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The Binderclips: Household Skills 2!
« on: December 04, 2019, 10:02:14 PM »

Here’s my new attempt at the Household Skills Project, (created by the amazing hazelnut!)

For anyone who doesn't know, Household Skills is a ginormous, multi-generational challenge, where you attempt to do every single thing in the game. Max every career, complete every LTW, supermax every skill, etc, etc. Each new household unlocks a new skill, and everyone in the house has to learn the skill, while at least one member must supermax it. The heir (which can be any Sim in the birth order) gets to move out and start the next household once a certain set of requirements have been met.

Unfortunately, looking at my plans for the Paperclips, I realized that I was almost certainly going to overload my poor PC. This time, I’ve sketched out an outline that focuses on finishing households based on expansion pack, rather than going alphabetically. The maximum amount of expansions I should have at any given time, (besides the last household, which will terrifyingly have all of them at once,) will be three. Most households will only have two. (Since I can’t exactly turn off Ambitions. I need it for self-employment careers.)

(Please excuse the ugly screenshots, guys. I promise they'll get better!)

Our founder this time is Bottle Green Binderclip.

She's a distant cousin of the Paperclips from the last attempt. Her traits are Neat, Athletic, Childish, Nurturing, and Absent-Minded. (I really, REALLY want to get that one out of the way.) Her Lifetime Wish is technically to Become A Superstar Athlete, but it’s actually to become a dragon tamer.

I’m quite attached to my old naming scheme, where a I would pick a color and it’s hex code, why yes I have read the Dreamweaver dynasty, why do you ask? so I’ll just be keeping it. However, since we are no longer progressing alphabetically, I’ll plug in a random number generator each time I need a color for an heir.

(This, uh. This naming system also serves to keep them color-coordinated, which helps me keep track of who needs to do what.)

We’ve got Generations and Seasons installed, and I hope to have them uninstalled in three generations. So! Let’s get to it.

We’re starting in Dragon Valley this time, because I think it’s quite pretty there. We'll be spending the longest amount of time in the first town, so I wanted to pick somewhere nice. (Heirs can move neighborhoods when they're ready to move, but I have a limited number of neighborhoods, since I am not made of money.)

Now, full confession; this is my second time using Bottle Green.

I sank about three hours into a Sunset Valley file, only to realize that I had been playing on the ‘Long’ lifespan. (I was using it for my nectar challenge, and my timespans REFUSE to stay separate between files. It’s infuriating.) I thought about just aging Bottle Green up at a normal time, but it would have made me feel so, so guilty, so I’ve instead restarted.


The first thing Bottle Green did was get herself a job. (The Dragon Valley sports center is a TENT! Amazing! I like to imagine it’s a neat circus.) I know that her job description says “Rabid Fan”, but it really means “Beginner Dragon Wrangler”.

The second thing she did was rocket herself right to level 2 of the Athletics skill. (And look at how cool the gym is!)

(While I’m on the subject of the gym, uh, hey, EA? Is there a reason the showers don't have walls?!)

While Bottle was busy skilling, I was spying around town.

First cool thing I found was this lovely park, and I wondered; how is this gonna work for the seasonal festivals?

The second important thing I found was this community garden.

Super fun fact for everyone; if your Sim harvests food, and haven’t yet unlocked the gardening skill, the harvesting won’t add any skill gain. So, Bottle spent a few fatigued hours gathering food to keep from buying a fridge.

As the second day rolled around, I realized that there was no festival pop-up notification. No nothing. I checked out the parks; still nothing.

And it finally hit me, that, well.

EA didn’t feel like making another lot for their new town.

I checked the EA lots and nope, no festival grounds for Dragon Valley. (Nothing for Roaring Heights, either.)

Normally, I wouldn’t really care, but, as I am invested in trying to actually play with the Seasons, I restarted the file for the third time that day, and plopped down the Central Park Festival Grounds before actually playing the game. The Sunset Valley look doesn’t quite fit Dragon Valley, but, frankly, neither did anything else.

Once again; move in, set up the funds, get the job, start the skill, harvest the food.

This time, I at least got to use an old standby trick for early money gain. Flowers are worth an obscene amount of money when you only have a thousand dollars starting budget.

Here’s what all we ended the first day with.

I’m VERY happy that we managed to afford a nice shower. Plum out of money, but hey! That gives a great moddlet boost. Usually, about an hour before Bottle leaves for work, I’ll have her fulfill a quick wish, (she’s Neat, so it’s usually something like “clean the sink”,) take a shower, and pop off to work with two long-lasting positive moodlets to help her “mood” metric.

The next day, while Bottle was jogging to work, she suddenly stopped. The new item in her queue read, “Converse about existentialism.” Curious, I followed.

Well! There’s something I didn’t know about.

Normally, I consider dragons a little too “cheaty” for my taste. I think they’re deeply overpowered, especially for the first household.

But, since this is supposed to be about playing everything in the game….I went ahead and brought it home.

Sadly, it hatched as a purple dragon. Bleh. It’s my understanding that purples can help learn charisma, which would ruin the challenge, so I sold it off. (We can pretend he went to a loving family somewhere in town, yeah?)

The money paid for a toy box, at least. (I wasn’t getting a bed until I managed to get some exercise equipment.)

Get yourself a childish Sim, honestly. She plays with her toys before the carpool comes, and it helps boost her mood for work. And it’s cheap!

By Tuesday, 11 pm, Bottle was level five of athletics, and we were on a very good track.

So I had to ruin it, of course.

On Thursday, when she had the day off, I had her quit and re-join the career, in an effort to avoid the dreaded “no promotions last level seven” bug in the sports career. So. Hey! Here’s hoping!

By the end of Week one, she was back to almost level two of her career, level seven of her skill, and nearly ⅖ of the way through Marathon Runner.

She spent Sunday hassling her boss for a promotion.

It barely ever worked. Ugh. Emma Delaney is a tough but to crack. (Probably doesn’t help that her husband was attracted to Bottle Green. As was every single one of her male coworkers.)

Give me Marty Keaton any day of the week. Much simpler.

Now; the matter of a spouse.

I’m a serial planner. It’s what I do. In an effort to scope out potential mates, I tempted the repo-man, called a repairman, and met the mailman.

Sorry; tempted the repo-woman, called a repair woman, and met the mail woman.


In a last ditch effort, Bottle ordered a pizza. I had really wanted to avoid using the pizza person from Dragon Valley, since that was what I had done last time, but I was very swiftly running out of original townie options for NPCs.

And look! Mick Quinlan showed up. I think he and Bottle Green will make some lovely colored children together.

I won’t bore you with the supermazing. If you want to imagine what happened, look at this for about six hours.

Most interesting thing that happened were two glitches. The first one, at two separate points, for no reason, added 19, 600 simoleons to my bank account. I used familyfunds both times to knock it back down, and have no idea what that happened. The second glitch is one that' still happening; I keep getting the notification that's like, "Somewhere is having a sale! All products now 40% off!" Except it says, "! is now having a sale! All 35% off!"

I hope "!" is doing okay, that can't be a sound way to run a business.

Winter rolled around.

It’s beautiful, guys. I really love this (surprisingly huge) town so much. Next household, when there’s more wiggle room, I’ll be enjoying every season to the fullest, and really stretching my building muscles.

By the time her Adult birthday rolled around…

(Bottle does a great Recipe Man impression!)

...she had completed the Body Builder challenge, had 406 kilometers of the needed 500 for Marathon Runner, and 40 hours of the needed 75 for Fitness Nut. Not bad!

The two things I was worried about the most were happiness points, and her future husband’s age. I’ve got plans for Mick to use a career LTW, so I hope he’s gonna be young when I get to him.

As for the happiness points ...I'm trying to use every LTR, and certain ones can only be used by heirs. I was hoping for Bottle to use Inheritance and Clone Voucher, but with a ticking clock, I decided to just go with Inheritance and a cheap LTR. It messes with my plans a bit, but ah, well. What can you do.

(Not use every LTR. The answer is, “Not use every LTR”.)

Bottle was getting closer and closer to meeting her requirements, (she had just hit Marathon Runner!) when she rolled to invite Mick over. So we did.

Dang it!

This was more plan scuppering. I don’t trust an old man to max a career, so if Mick stuck around, this would mean that I would need to shift some plans around. Ugh. Ugh, ugh, ugh. This happened with Alabaster, too! She met Nate when they were both Young Adults, and then when she was an Adult and she called him up, he was an Elder! What?! I know that there’s bugs with paper delivery aging; does it apply to all NPCs??

At the very least, they (autonomously!) get along well. Bottle, in an interesting character twist, hasn't thrown up a single romantic wish, not even during her midlife crisis. I think she's quite solidly aromantic, which, hey, I can work with that. She and Mick can have kids and remain best buds without any real issue. He seems like an easy-going guy; I like to think he's fine with it.

Finally finally finally, 15 days from elder, Bottle Green Binderclip supermaxed athletics, and I forgot to get a screenshot. Phew! First household out of the way, and we’re just under the picture limit!

Household One: Athletics

Bottle Green Binderclip (#006A4E) (Athletic, Absent-Minded, Nurturing, Childish, Neat)
-supermaxed Athletics

Unique LTRs: Inheritance, Hover Bed (Also, I’m a fool. The real estate in Dragon Valley is ridiculously cheap. I probably could have gotten away without cashing in Inheritance. Ugh.)
Unique LTW: Become A Superstar Athlete (to be completed in the next house)
Unique Career: Pro Sports (to be completed in the next house)
Building: Garda Police and Military (a whopping $1,200 simoleons ...truly, folks. I am a fool.)

Just like last time, I’ll be doing my personal notes and opinions on the careers, skills, and lifetime wishes of each household/sim. Since Bottle will finish her LTW and career in the next house, (and since they’re tied together,) I’ll just be reviewing the Athletics skill. (And, again; this is all entirely my opinion! So take it with as many grains of salt as you need.)

Athletics Skill: As I said last time, it’s a solid skill. It’s beautiful in its simplicity. I think it adds to the game, and I think it’s easy enough to be max, with the challenges rolling quite nicely into something “more” to do, without going overboard. I genuinely think that the game would be lesser without it. 10/10 as a skill, 9/10 as a super max.

(All of that being said; if, for some ungodly reason, I have to start this challenge a FIFTH time, I’ll definitely be choosing a different starting skill.)

I’ll see you all in the next house. Thanks for reading!

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Re: The Binderclips: Household Skills 2!
« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2019, 02:38:14 PM »
I wonder if maybe you called him on his adult birthday. Service NPCs seem prone to getting "double birthdays" though I've seen it with in-town sims too, especially if you move them in right after their young adult birthday. But who knows. There's also a bit of a "birthday when invoked" thing because they don't exist in the world unless providing a service, invited over, or hanging out in the park maybe.

On the flip side I always get a few absurdly long-lived service NPCs if people continue to be friends with them or just through...chance. Travel NPCs die even when I'm friends with them but long live immortal firefighters. Though an elderly-if-undying NPC isn't exactly a great thing in a challenge where you actually have to reproduce with them and complete milestones.
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Re: The Binderclips: Household Skills 2!
« Reply #3 on: December 08, 2019, 06:07:59 PM »
Hi, could you maybe explain what the “no promotions last level seven” bug in the sports career means? I've never had anything like this happen and have had several sims successfully complete the sports career. Maybe it has something to do w/DV?

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Re: The Binderclips: Household Skills 2!
« Reply #4 on: December 09, 2019, 02:01:29 AM »
@Trip Thanks, I'll keep it in mind! Absolutely wild what EA's done here. (Can you imagine what it would be like if the games actually worked?)

@Sonshine Sure, I'm happy to explain! I've had a glitch happen in a few files (in Isla Paradiso and in Sunset Valley,) where my Sims wouldn't receive any career progress past roughly level seven. (I think my Isla Paradiso guy hit level eight? His bar got stuck, but I forget the exact level.) I tried elixirs, restarts, basil; nothing worked, except quitting and rejoining the career. I know that @azokka361 had the issue at some point; she mentioned it in her Elysi Immortal Dynasty. I tink EA may have finally patched it out, but it's definitely not a DV issue!

I've Never Timed A Pregnancy, And This Was A Bad Way To Learn

Bottle moved into Household Two at 11 pm on a Wednesday.

I tried! I think the interior looks alright. The backyard is a mess, but I wanted to get on with playing.

This is our first two skill household. Here’s Bottle getting started on her Charisma. I’ve never played much with Charisma before. I’m a bit of an introvert, and I have a bad habit of projecting onto my Sims.

Bottle dressed up in her formal wear to meet Mick. She thought it would help set a good impression.

They engaged in traditional Sim activity, and soon enough, Mick was moving in

It was with great apprehension that I checked his age, and….thirteen days to death.


My original plan was to have Bottle’s spouse do one of the criminal careers, with the associated LTW. With no time for that, my backup was going to be Perfect Mind, Perfect Body. (The second skill for this house is Logic.) With thirteen days, I was very very nervous.

The plan I made was simple. Start Mick on Logic and Athletics, and see where he was at by the time he hit 10k LTHP and was ready to change his LTW. Worst case scenario, I would use Swimming in Simoleons.

I think Mick’s a jovial, easy-going guy. He’s relaxed. He goes with the flow. He rolled a bunch of wishes to learn Charisma, which is the one skill he’s not supposed to be learning.

Dang it, Mick.

These are definitely from Bottle’s job as a dragon tamer, and involve her training dragons, and NOT me caving due to time pressure.

This one is Cool Latin Name, and there's a purple named Cool Greek Name ;)

(I quickly encountered a brand new problem; I had no idea how to make them put the dragons down! Dragging (heh) them out of the inventory doesn’t work. Sometimes they put the dragons down, sometimes they stay in their inventory. It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure it out. The trick is to have the dragon out, interact with it, and then just click the dragon and tell your Sim to put it down.)

With no time to spare, and hopefully three pregnancies to get through, I went with the easiest method of conception:

Using the “try for a baby backstage” option at the theater. (Thanks, Trip!)

I figured they would just remain friends afterward, no harm no foul, but then Bottle threw up a surprise wish to kiss Mick.

Alright, I thought. You’re both not sleeping anymore, because dragons are a broken game mechanic, so, sure, yeah. Let’s see where this goes.

They both immediately wished to go on a date together. I was happy to comply.

That counts, right?

(It apparently doesn't. Or, well, it satisfied the wish, but they both quit rolling anything romantic for the other person.  :'( Whoops!)

Soon enough…

Bottle rolled to have a boy. Mick didn’t roll anything.

Dang it, Mick.

The two of them spent her pregnancy skilling. Bottle ran around town making friends, while Mick stayed at home, searching for stars and discovering potions. At night, Bottle would train him in Athletics.

Weirdest thing that happened? At one point, while Bottle was on the phone with Emma Delaney, I got a notification that said that Emma Delaney had passed on.

Uh. Sims? You feeling alright there?

By the time Phlox was born, Mick was at level six of Logic, and five of Athletics, with nine days left until his life bar ran out. I decided ah, what the heck. This is about trying new things. I’m gonna try a gamble. I gave Mick the Perfect Mind, Perfect body LTW, and prayed.

But, I’m sure you all want to hear about this delightful bean!

The random number generator gave me number 16, which is “P”. Full disclosure; I waited until the baby was a toddler to give him a real name. (I’m very worried about color clashing.) Phlox was born a clumsy genius, and is our intended Logic supermaxer. His hexcode is df00ff.

He’s a cutie, isn’t he? Looks just like his dad. I love his coloring, with the green skin, green hair, and those bright blue eyes.

This was roughly the time I started to really panic.

Bottle was having some kind of issue where she would only work on game days, which I’ve literally never seen before. Maternity leave ended late Wednesday, and the work clock said “work starts in three days” for her Saturday game.

She only had eight days left of fertility, and Mick only had seven days before his life bar maxed out. I couldn’t afford for her to take too much time off of work, but if she was only going to work two days a week, then I was dealing one big, fat problem.


I took a break. I ate some pizza. I looked out the window dramatically, until my partner said, “What are you looking at?” and I said, “I’m trying to figure out what to do with my Sims,” and they said, “Maybe that would be easier if you weren’t looking out the window.”


My original plan for this second household was to have the spouse do one of the criminal careers, (and associated LTW, as previously stated,) have the firstborn be the logic supermaxer, with their imaginary friend taking the World Renowned Surgeon LTW, have the second born be the Charisma supermaxer, with the Leader of the Free World LTW, and have the third born be the heir, taking the other criminal career. (I also wanted to have an alien housemate, but since they apparently come with level seven handiness, which is a locked skill, I have to re-examine my plans yet again.)

Clearly, that was not going to happen. Not in the slightest.

I figured another pregnancy was likely too risky, with how this one had put Bottle out of commission for almost eight days. (If I remember correctly, she took some time off to get Mick to move in, which caused her to miss a game day, and then she got pregnant, which caused her to somehow miss two games days?) Phlox would have to be the heir. I didn’t want to adopt a child, since having two kids this close together sounded like a recipe for disaster. (The heir can only move out once every other housemate has completed their LTW, and after this mess, I didn’t trust myself to finish a career in a reasonable amount of time, AND allow for Phlox to move out at a reasonable age.) So.

My backup was Winona.

Mick managed to discover Imaginary Friend Metamorphium during his time at the chemistry bench, and it was looking like my only hope for salvation. Transforming the Friend at child stage gave me less control over their traits, but it meant that I would use an imaginary friend, (which would tick off a box in the challenge, for using an occult life state,) and it felt less mean, since the poor dear was slated for a supermax, the Heartbreaker LTW, and the daycare career, all in one go. At least if I did it now, she would have lots of Happiness Points? And that's what matters, right?

Now, I lost the screenshot, but here’s where the good news started to kick in, and I had to change my plans for the better. Bottle finally went to work, and her work schedule seemed to go back to normal! My theory is that if your Sim misses a game day, they cannot attend regular work until going to another game day. (This theory has not been tested, so I think it’s just a hypothesis at this stage.)

Pictured: Mick Quinlan achieving his LTW at 6:30 am on his 90th day.

Not pictured: Me, who had been holding my breath ever since the clock hit midnight.

With that thankfully done, and with Bottle progressing nicely in her career, I let them have a reward. (This time though, I did some careful checking of Bottle's work schedule. Everything's looking fine so far, so. Fingers crossed!)

Chimes on the second try! Thanks the llamas! This meant that Winona could still be a part of the household, but I had someone else as the Charisma supermaxer...someone where I had a little more control over their traits.

Mick was also finally allowed time with Phlox.

He’s certainly not the milkman’s!

I was hopeful, at this point. Mick had accomplished his LTW. I had managed to get two pregnancies in. And the next day was Spooky Day. I was gonna send them all off for some family fun, maybe take some pictures together.


(I usually play games with the sound off, and this was the first time I actually heard the Reaper. It was wild.)

Should I feel bad, do you think? On the one hand, Mick ended his life with a finished LTW, and over 50,000 happiness points. On the other, he spent nearly every second of his last few weeks aggressively skilling, with barely any time for Phlox or Bottle.

The points measure his happiness, right?

So why, then, do I feel so guilty?

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Re: The Binderclips: Household Skills 2!
« Reply #5 on: December 09, 2019, 12:32:11 PM »
@Sonshine Sure, I'm happy to explain! I've had a glitch happen in a few files (in Isla Paradiso and in Sunset Valley,) where my Sims wouldn't receive any career progress past roughly level seven. (I think my Isla Paradiso guy hit level eight? His bar got stuck, but I forget the exact level.) I tried elixirs, restarts, basil; nothing worked, except quitting and rejoining the career. I know that @azokka361 had the issue at some point; she mentioned it in her Elysi Immortal Dynasty. I think EA may have finally patched it out, but it's definitely not a DV issue

Wow, That's really weird. I've never had that problem at all.

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Re: The Binderclips: Household Skills 2!
« Reply #6 on: December 09, 2019, 12:51:31 PM »
I'm wondering something else here. Would you be allowed to use MC to eliminate maternity leave? I find EA's maternity leave to be waaaaaaaay too much and unrealistic which makes it almost impossible to complete a career except for *maybe* on a long lifespan. The game gives your sim at least 3 days maternity leave during pregnancy plus about 3 or 4 days after the baby is born PLUS any days off. The maternity/parental days off only counts work days. : /

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Re: The Binderclips: Household Skills 2!
« Reply #7 on: March 05, 2020, 09:48:23 PM »
@Sonshine; no mods allowed, I think. Plus, my computer has enough trouble running the game as it is, I'd rather not make the burden worse :v Thank you for the suggestion though!

Let's Get Crack-A-Lacking

Well! Hello everyone, it's been a bit, hasn't it? Let's get right down to what you've all missed.

Bottle and Mick's last night together paid off (and I forgot to make maternity wear again. Maybe we can pretend it's on purpose, and it's a Thing I'm doing). Phlox aged up soon after, and before you see his child outfit, I want to remind you that this challenge is about trying new things , and I've never done this before.


Are you ready?

Here you go.

This was his everyday outfit his entire childhood, and I laughed every time I saw it. I'm so glad I did this challenge. This was an amazing choice. If you can dress up your Sims as hotdogs, you totally should. At least once. Just to see how it feels.

Phlox is out logic supermaxer, so much of his childhood was spent at the chemistry lab or the chess table. He rolled plenty of wishes for both, so I felt alright about it.

He and Winona were waiting for the day he could make that Imaginary Friend Metamorphium. (He got the op for it, but I had no idea it was four thousand simoleons! Holy cow! You can make that at home, Phlox. That's nearly enough to buy a car.)

He was a really delightful kid, always rolling wishes to try new things and find new ways to play. I think the hotdog suit suits him.

Honolulu Blue joined the house soon enough.

And Bottle aged up not long after.

(At least she doesn't have to worry about going gray?)

Lulu, our heir and Charisma supermaxer, was born Friendly and Excitable. She also got The Hair.

I really hoped to get past a single generation before The Hair showed up. Ridiculous.

Phlox aged up soon after, and Winona joined the household proper before he even sorted out his clothes.

(I appreciate that the game automatically gave him his hotdog hat. Thanks, game.)

Winona is listed as Evil, (and a Vegetarian, a Heavy Sleeper, and Excitable,) but she's an absolute doll, if you'll excuse the pun. Sure, ninety percent of her wishes were to set pranks, but she always rolling to talk to Phlox, or give a gift to Bottle, or play with Lulu. She also rolls weird wishes, like "visit a graveyard". I adore her weird mix of personality traits, I think it makes her feel like a real character.

Phlox rolled the Chess Legend LTW during his teenage years, (perfect,) but spent most of his time on the telescope. I'll need an alien in the house eventually, but I would like to avoid having a baby one, so I'd rather knock out the Celestial Explorer challenge while Phlox is too young to get the unexpected weight gain.

Lulu soon became a child, gained a Good Sense of Humor, and started work on the Celebrity and Good Sense of Humor challenges. (Read; I sent her to the park to meet people and make jokes. I imagine all her jokes are terrible puns. She seems like a pun person.)

Sometimes the Heir Stress gets to her.

But she made it to teenagehood just fine, adding "Party Animal" to her list of traits.

Most of Lulu's wishes are to make friends, or discover potions. She's very easy-going, and she had the Celebrity challenge already done by the time she learned her first Charisma skill point. Most of her free time is spent at the park, chatting people up and trying to learn traits.

Meanwhile, Bottle was getting old. Her ninetieth birthday was just a few days before Phlox and Winona were set to age up, so I gave Winona an early cake, and let her get a head start on her Lifetime Wish.

She aged up Flirty, so she's our Heartbreaker. If she hadn't been Evil, I would have given her World Renowned Surgeon, but as it stands...

She used to be a doll. I think working with kids is a good fit for her. (And yes, I did build a whole nursery right off the edge of the property. It's adorable.)

Now, let's talk about Bottle.

Here's the good news; Bottle achieved her Lifetime Wish of Becoming A Superstar Athlete. She also maxed Charisma, which was wonderful, and was constantly rolling wishes to spend time with/talk to her kids. She was doing great.

Here's the bad news; the career was glitched.

Bottle was very near the end of her lifespan by the time she hit level nine of the Athletics career, and then the darn thing glitched out. I mentioned this last time, it's an absolute pain, but the progress bar just stops filling past level nine. It should be filling, but there's nothing. At all. And the only way to fix it is to quit the job and then rejoin. Which I already did! Let's remember! I already did that! But I guess it didn't take? If I quit and re-joined the career now, it would bump all the way back down to level five. Out of ten.

I didn't have time for that. I barely had time for anything. I was so on edge with this that I made up a whole new Household Skills plan, just in case I had to restart, but.

I re-read the rules. The heir must max a Lifetime Wish, and max a unique career. They don't have to be the same thing. Bottle had her Lifetime Wish locked down. Sh needed to max a career, not necessarily the Athletics career.

Okay, then. On her ninety third day, Bottle went to work for the first time as a Burial Specialist.

I don't have a lot of screenshots of this, because I was so sure it wasn't going to work out. I was so sure, in fact, that when Phlox aged up to a Young Adult, I didn't even give him a proper makeover.

He walked around with that awful "I used the kitchen scissors" haircut for far too long.

I was holding my breath the entire time. I was so on edge, because every day, Bottle's age kept ticking up, and up, and up....but she did it.

Guys, gals, and non-binary pals, Bottle Green Binderclip, an Epitaph Writer at ninety-six. I can't believe it, Marathon Runner paid off. The Binderclips will carry on, and maybe I'll get through a single update without having to recount my latest panic.

At least Phlox finally got a make-over. He's a Clumsy, Lucky, Genius Bookworm who Loves the Cold, and he'll be my second attempt at the darned Athletics career.

Wish us luck, guys. We're gonna need it. We're only on household two.

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Re: The Binderclips: Household Skills 2!
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Limiting the expansions sounds like a good idea.  Well, I would say that: it's what I did, for the most part…

On the subject of harvesting: it shouldn't unlock gardening.  Except sometimes it does.  I fell foul of that in the Life States  :-\.

I've not come across the 'no promotions past level seven' bug.  Weird.  No promotions after midnight, sure.  Also, recently, 'no promotions just after successfully asking for one'.  Not sure whether that's just my computer but I've given up on inviting the boss round for a nice cosy chat and let promotions happen in their own time.

If you want to imagine what happened, look at this for about six hours.

Not sure whether you have Monte Vista, but the stupidly cheap real estate applies there too.

Mods are certainly allowed (I played most of my game with Overwatch, Error Trap and Master Controller).  My own preference is for just using them to make the game run more smoothly but do whatever you need to to overcome bugs – although I seem to remember that the default NRaas setting (in Story Progression?) is for an extra day of maternity leave on top of EA's usual four.

Love the pink stripy hot dog! ;D

And congratulations to Bottle Green on maxing the emergency backup career.

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Re: The Binderclips: Household Skills 2!
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@hazelnut Limiting the expansions is a hassle and half, I had to do math for this. (Math!) I've had the "no promotion after asking for one" too; it seems to work better if I'm plating as the Sim asking, and have the camera on them? (Or maybe that's just superstition..)

Ah! Glad to know mods are allowed. (Lol, I recently re-read the Haskills, and realized you mentioned mods about forty seven times. My bad.) I tend to avoid playing without them, for the sake of my PC, but if I start to get really buggy I might have to set up Error Trap and Overwatch.

Thanks for the Monte Vista tip!

A Dragon Valley Winter

When we last left off, Bottle Green had completed her requirements, and semi-officially passed the torch down to the next generation.

(Lulu and Winona both got prom queen. Their crowns hung in their respective rooms.)

Winona got the majority of my focus. I’ve never played with the Heartbreaker LTW, nor have I tried the Daycare career. I found it was alright at the beginning, if deeply micro-managey.

I really got a kick out of Winona. Lulu threw many, many parties in order to meet people and make friends, and if Winona was left on auto pilot, she would try to flirt with everyone in the room. (Disturbingly, she once rolled a wish to “kiss Bottle Green for the first time”. Eep!)

Phlox spent his time working out or playing chess. He had knocked out all the challenges except for Chess Grandmaster (his lifetime wish) and Teacher Extraordinaire, and I wanted to let him focus on chess for a bit. I’ve never tried a logic supermax, nor have I explored chess, (lotta firsts for me,) and it’s...time consuming.

The chess, at least, was easier than I expected. I’ve heard the horror stories about getting opponents who are proprietors/consignment clerks, which is why I opted to do the supermax before I added those things to the game. The biggest struggle I had was a woman named Cara Gallgher, who refused to show up despite constant calls. I ended up having Winona use online dating to friend her, used map view to find where she lived, and have Phlox head right over to challenge her on her own turf.

Phlox’s career took some finagling as well. With Bottle, I had her quit and rejoin the career at level three, which set her back to level 1, which didn’t seem to work. With Phlox, I had him quit at level five, resetting him back to level three, and making my nerves eighteen times worse, since he was already halfway through young adulthood.

Honolulu, meanwhile, grew up into a lovely young woman right as winter rolled around.

It’s funny; that’s my least favorite hairstyle and my least favorite dress, and she manages to pull them both off at the same time.

She and Phlox are close, but she and Winona are closer. The two of them roll a lot of wishes to hug/play games/pillow fight with one another. I think Honolulu is the only person that Winona has never flirted with!

Literally everyone else was fair game, though. Winona spent her weekends meeting people in the park, wishing to go steady, getting her wish, and immediately wishing to meet someone new. Big mood, Winona.

Lulu spent most of her non-work time throwing parties. (She was employed in Politics, in accordance with her new “Leader Of The Free World” LTW. She pursued her career aggressively, and he got a promotion nearly every day.) I’ve never thrown this many Sim parties. They’ve always intimidated me, since I hate parties IRL.

Then, I realized that this was a video game, and I don’t actually have to talk to everyone at the party. I could let Honolulu focus on a few people at a time, and let everyone else just have fun. It wasn’t realt. They didn’t care if she was a good hostess. This was deeply freeing.

Of course, I soon ran into yet another snag. Winona was supposed to work Monday through Thursday, but with Seasons, she had Thursdays off, so she only worked three days a week. Once again, I’ve never played with the Daycare career before, so I didn’t realize how absolutely agonizingly slowly it would move. I maxed out winter in the settings to avoid any more holidays.

Phlox and Winona both became Adults much faster than I would like. Winona still needed four more partners and two more career levels, and Phlox still needed to finalize his LTW, career, and tutoring efforts. (I had heavily slacked on that last one.)

This is where Winona’s daycare came in handy. She invited some of her old charges over for Phlox to tutor, and he invited some of his coworkers over for Winona to seduce.

I’m a genius.


Bottle, to my bemusement, was still very much alive and kicking. While her kids pursued lifetime wishes, she mostly puttered around, filling small wishes or helping Winona with her rapidly growing daycare. It got to the point where I just signed her back up for the Pro Sports career just so she would have something to do!

Rest in peace, Bottle Green Binderclip. She was a wonderful mother, and roughly 114 by the time she finally passed, exceeding all my expectations.

The kids reacted accordingly. Winona (autonomously) flirted with Death.

Lulu buckled down and maxed out Charisma.

And Phlox, to my surprise, decided he wanted a boyfriend.

Domingo Irby had been a longtime family friend. I swear, the second Phlox learned Domingo was Family Oriented, he rolled a wish to kiss him for the first time. Very smart man, that Phlox.

Everything was progressing very nicely. Winona and I had “get a partner and dump them” down to a science, and she maxed her Lifetime Wish in one final weekend push.

More thoughts on that at the bottom.

The very, very, very long winter finally ended, and things began to happen very rapidly.

Lulu aged up to an Adult, already at level nine of the political track. Level nine! I think she’s the most career-oriented Sim I’ve ever played. She had locked down most of the Charisma challenges ages ago, but Personable still eluded her. I wanted to avoid buying Observant, since I’m trying to focus on EP related LTRs for heirs, but Honolulu was having absolute rotten luck. Since her move was coming up fast, I had her take a few days off of work and invite various Sims over to try and find skills. She would talk about the cold, (to test for weather related traits,) ask about career, (I’ve seen it trigger Workaholic and Ambitious,) try out some jokes, (to eliminate any humor related traits), enthuse about something, (Excitable, Grumpy,)and then try flirting, to check for Flirty/Unflirty.

Then I would spam “Get to Know”, because my system rarely paid off.

Phlox maxed the Pro Sports career, and become my personal hero.

And in a missed screenshot opportunity, he also became a Chess Legend that very night.

Winona maxed her career the same week, and quit almost immediately.

Phlox’s career, check. Phlox’s LTW, check. Winona’s career, check. Winona’s LTW, check. Logic supermax, check. Winona had already maxed both household skills. The only thing standing in the way from progress was learning a few more traits.

And look! This Sim who’s name I totally remember is a Grump! Thank you, Ms. Grump! That’s Charisma supermaxed!

The kids took a picture for the road….

....and went their separate ways. Winona moved into a delightful one bedroom, Phlox picked a place near the sports center, and Honolulu faced the prospect of having kids.


Household Two Stats

Mick Quinlain (No traits)
-Perfect Mind, Perfect Body
-Maxed Logic

Bottle Green Binderclip (#006A4E) (Athletic, Absent-Minded, Nurturing, Neat, Childish).
-Become A Superstar Athlete
-Cemetary career/Epitaph Writer
-Maxed Charisma

Phlox Binderclip (#DF00FF) (Genius, Clumsy, Lucky, Bookworm, Loves the Cold)
-Supermaxed Logic
-Chess Legend
-Pro Sports (in perhaps the ultimate example of living out your parent’s dreams for them…)

Winona Binderclip (Imaginary Friend) (Her favorite color was orange, and I used #BF530D) (Excitable, Evil, Vegetarian, Heavy Sleeper, Flirty)
-Maxed Logic and Charisma
-Daycare worker

Honolulu Binderclip (#006DB0(Good Sense of Humor, Friendly, Party Animal, Excitable, Vehicle Enthusiast)
-supermaxed Charisma
Unique LTRs; Clone Voucher, Motive Mobile
Building; Tome Traders
Career/LTW to be completed in the next house

Household Two Thoughts

Well! This was very much a learning experience for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Let’s go down the list by group.

The Lifetime Wishes were a fun batch this time. I think that “Become A Superstar Athlete” is a pretty easy, standard, LTW. My personal rule of thumb for “What makes a good LTW” is, “Does it take a lifetime?” And yes. This one definitely does. However, it’s linked to a rabbit hole career, and I, personally, find those wishes more boring than others. (Take this with as many grains of salt as you like, it’s very much a subjective opinion.) I’ll give it a 5/10. Dead average.

Heartbreaker and Chess Legend are more in line with the kind of gameplay I enjoy. Maybe it’s because I took my time with these, since I was focused on careers and supermaxes, but I felt like both of these really took a lifetime. They also required a lot more interaction/supervision than the Pro Athlete wish, which appeals to me as a player. (As much interaction as possible, please!) I’m gonna give both of these  a 7/10; above average, but not quite top tier. They were certainly interesting, and I think I’ll actually try Heartbreaker again in another file!

Perfect Mind, Perfect Body….eh? It doesn’t hit that standard of “takes a lifetime”. To be fair, I certainly rushed the wish, and used dragons to keep Mick awake the whole time, but it just. I dunno. I’ve never really liked the “max two skills” wishes. They feel bland to me. 4/10. (Again, this is entirely subjective.)

Pro Sports career takes longer than other careers because there’s no “work hard” option. That’s stupid. 4/10, below average.

Cemetery work was….fine? Very standard. 5/10. I can’t find anything to complain about, but I can’t find anything to praise.

The Daycare career….woof. I said I liked interaction in my game, and the Sims curled the monkey paw. This was bonkers. I actually enjoyed most of the career, when Winona was only watching toddlers. Sure, it was a little bit of micro management, but that’s what I like in my game! Excitement! Something to engage me! I never felt overwhelmed, when it was just toddlers. Winona had ten hours a day to watch after and befriend four toddlers, and I found it delightfully difficult.

Then came the children. And oh man. The children.

At level four of the daycare career (and probably level five, but I quit the career as soon as Winona peaked,) you get five younguns to look after. It’s either a combination of two toddlers and three kids, or three toddlers and two kids. Toddlers operate the same as normal, where you watch them from 9 am to about 6:30 pm, (the game says you work till 7, but the game is lying,) but kids show up at about 3:30, and you need to help them get their homework done, and help boost their mood.

I don’t know if any of you have tried to help a child do their homework and also be ecstatically happy within three hours, but it’s near impossible.

This is where I felt overwhelmed, and that’s where I draw the line. I play games to have fun, and when I feel overwhelmed, I’m not having fun. I see why this career is in the game, and I think that for real roleplaying Sims files, it would be a lot of fun, but if I didn’t have other household members, I don’t know how I would have ever maxed the career. Despite the original fun I had, the end made it so uncomfortable that I’m gonna give this a 1/10. I shouldn’t play through a career just to dread the upper levels of it.

Our household skills were Charisma and Logic. I’m gonna start with Logic, because it’s the easier one to talk about.

In my first ever (undocumented) Immortal Dynasty attempt, the second generation attempted to supermax logic. I had owned the game for about a month, got stuck on the chess challenges, and have successfully avoided a supermax ever since.

And like. It wasn’t that bad.

I’m sure part of this is because none of my opponents were proprietors, and two of my opponents were household members, (Phlox had to defeat Lulu and Winona both,) but while I did have trouble tracking down one or two of his opponents, the supermax as a whole was pretty painless. It was mostly a matter of setting Phlox in front of something, and waiting till he did it enough. (Which, hey, could be said for most of the skills.)

As a skill it feels….I dunno. Incomplete, somehow? I feel like there should have been a way to combine the “Science” and “Logic” skills. Logic feels basic, and not in the way that Athletics feels basic, where it feels like it’s elegant in its simplicity; Logic feels like they tried too hard to make ‘Logic’ a thing. (Stop trying to make fetch happen, EA. It’s never going to happen.) Two of the challenges are related to tutoring, just with children vs adults, and one of the challenges was only added with Generations. It feels like a skill they threw in because they wanted to have a “smartness measure” instead of it’s own skill, and on some level, I can understand that; we have things like the Law Enforcement careers, or the Emperor of Evil, where a more science-based skill would make less sense than a deduction (induction?) based one.

But this is my opinion, not a fair and balanced review! I’m gonna call Logic a 5/10. It’s nothing to write home about. It’s definitely base game material. 8/10 as a supermax, though; there’s enough variety here to keep you working for a while. (Though 3/5 challenges are mostly luck based…)

Now. Charisma.

Like I said before, I’ve never played with Charisma before. The list time I really played the Sims was in high school, when I wasn’t a very social person. I did a lot of Dynasty play back then, and I think I got all my Best Friends exclusively through elixirs. Playing with the skill has actually been really eye opening for me, because it’s made me, personally, form a bond with Dragon Valley. Like. I feel connected to this tiny virtual town, and these teeny little pixel people. Somehow, forming relationships (with non-family) just, I dunno, man. It makes it feel much more real. Like, there’s stakes, now.

Again, this is ONLY my opinion, so I’m allowed to wax a little bit ;)

I’m gonna give Charisma a 7/10. It’s a very solid skill, I enjoyed it a lot, and it definitely enhances gameplay, (it also requires much more player interaction than Logic, so perhaps the contrast influenced my opinion,) but I don’t think that the game really rewards you for raising the skill. This is probably just me, (if you disagree, I’d love to hear why,) but “now you can make friends slightly faster” just doesn’t feel like enough of a reward for me. In fairness to EA, I don’t quite know what else a reward would be, but. I dunno. This feels like a lot of work for very little payoff, and as a supermax, I’d call it a 4/10. Those challenges were very, very difficult, and not in the way I like. Leveling the skill also took a million bajillion years, so I can’t say I would recommend it as a supermax. (Though, points for variety in the challenges. It did feel like I had to like, get better at jokes, so that I could make more friends, so that I could make more best friends, so that I could learn more about their traits; it felt like each challenge folded into another, whereas the Logic challenges felt like they didn’t connect at all.)

Anyway! Thank you all for listening to me ramble, and stay tuned for House Number Three!

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Re: The Binderclips: Household Skills 2!
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The top levels of Daycare are awful.  Especially if you get no toddlers and five school-age kids (I can vouch for the fact that it does sometimes happen).  Just impossible, even with several helpers.  I've never had the courage to carry on past level 5, when you get the problem kids as well...

Were you using Legendary Host to help with the parties?  At only 5K points, it's well worth snagging with almost everyone.  The party will be a success whatever happens.

I also tend to use Observant a lot.  Again cheap and incredibly useful.  Congrats and admiration on supermaxing charisma without it!  :o

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Re: The Binderclips: Household Skills 2!
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I read this in one go. Super good! :)

I always liked this challenge a lot and I also like how you explain your reasoning behind the gameplay. I will follow this story very closely.