Author Topic: A Nothing is Free challenge the Keenan Family  (Read 1198 times)

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A Nothing is Free challenge the Keenan Family
« on: May 20, 2019, 09:03:26 PM »
Hey I'm new to this board and was hoping to share a run I'm doing.

If you don't know the run I'm doing here it is:

TL:DR you start an empty world and each lot has a different lot condition that must be completed by a different sim. (Usually maxing an appriopate skill and buying the lot if applicable)

I am adding a few side rules to make it more fun and harder

1. Moodlet Manager is banned, motive mobile is probably also banned but i might add it later if I get sufficiently bored.
2. I'm treating this semi-legacy style. (Starting on the biggest most expensive empty lot, having a heir every generation and the other children will probably move out whenever they are done unlocking their building).
3. I'm using nraas mods (namely I have Master Controller, Master Controller Cheats, Potrait Panel, Story Progession, Overwatch, Woohooer and Mover) to make the game playable but i won't be using any cheaty functions (asside from family funds money I don't want but I could do that anyways)
4. I'm giving myself a definitive end date and that is: Unlocking all the lots (asside from the fusion lots and yes all the different bar types count seperately).
5. I'm randomizing all traits of all the sims born in the household + if I use Sim Finder I won't select their traits, this is to ensure a wide variety of traits.
6. The rules of the challenge allow me to select any preference for seasons so i selected summer all the time since every other season cripples gardening and fishing.

I don't want leave this starting post with nothing in it so here's a photo of the founder so to peak
 [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]

Table of Contents
Chapter 1.1
Chapter 1.2
Chapter 1.3
Chapter 1.4
Chapter 1.5

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Re: A Nothing is Free challenge the Keenan Family
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2019, 11:27:10 PM »
Chapter 1.1

Well first let's start with a sim.

Meet Juanita Keenan (Yes I pressed the random button for the name, I have no idea why it gave him a girls name)

I was going for the artistic type because:

I min-maxed his traits for painting for the most part because the lot he's gonna unlock is the Salon (Which only requires maxed painting and no money which makes it one of the easiest lots in the game). (Also enjoy his outerwear that's the only time you're ever gonna see it!)

Ambitious was taken because it's universally useful

Artistic gives a boost to painting skill to get that done faster

Neat is more utilitarian, it's very likely that Juanita will be alive for quite a while longer after he maxes painting so he's gonna have a second function as a "Maid" of sorts being the one who with one command can clean the entire house. Natural Cook might have been more helpful but w/e.

Over Emotional gives a boosts to both positive and negative moodlets and since in general they are more positive moodlets than negative its usuaully helpful on a sim.

Perfectionists might make his paintings take slightly longer but the value increase is more than worth it based on what i read.

For his life time wish, I picked Swimming in Cash IDK why he'll never complete it but I don't think i'll bother with any of the life time wishes so I just went with it.

Also his favorites (which don't matter) are mac and cheese, electronica, and violet and his sign is Virgo

Look at this beautiful sunset valley

I removed it all! Mwahaha!

But Juan (I'm calling him Juan because Juanita is a girls name) is gonna populate this town.

So he starts in the standard sunset valley legacy starting location (where the horse racing thing is with pets)

So here is the starting location stuff, I bought an easel because I thought i had everything but I realized I forgot a shower pretty quickly

But not to worry, I sold the time portal (you can buy another one when I need it MUCH later, they are complex rules about going to the future that I will get into later) and camera he same with and I can now afford a small bathroom

Juan talks to the mascot, Kirsten Trent, I think I found my wifie.

He starts texting her (I preffer to use texts because asside from two incredibly broken methods I'll get into later it's the most reliable method in this game to quickly boost friendship), I spam text until they become friends.

He invites her over after they become friends

They start flirting

In typical sims fashion, he proposes marriage on the first date and she says yes.

While the 20,000 she came with has to be familyfunds out, I did get some extra money from tax benefits and gifts + the stuff she had in her inventory so I sold all of that and actually got a house ready.

Also I use the ugly wall paper and tiles because it's free and we don't have money for anything else and as far as I know their's no mechinal benefits to the more expensive wallpaper and tiles.

And I think that ends this update.

P.S. Are the screenshots okay I had some issues with the site uploader (In terms of taking forever to load), so I decided to instead use Imgur and just manually resize before I upload.

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Re: A Nothing is Free challenge the Keenan Family
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2019, 03:18:31 PM »
Chapter 1.2

So Kirsten is an Adult, not a young adult, so I can't have her do ridicolous skilling, so I have her unlock the military base which requires only max athletics and handiness and no money requirement.

So Juan and Kirsten consummated their marriage

So we added a laundry room for some reason (In hindsight I should have gotten a computer since that can boost social AND happiness pretty easiest)

Hmm... Kirsten has nausea I wonder why?

So to confirm Kirsten is pregnant.

And she continues to work out even while pregnant, not sure that is healthy.

Also Juan bought Steel Bladder as a lifetime reward (I'm gonna basically buy this life time reward first no matter what)

Kirsten gives birth to a baby boy who I named Leonardo

I rolled randomly this second trait and he got "Loves the Heat" useful in a summer all the time world.

He's a scorpio, his favorite music is Epic, his favorite food is Cheese Tofu Steak, and his favorite color is Gray

Despite both of them being AWFUL parents (doing no almost autonomous parenting), their relationship is going strong.

So Leonardo got a special toy from a family member who doesn't exist

a rare photo of Juan doing child care (I had Juan do most of it since he only needs to max one skill, has more time to do it and doesn't actively dislike children)

So Kirsten is pregnant again

And Maxed Athletics while pregnant, time to work on handiness.

And Leonardo became a toddler and here's what he looks like.

That is literally I all I have so far so that ends this update.

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Re: A Nothing is Free challenge the Keenan Family
« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2019, 12:55:50 PM »
This is a very good start.

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Re: A Nothing is Free challenge the Keenan Family
« Reply #4 on: May 22, 2019, 08:09:13 PM »
This is a very good start.
Thanks, I appreciate it.

BTW I haven't played far enough in advance for another update but here's a sneak peak for the next time

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Re: A Nothing is Free challenge the Keenan Family
« Reply #5 on: May 25, 2019, 02:42:35 PM »
Chapter 1.3

So a fire is brewing in the Keenan household

But Kirsten uses her pregnancy given immortality to help put out the fire

But the fire spreads to quickly for her husband has to help despite being an immortal pregnant
They put the fire out but this sets me back finically a little bit as a i need to replace somethings.

Acknowledgement that they are horses every where around this house, they occasionally clip in and stuff as well overwatch deals with that

Kirsten gives birth and loses her immortality and has a daughter named Marina who is Hydrophobic and eccentric i might have her do inventing when she gets old enough

Marina sign is Cancer, favorite music is songwriter, favorite food is crepes, and favorite color is pink

Being scrapped for cash, I put Marina's crib in her brother room, I know that means that they will get annoyed by the ohters cries when trying to go to sleep but i don't have enough option at this point

Also Marina got a mysterious doll too

Kirsten Keenan gets a certificate of mastering athletics

And I promptly selling for 1000 simeoleons (normally I keep such things for decoration but I'm a bit strapped for cash right now)

And we use that money to get a second baby room

And I sell the laundry stuff (realizing that it was a waste of time), to buy  a computer instead.

And the last two pictures are to show that yes I AM doing toddler skills despite me randomizing traits so their isn't much point mainly for LTH points and because it feels weird NOT doing it

Also Leonardo and his toy he's been playing with it this is just the first time i screenshoted it.

And Juan is showering with Leonardo in the room that feels WIERD to me.

 Also Marina becomes a toddler herself

Also Leonardo's toy is named Puzzle, I forgot to name it so IDK the gender

Juan buys the "Extra Creative" life time reward for extra money selling paintngs (which is our primary source of income right now

Leonardo becomes a child and gets "Slob" (which is annoying for the shower due to a reason i'll explain slightly later)

So Puzzle becomes an Imaginary Friend for Leonardo, I buy a chemistry set for Leonardo which I promptly make him use and obviously i swap the crib Leonardo had for a bed.

Chemistry doesn't always go well but thankfully it's never fatal

In the final screenshot I'm allowed this update (by my count), Juan becomes an adult (meaning more middle age in the sims), and he actually looks a little more worn by the world and stuff now, I like it.

I have played a little further but obviously i'mout of screenshots and don't have quite enough for a second update so this ends my update

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Re: A Nothing is Free challenge the Keenan Family
« Reply #6 on: May 25, 2019, 09:27:12 PM »

So Marina become close with her toy that's named Riley

And we got a crappy tv (mostly for handiness stuff for Kirsten)

Marina become a child and became an Arrested Development reference

Marina goes to the inventing bench and has an imaginary friend like her brother (that shower is their in case someone gets on fire while inventing)

Marina replaces her crib with a bed

And Juan maxes Painting

And we get a first building unlocked! A salon.

Kirsten becomes an elder, don't worry she has plenty of time to finish handiness.

Leonardo becomes a teen and becomes adventurous

Leonardo finally makes the imaginary friend metamorphium, you know what that means!

Time to turn Puzzle real and find out traits and gender

He's a guy. Kind of annoying but i guess he can be a husband for Marina

Puzzle is a Coach Potato, that's unstable, loves the cold (LOL), and a cat person
His favorites are Geek Rock, Key lime Pie, and Green his sign is Capricorn
Also since he unstable don't count on his traits being constant

I have Leonardo make another Imaginary friend matamorphium , and make Riley real

Here's what she looks like, or that s what i would say if the memory (which I really need to turn off), isn't blocking the way.

He is the two new bedrooms for the two imaginary friends turned real, this house is turning into a maze of nonsense.

Kirsten maxes handiness, which means...

We have a military base now!

I have Kirsten enroll in military career not because she will finish but because it's a few extra simeoleons on the side and she doesnt' have much else to do.

I buy an alchemy station not for Riley or Puzzle to max alchemy, but rather for a side perk you can do with alchemy.

Rather I have Kirsten take one level of the alchemy skill and...

Some plants magically show up in her inventory, because when riley becomes a teen I want her to do gardening (for the grocery store) and other than searching for random seeds on the ground, or unlocking the bookstore, I don't know how else you can reasonably unlock gardening. (I think the refrigerator STARTs with plants but I've since used them up).

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Re: A Nothing is Free challenge the Keenan Family
« Reply #7 on: May 26, 2019, 02:34:31 PM »
Chapter 1.4

It occurs to me that i forgot to give Riley's information, she's a slob, vehicle enthusiast, who's a bit eccentric, she's an aries, who's favorite food is dim sum, likes geek rock, and favorite color is black

So I have Riley work on Blocks and toy oven because i want her to gardening and children can't do gardening so I'm working on basic "Life Skills"

Marina gets caught on fire

But quickly put herself out in the shower

It's gonna be marina and riley's birthday soon!

But marina gets caught on fire again

And this time isn't so lucky
I'll take full responsibility here, I should be faster responding but for some reason that game didn't zoom on her, which it normally does so by the time i noticed what was going on she had like 3 in game minutes on the timer which wasn't enough time to get her to the shower. This actually made me sad in the concept of child death is super depressing

Unfortunately the reaper came for a child.

Riley became a teen but no ones really celebrating, she developed a love for swimming.

On a lighter note have picture of horse getting in the house.

And a horse getting into the LOCKED garden I just made for Riley, i have no idea how the horse got in either.

Riley contineus to build the garden.

And Leonardo works on Logic on a telescope I bought him since telescopes make decent money actually. He's gonna unlock the theater which requires an instrument AND logic.

Puzzle took the illistration author life time wish (I forgot to mentioned that I have Puzzle working on writing for the Bookstore)

Riley gets the perfect garden life time wish.

We get a visit from the afterlife from Marina and she talks with her mother.

Here is Puzzle working on writing to show that off.

Leonardo maxes logic.

And starts really getting in guitar.

Juan completed his life time wish meaning we have a crap load of money, (mostly from selling his paintings)

And we use some of those life time happiness points on a hoverbed.

And the rest on a collection helper, which will be a super useful tool later as in make collecting things possible.

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Re: A Nothing is Free challenge the Keenan Family
« Reply #8 on: May 27, 2019, 04:52:15 PM »
Chapter 2.1

I start this update by showing another horse breaking into our house

Leonardo gains the lucky trait

And takes the chess legend life time wish, i figure he's already halfway there so why not?

Puzzle becomes a young adult as well and becomes star quality

Leonardo maxes Guitar

And we buy our self a theater

So I realize that I need to get Puzzle a wife, so I decided to go the salon where I saw a female tattoo artist and he starts talking to her.

Riley maxes gardening, because denying a teenager access to school gives them plenty of time to max their skills.

And we get a grocery store.

Juan becomes an elder

So I decided to have Leonardo do some Telescoping for some extra cash and I notice a shadow over him, I have never seen this before honestly, I assumed it was sims 2 like alien adduction at first, but then I realized what it was and I TRIED to get him to move our of the way but I guess I didn't move him out of the way enough

Because he gets hit by the meteor
I have LEGIT never seen this before, and I use telescopes ALOT

THis causes a fire on our lot but thankfully rain happens pretty shortly after so it doesn't matter

I swear to god I'm usually not this bad with keeping my sims alive, almost all my sims die of old age, not freaking fires and meteors.
You might think I failed the challenge but no matter how you look at it I haven't: My founder is still alive and eldery males can still have kids. Also this isn't a legacy so I'm not strictly bound to play as the descendants. And according to the rules of nothing is free the only way to lose is to ALL your sims die.
This leaves me with 4 basic options of how to continue:
1. Give up the challenge
2. Either wait til Kirsten dies or divorce her, have Juan remarry a adult or young adult.
3. Create a young again potion for Kirsten and revert back to young adulthood so she can have another child.
4. Marry Puzzle and Riley and have them continue the challenge.
The first 3 were never really options.
Hope you don't mind I'm kind of stretching the semi-legacy style rules I added but I'm still following the rules and spirit of the original nothing is free challenge.

On the bright side the meteorite that fell is worth a LOT of money
Not worth leonardo dying over.

Speaking of death, Kirsten dies of old age.

Riley becomes a young adult

And (with the help of a Potion of Friendship or whatever) Riley and Puzzle start forming a bond

Puzzle proposes and the two marry.

The two consumate their marriage

Despite not being engaged Juan roled to have a bachelor party (It seems widowed sims do this)

Riley is pregnant and that's where I end things off for now.