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So... Let me fill you in sim/real life people? I am not even sure what universe I am in... Am I in my human form or still glitching from the last time the scientists put me in for their "experiment?" All I know is that if I was in my real-life human form, I would not be a happy camper..  Reflecting back... All those adventures I had gone on through, all those years of posting screen shots for those scientist people to post to the real world... Wiped out... All gone.  Never to be recovered again. Now I am in a Carl Laboratory.

Now I have heard some good things about it... How their servers and people there are state of the art, top notch! My challenge though? I am using limited technology... Just a cell phone. My actual PC was left behind and sacrificed in that nasty virus when I was hoping to continue using it... Oh well, if I was creative in the past and ended up making it work, I could somehow figure it out here too.....

*searching for How to post on Carl site*

Aha! Well that didn't take long!! Heres my starting Sim:


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Re: John Alves - My Sim Story! - Oasis Springs... 4 years later!!
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2019, 12:47:09 PM »
The beginning.... Again!!?

Carl: So... Is everything okay in there? We checked numerous times to make sure everything was strapped to you correctly.. We made it for you a little tighter than usual but just comfortable enough to where you won't glitch where the system would fry to a crisp just like what happened last time from what you told us here at the laboratory...

*I reflected back on my numerous Sims adventures ever since I started playing back to the days of Sims 1... To The Sims Online (TSO for short). Playing in Test Center... Having the #1 Skill House... Tropical Isle BodyLogic... Then like this past experiment, it was wiped out. Their systems went down in 2009... Going from that to offline playing? It was a hard transition... But then having the help of scientists with screenshots, it made playing Sims FUN again!*

Carl: John??? You there buddy?

Me: Yeah... Yeah... I'm sorry... I just kind of blanked out. All those SIM memories you know? And you know jumping right back into the same game that I haven't played in nearly 4 years... I just--

Carl: John... Let me tell you. I felt the same way. Life changed for me as well. I got older, yes. But you know once something enters your life that's really important to you... It never truly leaves you.

*He then walked closer to me*

He continued talking to me:

"Because it is stored deep in here... *he touched my heart area* once a Sim, always a SIM..."

Me: Yeah... I suppose you are right. I am just anxious and kinda nervous... I had a lot of those expansion packs on my PC. I am now playing on a console you said?

Carl: Yeah... So basically no CC, no mods... No removing any blur of any kind... As far as we know.

Me: So... Just base Sims 4 game? That is skin and bones kinda boring, don't you think?

Carl: Well, there's some good news and bad news... Which would you like to hear first?

Me: Bad.

Carl: Bad news is that you won't have those adventures with R.O.B.O. at the inner laboratory in Sims ville.

Me: Hmmm... Okay. So what's the good news?

Carl: You'll have more opportunities to meet people... We have installed some expansion packs... One called "Get Together". One called: "City Living" and one called: "Seasons." We thought the last one would make sense because when you came to us when we had you fill out that survey, we asked what was most important in a sims experience? Your top two answers were Social life and Environment.

So with that said, we are taking you into Sims Reality. So buckle up! Because we are going to have you pick out your beginning season!

*I gulped heavily and then shortly after gave Carl a thumbs up*

Carl: First things first... Season!


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Re: John Alves - My Sim Story! - Oasis Springs... 4 years later!!
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2019, 01:27:36 AM »
Me: So... We have here the four... Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Hmmm... Being a cold-weather person, it would be between Winter and Fall. I think I'll go W--

Carl: Now, hold on there a second John. Some choices that are easy in life end up not being the best ones... The best sims that ever lived such as Bella and Mortimer Goth, rarely picked things that were easy. Why do you think they ended up being legends ever since the original Sims? They are true staples to the game!

John: True. You have a valid point there. So you are suggesting the other two that are lower on my list: Spring and Summer. One problem? I have to narrow it down. Hmmm... Well, let me ask you! If it were you, which beginning season would you pick?

Carl: Personally myself John? I'd pick Spring and here's why. I am a cold-weathered person just like yourself. I was also in the same position as you.  When I started this lab, I didn't have any support. I felt completely alone. Not knowing how this lab thing would shape up to be. So I started pondering on it. I picked a season that wasnt my favorite. Maybe if I did some reverse psychology, my luck would start to turn around. It wasn't until May that I went out to a park and was playing chess as I was getting my ideas together Then next thing I knew, a lady asked if I could teach her how to play chess. That lady's name? Pam.

John: Whoa! Pam! The one who helps you on your forum site!

Carl: Exactly. So after that chess tutoring, she was getting hungry and asked me if I knew of any good spots around town. I told her of a great steak place that had great soda and music. Her stomach was grumbling and said that she hadn't had a good soda in awhile so she then asked me if she could buy me a soda for helping her with her chess game. I then agreed to her offer under one condition: that I could talk to her about my work that I do. It took more than one soda to convince her but over time, over a span of nearly 6 months, she decided to become my lab assistant! And the rest, as they say in the real world, is history.

John: I chuckled and said that was a great story! I'm just still not sure about this time around... You know?

Carl: Listen John... When you came into our lab, when I first saw you, I saw a stressed, not very confident person... I was real hesitant on taking you on but my assistant reminded me of one thing... That when she met me, she saw the same exact attitude. She then said that she saw a good leader, someone that could teach her the ways of becoming a great lab assistant. It ended up being one of the best decisions of her career. So ultimately, that drove me into giving you a chance and in a matter of a few days, have seen a 90 degree change in you. Sure, the full transformation won't happen overnight but I like the direction you are heading in! So, all that being said, I recommend Spring.

John: Alright Carl, you've convinced me! Spring it is!

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Re: John Alves - My Sim Story! - Oasis Springs... 4 years later!!
« Reply #3 on: July 28, 2019, 04:27:12 PM »
Carl: Alright so we got the season down. I set your choice to Spring... Next,... *searches* is destination. Now, you did inform me that your city that you lived in according to what you filled out was... Oasis Springs. I must inform you, John, with the addition of seasons, it won't just be one temperature that you were used to before... It is quite warm there, just like the real world you all call Arizona.

John: I understand man. It's like I mentioned in my survey when I first got here, environment was an important thing for me. An ideal world, even a virtual sim one, isn't perfect no matter how much I would want it to. Will I experience uneasy temperatures? Sure. However, it's like you said... No legendary life isn't without its trials and uncomfortable experiences. I see this as just that! Besides, I want to go back to the city where it first started for me four years ago... Oasis Springs.

Carl: Alright. I'll do it. However, if you do decide to change your mind... City living added its own neighborhoods... Some even have penthouses and luxurious apartments...

John: Carl...?

Carl: Sorry. You know just for reference sake.

John: I understand. Thanks for letting me know. However, you let me know from earlier that there is no CC, no blur removal, no money che--

Carl: Well... Actually... About that...

John: *I raised an eyebrow and gave a surprised look* So.. There is-- actually... No, I want to start with whatever starting funds I have. If somehow I get money from a legit source, like an inheritance or something, then I'll work with that. I will only ask you only if I'm in some hot water to the point of having power being shut off. It did happen to me once or twice and oh boy... It wasn't fun.

Carl: Alright... So... Season selected... City selected...

*He then nodded and looked at me sternly*

Are you ready John?

John: Carl... Before I go in there, I just want to say thanks for prepping me for my second go-round in Sims. I just didn't know if I still have what it takes to make it a successful SIM run, heck I still don't... But I know I'll have a better scientific support system this time around. So yeah... I'm ready man... Lets do this!

Carl: Alright then. Closing portal hatch... In 5 seconds you will be transported into Oasis Springs... Good luck John!

*I then saw him countdown inaudibly... Only seeing his fingers decrease by 1 each time...*



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Re: John Alves - My Sim Story! - Oasis Springs... 4 years later!!
« Reply #4 on: July 28, 2019, 09:01:56 PM »
While I was in that "Woooshhhh" I felt like I was going through a tornado, with the Wizard of Oz" frantic music playing in my mind... After that, which felt like an eternity... I was out of that "hypothetical whirwind" and was suspended in mid-air...

I looked around and then up... I saw nothing but blue skies...

I then called out above...

John: Carl...? Carl?????

I heard a bit of static interference like that of a wave radio then heard a voice...

???: J.... Joh.... Johnnnn....? Ca-- Can you hear mmm me?

John: Yes!!! Carl...? Is that you??!

After a bit of static interference, the voice was completely clear...

Carl: Yes... John... Sorry... You went through a bit of SIM turbulence but I checked everything and everything seems secure... Are you doing okay? Have you touched down at Oasis Springs?

John: Ummm... Well... I am a bit suspended in mid-air... Can you help me out here?

Carl: Ohhh... Ummm... Yes, I see... Hold on John, this will take just a minute...

*after about what felt like 15 minutes, I was safely on ground... Yes, HOT, dry ground but thankfully not in midair anymore...*

Carl: Did you safely make it down to the ground John? The system is a bit down and have to make some adjustments...

John: Yeah... *phew* I'm down alright... So... Now what? I pick my old house right?

*I then pointed to a house that I was really familar with*

John: That one!! I'll pick the ---

Carl: Uhhh... Well... That won't be possible John. At least not right now. Your starting funds say so. Unless you want to access that money cheat...

*I looked at my phone which stated the starting funds at 20,000 simoleans at which point I facepalmed myself and then sighed*

John: No, Carl... That won't be necessary... I'll just pick a house that I can already afford with my available funds on hand.

Carl: Very good. As you wish. Well, John we have three houses available...

*He showed me the list of available SIM houses:


*Nookstone a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom (20×15) for $13,064 simoleans.


*Sandtrap Flat a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom (30×20) for $17,032 simoleans.



*Agave Abode, a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom (20x15) for $18,049.

I was then pondering my selection... And I almost selected Sandtrap Flats but then something about the name Agave drew me in...

John: I'll select Agave Abode. I feel like I'll be one with that house, environment and all. Ideally, it would be nice to have a bigger house but it would just be me for now... Maybe when I make friends with others and/or make more simoleans, I'll then find a better house. That will make a good starter sim house for now Carl.

*I was waiting for Carl to respond but there was silence*

John: Carl? Carl....? CARLLLLL!!!!!!

I then heard a beep in the sky. No light... Then heard another beep and a voice...

*Transmission Intercepted... Terminated*.... *Transmission Intercepted.. Terminated....*

After a few more minutes hearing that, the message went away. I realize Carl left me at that point, knowing that I had all the sims tools I needed to succeed this time around...

I silently said to myself...

John: Thanks Carl... I won't let you down man. Thanks for getting me here safely!

And... With that... I walked towards my new SIM house... Agave Abode.....

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Re: John Alves - My Sim Story! - Oasis Springs... 4 years later!!
« Reply #5 on: July 29, 2019, 06:24:25 AM »
Good luck with this, and welcome to the forum!
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Re: John Alves - My Sim Story! - Oasis Springs... 4 years later!!
« Reply #6 on: July 29, 2019, 10:41:07 AM »
Thank you!! :)

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Re: John Alves - My Sim Story! - Oasis Springs... 4 years later!!
« Reply #7 on: July 29, 2019, 10:58:42 AM »
Great Start so far! Looking forward to reading more. :)

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Re: John Alves - My Sim Story! - Oasis Springs... 4 years later!!
« Reply #8 on: July 31, 2019, 09:33:07 AM »
Chapter I - Finally Home! (Again)


So... I finally landed to my new sim house... Agave Abode and looked around... Wow, things were different this time. Looked at my virtual wallet... Only about 2,500 simoleans to my name...

I wanted to make the best of it with doing stuff the right, legit way without any kind of money cheat... Although Carl did say that there was... Oh well, in the house I went!

I decided to take a starting photo of my new house and oh boy... It was stuff that looked like it was brought back from the 1970's from the real world...


"No matter," I thought to myself... We are going to make this work! Heck, being alone in this sims virtual world, I'm even going to be more useful and learn how to cook... At least I'll try!

I was continuing to explore my new house... Going to the bedroom-area when I saw... the computer that the house had left for me...


"Oh yay... Let the 1970's theme... No 1980's continue!" I laughed to myself. I decided to turn on the computer to see what I could find... If I could get any information about the city of Oasis Springs this time around to see if I could anything new on the city.

As I was about to search the internet, a voice popped out from the screen...

*incoming message... Incoming message... Incoming message*

"Read message?" It said.

I clicked yes and heard a familar voice:

???: If you can hear this, I'm leaving you a message before everything shuts down on me. I hope that you are becoming acclimated to your new home! If you need me for any reason, please email me at this address...

John: Carl!! So you didn't completely disappear! Thank goodness!

I then proceeded to message him right away at the given address he provided, hoping to hear from sooner rather than later...

I then, at that point decided to call it a day early and went to sleep... And boy did I sleep well. It almost felt like I was on a 7 day cruise and just coming back from it!

The next day, I decided to search to see what this 80's computer could provide for me. Instantly it came to mind that I was without a job and without a money cheat, it wouldn't be long before I would pass on and the Sim experiment would be a failure...

So looking through, I saw that there was an opening for a retail employee as a shelf stocker!


"Hmmm..." I thought to myself. This could be close to realistic as it was in the real world. I decided to take the morning shift 9 am to 1 pm. That way I could try to make some friends after work while I made some money and at $33 simoleans per hour, that would be nothing to sneeze at.

After I had figured out my income situation, I decided to browse around further to see what I could find that was new... And with that, I had received a message from a voice which said:

*Incoming message! Read?"

I clicked "yes" and my gut was correct. It was Carl!

Carl: John! I'm glad you got my message! Things are fine here at the laboratory! Your pod with your body is fine. Anyways, if you ever need anything please contact me through this. I will see in the future if there will be a better way, perhaps through your mobile device that you can message me. Before I leave, I will give you a link of some new, useful information to the expansion packs we installed before you went into Oasis Springs... Til the next time John! Sul sul!

I then clicked on the link that he left me and found a funky-looking calendar.


"This must be new through that Seasons pack!" I said to myself.

I Instantly saw an upcoming holiday... "Love Day!" Maybe that day I would meet a wonderful woman. It being 4 days away though I wasn't sure it would happen just like that...

As I was continuing to browse, I heard a knock on the door...

"Huh... Who could that be? I wasn't expecting any company!"

I got up slowly, and and walked towards the door and asked...

"Who is it?"   

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Re: John Alves - My Sim Story! - Oasis Springs... 4 years later!!
« Reply #9 on: August 04, 2019, 01:44:24 AM »

Why, its your fellow neighborhood representative... Johnny Zest! I'm the person that goes around and meets all the newbies in town and visits with them to see how he or she is and if they are comfortable with their new surroundings...

I was beginning to think if this was some sort of prank or if it was legit... I began to ask him a simple question...

"If.... You know me, then what's my name?"

He answered smartly and said: "Really? Well... your name is John Alves of course!"

I then asked him a harder question: "OK... Well... What are my three traits that I selected before coming into Oasis Springs?"

I pressed my ear up against the door and heard some beeping...

"This will only take a second John... We now have a tablet that can learn all about the new sims that move anywhere... Whether that's Oasis Springs, Willow Creek or even as fancy as City Living!"

He then continued on... Let's see here... A... Al... Alv... Ah here we go... Alves!" So... It says here that you came from.. Ah the same city as before! Had a romantic interest with the infamous Nina Caliente of the Caliente family and furthermore I can tell you that your three traits that you hand selected were goofball, creative and music lover..."

I slowly opened the door and then swung it wide open without any hesitation...

"Yeah.... That's right," I said. Hello Johnny. Well you know my name and a little overview/summary about it as well.

"Mind if I come in John?" He asked me.

"Ummm... No.. Not at all!" I told him. He then skimmed through the house and went straight towards my bedroom where he went onto the computer..."


"Ummm... May I ask what you are doing on there?" I asked Johnny.

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Re: John Alves - My Sim Story! - Oasis Springs... 4 years later!!
« Reply #10 on: August 05, 2019, 09:12:55 PM »
"Oh I usually just log onto Sims' computers just so I can inform the I guess what you could call the "town hall" of Oasis Springs that I came by and visited you!"

He then began playing some games on my computer...

"Uhhh... Johnny? Trying to beat my high score on that game I see?"

He felt slightly embarrassed and then told me:

"Look, John... I'll be honest with you. When I came into your house, you didn't come in with much... Your appliances are from the 80s, and from what I see you haven't done much renovating if at all... However my contract states whenever I visit a sim, it has to be at least 4 hours and we are only at 1 hour... Unless the sim him/herself decides to dismiss me beforehand..."

I then said to him:

"Yeah.. Actually if you wanted to go.. I don't want you to be more uncomfortable here than you probably already are..."

"Thanks, John!" He said to me in reply. In case you wanted any updates on Oasis Springs or if you want to have a house party and need some guests, then heres my business card!"

I took the "card" from him but it wasn't a typical business card from the world i came from. It was more like a holographic card that slipped right into my phone. It took a few seconds for my sim phone to analyze but after that, it automatically applied all the information that the card had on it! I was really impressed by the technology this time around in Sims!


After Johnny had left, I went to use the restroom but when I was trying to get out, I felt like either the door or wall was glitched because I couldn't get out! I felt trapped!! 1 day in and already was going to suffer a surprising, early SIM death?!

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Re: John Alves - My Sim Story! - Oasis Springs... 4 years later!!
« Reply #11 on: August 05, 2019, 09:43:59 PM »
After tinkering with the bathroom a little bit, I was finally able to get out...

"Sorry, Grim Reaper... Not today!" I thought to myself.

I then had this nagging feeling of what Johnny said to me on how I didn't take any time into renovating the house I was living in! Sure, it wasn't my first house when I lived in Oasis Springs before but it was... Home... I guess.


I then decided to do some research and started reading a book that I saw from the shelf, entitled: "How to make a successful living in Oasis Springs!"

As I was reading the book, a job title popped out in my mind: Freelancer. Set your own hours! Work as much or as little as you want! Make good money in the process!

All of that sounded good in my mind but there was one problem... I had a job already as a shelf stocker... I missed my previous job but if I were to make it this time around in Oasis Springs without any money cheats, I was going to have a good paying job.

1565055494883.jpg 1565055672357.jpg

I then continued to do some further research on "freelancing" on the computer and I had decided that it would be right move for me, at least for the short term.

So, with all that in mind... I decided to quit my retail job as a stocker.


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Re: John Alves - My Sim Story! - Oasis Springs... 4 years later!!
« Reply #12 on: August 05, 2019, 10:01:24 PM »
By the way, I hope y'all are enjoying My Sim Story so far! Thanks for viewing it although I wish I would upload more often for y'alls viewing pleasure but with a combination of work, married life and rest, it can be tough sometimes! I have taken a ton of photos and will be going to Chicago next week for a week so I hope to do more updating then!

With that being said, here's some special previewed photos for an upcoming chapter of my story! I feel like I'm taking better looking photos recently so I hope y'all can take appreciation from that alone if nothing else! :)






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Re: John Alves - My Sim Story! - Oasis Springs... 4 years later!!
« Reply #13 on: August 06, 2019, 12:03:11 PM »
There was only one problem... Yes, in my mind I had selected a good short-term "career" setting my own hours but I needed to specify what kind of freelancing I wanted to do.....


"Hmmm... Let's see here... There's Digital Artist, Programming or Writing..."

Back in the real world, I wasn't much of an artist. I remembered that the best I could do was draw stick figures as my sister really was the digital artist of the family! Oh well, if she ever came into the Sims game, she could always pick that as a career!

I thought about doing writing but then thought... Well, it would be a little bit one dimensional since I was already writing on my sims journey this time around... I didn't want to get burnt out on writing twice even though it would be easy but remembering on what Carl had to said to me before entering Oasis Springs again: "nothing in life, even on a sims one is easy..." I decided to focus on the third and only option: Programming.

I loved being on the computer but knew little to not much about being a programmer and man... This Sims world knew me quite well!


When I had started, I was looking very much like a newb... Couldn't finish even the level 1 stuff right away! I was frustrated for a bit but told my inner self, as back in the real world, I had a saying when I was at work: "Its not about how many times you fall down... It's how many times you get back up..."


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Re: John Alves - My Sim Story! - Oasis Springs... 4 years later!!
« Reply #14 on: August 07, 2019, 12:35:47 AM »
After doing a few programming on the computer, I realized the time...

"Jeez... It's already 11:30 PM at night!"

I did a "full scan" in my bedroom to see what I needed more... Sleep or Hunger. It was about even and I was kind of wanting some food before resetting for the morning... I certainly didn't want something too filling but just enough to wake up hungry at a half-decent hour.

So... My choice of snack? Cereal.


They only had one type of cereal... Kinda tasted like Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Hey, it was one of my favorite cereals in the real world so I was fine with that...

After finishing one bowl, I was still hungry but decided it was time to get some rest... Now, usually I wouldn't be writing down my sleep but since it was my first real night in a SIM world's bed, I made an exception....


So I woke up in the morning... And decided to see what was in the fridge... Kinda looked like oatmeal but wasn't too sure what it exactly was...but heck, let's go with oatmeal!


So after eating it, my stomach was still grumbling so... I then thought to myself...

"Uhghhh... I need to start learning how to cook... Even if it's a simple dish!"

I then looked at a digital cookbook that was installed onto my phone... Luckily there was one dish that caught my eye... Macaroni and Cheese!

Well... How hard could that be? I was soon going to find out!

Add cheese pack... Butter... Milk...


It wasnt without its challenges... Even for a level 1 cook!... Ooouch... Too hot!!! hands did get affected here and there... But all in all... It was a job well done... Jr. cooks would have been proud of me!


However... I just didn't want to be a newb cook all my life... So being a visual learner from back in the real world, I decided against reading about cooking... Perhaps there would be something on the television on how to be a better cook and who knows... Perhaps maybe one day I could start and open up my own restaurant! I did read that there was a way to do just that from a pack...

Anyways, it was just my luck that I did find something on TV!


"Become the next SIM ninja... Cooking Ninja... Of The Sims!! Oasis Springs residents! We are talking to you!! Whether a beginner or wanting to apply for our show... It's never too late to start cooking!"

"Maybe one day... I'll become that next ninja chef!" I thought to myself.

One step at a time...!

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Re: John Alves - My Sim Story! - Oasis Springs... 4 years later!!
« Reply #15 on: August 17, 2019, 12:30:14 AM »
Sorry I haven't updated in awhile my Sims people! As stated before, I have been here in Chicago, IL visiting my wife's brother's family (one of them) for the week. I thought I would have some down time but everyday has been go go go...!!

I'm still in the Chicago area but wanted to update before going back to my hometown tomorrow night!

That being said, without further ado... On with my sims' experimented story/legacy?

So when we last left off... I was watching Sim Iron Chef on the TV and after the episode ended I was wanting to be a better cook... "One step at a time..."

So I was going to go back to the kitchen and improve on my cooking when the next thing I knew, I heard a vibration... I looked around and realized that it was my own phone!

When I checked the ID to see who it was, it was none other than Mr. Welcoming Ambassador himself: Johnny Zest.


I thought to myself that I needed to start making new friends, meet up with some females, maybe one would catch my eye and vice-versa but also have some home boys to go have a beer at the bar but ultimately I decided to answer the phone call because as far as I knew there wasnt a way currently for me to check voicemails on it...

"Hello... Hey Johnny! Yeah, sure... You can come over! Alright, see you soon man!"

Seconds later... He was at the door and I let him in.

John: So... How are things with your whole... Welcoming thing?"

Zest: Oh.. Well... Honestly... It's been a little slow. Ever since you moved in... People have been flocking to these newer cities from expansion packs... City Living... Island Living... And since Oasis Springs is known as one of the older cities, I didn't even know if we'd get any new SIM people. Then... Then... You showed up from out of nowhere...

He, at this point, began to get all emotional on me...

Z: It's almost like you fell from the sky...

He then proceeded to gather his thoughts after wiping his allergies from his eyes...

Zest: So yes, when they gave me the packet on you, John... I was floored! I really didn't start until shortly after you left Oasis Springs... Knowing and establishing a relationship with one of the Caliente sisters... Being abducted by aliens and getting pregnant and having a son, a blue-alien named Phoenix... What happened?

I then began to tell him a shortened response...

John: Well, yes... The people that gave you that information... That is all true.. Even me getting abducted AND becoming pregnant!

Later on, I informed Mr. Zest that there was a dating app that my Sim used and met my soulmate but that I wanted to retell my story on how things were, whether if they were new or much of the same...

Zest: Gotcha man. So, let's change gears, shall we? What were you doing before I came in?

John: Well, I was watching the latest episode of SIM Iron Chef.


He then proceeded to watch the re-run with me of what was left ... Ah... Oh... This part was horrible. I wish this was improved and that this was ignored. I can't believe Gordon Simsey would call them out like that...

I then proceeded to ask him: "Why so serious about this show... It's just a competitive Sims Cooking competition..."

From out of nowhere, he then said that he wanted to talk with me on something regarding that show at the dining room table:


"Was it something I said Zest?", as I proceeded to get something to eat from the refrigerator...

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Re: John Alves - My Sim Story! - Oasis Springs... 4 years later!!
« Reply #16 on: August 17, 2019, 12:38:08 PM »
Zest: Actually... It was nothing you said John... I just have had quite a not-so-memorable experience on that Iron Chef Show. You see, the host before Gordon was likeable... There were people lined up just hoping to get picked for that show! Ratings were up... In my mind, that show was going to last for the long haul... However, the money needing to continue ita popularity was running low... So, from what I understood... They wanted to find another popular person to take over and Gordon was out of a job for a few years due to how he was in Sims' Hills Kitchen. He came to Sims' Iron Chef Show and it was never the same ever since. I got on the show and got an earful from Gordon and decided to step down on my own... No elimination, no nothing...

John: Oh I see... Well, I'm sorry you had such a bad experience but I just got here not what even feels like a week ago... And when I was in the real world, I couldn't cook on a stove or even bake anything! Sure, there was the microwave but say if I wanted to impress a female one day, I'm sure she would like for me to cook something special for her so my goal is to become a successful cook one day...

Zest: I don't agree with this John... I don't want you to get treated the way that I was with Gordon from my past experiences...

John: I get it Johnny. I do. Just the difference is that I'm not you. Sure, any person's past experiences won't be squeaky clean, mine surely isn't but I'll quote a famous quote back where I came from: "Its not how many times you fall down... It's how many times you get back up..."

Zest: You still don't get it Jo-- ah... You know what?! I'm just tired of this... I'm going to leave... No one here in Oasis Springs gets me! Enjoy your stay here John... Don't bother calling me!

Next thing I knew, he slammed the door... I looked through my window and he walked off as if he were on a mission to tell someone off... Maybe he was going to the gym to blow off some steam?

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Re: John Alves - My Sim Story! - Oasis Springs... 4 years later!!
« Reply #17 on: August 17, 2019, 01:11:26 PM »
Speaking of the gym, as risky as it initially sounded, I decided to go there because if I was to become a great cook, a lot of eating would be involved and I wasn't going to be the type of sim that would just cook salads and healthy stuff like that...

So, off to the gym I went hoping to not run into Mr. Zest...

When I finally reached the gym, I looked up at the monitors outside of the building and saw someone that looked real familar to someone I met early on in my last residential living in Oasis Springs... "It couldn't be, could it?" I thought to myself.


"Is that... Bella Goth???"

I walked in and rushed trying to find the treadmills and surely enough... After getting a good look at the black haired lady, my curiosity was confirmed... Bella Goth in the flesh!


John: Hey Bella!! It's me, John! Remember from Oasis Springs? We go way back!

Bella: Hey hold on a second girl... Hey-- uh.. Can I help you sir? Do I know you?

John: Uhmmm... I would think so? I would never think in a million sim years that you would forget any sim person, especially one that was heavily involved with the Caliente family... And last that I read before coming back in again to town is that you and Katrina have been real close over the years...

Bella: Well, yes... This is true but I don't remember any guy by your name... Katrina has never mentioned any guy that was involved with her or her daughters. Not in a few years anyway...

I was thinking to myself: "Did the Caliente family forget who I was as well? Nina, at the very least, could have NEVER forgotten about me... could she?"

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Re: John Alves - My Sim Story! - Oasis Springs... 4 years later!!
« Reply #18 on: August 17, 2019, 03:29:33 PM »
Speaking of Nina... As my eyes scanned the rest of the gym, I noticed Katrina first but then the former love that I developed feelings and a relationship with... Nina.

I races towards them and respectfully said hi to Katrina but then focused my attention to Nina...


John: Hey Nina!! Do you remember me? We had such good times together... We went out, took you to dinner, and we even had talked about getting married before I left Oasis Spr--

Nina: Hey hold on Mom... Hey there stranger... Well, I do remember a guy a long time ago that looked really similar to how you look... That I had feelings for but.. It's kinda blurry in my mind.. His name started with a "J"

Did she remember who I was?

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Re: John Alves - My Sim Story! - Oasis Springs... 4 years later!!
« Reply #19 on: August 18, 2019, 01:48:34 AM »
Nina: Actually... No... Wait... Jo-- John? Is that you???

My eyes glowed as I said... "Yes!! My name is John!! So you do remember me!" Bella had told me about what happened that.. Nor Katrina or any of her daughters remembered any man that have approached them in the last few years...

Nina: Most of what she had said to you is correct. To be honest, here let's actually talk about this in private, just you and me...

Next thing I knew, we were outside and Nina was looking a little playful but serious at the same time... Then, she began to speak in a firm tone:


Nina: You see, John. Truth is, I never forgot about you... The memories that we had made and everything. Problem that our family was facing, well more like a problem Katrina was having, was that you, from out of nowhere, disappeared into thin air.. After you left, she told me that she didn't want to hear about you ever again and I should just erase any and all memories of what we had... Because she felt like you--

John: That I cheated on you? Is that it?

She nodded in disappointment and said in a light, airy tone: "Something like that...

I then picked her chin up and said:

John: Look Nina. Things did change. I'll be 100% honest with you. No lies. There was a serious malfunction back at the lab when I was transported to Oasis Springs the first time. During those years, I had found a real life woman who I invested some time with and really I didn't feel a need to get back into finding a new lab to transport back to the game because I had eventually found love in the real world and got married. Yeah, she knows I am re-enacting how things were in Oasis Springs. Does she think it's weird, that it's strange? Yes. No doubt. But she knows I would never cheat on her as in marrying a woman in sim world unless it was her and she went as far as to create her own sim in this second go-round so when I meet up with her? That is to be determined because she will live in another city from here because that's how it was when we first dated. I'm sorry I never came back in-game to tell you all this... But if it makes any difference, you filled a void in my life when nothing special was going down til that happened so thank you...

I then looked at Nina and her eyes were teary-eyed. My guess was that she was filled with mixed emotions.

John: I know that its a lot to process Nina... But I hope we can be friends through all of this...

Nina: No... I appreciate you being honest... And honestly, I am full of mixed emotions right now. On the one hand, I am quite happy for you that you found someone in your real world universe but on the other hand, I feel deceived that you didn't tell me what was going on right then and there... I'm sorry John... I know you mean well and are a good guy but this will take some time for me to process. Let's meet again in the future and we can talk this out when I have a more clear mindset, yes?

I shook my head in agreement and with that she gave me a hug and jogged off into the distance...

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Re: John Alves - My Sim Story! - Oasis Springs... 4 years later!!
« Reply #20 on: August 18, 2019, 03:27:29 PM »
I decided on head on home myself as I felt that both Bella Goth and Katrina Caliente didn't really seem too interested in getting re-aquainted with me...

When I got home, I still thought to myself that I wanted to become a better cook but didn't have the necessary tools to get there right away. So I thought how I could speed up the "master cooking" process. I looked through the refrigerator. Nothing. Then, there was a note on the side of it, which read:

"Need help cooking? Why not get assisted help by hiring* a private chef to give you some tricks of the trade!"

*Chef costs €40 simoleans an hour... Max 5 hours a day... Must have an open schedule as our chefs work around the clock*

I, then decided, without any hesitation, cooked them right away. I was available right now! If no one was, then I would try another time.

I was fortunate enough to get through and got the last chef for the day to come over...


I was in the bathroom at this point as I had some company over already but figured she had left because I couldn't find her anywhere! Next thing I knew, she was done with her entree, plating and everything!

"Wait... I said to her. I didn't learn anything. You just created a dish and then thats it?"

"Yes... Pretty much" she said in reply. Did you honestly expect that I was going to be your private teacher in your own home? For €40 an hour? Really now?

I looked down at the business-looking card, looked back up at her after looking off to the side and nodded: "Well... Yeah..."

"That's for another service we are currently in talks of doing in the future..." She said in reply to me. "If we get enough support then we will do a soft launch at a discounted price for new members... Unfortunately though, we don't have that support yet but if you help spread the word, I'll be sure you'll be first in line!" as she gave me a playful wink at me.

At this point I blushed a little bit and decided to check out what she ended up making... What special concoction she had up her sleeves:


"Tofu... Tacos?" I thought to myself. I gave a little look of concern at the chef, which she looked at me as if to say "What's wrong?"

I, at that point, looked at her chef's outfit and read "Vegetarian". I mentally facepalmed myself and then it light bulbed right away as to why she was the last one available when I had called...

"Try it.. You'll love it!" She said to me in reply.

"Oohh... Okay!" I said to her

I closed my eyes and took one bite...  *chomp... chomp... chomp...*

"Wow... This isn't half bad!" I said. "It tastes like chicken!"

"Told you it was good!" She said to me.


I then sat down and noticed that the girl I had over was still there. I could have easily asked where she was hiding but I felt a romantic aura in the air... I looked at my watch and thermostat and both gave off a pink glow... As it said "flirty".

I looked both at the chef and the girl I had over and one winked and the other licked their lips at me!

Deciding to change course a bit I swallowed calmly not to seem too eager beaver and them leaving I asked: "Is... Uh... Ummm.. Anyone hungry for dessert?"

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Re: John Alves - My Sim Story! - Oasis Springs... 4 years later!!
« Reply #21 on: August 18, 2019, 04:44:08 PM »
Of course I was enjoying the attention! Internally, my whole being was giddy but on the outside I wasn't sure how to handle this situation from getting strange and them both leaving...

The one girl I had invited informed me that she had to get going that it was getting late. So it was just me and the private chef.

I looked down at the time and I realized the five hours were up....

"Darn" I said to myself.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" She said to me.

I looked sad and said to her... "Well according to the time, you were only supposed to be here for 5 hours and it just hit 5 hours... Time flies when you have great company around..."

"Oh is that so?" She said. "Usually, yes... Due to contract obligations we do have to leave the residential or business establishment but I like you John. So ill stay a little while longer..."

Next thing I knew she was eating what looked like a vegan dish... Carameled Apple?


"Hey!! Where's my desert?" I asked her.

"Well..." She said to me. "There was only one caramelled apple in the frig... Looks like you'll have to do some shopping sweetie... Oh what the heck... I'll share mine with you!"

We enjoyed a half-eaten Caramel Apple and then she had to pardon herself as she had to go... She gave me a kiss on the cheek goodbye and headed out the door.

"Til the next time sweetie!"