Author Topic: The Timeless Short Dynasty - Chapter 3.3 - Sibling Rivalry  (Read 2609 times)

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The Timeless Short Dynasty - Chapter 3.2 - Madness
« Reply #100 on: November 09, 2019, 12:43:14 PM »
Hi guys! I'm still not sure if I should count Shark's lifetime wish, so I'm going to continue to think on it. I'll probably reread the rules before deciding at a later date. Anyways, let's get into the chapter.

Ace passed away.  :( I adored his quiet personality and the fact he was an Aries clone. Ace had five daughters with Macy Clay and I never got any notifications their relationship was ever on the rocks. When I popped into the Timeless-Clay household for pictures for the family in a save file I didn't save, Macy and Ace's relationship was doing extremely well. I'll miss seeing the things he is up to.

On another note, one of Shark's many love interests died. I'm quite torn about it as you can tell.
"I loved her!"
The only person you love is yourself.

Arius worked on putting the finishing touches on Dione's sculpture for Hera's addition to the Timeless museum.
"I can't believe I'm the last one alive."
I know.
"I don't regret being a boring spare, you know. I have accomplished more in my life than most could dream of."

"Hey uncle Arius, make me look great, no, make me look majestic. I want my hair flowing and-"
"-I get it, kid. I get it. I'll worry about sculpting and you worry about your messed up love life."

Hera's generation was one I'll never forget. It's crazy how much that madwoman accomplished. I miss her.

Tigger aged up and is no longer a kitten anymore!

She's still adorable though and she knows it.

Hestia decided to join the criminal career for...reasons.
"Shark recruited me."
Shark recruited her.

Dione is slowly, but surely working on her lifetime wish. I want her to complete because I have never had Simbots in my game before. She also created a little gnome who I have no doubt will harass the Timeless family for generations to come.

Hestia decided to invest in some property because I need more points.
"I also can't go to work anymore because I'm pregnant."
Wait, WHAT?
"I'm pregnant. You didn't hear the chimes."
Of course, I didn't.

Hestia...isn't the happiest pregnant woman. She takes after her grandmother, Aries, in that regard.

"Hey, babe how are you feeling with the whole...pregnant thing?"
"Let me stab you."

Hestia has to dramatically waddle everywhere.
"It's the rule, WATCHER. Try being pregnant."
No thanks.

"Oh look, I'm dying. That's surprising."

"Uncle Arius, you know I don't deal with people dying well!"
"Stop smiling, Dione. It's weird."
"Well then stop judging me then, Anastos."

"Your family is weird and Hera-"
"-Yeah, I know, but they are my family. I'm surprised you haven't had to deal with my mother yet."
"We'll continue this conversation in the afterlife."

Arius Timeless was a great spare who actually liked painting. He was best friends with his twin, Ace Timeless, until the very end. Generation two has officially exited the story except for Macey Timeless-Clay.  :'(

The Timeless family continues on like it always has though.

"Your whole family is crazy, Hestia! Crazy!"
"You're one to talk Shark!"
"Can someone please just extinguish the fire, please?"
"I'm working on it!"

After the fire was extinguished, Hestia decided it was the perfect time to give birth.
"I'm never doing this again! Never!"

Lethe Timeless was born as a witch with the heavy sleeper and genius traits. Her favorites are Chinese music, the color blue, and vegetarian grilled salmon. She's the heiress of generation four and...
...she has purple hair.
Seriously? SERIOUSLY? I never, ever had so much luck in my Perfect Genetics Challenge. Never! The one challenge where it mattered!
The irony isn't lost on me, but I'm happy the purple hair gene is going strong.

"It's a good thing she's the heiress because I wasn't kidding about never doing this again."
Somehow, I don't doubt that.

Anastos also aged up!

"I have wrinkles and a kid!"
Woah, woah. Let's address your Midlife Crisis first before we address the kid.
"Yeah, yeah. Can I marry Lolly now? It's about time."
Lolly is still married.

Audrina Racket-Gwydd was born around the same time Lethe was. Her traits are disciplined and absent-minded. Her favorites are geek rock, the color red, and lobster thermidor. I get a feeling she's going to take after her mother in terms of her personality.

That's the end of this chapter! Will things ever be normal? Probably not. Do I enjoy the madness? Oh most definitely.

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Re: The Timeless Short Dynasty - Chapter 3.2 - Madness
« Reply #101 on: November 09, 2019, 12:48:03 PM »
Even an unmodded game counts exes made when they're not active. Granted, a sim will definitely not get enough of them without a story progression mod but one of my decadynasty in-laws had the LTW and her naturally-dead husband counted as soon as we moved in with her. Hopefully Shark didn't get widowed though! I firmly believe that he could put in all the work. ;)

Does it count for this challenge? I dunno man. :P

Man, that is crazy! SP definitely played a role in Shark being able to have so many exes. I have never seen it before though.

I'm not sure either. I'm leaning on no though as I am looking through the rules currently. It just feels like something that never could have happened in an unmodded game and therefore it shouldn't count. Shark did put in a lot of work though and I hate to see that all thrown away. XD

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The Timeless Short Dynasty - Chapter 3.3 - Sibling Rivalry
« Reply #102 on: November 09, 2019, 06:38:12 PM »
Hello everyone! After this chapter, we'll officially be caught up to the point where I am-in game so feel free to make some suggestions!

It seems that Lolly is a single woman again as her husband divorced her. I'm not 100% sure what to make of this news, but I have just accepted the fact that Anastos and her relationship is weird.

Really, really weird.
I gave Lolly a makeover because it seemed like it was about time.

Also, when I went into an unsaved save file to take more pictures for the Timeless family tree, Anastos kept showing up at Lolly's house. It felt like the game was trying to tell me I need to move Anastos' kid into the household so... she is! In the official save file of course. I plan to have Audrina help Lethe out once she becomes heiress as Hestia will not be having more children. All in all, it's a win.

Anastos absolutely adores Audrina and dots on her every minute he can.

Hestia has taken a more absent approach when it comes to her daughter.
"I'm letting her figure things out on her own. That doesn't mean I'm a bad mother."
Hestia, she's a baby.
"So...? It's what my mother did."
Ouch. Yeah, Hera was busy skilling now that I think about it.

Dione takes care of the fuzzy child, Tigger.
"Who's a good girl! You are, yes you are!"
She's not a dog, Dione. Cats only like to be referred to as "your majesty" and-
"-look at her fuzzy little butt!"

Shark is his same old self in case anyone was wondering.
"And by that you mean I'm wonderful."
Yeah, sure.

Shark officially gets a sculpture of himself now that he's the father of generation four's heiress.
"Pfft, did you ever doubt for a moment I wouldn't be?"

After his sculpture was done, it was time for Shark to go back to skilling.

Twinbrook is absolutely stunning during the fall. I haven't played in it much, so this is the first time I'm seeing it during the fall.

Hestia continues to buy even more property to make up for the previous two generations who hadn't bought any at all.

She will be going back to work in a few days and her athletic skill is lacking.
That is unacceptable as Shark has already maxed his.
"Why do you hate me, Watcher? Why?"
I don't hate you, I just love points. There is a difference, trust me.

Hestia got a short break for Anastos to do her sculpture and...seriously Anastos?
"What? I think it's fitting."
Redo it.
"Why did you make it like that, Anastos?"
"Oh come on. You already know. You ended up with Shark of all people. You know Lolly and him are enemies."
"No one thought your relationship with her was going to go anywhere, Anastos. She used to be married and divorced her husband because of you. You're a homewrecker, Anastos."
"That's rich coming from-"
-and that's where the conversation ends.

It took a few more tries before Hestia's sculpture was completed and was placed in her part of the museum. It's a little barren so far, but the generation has just started after all.

Dione was busy trying to find life fruit and...failing.
"Meh. This is basically an everyday occurrence for me."
At least you're out of the house!
"At least I'm out of the house."

After a ride home and a quick shower, Dione and Anastos engaged in one of their favorite pastimes; indiscreetly listening on Shark and Hestia's conversations and silently judging.
"So I was thinking we could watch the stars or something? You know, do something romantic?"
"Meh, okay. Sounds boring but whatever."

At least Hestia seems happy.

After that, it was time for Shark's birthday!
"Wait, I'm getting old?"
Yes, you're getting old.

Well, that's a different response for a change.

Shark is an elder and now I can officially start worrying about him not getting me enough points before he kicks the bucket.
It might be time for a vacation.

That's where I end the chapter! Bye guys and thanks for reading!  ;D