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The Stylin' Bull
« on: April 14, 2019, 05:33:10 AM »
"Amy's work down at the Spa has only been a means to an end. She dreams of the day when she can work for herself as a Stylist. Does she have the tenacity to do what it takes? "

I have always loved giving sims makeovers and ever since Ambitions was released, I loved the stylist career. I remember the first time I played in Twinbrook. My founder Tamsin moved to Twinbrook to give the more unforunate residents (any anyone else she came across) makeovers. I had a lot of fun and she started relationships with both Goodwin and Sinbad and had kids with them both so there was alot of drama there. Sadly I never got to finish it as the save went corupt but it was alot of fun and I decided to give it another go this time with one of my favourite townies - Amy Bull.

Now first things first, Amy wants to be a Fashionista so she needs to update her look!

I gave her a new hairstyle and toned down her makeup aside from the red lip. I chose this hair because it's similar in length to the pigtails and I love the way the blue sits on top of the black.

I chose this hairstyle because it's a simply pony but with some cute braids and it shows of her beauty mark. I added the glasses because there a bit out there (like our Amy) but she's able to pull them off.

For sleeping, I opted for this hairstyle as it's mostly loose but still has a little braid at the front, similar to the ones seen in her formal hairstyle. Almost as if she forgot to undo one.

For her Athletic wear I decided she should have somethng a little more fun so I gave her two little buns on top of an otherwise loose hairstyle.

For her swimear, I gave her this hairstyle because it's a cute updo with a really large bow and I applied the pattern from her bikini so it would all match.

For her Winter wear I went back to her original/everyday hairstyle.

I found overall her original outfits weren't actually that bad, there was just ALOT of clashing patterns that didn't work together. As her favourite colour is orange I tried to stick to warmer colours.
For her Everyday look I first copied the rose pattern to the skirt so I could change her top and bring back the pattern more easily. (Changing the undertop to a plain colour with the overtop and skirt in matching print actually works really well) but I changed the top completely, applied the rose pattern again and paired it with jeans and red boots.
For her formal wear I gave her this cute dress with a floral pattern and made it her favourite colour. The socks/tights were actually what she wore in her original everyday, I just tweaked them slightly.
For her Night and Athletic wear I just tweaked the colouring and patterns so they weren't as clashy.
Swimwear I didn't alter at all, all I did was apply the bikini pattern to her hair bow so everything matched!
For her Winter wear, I went with a similar pair of jeans and boots to her everyday look and paired it with a red turtleneck under a bright orange and yellow coat. No pattern! :O

Now because this is Amy Bull, this isn't just a simple case of I give sims makeovers. These are Amys makeovers and as we all know Amy is a little eccentric and out there so there will be plenty of bright colours and patterns galore! (I also tend to use a sims favourite colour for their makeover but I'm not going to know that this time)
Now let's see whats in store for our Amy..