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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 16 May 19
« Reply #25 on: June 30, 2019, 10:52:10 AM »
Saul Week 2

Life is good if you are a bad vampire.  You get to turn the Slayer's husband for one
Turn J 3.jpgTurn J 2.jpgTurn J 1.jpgDark form 2.jpg

as well as some random strangers, the bloke is called Tarsus Kost.
Dark form 1.jpgTarsus dark form.jpg

Tarsus gets invited to join The Family and brings a very unusual housemate with him.
Skeleton 1.jpg

Thankfully Sans can sleep in a coffin, because there are no beds in the house.
Skeleton sleep.jpgSkeleton nightmare.jpg

Meanwhile your son, born during a non-played week, get to age up to toddler and be given a decent name.  Meet Jacob Marsters.
Jacob age up 1.jpgJacob toddler.jpg

While The Family is working hard to get Jacob through his toddler skills, you get a promotion, as does your wife
S promo 1.jpgU promo 1.jpg

The hard work pays off, and Jacob maxes his toddler skills.
Jacob potty.jpgJ last skill.jpgJ toddler maxed.jpg
What can I say, he's a wild toddler (shrug).

After aging to child
J t-c 1.jpgJ child.jpg
he starts work on his aspiration by making Max Villaeal his BFF
j bbf max 2.jpg
and kills 2 birds with one stone by becoming good friends with Spike (2nd adult friend, good friends with founder)
J maxed asp.jpg

You keep working hard and soon get a 2nd promotion, as well as finishing all the requirements for the Vampire Family aspiration.
S promo 2.jpgS maxed asp.jpg

To celebrate, you take your son fishing and catch a Dragon fruit
s & J fishing.jpg

Nobody in The Family is allowed to slack, and Tarsus and Sans keep working on their freelance careers while your darling wife gets another promotion.
U promo 2.jpg

You end the week as a level 6 DigiThief, with all plants except death flower, and nearly a Grand Master Vampire.  Your heir ends the week ready to age to a teen.  Yes, life is good when you are a bad vampire.

Watchers Note:  I just love the random sights that Sims 4 can give you.  Here's one for you viewing pleasure:
floating baby.jpg

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 30 June 19
« Reply #26 on: June 30, 2019, 11:33:49 AM »
Turning the slayer's husband-- that's awesome.  Of course she'll cure him, but it's the thought that counts.   ;)

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 30 June 19
« Reply #27 on: August 01, 2019, 05:37:54 PM »
Aaliyah Week 5/Jonathan Week 1

The natives of this planet have a saying about struggling through a sticky food substance, “wading through treacle” I believe it is.  Certainly this interesting metaphor aptly describes my last week at home.

It took until Thursday before my Mother, Captain Aaliyah, reached the top of her career. This despite consulting the strange entity known as 'The Wishing Well'.
Aa well 1.jpgAa max career.jpg

 It took me even longer to learn all I could about gardening and flower arranging, to the point where I had reached the life-stage that this planet considers fully mature before I finished my research.
J YA.jpgJ max gardening.jpgJ max flowers.jpg

My last trip to Selvadorada, while successful in terms of collecting the treasure I needed, left me infected by a strange poison.  Luckily my knowledge of the culture was sufficient for me to self-diagnose the condition and I was able to procure the anti-dote before I came home again.
Asp Main.jpg

Father was called on to report to home-world at the very beginning of the week.
abduction 1.jpgabduction 2.jpg
He returned acting strangely and in his debrief described how they had chosen him for an unusual experiment.
Pregnant.jpgv pregnant.jpg
 The result of this experiment was revealed 3 days later when Apollo was born (although we had all deduced the likely outcome long before then). 
L birth 1.jpgL birth 2.jpg
While this experiment did prove the hypothesis of childbirth keeping you young to be correct, he still aged up to his final life-stage before I graduated to my own ship.
L Elder 1.jpgL Elder.jpg

To keep him company through the experiment, and to maintain crew numbers, 1st Lieutenant Mckinley and her mate decided to generate another progeny. This successfully resulted in the birth of Augustus.
M pregnant main.jpg

Thankfully, by Friday I had proved that my knowledge and experience were sufficient, and I was granted my own plot of land and Captaincy of my own ship.
J new home.jpgRocket 1.jpgRocket 2.jpg

My first decision as Captain was to invite Ariadne over. She felt ready to move up to the next life-stage and as a captain can promote anyone, I inducted her into Young Adulthood.  She joined the crew and we sat to discuss our mission objectives.
Ari YA.jpgdiscussing future.jpg

We concluded that it would be a more effective use of time to start the next generation before conducting the formal ceremonies that would see us joined as mates as well as crew members. 
Baby 1.jpgBaby 2.jpgBaby 3.jpg
Engaged main.jpg
Wedding Main.jpg

So at the end of Captain Aaliyah's 5th week on this planet, all her tasks are complete and I, Jonathan Oakes, have assumed my own command. My ship is built and partly upgraded (I'm still working on the Landing Computer), my mate is pregnant with our first offspring, and I have regained the control over bladder and hygiene that come naturally to our species when we live on Home-world.  Hopefully the 'treacle' days are over.

Watchers note: I've been hit with the 'no UI in screenshots' bug :(.  I hope they fix it soon.

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 1 August 19
« Reply #28 on: August 02, 2019, 04:34:35 PM »
Despite my antipathy for vampires and all things connected with them, Buffy was a huge drawer.  (I know, how can you hate vampires and love Buffy?)  So I started reading and was caught up and binge read the whole thing.  Wow!  Great story and way to pull in so many of my favorite sims.  Buffy is, of course, awesome.
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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 1 August 19
« Reply #29 on: October 12, 2019, 05:30:35 PM »
Hi @Joria, thanks for reading.

A super short update this time and sorry it's taken so long to get it uploaded.  Enjoy.

Dawn Week 2

There were a few 1sts and 2nds this week.

Things like Joaquin's 1st meal as a vampire
J feed 1.jpgJ feed 2.jpg

Siobhan being the 2nd person to get pregnant. Clubmate Hachiro Maki is the dad.  It helps to make up for him being Joaquin's main meal.
S Collage.jpg

Dawn completing her 2nd aspiration, Body Builder.
D asp.jpg
And curing her 1st vampire.  It doesn't count as a Slayer kill though as Joaquin was a very willing volunteer to test the 1st batch of Cure Vampire potion.
J cured.jpg

Faith having her 1st birthday, ageing up to a cute toddler.
F toddler.jpg
Maxing her 1st skill – imagination, and her 2nd – movement, as well as Potty training.
Then having her 2nd birthday
F child.jpg
A quick change of clothes and she is ready to start her 1st aspiration – Artistic Prodigy.  I think the whole household was glad when she stopped playing the violin.
F violin.jpg
Soon it is time for her 3rd birthday, her 1st job – Scout and her 2nd aspiration – Friend of the World.  She also got her 1st tattoo, and after some thought, changed her name to honour the Slayer who was her namesake. She added a 2nd surname to become Faith Lehane-Summers.
F teen.jpg

While Faith was working hard on her 1st, 2nd (and 3rd) sets of tasks, there were several promotions.  Dawn got to Professional Athlete level 7, Siobhan got to Business level 5 and Joaquin got to Musician Level 5. The promotion pictures are less interesting when there is no UI to show what they have just achieved.

In the mist of the Wedding preparations, Nicholas Fyres aged up to toddler and was just old enough to see Dawn and Joaquin tie the knot.
N toddler.jpg

Wedding 1.jpgWedding 2.jpgWedding 3.jpg

So 1 week after moving house, Dawn has reached level 7 in her career, finished her aspiration, raised her daughter to teen, got married and learned all there is to know about Vampire Lore.  Faith has become good friends with Buffy, completed half her aspiration and become a level 2 (Griffon) Scout.

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 12 October 19
« Reply #30 on: October 13, 2019, 12:37:42 AM »
I just got caught up on your story. Your rival dynasties are moving like wildfire!
Pretty sure I'll be changing my mind now and then but right now I'm Team Alien because....Jonathan.
What a surprise, by the way, when Jonathan's father got pregnant after being abducted.
I'd always thought the Senior Pollinator Technician could only get to non-alien males. Good to know!

P.S. If you're using Widows, you can use the PrtScrn feature to capture the UI though it's a clunkier process.
@reggikko says she can capture the game UI in screenshots using Frapps.

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 12 October 19
« Reply #31 on: October 13, 2019, 09:09:28 AM »
Thanks Oshizu, 

I have occasionally used screen print but you're right, it is clunky.  Will investigate Frapps though.

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 12 October 19
« Reply #32 on: October 13, 2019, 09:52:25 AM »
Was really happy to see Joaquin cured of vampirism!  Even happier to see him married to the lovely Dawn.  Adorableness in the person of faith.  Is there anything cuter than toddlers?  She certainly aged up to be a successful beauty.  Missed reading the whole thing about the alien abduction and subsequent birth so that was good to see as well.  Who knew even aliens could be abducted and impregnated?  You're moving along nicely and have great story lines going.  Don't know which family I like more!
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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 26 October 19
« Reply #33 on: October 25, 2019, 06:31:53 PM »
Saul Week 3 (as narrated by Jacob)

I achieved a lot this week, becoming a teenager helped.
J birthday 1.jpgJ birthday 2.jpg

Did you know that it's fun to mess with the Slayer's family?

First I messed with her daughter, I mean I really messed with her daughter.
J F kiss.jpgJ F feed.jpgJ F fight.jpgJ F fight 2.jpg

Then I got peckish while out clubbing and ate her husband, not the tastiest meal ever but in many ways more satisfying.
J feed.jpg

Faith wasn't the only girl I kissed, you know I can be quite charming when I want.  I kissed a few boys too and definitely enjoyed messing with their heads.
1st kisses.jpgJ asp.jpg

The messing around helped alleviate the boredom of school and work (I got a promotion in both thank you), but I know that in the future I will need other options so I went fishing to see if I could catch the ones that get away, and to get into the right mood I started practising yoga.  Now I can sit with Zen-like calm in the centre of a chaotic hurricane of Sims, or maybe like a spider in the middle of it's web while all the little Sims get caught.  Hmm, I think I see a life of villainy ahead, Father will be so proud.
J promo.jpg

Father's achievement this week was to get a promotion at work and start growing a Death Flower, oh and he became a Master Vampire, choosing Influence Emotions and Immortal Pleasures as his tier 5 powers.  More importantly Mother painted masterpiece portraits of me in both Sim and Dark form, proving I'm handsome as well as charming.  Once I've collected a suitable contribution, I'll add them to the family museum at Grandfather's house.

Oh, you were wondering about the house layout? Well as you can see, I have my own small room for practising yoga and romancing Sims, other skill building happens in the main warehouse and The Family live in the basement where the food is not allowed to go.  The only one who eats downstairs is Sans, but he's weird at the best of times.


At the end of this week, I have a B grade in school, I'm at level 2 in my job (fast food), I have completed the first of my life's aspirations (Serial Romantic), made an enemy in the Slayer's house, reached level 4 in Wellness and level 3 in Fishing, and have both my portraits ready for the museum. Father is a Grandmaster Vampire with a complete Vampire Garden (although the Death Flower has not yet given us a flower), and is at level 7 of his career.

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 26 October 19
« Reply #34 on: October 25, 2019, 08:54:29 PM »
The return of your UI!  PrintScreen or Frapps?
Saul accomplished so much in a week!
Great job on smooching your way to the Player bonus trait, Saul!

How are your three bloodlines progressing relative to each other?
Are they generally keeping pace or is one considerably ahead?

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 26 October 19
« Reply #35 on: November 20, 2019, 10:50:15 AM »
@oshizu, I was using screenprint and paint because I couldn't be bothered to learn a new programme.  As far as bloodline progress, Vamps & Slayers are roughly level but Aliens are about a week behind :(

Jonathan Week 2

It was Mckinley's turn to make a report this week, thankfully we had gone round to visit and were able to brief her before she was transported.
M abducted.jpg
While we where there, Ariadne took charge of the necessary development of her brother Augustus (darker skin) and my half-brother Apollo (paler skin), and was able to age them up to toddler before we left.  We are contemplating moving them in with us to complete their education.
Age up A.jpgAge up brother.jpg

There were many useful developments for Mckinley to transmit to home-world.  I had completed all the required upgrades on the rocket ship, and with some intense negotiation managed to persuade The Wishing Well to grant me 4 promotions at work.  I am now at level 6 in the native space programme and garanteed a promotion at the end of my next working day.  It is interesting to study the development of space travel on this planet and compare it to the historical records of our own early space-faring days.
Upgrade rocket.jpg
WW promo main.jpg

I also aquired control over hunger and tiredness as is usual for our species.
J bloodline 2.jpg

The continuation of our genetic line is going very well. Our daughter Eva aged to a toddler partway through the week and learned all the necessary skills of that age-group in an acceptable timeframe.
J & E.jpg
E maxed toddler.jpg

She very swiftly worked through the requirements of the 'Social Butterfly' certificate and will almost certainly follow me into the native space exploration programme.
Child E.jpg
BFF for asp.jpg

Her transition to the next life-stage happened during a local festival known as the 'Winter Feast'.  In the interest of learning as much as possible about the customs of this planet we joined in the celebrations.  It was a vey enjoyable experience.

E age up.jpg
Teen E.jpg

Her first decision in this new life-stage was to study the culture and environment of the people in the vicinity of our land.  To this end she will work to become competent in the cultural skills of Singing and DJ Mixing, and will collect samples of the local minerals, flora and fauna to compare with the ones from home-world.  She will also collect either space rocks or animals while practicing for her space-pilot exam.

She made a start on these tasks by singing in her room.
E singing.jpg

Accordingly, 6 weeks after Captain Aaliyah became stranded on this planet, I have completed all the tasks expected of me except reaching the top level of my career, and Eva has started the complex set of tasks required of an adolescent.

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 20 November 19
« Reply #36 on: November 20, 2019, 01:20:32 PM »
That was some fancy footwork with your alien bloodline!
Teen Eva is gorgeous but so are her parents, Jonathan and Ariadne!
Love how she got J's dark skin with Eva's blond hair!
I'm #TeamAlien so I'm glad to see that they are catching up!  Yaaayyyy!

(Like you, I never learned Frappe and good thing for both of us, since it's incompatible with Windows 10.
Thankfully, we can take UI screenshots with the in-game camera again!)

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 20 November 19
« Reply #37 on: November 25, 2019, 06:41:28 AM »
Dawn Week 3

We made nice steady progress this week, nothing spectacular but plenty of achievements. I got 2 promotions at work and am now the Most Valuable Player on the team. 
d promo 1.jpgd promo 2.jpg

Joaquin got 3 promotions and has just taken up his new position in the San Myshuno Symphonic Orchestra. 
j promo.jpgj promo 2.jpgj promo 3.jpg

Siobhan is now a Futures Trader.
s promo.jpgs promo 2.jpg

Faith worked hard at school and improved her grades greatly during the week
f b-grade.jpgf a-grade.jpg

She still leads a very active social life. In fact she gets on so well with Siobhan that they declared themselves best friends.  She has also added her good friends Chi Falk and Aminah Nahas to the Hunters club.
f bff.jpgf asp done.jpg

Her practical skills are improving too.  She has taught herself to cook and can produce the most amazing meals, and she has tried lots of different activities while doing her Scout badges.
f skill 1.jpgf Scout.jpg

Happy New Year everyone

At the end of this week, Dawn needs 1 more promotion and to prove her abilities by slaying 3 vampires.  Faith needs 1 scout badge, a second skill, a second enemy and her museum collection.

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 21 December 19
« Reply #38 on: December 21, 2019, 05:24:59 PM »
Saul Week 4

It's amazing what a week of hard work can achieve.  It's even better when spiced with a bit of luck. I made it to the top of my career due to this combination.
S promo 1.jpgS promo 2.jpgS promo 3.jpg

Jacob finally knuckled down and worked hard at school, job and skills.
J A-grade.jpgJ job.jpgJ max skills.jpg

He also started creating his own vampire offspring.  His first choice was poor Hakim, who was 'slain' by Buffy a few weeks ago.  His second was a random female stall vendor.
Hakim 1.jpgHakim 2.jpgHakim 3.jpgOther 1.jpgOther 2.jpgOther 3.jpg

Ulrike also got some promotions
U promo 1.jpgU promo 2.jpg

The weirdness surrounding Sans continues.  He disappeared in a flash of light only to be returned a few hours later.  Unfortunately he seems as erratic as ever.
Sans abducted 1.jpg

Jacob thought the strange people in the eastern district were responsible for Sans' abduction and took it out on the teen in the family.
J fight 1.jpgJ fight 2.jpgJ enemy.jpg

I wish mother was still working as a stylist, because I saw this the other day, oh dear.
vamp clothes.jpg

We also had some very strange weather, Tarsus was the only one brave enough (or foolish enough) to go out in it.  1 sim got struck by lightening and Caleb lost his umbrella.  Soon afterwards Tarsus came back inside.

Jacob will be leaving home soon, everything is done except finishing his museum collection and he is eager to start his own life.

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 21 December 19
« Reply #39 on: December 21, 2019, 06:27:45 PM »
The vampires are doing so well!
Gratz to Saul and Ulrike on maxing their careers!
That shot of the female vamp in her hospital gown with gloves and shades cracked me up!

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 24 January 20
« Reply #40 on: January 24, 2020, 06:13:57 PM »
Jonathan Week 3

At the start of this week, Ariadne was summoned to home-world.  Apparently government officials are becoming concerned that we are not progressing fast enough and wished to express their concerns most forcibly to one of us in person. 
A abducted main.jpg

I took some time to inform Captain Aaliyah of this development while practising a logic puzzle popular on this planet.
J & mum chess.jpg

With the admonitions of home-world ringing in our ears, we all dug into our tasks.  Ariadne herself gained 2 promotions and painted portraits of Eva in her natural form and in the disguise she uses on this planet.
A promo 1.jpgA promo 2.jpg

With the aid of the wishing well along with my own hard work, I attained 3 promotions. I am now the chief law enforcement officer for an entire sector and just 1 promotion away from running the whole Space Ranger service.
J promo 1.jpgJ ww promo 2.jpgJ promo 3.jpg

Eva continues to meet the high standards expected of her.  The local education system has acknowledged that she is working at the highest possible standard, and she has passed her grade 5 singing exam.
E A-grade.jpg

Her first foray into working life resulted in 2 rapid promotions putting her at the top level available to an adolescent.
E promo 1.jpgE promo 2.jpg

Her ongoing explorations of space have gained her several creatures for study.  During these studies she discovered a way to re-animate a lifeless sample and now has 5 live creatures to care for. These will eventually be added to the collections on Captain Aaliyah's home lot as evidence of Eva's abilities.
E collection 1.jpg

This week has not been completely easy for her though.  One day the weather took a strange turn and she was struck by lightning.  It made her very sleepy.
E lightening struck.jpg
Another day she got into a fight with an adolescent from a different neighbourhood.  The reason for this fight was never fully explained but appeared to have something to do with a strange transformation that occurred near our dwelling.
E fight F.jpgE fight F 2.jpg
New vamp Main.jpg

Our crew-mate Maddison has had a most tumultuous week.  She became emotionally involved with a male from Sixam which resulted in them signing a progeny creation contract. They were far more successful in this than any of us could have imagined and we now have 3 juveniles in the house.
M pregnant main.jpgM hospital.jpgM kids 3.jpg
She also gained 2 promotions at work.
M promo 1.jpgM promo 2.jpg

At the end of the week I was able to report all these achievements to home-world but I get the impression that they are still not satisfied.
J abducted main.jpg

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 17 February 20
« Reply #41 on: February 17, 2020, 02:28:27 PM »
Dawn Week 4

Last week's steady progress set us up for this week's celebrations.

First we celebrated Nicolas's birthday, he just made it to Top-Notch Toddler before he blew out his candles
N max toddler.jpgN child.jpg

Then we celebrated 3 promotions, one for Joaquin, one for Siobhan and one for me which included my entrance to the Athletic Hall of Fame.
<J promo.jpgS promo.jpgD maxed career.jpg

Faith celebrated becoming leader of her Scout pack by finishing one last painting.
F maxed scout.jpgF maxed painting.jpg

After that Buffy called a gathering of the Slayers, and we went hunting.
Slayers gather.jpg

One vampire was foolish enough to knock on my door, so I quickly took care of her.
cure Y 1.jpgCure Y 2.jpg

We tried The Bronze Muckery, but had no luck so we headed to the local cemetery where we found a random male vampire
hunters hunting.jpg
Cure v 1.jpgCure v 2.jpg

The next night we returned to the Cemetery where we found Rania.  Buffy had cured her once, but she had been turned again so this time I did the honours.  Faith watched the fight carefully and took notes.
Cure Rania.jpg

My time as slayer was over, I had proven my worth and gladly passed on the baton to Faith.

Faith Week 1

I admit I took the mantle of Slayer with a heavy heart.  The thought of committing to just one job and one partner makes me feel very uneasy, although I'm looking forward to dealing with those horrid vampires.

However Mum insisted, so I added my collection of paintings to the family museum, took control of the Scooby Gang club and became a young adult.
F museum.jpgF adult.jpg

Chi and I already had a good relationship and he was happy to move in.   
Selfie w hubby.jpg
Knowing the Slayer line has to continue, we got cosy & I got pregnant.
<F pregnant.jpg

Then I invited round Aminah, baked her a cake and she too became a young adult. 
New scooby gang.jpg

The money she bought in when she joined the household paid for some serious expansion of the building and the rewards from my promotions helped furnish it.
F new job.jpg

F house 1.jpgf house 2.jpg

Watchers note:
And with that the Slayers officially take the lead by 3 days and loads of value in the family museum.

Credits: Cemetery – The Simwood Graveyard by ChajaRedbird (no cc museum)

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 17 February 20
« Reply #42 on: February 17, 2020, 02:43:12 PM »
I have been rooting for your Aliens, but the Slayers are such an attractive bunch!

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 01 March 20
« Reply #43 on: March 01, 2020, 06:35:49 PM »
Thanks Oshizu, I do seem to have been fortunate with the sim genetics.  I wonder what Chi's chin will do for the next generation.

Jacob Week 1

I am furious, how dare that Slayer cure my Rania, the woman I have chosen to be my wife.  I will get my revenge.  Oh you won't see the fury on the outside, no my anger runs cold and calculating, and very, very deep.

As soon as she visited, I asked Rania to accept again the gift of the vampire and she was very willing to comply.
J turn R.jpg

My next job was to add my pictures and collection to Grandfather's museum
J museum complete.jpg

Father was less than amused when I demanded control of the family club, but he couldn't deny me.
J control club.jpg

So with everything in place I aged up to Young Adult and left home to take charge of my life.
J age up.jpg

Rania moved in and brought her cousin Khaled with her, and the 3 of us set about our tasks.  I joined the Secret Service and gained my 1st promotion. Rania joined the law career and got her 1st promotion and Khaled worked hard on his promotion tasks.
J promo 1.jpg
R promo 1.jpg

I started creating more offspring, and encouraged Rania to do the same. In due time we saw our new offspring display their true glory.
R turn collage.jpg
Offspring collage.jpg

In due time also, our 1st born son entered the world.  Adam, the first man, the name of the glorious creation of both God (if you believe in him) and Professor Walsh (BtVS season 4).  I suspect though, than in order to regain superiority over the Slayers, he will have to walk a more Sim-friendly path.  I will think on this during my meditations and make my plans.
R J kiss.jpgR pregnant.jpgR birth.jpgAdam.jpg

Thanks to the meddling of those unusual Sims in the eastern neighbourhood, our 2nd son was born a few hours after Adam.  We have the chance to send Damien back to his mothers people, but I feel we may be able to make use of him. 
J abducted.jpgJ preg.jpgJ garden + bump.jpgJ birth.jpgDamien.jpg

My second promotion came while Rania was having a meal with one of her offspring, and Khaled even managed 1 promotion.
J promo 2.jpg
K promo.jpg

It is now the end of the week, Adam has just aged up to toddler, I am half way through my career, my garden is flourishing and I have finished my aspiration.  My revenge continues.
A age up 1.jpgA age up 2.jpgJ finish asp.jpg

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 01 March 20
« Reply #44 on: March 01, 2020, 09:51:33 PM »
Jacob got so much done during his first week AND he even gave birth to an alienboo. o.O
Go Jacob!

If a vampire is cured and then turned again, what happens to their vampire rank and perk points (or perks)?
Does the vampire regain their original vampire rank and all their perk points (or perks)?

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 01 March 20
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I'm not sure about ranks and perks, Rania was an NPC until Jacob moved her in which was while she was still turning, so I never saw her stats to compare them.  I do know that she is listed as offspring under all 3 vamps that turned her so she now has 3 masters!

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 01 March 20
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Jonathan Week 4/Eva Week 1

Home-world are really riding our backs right now, both Ariadne and Maddison were summoned to speak before the Council at the same time, but we are working as fast as we can.
Abduct 1.jpgabduct 2.jpgabduct 3.jpg

I consulted with the Wishing Well again, and it was please to arrange another promotion for me which puts me at the top of my career.
J ww.jpgJ ww promo.jpg

Eva continued to work on her skills, and has now passed her Grade 10 singing exam
E Singing max.jpg

Apparently DJ Mixing is a type of music created on a strange musical instrument called a DJ Booth which produces a variety of sounds and rhythms that the natives find pleasant to dance too.  Eva discovered that there was a local group dedicated to playing this instrument. With their help and encouragement she soon mastered this skill and made some good friends in the process.
E dj max.jpg

Much of her time, however, was spent finishing the collections needed to prove her abilities.  Eventually she acquired enough living space creatures to put into the evidence collection but these were not enough to prove her competence in studying the local environment.  Thankfully one of her new friends told her that many people collect the furry toy creatures called 'Plushies' that come in special wrappers as part of the Mid-Winter festivities.  Fortunately these special wrappers are available all year round and so we released some household funds to purchase a large quantity of these.   Our strategy worked and Eva was able to obtain a full set of these toys. 
E asp complete.jpg

This all took time, and I aged up the the fully mature Adult life-stage before it was complete
J adult.jpg

With her adolescent tasks complete, Eva placed her contributions into the evidence museum on Captain Aaliyah's home lot, aged up to the Young Adult life-stage, and moved out to her own land and ship on Thursday of my fourth week as a Captain.
E museum.jpgE birthday.jpg

Maddison took another trip to Home-world to inform the Council
abduct 4.jpg

From the journal of Eva Oakes...
Now that I have my own ship, I'm hoping Home-world will leave us alone for a while.  If they don't I have plenty data to pass on.  I have hired my first mate, Milo Dodson and we have entered a progeny generation contract.
M moves in pre-renovation.jpge pregnant.jpg

With the extra funds that Milo provided, we have purchased a ship building kit and have created a house for our crew. 
House 1.jpgHouse 2.jpgHouse front.jpg

As father predicted, I had little trouble entering the native space programme.  In fact, they were so impressed with my skills and experience that they allowed me to skip the most basic levels and I am a level 3 Technician without working a single shift so far.

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 17 April 20
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I will miss handsome Jonathan! 
Eva is so lovely and her new house with Milo is stunning with all its glass, angles, and upstairs loft space.
Looking forward to seeing more of this house, actually.

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 30 May 20
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Faith Week 2

My namesake was an unconventional Slayer, but I had hoped my life would follow the accepted route more closely.  Unfortunately that all changed when my darling boy was born. I take hope from that fact that other Slayers have had sons. My namesake's boyfriend Robin Woods is a notable example and he killed his share of vampires, but none them were expected to take the mantle of Slayer. Xander will need a lot of help to be the only male Slayer ever born.  I re-read the slayer diaries looking for clues.
Faith Studying.jpg

He will need to be super fit and exceptionally intellegent so we focused on those abilities from toddlerhood.
Xander age up.jpgx maxed skills.jpgx birthday.jpg

 He will need help from his friends, so we encouraged him to invest time with them as a child.
x child.jpgx bestie billie.jpgx asp complete.jpg

He aged up to teen with these things solidly in place.  He seems to be struggling bit with the responsibily of being Slayer, and has chosen to party, make drinks and entertain people. I can't say I blame him, I would like to do the same some days.
x Teen.jpg

Aminah started to investigate Uni life to see if it would benefit Xander.  She has happily researched student love life,
A kiss.jpg
but we have concluded that taking a Uni course is too time consuming compared to joining a career.

While Aminah has been studying and Chi was earning money writing books, I continued working in the athletics career and gained 3 promotions, I am now a Champion Bodybuilder with a great deal of knowlegdge about fitness.
F promo.jpgF promo 2.jpgF promo 3.jpgF asp finished.jpg

By the time I have reached the top of my career, I will have enough produce from my garden to make my mark by slaying 3 notable vampires.  I trust Xander will be ready to take over by then.

Watchers Note: I spelt Xander's name wrong in game, I've corrected it now.