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The Biggest, Happiest Family Challenge v. 3.0 - Chapter 2
« on: November 01, 2019, 07:44:29 PM »
Hey friends! I’m using this forum as a way to keep track of my Biggest Happiest Family Challenge.
I've attempted this twice before, but both times I suffered from burnout. This time, I've pre-prepared many, many chapters to assure I can work on this challenge at my own pace! I'll be uploading probably once a week or so.

The rules of this challenge are as follows:

1. The founder and each heir must complete the Big, Happy Family aspiration, Super Parent and Successful Lineage aspirations.
    - This means they must have at least three children minimum.

2. The founder/heir must complete an additional aspiration and max a skill other than parenting.
    - They also must have a career of some sort that they “complete”, but to allow for careers that aren’t on the typical 1-10 scale they don’t have to “max” said career in normal definitions. I will define completeness in such a situation.

3. All toddlers must max all their skills. All children must complete an aspiration, get an A, and make a friend. All teenagers must max character values, finish scouting, have a boyfriend/girlfriend, and get an A. In order to move out, young adults must be married and expecting a child.
    - If the child doesn’t succeed in one of these areas, they cannot be counted towards the three necessary children.

4. Any adopted children have to be babies or toddlers when adopted to count towards the final 3 necessary children.

5. No cheats under normal circumstances. Usage to fix game bugs or otherwise correct EA’s sins is, of course, permitted.

The only packs I have are the expansions minus GF, parenthood, toddler stuff, kids room stuff, and laundry day. I use MC Command Center, but only so that the town is alive and I can check the state of pregnancies, never to cheat or manipulate!

I’m beginning this challenge with the lovely Camille Greer, along with her puppy Theodore, who is based on my own real-life dog!

Her traits are Family-Oriented, Dog Lover, and Ambitious.
Teddy is Smart, Playful, and Loyal, if you care :P
She’ll be completing the Friend of the Animals aspiration, and eventually owning a vet clinic and being a veterinarian!
Her career will be complete when her clinic reaches 5 stars.

Chapter Log:
Chapter 1: Into the Swing of Things
Chapter 2: Nooboo Booboo
(2/11 chapters posted)

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Chapter 1: Into the Swing of Things
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2019, 07:48:35 PM »
Chapter 1: Into the Swing of Things

Camille began slaving away at the vet station per my command right away. What’s a sim’s life without tedious grinding for skills?

The welcome wagon dropped by to ease her suffering. Ignoring the randomly generated, fashion inept townie in the background, you can see that she only had eyes for one sim! Mr. Gavin Richards, you have been chosen, come on down!

…but first I had her befriend the hideous townie and the good boi Mitchell Kalani, because I like my sims to have friends. And what else are neighbors for?

These two fortunately got on like a low cooking skilled sim’s cheap stove! On fire, that is. It’s almost like I planned it that way…

They headed over to the museum for their first official date, and were very adorable and I just AHHHHH I love how their outfits coordinate! That I will admit I didn’t plan.

They shared their first kiss among the art, for their love is by design.

And here Camille goes running towards an angry child townie that tried to initiate conversation with her while I was trying to stage their wedding and engagement shots. She already shows a perchance for headstrong disobedience. Free will is now permanently disabled.

“Please say yes. I really need to go pee and the sooner this is over the sooner she’ll let me.”

They sealed their marriage with their second ever kiss, and the move in prompt made their date NOT COUNT towards the soulmate aspiration!! I’m not mad at all about it  >:(

It’s right about here that he questions their 24 hour whirlwind romance… The next morning over some normal quality eggs and toast.

A bit too late for that, Gavin ol’ pal. You’re gonna be a daddy-o. Hopefully the On a Ley Line lot trait pays off. I’m hoping for a two-for-one special B)

“Oh golly gee, that’s just dandy.”

And you’re now a freelance writer instead of being in the writing career. Thanks for making bank to support your future spawn!

Camille's Stats
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Chapter 2: Nooboo Booboo
« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2019, 10:52:39 PM »
Chapter 2: Nooboo Booboo

I forced Camille to watch some kid’s TV in the hopes that I can cash in that two-for-one special. Trying to hit that sweet spot of twins, but not triplets.

Is it really a jog in Sims if an angry townie doesn’t death glare you for no reason while stomping down the sidewalk?

Mitchell seemed thrilled and only slightly concerned at the accelerated rate at which his former roommate and only friend have taken their relationship. Maybe he can be the godfather.

I decided I wanted another puppy to make her aspiration easier, so I added that one dog lot trait. Anyways, she looks thrilled to encounter this on her front lawn around 10 pm.

Fortunately there was an adorable little girl named Kimber, a border collie, who was quickly befriended. She’s mischievous, too, which is convenient for Camille’s aspiration. Plus smart and couch potato. Literally the best possible dog for this situation.

Awwww! This is the happiest I’ve ever seen her, including her wedding day and finding out she was pregnant... Priorities.

Here’s Gavin being super stoked that his wife totally consulted him before walking outside and bringing home a random stranger dog. Because she did. Totally.

But since she’s smart she weasels her way right on in for the kill.

Target eliminated. Kimber really is man’s best friend, keeping Camille out of trouble like that.

Theodore was also a hard-fought victory, but even he succumbed to her charm and adorable floppy tongue.

I (very generously) allowed Camille a nap, since she was up late hustling a new dog companion the night before and gives birth early tomorrow. You’re welcome :)

Got a cute maternity photo to hang on the wall. Pictures are always better when Sims are staring right into your soul :)

Man, it seems like just three days ago these two got married! And now they’re having a baby!

NOW you panic, Gavin?? Your wife is literally walking inside like nbd and NOW you’re panicking?? Go in after her, you buffoon!

Please be twins please be twins please be twins…

HALLELUJAH! Watchers, welcome Steven and Daniel to the crapshow!

Let the synchronized crying and misery commence!

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