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2020 Sims 4 Challenge Tournament Schedule
« on: December 16, 2019, 06:28:10 AM »
2020 Sims 4 Challenge Tournament Schedule

IMPORTANT: Players must participate in 3 regular events to earn a 2020 World Ranking. Both Major events count as two events each, so 1 Major + 1 regular event also earn a player a World Ranking.

January 6 - January 26. Making Money in 2020: 20 Days, 20 Ways.
There are so many different ways Sims can make money, but in this event your Sim only has a single day to earn money from any given activity. So, which ones will you choose that will give you the best return? Rule Set.

January 27 - February 16. Townie Skill-a-Thon.
A brand new event from the mind of multiple World Champ, Lena LJ. Your Sim will need to become Good Friends with townies before being eligible to move in with them, and once moved in...let the skilling begin! Rule Set.

February 17 - March 8. Totally Turning Townies...Alphabetically.
Similar to our old romance events where you try and go through the alphabet and obtain as many Lovebirds as possible, here your Sim is a Vampire and is attempting to turn the entire town...letter by letter. Rule Set.

March 9 - March 29. Pancakes Triumphant.
Forget about buns in the oven! Bob and Eliza need to get their pancakes on and populate Willow Creek as quickly as possible. Rule Set.

March 30 - April 19. Hobos to Heroes: Teen Scene.
One of the tougher challenges on tap for this year -- you start with 3 homeless Teens with zero household funds. The goal is for all 3 to attain Hero Status via a variety of goals. Rule Set.

April 20 - May 10. Bill Nye's Science Invitational.
Top challenge competitor Rainbow Dash tossed this idea out to the team, so we're running with it. Get as high in the Science career as you can in two short weeks, plus boost your score by making lots of unique inventions and serums. Make Bill Nye proud! Rule Set.

May 11 - June 14. 2020 Mid-Season Major: A Townie Baby Boomer!
The forum's longest running and most popular annual event gets a unique twist this year with a focus on everyone's beloved townie families. Rule Set.

June 15 - July 5. 2020 Handiness World Championships.
On the surface this challenge may seem like a carbon copy of the event from two years ago. Think again. We added a couple new twists that will require different approaches. Rule Set.

July 6 - July 26. Elder Traitsman.
Similar to past trait-hoarding challenges, the difference this time is there will be no escaping Grim for your one Human/Alien Elder Sim. Your other Sim has more life state/life extension flexibility and should be able to play the entire two Sim weeks. Rule Set.

July 27 - August 16. ??.

August 17 - September 6. ??.

September 7 - September 27. ??.

September 28 - October 18. ??.

October 19 - November 29. 2020 Sims 4 Challenge Tournament Finale.