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The Wolff Pack
« on: April 14, 2019, 10:13:20 AM »
So this is more of a genetics challenge more than anything but I wanted to see just how far we can go with townie gentics - fully making the most of supernaturals. The only rule for this is that sim spouses must be original townies (or descendants of) and I cannot be responsible for turning anyone myself. (I.e. if I want a vampire spouse I need to find someone thats already one.)
The goal is to get at least one of each supernatural type in the family tree and see which supernatural will prove to be most dominant overall.

Now.... I decided to start this with the Wolff family. However, I couldn't decide if I wanted to use... 

Hilary (Morgana x Thorton), Elena (Morgana x Abraham Finkel) or Luna (Jamie Jolina x Thorton) .... so I decided to start of by moving the 3 of them to Starlight shores (though I didn't like it and changed to Moonlight Falls after couples were formed) and see what happens! Only one can go on to be the heir afterall!

The first girl to get paired up was Hilary as she was lucky enough to find a genie called Jinn Combs.
I didn't take many any screenshots here as I wasn't planning on documenting it (I always do CAS pics though!) but they had

Tyler who would go on to pair up with Nicky Snitcher (Fairy)

Thomas who would eventually go on to pair up with Haley Sumari
I had actually planned to pair Thomas with his childhood friend Zoe Durwood and I don't know what happened but she completely disappeared from game.

and then triplets Taylor (genie) who would go on to pair up with Faith MacDuff (Witch)
Tyler had already become friends with Faith and introduced the two when he chose to pusue Nicky.

Summer (genie) who would go on to pair up with Zack Durwood
Thomas had become good friends with Zacks twin sister Zoe when they were kids and thus knew Zack too. I'm not sure what happened to Zoe but Thomas was still able to introduce Summer to Zack.

Timothy who would go on to pair up with Emelie Van Gould (Vampire)
Haley befriended Timothy when he was doing his homework in the park. She literally randomly came up to him, found out they were both evil then left. This one random interaction allowed Timothy to meet Emelie (she was roommates with Haley) and introduce Thomas to Haley.

Elena was next to pair up as Luna introduced her to a certain Wylie Luck after taking a dish round to him.

They had a boy called William who loved to tell ghost stories so it seems only fitting would grow up wanting to be a paranormal profiteer!
Then they had triplets that dressed identically as kids but in their fave colour but as they got older they chose to express themselves more.



and Chloe

Eventually Luna, who had previously been busy working on her cooking skill/career met Javed Meir (a werewolf) and they were both instantly smitten.

A Wolff and a Werewolf. A perfect match and never apart! Javed loves those belly rubs!

He is such a good dad!

Together they had a baby boy named Franklin (werewolf)

Followed by another boy Atlas (werewolf)

Then twin girls Phoebe (werewolf)

and Celeste

Genie count: 2
Werewolf count: 3

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Re: The Wolff Pack
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2019, 05:07:37 PM »
I decided to continue the journey with Luna and Javed. A Wolff and Werewolf seemed like the perfect place to start our supernatural journey!

Javed loved having a werewolf boy and taught Franklin all he needed to know.

Here's Luna reading her other werewolf boy Atlas to bed. One of her favourite past times when she's not cooking.

Javed somehow met a merman named Salty and knowing his daughter was a big fan, he invited him round so she could meet him.
As you can see Phoebe instantly fell in love with him and they were soon best friends. This picture was taken the day before her teen birthday where she decided he WOULD be hers!

With the kids all teens, this is a common site. Poor Phoebe is the only non werewolf aside from mum Luna but the twins always seem to get the front seat.

Kids are off to school.... wait who's that at the front?

MEET PUZZLE. Atlas' imaginary friend. When Atlas was a toddler he would always make a bee line for Franklins doll whenever he wasn't sleeping or skilling so I took his imaginary friend out of the mailbox and as expected Atlas never left them alone which resulted in Puzzle growing up to. As children they were best friends from the start so much so that the "make real" option was instantly avaliable... but as this was not my plan there was no potion. So Atlas' studied hard until he made that potion and could make Puzzle real and voila. Once real, Atlas wasted no time making her his girlfriend.

So.... I wanted a bigger post here but I really didn't take many photos apperently. ^^; Hopefully I will next time!

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Re: The Wolff Pack
« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2019, 08:10:04 AM »
Just a quick update. Had a few problems with my game recently but will hopefully have an update soon.