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An ultimate Hollywood mansion
« on: March 28, 2020, 07:11:59 PM »
billionaires only.
relatively simple layout making use of your standard build-mode cheats. every amenity is included. no cost is spared...

the centerpiece of this property is the massive overflowing infinity pool with enough room to ride around on your jet ski. nestled in the Hollywood Hills, almost every room and deck has unobstructed 180 degree views of downtown Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean. from the top; the master loft has 3 luxurious skylit bedrooms with accompanying his/hers bathrooms and walk-in closets. this suite includes its own family room adjoined by a double-set laundry and ironing nook. beneath the loft are 3 levels of the finest living and entertainment...

flanking the skybox atrium foyer with its grand chandelier there is a full-length basketball court. at the opposite end of the hallway is a piano parlor featuring the largest of the multiple fireplaces. across from this is the main kitchen with dual ice box, dual range tops, herb garden, and serving station. connected is the formal dining room with mini oxygen bar, China cupboard, and buffet set. connected is the main living room which wraps around into an outdoor fire pit. connected is the office study with royal chess set, vintage record player, fish tank, and art easel. the dining, living, and study rooms are each open-air and facing the infinity pool behind a 2-story waterfall descending from the top deck...

between this waterfall the DJ booth with its see-through dance floor and laser lighting grid floats directly above the pool. this club level includes a full bar, traditional pub games, arcade video gaming, a karaoke stage, music recording and social media studio, as well as a painting and drawing room with hookah lounge...yard space is slightly limited but made to feel larger and more useful as it flows seamlessly with the indoor/outdoor design of the ground level. the backyard itself has a bonfire pavilion, yoga and meditation mats, a swing set, rock climbing wall, horseshoe throwing, water slide, observatory, bee box, bird feeder, woodworking and flower arranging, and several garden planters. surrounding the pool are lounge chairs, patio dining tables, a complete BBQ cooking station, and a steaming hot tub...

those are basically the floors above ground. the landscaping is shaped as if the property was built into the hillside. everything from here is considered to be underground but we haven't technically reached the basement yet. the driveway wraps around the West side of the house and enters below ground into a 30-car garage showroom with windows peering through the infinity pool allowing for natural light. the garage exits into a secondary living space and kitchen with 160-bottle wine index. connected to this area is a 2-lane cosmic bowling alley and disco skating rink. tucked behind the garage is a private museum loaded with rare collectibles leading to a walkthrough aquarium. on the other side of the aquarium is the movie theater with its own espresso cafe, ice cream and popcorn machines. behind the bowling alley is a multimedia film studio connecting to the home gym & spa. the gym has its own showers. the spa has its own sauna and mud bath...

continuing down the spiral stairs into the true basement will reveal continuous natural light which is fed through a square porthole drilled through the back yard. these stairs enter into an underground atrium with waterfalls and a shark-filled pond. there is a full research and development lab with robotics equipment, an invention constructor, Sim cloning device, and wormhole generator. connected is a medical bay with complete exam and surgical capability. below this area is a personal walk-in vault with cryogenic sleeping pods which provide double functionality as the family panic room. further below this area and removed by a significant corridor is a fully functional rocket silo. the rocket launches without fail through a hidden opening in the driveway...

is that it? I think so.

top roof

master loft

club level

living rooms


basement 1

basement 2

missile silo

warning. your taxes will be huge.
if your Sims are not top level careers with advanced salaries, side businesses, side gigs, multiple residuals, and the reduced bills perk, they will definitely be unable to live here without ongoing money cheats. your tax burden can be alleviated if you simply forgo the vehicles. either delete them from the property before moving in or download the property without installing them at all. obviously vehicles are just for show in TS4 but they are priced "realistically" for the sake of ingame achievement and aspirations. something to aim high for. if you do not remove the vehicles before moving in, the price tag for this home will be around $15,000,000. that's 15MILLION simoleons. in addition to the 30 colorful super cars occupying the showroom there are 4 family fleet vehicles parked out front, dressed all in black. my legacy family has an average tax of about $350,000 which can be as high as $420,000 if you tend to leave the AC or the furnace running. if we didn't have the reduced bills perk, I'm afraid to guess what the unfiltered tax rate might actually be. half a million dollars a week? haven't tested it without my legacy family.

I've included a zip with the contents of the lot. I hope lol. lemme know if it doesn't work. aside from the vehicles there is no custom content. zero CC. everything is base game + stock DLCs. the only DLCs that are NOT used in this house are from Spooky stuff, Realm of Magic, Strangerville, and Vampires. objects from EVERY other DLC are used or included. only the 'magical' and 'fanciful' stuff was ignored. the vehicles you can find together in this pack: