Author Topic: Possible Bug When Using Rocket Ship  (Read 348 times)

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Possible Bug When Using Rocket Ship
« on: July 20, 2019, 01:26:50 PM »
My Sims, having completed all but the last two of the Grilled Cheese Aspiration, built a rocket ship in the back yard in order to be able to "Eat Grilled Cheese in Space".  The first to use this at home, vs at the Geek Con, filled the mission to eat the sandwich.  When he went back to "Explore Space", doing a "Complete a Mission in Space" whim, rocketed up, and bit by bit the space story unfolded.  Only the ship appeared back on my lot, without descending, just appeared there, my Sim went about doing his next job without obviously exiting the space ship.  As he worked on the next whim,  the space story kept on leading him into the adventure, except he was already home "Tending Garden".  When the story ended, with me clicking on each thing he was supposed to complete while in space, (remember, he's already back), he got two rewards from completing the mission, except he never really went there.  Shortly after my pc just stopped,and  went back to the main menu.  I exited, repaired my game, removing caches and thumbnails, again, having done this before initiating play to begin with.  Went back into the game and he once again had the same whim to complete the mission in space.  So I tried it again, with the same exact result except no leaving for main menu autonomously.  It just went on as usual with all my Sims completing what they were doing for quite some time till I saved and exited.  The mission he completed was a sort of Yoda experience and one of the rewards was a UFO, which he planted.  He was a gardener.  I am going to try this again with my other two Sims who are ready to go back into space to see if it happens with them, or with one who is not elderly.  All three Sims in question have received their first notice.
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