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Rules: Gilligan's Island Challenge
« on: June 23, 2019, 04:49:05 PM »
Yup. I'm doing it. I set up a modded group of castaways on the Gallery tagged with #GilligansIslandChallenge if you want to use them in your game.  Here's the trick:

1. Start with an empty Island Living island of your choice. (Or like I did, and just bulldoze it all)
2. Spend 72 hours on a beach, gathering fish/items for a survival plan. I did a buymode of columns, wood, and things that looked like it would be lean-to worthy. (Anything that looks like it was left by pirates is good)
3. The next 72 hours, build a collection of items from beach combing. Build a livable camp. (You can download mine from the gallery under CathesComicz)

Make sure you do the following... No NPC's available if you're able to do so. I evicted everyone off of the island.
Use a gallery item of your choice to ensure you have the following events...
1. A random celebrity meeting, (up to 3)
2. Interaction with natives on the island or from the local islands nearby.
3. An entertainment event.

NO phones, no lights, no motorcars- not a single luxury.
  • Keep food items limited to ONLY what can be found on the island. (Day 1 it's okay to have MREs from the Jungle if you have any on  hand.)
  • No inventory items other than what you have found on island is allowed.
  • CAS- Ginger is allowed 8 changes of clothes, MaryAnn and the Howells get up to 3 changes of clothes, Gilligan,The Professor and The Skipper  have ONE set of clothes. Make up is allowed on Ginger, MaryAnn and Mrs Howell
  • Only use off the grid items in Buy/Build modes
  • You may start with the money that you  have at the start of the game, OR you can go for the Rags to riches version. (No one to sell things to, however may make that useless)
  • Live on the island for ALL FOUR SEASONS.
  • At the end of the 4th season, (or year if you don't have Seasons installed), you can then start to contact the outside world using the following-- a letter, a mermaid, and then either via the celebrity guest or via anyone who happens to suddenly appear on the island after that first year.

Complete the year long tasks of surviving without killing each other, and especially not killing off Gilligan.

NO one is allowed to be married other than the Howells, but anything else is your decision.

Lastly, you can't leave the island until you've collected all of the shell types, grown all of the plant options, have all of the fish fished, and have had interaction with at least one mermaid, and one dolphin for each character Sim.

ENJOY!!! (I'm having a blast in my version!) and NO boats nor jetskis are allowed... sneaky!

(EA ID CathesComicz)

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Re: Rules: Gilligan's Island Challenge
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2020, 12:31:59 AM »
This sounds really fun! What packs other than Island Living do you feel are necessary, and what mods did you use?
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