mwa-ha-ha!
2 -Tetsu Drain 2.jpg

Pranks on Nanny were a particular favorite on Prank Day.

Brandt: Nanny!  Look at that!
Nanny: What, Brandt?  I don't see anything.
3 - Brandt scares Nanny.jpg

Nanny fell for the scare tactic again with Aavalee, and then got zapped by Sawyer.
4 - Aavelee and Sawyer with Nanny.jpg

Carlyle thought it would be fun to scare Sawyer.
5 - Carlyle scares Sawyer.jpg

But Sawyer got him back with a silly slap while Shae was zapping Nanny.
6 - Sayer-Carlyle and Shae-Nanny.jpg

Brandt:  The problem with you, Carlyle, is that youíre BREATHING!
Carlyle:  Whatever you say, whatever you do, bounces off me and sticks to you!
Brandt:  NYAH NYAH!
7 - Brandt taunts Carlyle.jpg

Carlyle:  Hey Aavelee, come here.   I need to tell you a secret.
8 - Brandt pranks Aavelee.jpg

Isaac:  Nanny!  Have I told you lately how much we love yaí?  And Sawyer, put Ďer there, buddy!
9 - Isaac zaps Nanny and Sawyer.jpg

Nanny got into the spirit, kicking over the trash . . . . and then pretending it wasnít her.
10 - Nanny Trash.jpg

And Shae learned itís more fun to give than to receive.
11 - Nanny scares Shae.jpg

Overall, Prank Day was a success for everyone.  And it had the added bonus of raising everyoneís mischief skill (except Tetsu, whoíd already maxed mischief) which meant they all met their New Yearís Resolution to raise a skill in the next 7 days.

Aavelee and Brandt were excited to give bowling a try.  They were in their basement and no strangers had been in the house for many hours, when Aavelee got a Tense moodlet from being Stressed with Strangers.  She was wild, not clingy, as a toddler, but was apparently going through a clingy childhood phase.  But she didnít let that stop her from beating her brother at bowling with a really nice score Ė especially since it was her first game ever.
12 - Aavelee won bowling.jpg

Sawyer was promoted to Botanist - Level 10 of the Gardener career.
13 - Sawyer Botanist.jpg

He considered going on to the Flower Arranging career, since heíd been reading about it and had actually created a few flower arrangements. 
14 - Sawyer flower arranging.jpg

But the Bro in him screamed, ďNo way Dude!  Not flowers!  Athlete!  Go Athlete!Ē  So he did.

Isaac:  Hey, Sawyer.  I heard you hit Level 10 with your Botanist Career.  Congrats!
15 - Sawyer Isaac shake.jpg

Sawyer:  Yeah, I have a new job now.   As an Athlete.
Isaac:  ďThatís cool. So youíre like, what, a waterboy?  Or a mascot or something? ď
Sawyer:  ďNo, Dude.  I skipped over those levels.  Iím starting as a . . . . Level 4.Ē
Isaac:  ďOh, Level 4.  And whatís level 4?  Are you a trainer?Ē
Sawyer:  No.  Level 4 is  . . . a . . . Dance Team Captain.Ē
Isaac:  Ah, Dance Team Captain.  Well, thatís  . . . ah . . . yeah . . . thatís terrific.  And, hey, the hot pink looks great on you!Ē
16 - Hot pink looks great.jpg

Sawyer:  Itís only temporary, Dude.  Just a step on the ladder.Ē
Isaac:  Hey, no, Dance Team Captain is cool.  Iím a Dance Machine myself, so you know, if you need any help.  Let me know.Ē
Sawyer:  Thanks, but no, Iím good.Ē
Isaac:  You know I hit Level 10 myself.  So, yeah, Iím ready to start my third career.Ē
17 - Isaac Promotion.jpg

Sawyer:  Third?  Oh, yeah, you did that cop thing.Ē
Isaac: Chief of Detectives actually, but yeah, ďcop thingĒ is good.
Sawyer:  So what are you doing now Big Guy?
Isaac:  Astronaut.
18 - Astronaut.jpg

Sawyer:  Astronaut?  Seriously?  Youíre going to be a smuggler?Ē
Isaac (laughing):  No, man.  Iím going to be a Space Ranger.  Fits better with my ďcop thingĒ donít you think?Ē
Sawyer: Ah, so youíre going from  Master of the Real to Space Intern?
Isaac: No, of course not.  I skipped the first levels too.  Iíll be a Command Center Lead.  I start tomorrow.  Wish me luck!
Sawyer (muttering as Isaac leaves):  Sometimes I really hate that guy.
19 - Hate that Guy.jpg

Shae had a work task to be mischievous with 5 sims at the Humor and Hijinks Festival, so she tricked Gunther with a Hand Buzzer, instilled Masami Watanabe with false confidence, started a preposterous rumor with Holly Alt, and shared a conspiracy theory with Ali Seddiki.
20 - HH - Conspiracy Theory.jpg

She also saw Tetsu Mori.  She remembered him from the last Humor and Hijinks Festival.  He had clothes on this time, but figuring he would be up for it, she dared him to streak.
21 - HH - Streaker.jpg

Sawyer ran into Mariko and was very happy to see her, while Brandt grabbed a microphone and entertained the crowd.
22 - HH - Sawyer.jpg

Of course the fireworks were a big hit.
23 - HH-Fireworks.jpg

Back at home, Aavelee practiced for Drama Club.  Sheís turning into quite the little Drama Queen!
24 - Aavelee Drama.jpg

And the Sharebears received two disturbing pieces of news about Tetsu. 
25 - Tetsu Freezing.jpg

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Shae Berra
« Reply #59 on: March 22, 2019, 12:59:25 AM »
Generation 1.  Shae Berra

1.15 There's something strange going on right here

Shae had a work task to get to know Sims in the Fashion District.  She had met a few when she saw someone who looked vaguely familiar.
1 - MJ at bar.jpg

Shae:  Oh, itís you!  What a surprise!
2 - Oh its you.jpg

MJ:  Indeed.  We need to talk.
Shae:  Really?  After all this time?  You throw me face-first into the snow, at the beginning of a Legacy, and then when Iím married and pregnant with twins, you abandon me for weeks, and now you want to talk?
3 - Really - now.jpg

MJ:  I also gave you a house.  A pretty great house.  I believe the word you used was ďawesomeĒ.
4 - gave you a house.jpg

Shae:  Yes, you did give me a great house.  But where were you all those days when the babies were crying and then the toddlers were toddling and now the children are . . . . nearly teenagers?  Where have you been all this time!?
5 - where were you.jpg

MJ:  Around.  Watching.  But honestly, Shae, youíve been doing great.  Youíve got your legacy off to a fabulous start.  Thereís been no reason for me to interfere.
Shae:  So why are you here now?
MJ:  Well, we do have a bit of a problem.  A glitch, I guess you could call it.  With your aging. 
Shae:  I knew it!  I woke up this morning with 1 day until age-up and I knew something was wrong.  How many more days do I really have?
MJ:  More days?  No, no dear.  Less days.  You should have hit 0 several days ago.
Shae:  No!  Thatís not possible!
6 - no it can't be.jpg

MJ:  Of course it is.  Think about it.  Isaac and Sawyer hit 0 and drank their Potions of Youth nearly 2 weeks ago.  You get some extra days because of the pregnancies, but still, you should have hit 0 last week.
Shae:  Oh, well, hmmmmm . . . . then I guess I really do hit 0 tomorrow.  So I'll drink my Potion of Youth and then Iíll have 24 days until I age up to Adult. 
MJ:  Not exactly.  Youíll need to blow out your birthday candles with 6 days remaining until Adult to fix the glitch.
Shae:  6 days!!  You have to be kidding.  Iím supposed to just throw away nearly a week of my life? 
7 - give up 6 days.jpg

MJ:  Nearly a week that you arenít entitled to.  You donít want to blow the whole Legacy over a few days that you arenít entitled to anyway, do you?
Shae:  Hmmmmm . . . . let me think . . .
MJ:  Shae!!
Shae:  Okay, no, of course not.  But it seems harsh to make me just throw away 6 whole days.
MJ:  Well, think of it this way.  Isaac doesnít have those 6 days.  So if you keep them, itís 6 more days at the end of your life without him.
Shae:  Oh, when you put it that way . . . I guess youíre right.
8 - 6 days no isaac.jpg

MJ:  Itís nearly time to choose the new heir.  Have you thought about how youíre going to introduce the kids to the voters? 
Shae:  Not really, but I will.
MJ:  Well, Iím sure youíll come up with a great idea.  Iíll be keeping an eye on you.  And Iíll be back when youíre six days from Adult.  Iíll even bring you a fabulous cake.

Shae met a few more Sims in the Fashion District and then headed home. 
9 - Lillith and Darling.jpg

Carlyle loves playing on the Pirate Ship and Nanny can usually be found with him.
10 - Nanny Sea Monster.jpg

Isaac upgraded the last two items to complete Nerd Brain.
11 - Isaac completed Nerd Brain.jpg

And then he got a call from an old friend from his Police Detective days.  His friend suggested Isaac make some time to investigate weird happenings in the nearby community of Strangerville.  So Isaac took on the StrangerVille Mystery aspiration.

He decided to start his investigation at the 8 Bell Bar.  Immediately upon arriving, his phone started beeping with text messages from a number he didnít recognize:

     ďWelcome to StrangerVille.  The only thing stranger than the people is the flora!Ē

     ďSome of the locals are acting a bit suspicious and thereís a large number of Military and Scientists in town.Ē

     ďTry asking people about StrangerVille.  They might be able to shed some light on this strange situation.Ē

In the bar he met Rita but she insisted she couldnít talk about anything.  He chatted with her awhile and tried to soften her up.  It  was Talk Like A Pirate Day, so he asked her Ďere the wind blows.  That seemed to confuse her.  Then he tried asking her about Booty, but she took that entirely the wrong way.
12 - Rita.jpg

Just then, a local resident came into the bar exhibiting very odd behavior.
13 - Weird behavior.jpg

Isaac tried to talk to her, but it was no use.  She couldnít communicate.  Suddenly she turned around and left the bar.  Isaac followed her outside and tried communicating again.  He got a sudden idea to try slapping her out of it.  It appeared to work, at least in the short-term, but thereís no telling if the improvement will last.
14 - Slap worked.jpg

One of the local residents suggested he check out the Secret Lab, and another said heíd seen a lot of scientists at the library.  A third mentioned something about a curio shop. 

Isaac started with the library, since it was close by.  He thought the place was empty, but then he saw a young, bright-eyed woman dressed as heíd expect a scientist to dress, over at a computer. 
15 - Jayda.jpg

He casually walked by and greeted her with a jaunty ďEre the wind blowsĒ.  She turned slowly, looked him square in the eye, and said, ďUp.Ē  The she turned back to the computer. 

Not sure how to interpret that, Isaac decided to try the lab.  As he was leaving the library, he looked around and saw very colorful, strange-looking plants everywhere.
16 - Strange Plants.jpg

Sneaking into the lab, he took a look around.  He came across a locked door requiring a keycard, and his Detective training kicked in.  He took meticulous notes about everything he saw.
17 - Locked door.jpg

He snapped on some gloves, which he always carried (an old habit from his Detective days) and began snooping around.  He found a suspiciously blurry photo, an encrypted USB Device, a glitched hologram readout, a packet of mysterious seeds, and several hastily-scrawled notes.
18 - Evidence.jpg

He pocketed all the evidence heíd found and headed home.

Tetsu invited Fabiana over for some fun and games.  But she arrived angry and had a lot to say.
19 - Fabiana Mad.jpg

Tetsu let her get it all out, and then invited her to the sauna where the fun and games proceeded as planned.
20 - Tetsu sauna.jpg

Mariko arrived at the twinsí birthday party with some news for Sawyer, while Shae enjoyed a little two-fisted drinking on the front porch.
21 - Birthday party.jpg

Aavelee aged up first, with true Drama Queen style. She added the Cheerful trait, and tried not to show too much excitement about her Chief of Mischief aspiration.
22 - Aavelee age up.jpg

Brandt didnít age up with quite the style of his (ever-so-slightly) older sister, but was just as pleased with his Friend of the World aspiration.  He added the Dance Machine trait.
23 - Brandt age up.jpg

Having survived both the freezing incident and the abduction with no long-term effects, Tetsu entertained the party guests with his splendid bar tricks.
24 - Tetsu bar tricks.jpg

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Shae Berra
« Reply #60 on: March 22, 2019, 12:37:11 PM »
Caught up!! OMG!! Those kids are adorable. I can't wait to see more of them.

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Shae Berra
« Reply #61 on: March 23, 2019, 07:40:10 PM »
Generation 1.  Shae Berra

1.16 Another One Bites The Dust

When Isaac went back to Strangerville, he took Aavelee with him.  She needed to get 2 people to dislike her, and that seemed like an easy place to do it, given that many of the sims there seemed to be paranoid.  Aya Seddiki was an easy target. 
1 - Aavelee Dislike.jpg

In the bar, Isaac ran into Rita.  He chatted with her and asked her more about the lab.  She looked around to see if anyone was watching, and then slipped something into his pocket and whispered in his ear.
2 - Isaac Rita.jpg

He thanked her quietly, winked at her, and promised to tell no one. 

Leaving Aavelee to make friends . . . or enemies . . . as the case may be, Isaac headed to the lab.
He wasnít sure the keycard would actually work, but the door slid open easily.  What was that floating in the air inside?
3 - Open door.jpg

As the pink and purple floaty things surrounded him, Isaac felt a little light-headed. 
4 - Blobs surround him.jpg

Isaac pushed through the hazy feeling, entered the lab and descended to the lower floor.  There he found a hallway filled with more of the floaty things and a blue haze.
5 - Downstairs.jpg

He peered into the hallway, and then entered cautiously.
6 - Isaac in hallway.jpg

But he was soon overcome with the need to get out.
7 - Isaac overcome.jpg

When he came to, he felt really strange.
8 - Isaac felt strange.jpg

Not feeling fully in control of himself, Isaac headed back to town.  He really wanted to talk to someone about this, but he could barely keep his legs moving to walk.
9 - Isaac cant walk.jpg

He finally managed to work his way over to some sims and get himself into somewhat of a position to greet them.  They all stared, but no one seemed particularly surprised by his behavior.
10 - Isaac cant talk.jpg

And then suddenly, the weird feeling was gone.  Isaac still felt a little dazed, but he was back in control of himself.  Just then, he got another text message.
11 - Suddenly ok.jpg

Remembering that one of the locals mentioned a curio shop, Isaac decided to check that out.
12 - Get Hazmat suit.jpg

So Isaac headed back to the bar to talk to Aavelee.  It seems she was making more friends that enemies there, so he took her with him to library and helped her scout out someone to be mean to.  She seemed to do well with this scientist.
13 - Aavelee Scientist.jpg

Meanwhile, Isaac found the scientist he was looking for.  Jayda seemed a little more focused today.  Sheís a Dance Machine, like Isaac, so they chatted about dance moves, and that seemed to go well.  Then he asked about the spores in the lab, and she said she could make him a spore filter if she had the right information.
14 - Filter.jpg

Just then Isaac saw Aavelee following the scientist out the door.  He reached the door just in time to hear her demanding he stop.
Aavelee:  Hey, donít walk away from me!  I need you to dislike me and even though our relationship bar is half-filled with red, we are still just acquaintances, so we arenít done yet!
15 - Aavelee still trying.jpg

Isaac (rushing past them):  You're doing great, honey!  I'll be right back.
He quickly went to the lab, got Jayda the Infection Profile Data she needed, and headed back to the library.  He found Aavelee alone, still out front.  She was partly doubled-over, as if in pain.
16 - Mood swing.jpg

Isaac:  Honey, whatís wrong!?!
Aavelee:  Dad, hide me!  No, take me home!
Isaac:  What happened?
Aavelee (wailing):  I said every mean thing I know over and over and still he didnít dislike me.  And then all of a sudden it was like everyone was looking at me all judgy-like and I just need to get out of here!  Please take me home!
Isaac: Ok, honey, just let me give this data to Jayda and weíll head home.

When they got home, Brandt was donating his emotion potions and childhood drawings to charity to complete his Give Back Scout Badge.
17 - Brandt mail.jpg

Brandt:  Hey, Dad!  Thereís something here for you!
Isaac:  Wow, Jaydaís fast!  Thanks, son!

Aavelee moped around for awhile, and then confessed her embarassing moments to her journal, which dramatically reduced the duration of her mood swing.
18 - Aavelee moping writing.jpg

Tetsu checked his Geneology and found that he was still the father of just two children.  He was a little surprised, after all that fun in the sauna, so he invited Fabiana over to see if there was a baby on the way.  He was surprised to find that, not only was there no baby, but Fabiana had aged up to elder.  And she didnít seem very happy about that.
19 - Fabiana unhappy.jpg

He tried to cheer her up, but Nanny jumped in the middle on Fabianaís behalf.
Nanny: Fabianaís right, Tetsu!  Sheís waited long enough to have her family together.  Iím sure Shae and Isaac would understand.
Tetsu:  Iím not leaving them until Iíve maxed my career.  Iím almost Level 9 Ė Iím sure Iíll get that promotion tomorrow.  I havenít been to the Wishing Well yet, so Iíll use it to get to 10.  Just be patient for one more day Fabiana, and then come over tomorrow evening.  Weíll talk to Shae and Isaac, and then Iíll take you and the girls to a brand new beautiful home! 
20 - Nanny in the middle.jpg

And the next day Tetsu was promoted exactly as planned.
21 - Tetsu Promotion.jpg

Fabiana came over and the four went downstairs to bowl and talk.
Tetsu:  Fabiana and I have been talking, and we really think itís time for me to move out of here and go live with my family.  I need to get to know my girls better, and now that Fabianaís an elder . . . well . . . anything could happen.
Shae:  Oh, Tetsu, you know weíll miss you!  But of course you should go.  And Iím not just saying that because youíve maxed your career and another skill and completed another aspiration, all within the last two days!
22 - Tetsu needs to move.jpg

As Tetsu and Fabiana prepared to leave, Fabiana caught sight of the Observatory.  She nudged Tetsu.
Fabiana:  Tetsu, sweetie, you remember the last time we were in the observatory?
Tetsu:  Of course I do.  It was about 4 days before Madeline was born.
Fabiana:  Do you think we could . . . before we go . . . for old timeís sake . . . ?
They emerged with moodlets referencing mediocre woohoo.  But the second time was clearly not mediocre!
23 - Telescope.jpg

Especially for Fabiana!
24 Fabiana Dies.jpg

And before Grim is even off the lot . . . the calls start rolling in.
25 - Fabiana died calls.jpg

Who IS that busybody making all those calls!

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Shae Berra
« Reply #62 on: March 23, 2019, 07:54:08 PM »
Caught up!! OMG!! Those kids are adorable. I can't wait to see more of them.

Thank you! Some of the expressions they make are just hilarious.  I'm used to playing challenges with one or two sims where I set stuff up, speed through it, pause, set stuff up, speed through it, pause, etc.  This is so different.  I'm really having fun with it.

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Shae Berra
« Reply #63 on: March 24, 2019, 12:00:48 PM »
Generation 1.  Shae Berra

1.17  We're Makin' Mischief and We're Lovin' Every Minute

Aavelee couldnít believe her good luck, rolling Chief of Mischief as her first aspiration.  She was having such fun with it.  It's such a hoot playing pranks on Nanny! The way her eyes roll is just too funny.
1 - Aavelee prank 1.jpg

The Voodoo Doll was even better.
2 - Voodoo.jpg

But the best part of all was clogging drains.  It wasnít so much the drains themselves.  It was more the sims she got to meet when she went to clog the drains.
First up, Alexander Goth.  Genius, Cheerful, Bookworm (3 unique traits).  Not tops in the looks department, but Aavelee knew the power of the closet, and she thought there might be something here to work with. 
3 - Alexander.jpg

She really liked the Delgato kitchen.  And the Delgato son wasnít bad either.  Pierce is a Self-Assured, Active (not unique), Cat Lover.
4 - Delgato.jpg

Next she came across Omari Boggs.  Childish, Kleptomaniac, Bookworm.  All unique traits.
5 - Omari.jpg

Brandt completed all his Scouting Badges.
6 - Brandt finished Scouts.jpg

And then he called about a job in Fast Food.
Voice on the phone:  Well, Brandt, weíd love to have you, but arenít you a Scout?  You canít do both, you know. 
Brandt:  No problem.  Iím finished with Scouting Ė Iíve earned all the badges.  Iím ready for the responsibility of a job.
Voice on the phone:  Thatís great to hear!  You start tomorrow.  Donít be late!
7 - Brandt Fast Food.jpg

Tetsuís moving out to be with his girls really got Sawyer thinking about his family.  He barely knew Eden and Sara, and had only seen little Jorge once.  He invited Mariko over to visit.  She must have really been missing him too.  First she pulled him in the closet; then she wanted a closer look at his rocket.
8 - Mariko and Sawyer.jpg

Shae answers a knock at the door.

Shae:  Penny!  Hey, itís great to see you!  But you look so sad.  Whatever is the matter?
9 - Penny Visits.jpg

Penny:  Oh, Shae.  I keep getting these phone calls about people dying.  It just makes me think about my life, you know? 
Shae:  Sit down here and tell me all about it.
Penny:  Iíve always been so focused on my career.  Living my fast-paced life in the city.  And now Iím nine days away from elder, and I have nothing but my fancy apartment and designer clothes.  No husband, no kids, just me, all alone.  With these constant phone calls.  This one died and that one died Ė thought youíd want to know.  I donít want to know, you know?
10 - Penny tell it.jpg

Shae:  Penny, I do know.  Those phone calls really can drain away the energy.
Penny:  My apartment seems so empty now with no one in it but me.  I just donít know how I can go home to it every day for the rest of my life, even if thatís not very long.  Oh, boo-hoo-hoo!
Shae:  Then donít.  Move in here.  We have room.  Tetsu just moved out to live with his girls.  And youíre, what, a Level 8 internet personality?  That could be really helpful.
11 - Penny move in.jpg

Penny:  Really, Shae?  Youíd let me move in here!  And be part of your Legacy?
Shae:  Oh, so you were listening when I was talking about my Legacy?  I always thought you were ignoring me.
Penny:  Well, I guess I was a little bit jealous that I wasnít picked to found a legacy or a dynasty or anything.  But if you really let me move in, Iíll help in any way I can! 

Penny:  Oh, and, hey, can I use that makeover closet you were always talking about?

A little while later.

Penny: And now to practice my speech and get my charisma up!
12 - Penny Charisma.jpg

Penny had the City Native aspiration, and since that canít be fulfilled without living in the city, she had to roll a new one.  She wasnít quite ready to share what she rolled.  Also, sheís a Level 8 Internet Personality, but has no followers Ė she needs 10,000,000 to progress in her career.  She wasnít quite ready to share that, either.

Isaac attached the spore filter from Jayda to the Hazmat suit and headed back to Strangerville.  It was time to get a look deeper in the lab.
He made his way through the blue haze to another locked door.
13 - Isaac lab.jpg

This is a well-organized and well-funded . . . what?  Takeover plot?  Experiment?  What is going on here?  And who is behind it?
14 - Isaac lab 2.jpg

Oh, this isnít creepy at all!  Isaac had to see more.
15 - Creepy lab.jpg

Surely behind this door Isaac would learn what was going on here.  But did he really want to know?
As the door slid open, spores went flying everywhere.  Isaac peered in and saw flashes of moving color.
16 - What is it.jpg

He entered the lab and climbed the stairs to get a better look.  Whatever it was, it was enormous.
17 - Mother Plant.jpg

It seemed to be trying to communicate with him.
18 - Communicate.jpg

Or did it intend to eat him?
19 - Trying to eat him.jpg

Whatever it was, and whatever it intended, Isaac knew one thing Ė he couldnít beat this alone. So he headed back to the equipment heíd used previously to see what he could find out. 
20 - equipment.jpg

After much digging and poking around, he came across something that appeared to be a recipe for either a vaccine or a cure.  Maybe both.  In order to make it, he needed spores from those weird plants, and he had plenty of those.  But he also needed the actual fruit of the plant.  And he didnít have any of those.  So he went outside to see if he could find some.

He peered at one of the plants, wondering aloud where heíd find the fruit.  He rubbed his hand along the stalk as he murmured to himself ďwhere are you my lovely little glow-ball?Ē  Suddenly the plant poofed out a blue haze, and when it settled, bright green took its place.  Atop the plant sat a glowy fruit-ball. 
21 - Plant.jpg

Isaac plucked the fruit, and then repeated the process with several more plants.  With several of the fruits in hand, he went back to the equipment and followed the instructions to make a few experimental vaccines.
22 - Make Vaccine.jpg

Isaac went back to town to try out the vaccine/cure.  He immediately saw two infected locals, and tried it on both of them.  It did cause a reaction, but not what he was hoping for.
23 - Infected.jpg

Isaac had one more vaccine, and he quickly found someone to try it on.
24 - throw cure.jpg

Isaac didnít think it worked, because the man continued to look at him weirdly.  And then, when he fell to the ground just as the others had, Isaac was sure his ďcureĒ was a failure.   But just then, his phone began to buzz with another text message.
25 - Cure.jpg

Isaac really wanted to do as the message said and head back to the lab.  But if he did, heíd be late for the Birthday Party.  And since this party was for him and Sawyer, he thought he should be on time.  He knew Sawyer would be.

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Shae Berra
« Reply #64 on: March 25, 2019, 08:03:23 PM »
Generation 1.  Shae Berra

1.18 You Say It's Your Birthday, It's My Birthday Too Yeah

Isaac got home from Strangerville just in time for the party.  It was a small party, mostly just family, and it started with cake.  Isaacís candles glowed atop a Hamburger cake made by his Fry-Cook son, Brandt.
1 - Isaac Cake.jpg

Meanwhile, Sawyer was out greeting Mariko, and his soon-to-be son or daughter.
2 - Sawyer Baby.jpg

Brandt called him in to blow out his candles.
Sawyer:  A zombie cake?  Did you make this, Brandt?
Brandt: I sure did.  I remember my first cake Ė a zombie cake - that you made for me because Mom was trying to get her job tasks done.  You know, it meant a lot that you made time to bake those cakes for us. 
Sawyer:  It means a lot to me too.
3 - Sawyer Cake.jpg

Carlyle introduced himself to Sara Murakami Ė Sawyerís daughter.  They immediately became friends, which completed Carlyleís Social Butterfly aspiration Ė the last of the child aspirations for him.
4 - Carlyle meets Sara.jpg

Brandt tried not to be obvious about eyeing Eden, Sawyerís oldest daughter.
5 - Brandt eyes Eden.jpg

Sawyer was really pleased to get time with his kids.
6 - Sawyer Family.jpg

Birthday boys play some chess.
7 - Birthday boys play chess.jpg

Aavelee met Shingo Yamaguchi at the birthday party, although itís unclear who invited hiim.  Heís jealous, clumsy, and family-oriented.  She asked about his career and he laughed and then said heís a hungry artist at 1000 Words Art Gallery.  So, overall, the traits arenít great and the career has already been done.
8 - Shingo.jpg

Nanny overheard the conversation and came out to tell Aavelee that it was really late and she should be going in.  Then she turned to Shingo.
Nanny:  Son, its four oíclock in the morning and the partyís over.  Youíre an adult and sheís a teen.  Youíd best be running on home now.
9 - Nanny and Shingo.jpg

The next morning . . .

Shae:  Hi honey.  What are you doing?
Carlyle:  Iím just looking at these postcards.  Have you really been to these places?
Shae:  No, these are from my penpals.  I found them online and asked them to send me postcards of their towns and cities, and they did.
10 - Carlyle Postcards.jpg

Carlyle:  Doesnít that make you want to go there?
Shae:  It kinda' does, but these places are in another simverse.  We can send letters and postcards back and forth, but we canít really go there.
Carlyle:  But why not?  I mean, we have a rocket in the backyard, Tetsu was abducted by aliens, and thereís a family down the street with a cloning machine.  Is it really so impossible that there could be inter-simverse travel?
11 - Carlyle Postcards 2.jpg

Shae:  Well, I donít know about that.  But I do know something else.  I know itís time for you to come blow out some Birthday candles.  Weíre having the party this morning so your Dad and I can be here since we both have work today.
12 - Carlyle Age up.jpg

Carlyle was already Cheerful, now heís also Creative with the Friend of the World aspiration.   And the family earned another Gold Medal.

With Carlyle a teen now, Shae and Isaac had to face the question of what to do about Nanny.  With all the adults in the house, they hadnít really needed a Nanny once the twins became teens.  But she was like one of the family, and Carlyle was especially close to her.  They had a long talk about it, and then Isaac spoke with Nanny.

Isaac: Nanny, can we talk?
Nanny: Sure Isaac, whatís on your mind?
13 - Isaac Nanny 1.jpg

Isaac:  You know, now that Carlyle has aged up to teen, there really isnít any Nanny work left here.
Nanny:  Oh, I knew this was coming!  You take care of the kids, give your heart to a family, and then the kids grow up and donít need you any more!  Iíll just get my things together and go.
14 - Isaac Nanny 2.jpg

Isaac:  No, no Nanny.  You misunderstand.  True, the kids donít need a Nanny anymore.  But that doesnít mean we want you to go.  You are like family to us.  We want you to stay.  Move in.  Be a Sharebear.
Nanny:  Really, Isaac?!?  You wouldnít tease an olí Nanny would you?
15 - Nanny move in.jpg

Isaac:  Of course not!
Nanny:  Shae!  Isaac says you want me to move in.
Shae:  Thatís right, Nanny.  I know the Nanny Service wonít keep you here with kids grown to teens.  But none of us want you to leave.
Nanny:  Oh, you Sharebears are just the best family ever!
Isaac:  Nanny, this door leads to the room Tetsu built for his mischief club.  It was always locked to everyone but him.  Itís yours now.  Any time you want to get away, watch some news, or a cooking show, or some comedy, this room will be here, just for you!
16 - Nanny accepts.jpg

Shae:  Nanny, now that youíre a Sharebear, I see that your aspiration is City Native.  That one canít be done by a Sharebear, so youíll need a new one. 

Nanny pulls out a tablet and taps on it, then laughs a good hearty laugh.

Shae:  What is it Nanny?
Nanny (grinning):  Serial Romantic.

Later, in the Mischief Room

Nanny:  Wow, my own entertainment room.  I think I will watch a little Comedy Channel.  That sounds like just the thing.

Nanny:  Hee hee hee Ė this is really funny.
17 - Comedy Channel.jpg

Nanny:  Hee hee, oh, hoo hoo, ha ha ha, oooooooo . . . laughing . . . too . . . much . . . canít . . . stop . . . hahahahahahahaha . . . . eeeeeeeeee . . . .
18 - Nanny laughs too much.jpg

And then . . .
19 - Grim takes Nanny.jpg

Grim . . .
20 - Grim takes Nanny 2.jpg

. . . . took . . .
21 - Grim takes Nanny 3.jpg

. . . . Nanny.
22 - Grim takes Nanny 4.jpg

Oddly, not a single phone rang.  No one called to tell the family of Nanny Sayaís passing. 

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Shae Berra
« Reply #65 on: March 30, 2019, 04:57:08 PM »
Generation 1.  Shae Berra

1.19 The Stars Have Aligned And The Future is Shining So Bright

Penny had a work assignment to give a speech uptown.  While she poured her heart into an energetic speech to all the empty seats, Shae visited with Vlad and Caleb. 
1 - Penny speech.jpg

When she finished her speech, Penny introduced herself to Caleb with an enthusiastic hip bump.
2 - Penny hip bump.jpg

Caleb:  Wow - In all my years, and I have had many, no one has ever introduced themselves to me that way.  You wannaí hang out?
Penny:  Absolutely! We can go back to my place  . . . I mean, our place . . . where I live . . . .with Shae and the Sharebears.
3 - Penny and Caleb.jpg

Caleb:  Sharebears . . . that sounds familiar . . . do I know you?
Shae (remembering):  We havenít exactly met.  But I do recall seeing you shortly after I arrived.  I believe you were breaking into this gym right here . . . which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
4 - Shae Remembering.jpg

Caleb:  Oh, yeah, that . . . Iíd rather forget about that if you donít mind.

Back at Shae Chateau

Caleb:  Nice House.
Penny:  Thanks.  I havenít been here long, but so far I like it.  Can I get you anything? A refreshment maybe?
5 - Penny and Caleb.jpg

Caleb:  Well, there is one thing . . . (Caleb whispers in Penny's ear.
6 - There is one thing.jpg

Penny:  Of course, Caleb. 
7 - Yes Caleb.jpg

Penny:  Oh, Caleb!  That is so . . . intense!
8 - Caleb feeds.jpg

Caleb:  I must say, you do taste lovely.  Simply lovely.  Now . . . is there anything I can do for you?
9 - Lovely.jpg

Penny:  Well there is one thing . . . it's about my aspiration . . . Penny whispers in Caleb's ear.
10 - My aspiration.jpg

Caleb:  Not what I was expecting . . . but certainly not an unwelcome thought.  You just let me know when youíre ready.
11 - When you're ready.jpg

Tuesday was Spooky Day, and the Sharebears planned a Spooky Party for that night.  It wasnít a goaled event, so possibly someone made a mistake with the scheduling.
Shae was as excited about Spooky Day as the kids.  She was rocking out, in costume, all throughout the day.
12 - Shae Rocking out.jpg

The guests began arriving and joined in the dancing.
13 - Dancing.jpg

Aavelee and Isaac got a start on the pumpkin carving.
14 - Pumpkin carving.jpg

Later Isaac went downstairs to find Brandt mourning Nanny, and convinced him to come up and carve a pumpkin.
15 - Brandt.jpg

Nanny came out to join the party with a hug for Aavelee.  She gave a big hug to Carlyle while Eden strikes a flirty pose as Brandt goes by.
16 - Nanny Party.jpg

Sawyer, Isaac and Brandt got together and moved the sofa and table to Family Inventory and threw down a cardboard dance floor. 
17 - Dance Floor.jpg

The pumpkins kept watch over the backyard as the party continued late into the night.
18 - Pumpkins.jpg

The Sharebears were all so busy with the party, they didnít notice anyone out at the cowplants.  But the next morning, Brandt went out and found that all three needed milking.  The first one held Supriyaís Essence of Playfulness.  The second was Edenís Essence of Flirtation.  Third was Tetsuís Essence of Happiness.
19 - Cowplants.jpg

Brandt:  Hmmmmm . . . so Eden was feeling flirty last night.  I should have been paying more attention.

Mariko called Sawyer to tell him about his new baby boy, Demarcus.  Sawyer asked her to come over.  He had something important to talk with her about.

Sawyer:  Mariko I know youíre aware that this Legacy Iím involved in is really important to me.  But do you know that you and Eden and Sara and Jorge and Demarcus are much more important to me than the Legacy?
20 - Sawyer and Mariko.jpg

Mariko:  Sawyer, are you saying what I think youíre saying?
Sawyer:  Iím saying itís going to be our time soon.  Our time to be together as a family.
21 - Saying what I think.jpg

Mariko:  You know Sawyer, after what happened with Tetsu and Fabiana, Iíve been worried for us.
Sawyer:  I know, me too.  But you are much younger than Fabiana Ė still a Young Adult.
Mariko:  Yes, Iím not sure how that has happened, exactly, but Shae told me something about babies keeping you young . . . or maybe it was pregnancies . . . I donít know, something like that.
Sawyer:  All I know is that you are as young and beautiful as the day I met you, and I could not love you more.
22 - Dip.jpg

Mariko:  Oh, Sawyer, youíre really coming to live with us?
Sawyer:  Not just live with you.  I want it official.  Mariko Murikami, love of my life and mother of my children, will you marry me?
23 - Will you.jpg

Mariko:  Sawyer Bailey, my one true love and father of my precious babies, yes, I will marry you.
24 - Yes I'll marry you.jpg

Mariko:  Have you told Shae and Isaac?
Sawyer:  No.  I had to make sure your answer was yes first, didnít I?  Where would I be if I moved out and you said no?
Mariko (laughing):  Sawyer Bailey, you are so full of it.  I have never, ever said no to you, and we have four children to prove it.
Sawyer:  You leave Shae and Isaac to me.  Believe me, theyíll be happy for us.  How about you start looking for a place for a Sunday wedding?
Mariko:  Sunday!  Thatís four days from now!  How will I find a place and get everything ready in just four days?
Sawyer:  Do you want to wait longer?
Mariko:  No, no, goodness no!  Iíve waited long enough.  Iíll find a beautiful place.  A perfect place.
Sawyer:  I know you will, my love.  I know you will.
25 - I know you will.jpg

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Shae Berra
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Generation 1.  Shae Berra

1.20 This Is My Fight Song . . . Take Back My Life Song

Isaac knew he needed to get back to Strangerville and create those vaccines.  Even if it meant taking a day off work.  With Harvestfest on Thursday and the twins aging up on Saturday Isaac wanted to get this Strangerville Mystery solved as quickly as possible. Knowing that both twins will age up with more than 3 Character Traits, Isaac wanted to be at the right level of Super Parent to take advantage of that.

So he headed back to the lab and created more vaccines. 
1 - Make Vaccines.jpg

Heíd seen a lot of infected locals around the bar, so he headed there next.  He needed to cure some of these sims, and then recruit them to help him fight the Mother Plant.
The first infected local he saw was Leslie Holland.  He administered the vaccine and waited anxiously to see what happened.
2 - Leslie.jpg

It worked!  It took a minute, but it worked.  Leslie was cured.  And she immediately agreed to help fight the Mother Plant.
3 - Leslie feels better.jpg

Giovanna Carney was coming toward him, with that jerky, bizarre walk of the infected.  Isaac pulled out another vaccine.
4 - Giovanna.jpg

Giovanna also wanted to help rid Strangerville of the Mother Plant.
5 - Giovanna feels better.jpg

Isaac was still talking to Giovanna when he saw Ted Roswell lurching along. He ran over and threw the cure in Tedís face.  Ted was cured just like the others, and like the others, wanted to help in the fight.
6 - Ted.jpg

So the four of them headed back to the lab.  The Mother Plant watched them closely as they entered.
7 - Mother watched them enter.jpg

Isaac climbed the stairs while Ted, Giovanna and Leslie got into position around the plant. They immediately started spraying the plant with the vaccine Isaac had made.
8 - All fighting.jpg

With Leslie and Giovanna fighting from the sides, and Ted behind the plant, Isaac stopped spraying long enough to throw a vaccine directly at the Mother Plant.  It exploded as it hit for maximum damage.
9 - Isaac throws vaccine.jpg

The Mother Plant screamed and thrashed about, and the team knew they were winning. 
10 - Mother screamed.jpg

But the fight was far from over.  The Mother Plantís screams called her minions into battle.  One of them engaged Ted in hand-to-hand combat.
11 - Fight Ted.jpg

Powered by the Mother Plant, the minion succeeded in taking Ted out.
12 - Ted down.jpg

That meant the others had to fight even harder.
13 - Ted down 2.jpg

But this team was not giving up.  While Leslie sprayed from the side, Isaac and Giovanna both hit hard, throwing vaccines straight at the plant.
14 - Not giving up.jpg

Mother showed her anger and pain with a piercing scream in Isaacís face, nearly knocking him over.
15 - Screaming at Isaac.jpg

She reared up and spouted a puff of green and the team feared that she was fighting off the vaccine.
16 - Mother reared up.jpg

But that was just a final exhalation before she fell in defeat.
17 - Mother dies.jpg

Ted pulled himself up on his feet as the team celebrated the victory.
18 - Victory.jpg

As the heroes left the lab, they saw that the bizarre plants were beginning to disappear.
19 - Plants disappear.jpg

They headed to the 8 Bells Bar for a well-deserved drink and a little victory dancing before heading home.
20 - at the bar.jpg

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Shae Berra
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Generation 1.  Shae Berra

1.21 Like to Get to Know You (Heir Vote)

Announcer (loudly and with much dramatic flair): Once again, itís time for our favorite bit of entertainment, Mateo with Pizzazz, starring Internet Personality sensations, Mateo Ortiz and Penny Pizzazz!
1 -Show logo.jpg

Mateo:  As always, thank you for the great welcome.  Every day, the audience gets better!
Penny: You are so right, Mateo. 
2 - Mateo and Penny.jpg

Penny: We have a really fun surprise for you.  Weíre going to be talking today with our simverseís Sharebear heirs Ė Aavelee, Brandt and Carlyle.  Weíre going to be asking them some questions, and getting to know them better.
Mateo:  Then later in the show, weíll choose three audience members, who will each get to ask one of the Sharebears an additional question.  At the end of show, the voting begins.  And thatís when you get to choose which of these young people will take over leadership of this Sharebear Legacy from itís founder, Shae Berra.     

Mateo: Welcome Sharebears!  Thank you so much for joining us today.  Weíd  like to start by asking each of you to tell us a little about yourself.
3 - Intro the Sharebears.jpg

Penny:  Aavelee, letís start with you.
Aavelee: Hi everyone! Iím Aavelee.  Iím the oldest of the Sharebear children.  I was a bit of a Wild Child as a Toddler, and ever since then Iíve enjoyed trying new things, and meeting new people.  I was a Top Notch Toddler, I maxed all the Childhood skills and completed all four aspirations, and as a teen Iíve completed 3 aspirations and Iím working on the 4th.  Oh, also, Iíve maxed Drama Club.
4 - Aavelee composite.jpg

Aavelee: I have three Character Values maxed and the other two also in range for positive traits.  Iíve been doing a lot of volunteering, although I havenít been very lucky with that. It seems like I get a lot of chance cards that donít go so well for me.  Like at the bake sale, when we didnít have very many customers, so I tweeted out about the sale, but the boss thought I was just playing on my phone and I lost Empathy rather than gained it.
5 - Aavelee.jpg

Mateo: Alright, Aavelee, sounds like youíve been very busy!  Now letís hear from Brandt.
Brandt (laughing): Well . . .  what she said.  I mean, I didnít do Drama Club, but like Aavelee, I was Top-Notch Toddler, maxed all the childhood skills and completed all the aspirations.  And while she is the oldest by a minute or two, I actually maxed most of the skills first.  Mom says I was quite the Charmer as a Toddler, and maybe thatís why I got Friend of the World as my first adult aspiration. 
6 - Brandt composite.jpg

Brandt: Iíve also completed Mansion Baron, but of course Mom and Dad really made that possible with the great house theyíve built.  Now Iím working on JokeStar.  My next step is to get a job in that field, which Iíll do as soon as I age up.  Other than that, well, I completed all the scouting badges and then left scouting to get a job in Fast Food.  Iíve recently maxed that, so now Iím just keeping my grades up and my Character Values maxed until I age up.
7 - Brandt.jpg

Penny:  It sounds like youíve really been working on all the right things, Brandt.  And, now, letís get to know Carlyle.
Carlyle: Well, Iím the youngest, by several days, so of course Iím still working on some things my brother and sister have finished.  But, like them, I was a Top-Notch Toddler, which I think really is a testament to Mom, Dad and Nanny Saya.  Iíve been told that Nanny didnít always answer my cries when I was a baby, but I want to say I donít remember that.  I remember her always being there for me Ė maybe it was because once Aavelee and Brandt were children they didnít need her as much.  But when I needed to make a best friend for Social Butterfly, Nanny Saya was my first choice.
8 - Carlyle composite.jpg

Carlyle: I maxed all the childhood skills and completed all the aspirations like Aavelee and Brandt.  Iím an A Student, a Llamacorn Scout and Iíve maxed 4 of my Character Values.  I still have 11 days until I age up, so I have plenty of time to max that last one.  Pretty much just doing what a Legacy kid is supposed to do.
9 - Carlyle.jpg

Mateo: I understand your Mom let you go ahead and roll your Adult trait so we could share that with the audience before voting.  Iím sure everyone wants to know - What did you roll?
Aavelee: Active for me.
10 - Aavelee active.jpg

Brandt: I rolled Bookworm.
11 - Brandt Bookworm.jpg

Carlyle (grinning):  Lazy.
12 - Carlyle Lazy.jpg

Penny:  I know youíve all had a really great life, but thereís always room for improvement, or maybe just for variety.  If you are chosen heir, what will you do differently?
Aavelee: Eat.  You know so far, we Sharebears almost never eat.  Just occasionally at parties. We Rally the Troops instead.  But there are so many foods I want to try.   So, yeah, eat.  And sleep.  We never use our beds.  We have all these awesome beds upstairs but we never so much as get to nap on them.  So I want us to eat and sleep.  Oh, and also, we have this Family Inventory packed with cool things that Mom has just never brought out.  She says there just isnít room in the house for everything.  And sheís right, so Iíll renovate the house and bring out all the awesome stuff we have packed away.
13 - Eat and Sleep.jpg

Brandt:  Weíve been really driven to accomplish things.  I want us to be successful, but I want us to have fun too.  Iím not saying we never have fun, but just that our primary focus is always on the accomplishment, not on the fun.  Weíre still in our first generation and weíve already maxed 79 skills and completed 46 aspirations.  Thatís a lot even by the old rules, and by the new rules Iíve been reading about, weíve already gotten more than half the possible points.  In the first generation.  And Mom and Dad arenít even elders.  So I would change to the new rules and not push so hard.  Let everyone take more time to just be themselves and have fun doing whatever they want to do.
14 - Scoring.jpg

Carlyle:  I think Iíd be really careful about whoís living in the house and for how long.  Itís been great having Sawyer and Tetsu and you too, Penny, but I just donít want sims separated from their families.  Especially parents from their children.  Tetsu never even got to live with his wife.  Iím really happy that Sawyer and Mariko are getting married and heís going to live with them.  Eden and Sara pretty much grew up without knowing what a great guy their dad really is.  Iím glad Jorge and Demarcus will have him around while theyíre growing up.
15 - Families.jpg

Mateo:  I can see you all have given this some thought.  Maybe youíve also given some thought to my next question.  Why should you be chosen as the heir?
Aavelee: Well, as I said, Iím the oldest child.  In many legacies, that is the only thing that determines the heir.  Of course, weíre doing things a little different, and thatís fine.  But Iíve really watched Mom over all these years and I think I understand much better than the boys what it takes to run a legacy.  You know, thereís a lot of planning that has to go into it and Iím very good at that.
16 - Aavelee talking.jpg

Penny: How about you, Brandt?
Brandt: I think balance is always good.  So having a male heir after a female founder seems right to me.  And I think I represent a balance, even in my traits.  On the one hand, Iím a genius, which is probably why success comes pretty easy to me, and on the other hand, Iím a Dance Machine.  And thatís the part of me that likes to keep things fun.  You know, discover a star, carve a pumpkin, that sort of thing.
17 - Brandt Talking.jpg

Mateo: How about you Carlyle?  Why should you be heir?
Carlyle:  Actually, I donít think I should.  I heard this story at career night.  There was this dad who got a letter from a college his kid applied to that asked him to say whether the kid was a leader or a follower.  He wanted to tell the truth, but he worried about what that would mean for his daughter.  He wrote, ďMy daughter is not a leader, but she is the most excellent follower you could want.  She really listens to others and you can always count on her to do what she says sheíll do.  But she is not a leader.Ē  He was really worried about his answer, but then he got a letter from the Dean of the college that said, ďI wanted to write you personally to tell you that I am very happy to accept your daughter into our school.  I sleep better at night knowing that in our next class of 174 leaders, we will have one follower.  Your daughter will be very busy and we are very happy to have her.Ē   And, you know, the story is probably made up.  But what it says to me is that we canít all be the heir and itís ok to be the guy who doesnít want to.
18 - Carlyle talking.jpg

Penny:  Carlyle, thatís a really interesting, and unexpected, answer. 
Mateo: We have one more question, but before we do that, we have something else we need to do.  At the beginning of the show I told you that three audience members would be allowed to ask one question. 

Penny: First up is Omari Boggs with a question for Aavelee.
Omari: Aavelee Ė I believe that your first aspiration was Chief of Mischief, and you finished that really quickly.  Tell us about that.
19 - Aavelee and Omari.jpg

Aavelee: You know, I didnít pick that Ė our first aspiration is chosen for us, but I admit I had a lot of fun with it.  I got to play a lot of fun pranks, and the voodoo doll was pretty cool.  The best part was clogging drains, because it gave me a chance to meet some guys I might not have otherwise met.  Choosing a spouse is really important for an heir, and, well, for everyone really.

Mateo:  Thank you both, for the question and the answer.  Next we have Malcolm Landgraab, who wants to ask Brandt a question.
Malcolm (jeering): Brandt Ė You said you got all the Scout Badges but I didnít see Scouting Aptitude in your traits.  You didnít actually finish Scouting, did you? 
20- Brandt and Malcolm.jpg

Brandt: Well, I guess you found my most embarassing thing.  Actually I didnít.  I was a Pegasus Scout and I finished all the work for the Scout badges, and I was so excited to be able to get a part-time job, that I quit scouting and started work without picking up that last badge.  I didnít actually realize it until Carlyle finished Scouts and was awarded that trait.  Once I completed the Fast Food career, I quit the job in hopes that I could rejoin Scouts and pick it up, but it wasnít an option at that point.  So I feel good about finishing all the requirements for all the badges, but I am a little embarrassed that I never picked up that last badge.

Penny: You know Brandt, I donít think thereís anything there to be embarrassed about.  Youíve done really great.  And now Vanessa Jeong has a question for Carlyle.

Vanessa:  Carlyle Ė if you donít want to be heir and lead, what do you want to do and do you have someone you want to follow?
21 - Venessa and Carlyle.jpg

Carlyle: Well, I donít know if itís leading or following or just going my own way, but I do know that I want to go.  By that I mean, I want to go everywhere.  To Selvadorado.  To Granite Falls.  To Sixam.  Heck, I havenít even been to Forgotten Hollow.  Momís got a bunch of great postcards from penpals in all different places, like Sunset Valley and Champs le Sims and Isla Paradiso, and I want to go to every one of them.  She said theyíre in a different simverse, and we canít travel there, but who knows?  Maybe someday weíll be able to.  And if that happens, Iíll be there with my hand in the air saying, ďTake me!  Iím ready! I want to go.Ē 

Mateo: Okay we have just enough time for the one last question.  I want you to leave the voters with a few words that really sum up how you look at life and how you want the voters to think of you.  So, each one of you, whatís your motto?

22 - Aavelee Motto.jpg

23 - Brandt - Motto.jpg

24 - Carlyle - Motto.jpg

Mateo:  Well, there you have it folks!  Now itís time for you to decide which of these young people will take over as the heir of the Shae Berra Sharebear Legacy.  Just click on the link below to cast your vote!
25 - Time to vote.jpg


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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Shae Berra - HEIR VOTE
« Reply #69 on: April 08, 2019, 09:35:23 AM »
I love Mateo with Pizzazz!  So creative. 

I made my choice, but really I'll be happy with any outcome. 

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Shae Berra - HEIR VOTE
« Reply #70 on: May 12, 2019, 11:38:59 AM »
Very late to the party, but I'm totally 100% Team Aavalee!!!  She's radiant! 
Loved the talk show approach to teh heir vote, by the way, and hope we get to see that Aavalee won the results soon!

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Shae Berra - HEIR VOTE
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Darn!  Didn't catch this in time, but my vote would have been the most put together of the lot, Brandt.
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