Author Topic: Sim died whilst I was playing a different household and I can't recover her  (Read 368 times)

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So I have quite an extended Sim family, and I had recently added a Sim for my sister to the family who had a daughter. She was a vampire (at my sister's request).

When I was playing another household with the family, she came to visit but died by sunlight on her way over. It was a complete shock and I've been trying to recover her and her daughter (who seems to have just disappeared from the game entirely!) for hours now with no luck. For some reason I don't even have the original saves of the Sims in my library even though I'm sure they were there before!

Help please! How can I get them back?

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If u haven't saved the game yet, you can just exit without saving, but if u already saved, I don't think there's anything you can do about this. I also play legacy but I have aging turned off for inactive households so my Sims don't age up or die of old age without me but that won't help with heat deaths. My sim was at her restaurant and her waiter died on the shift

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The kid is gone if she was the last living person in the house and was a child of younger. The vamp is recoverable if you have the urn or can find the ghost.

Step one find the ghost or urn. Use the urn to summon the ghost of it is the urn you have access to. Become good friends to invite the sim ghost to your household or just cheat it there. Resurrect ghost sim using, book of life, a spellcaster, ambrosia, wishing well, or just cheat. Then move the freshly resurrect vampire back to her house. Sadly the child was culled by the game the second the adult sim died and if there is no old save and wasn't uploaded to the gallery or your library.

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If you created them in cas, they should have saved to your library automatically when you finished the household? I can't imagine why they would not be there at this point. I am sorry, that really is terrible luck. I hope you can find a way to recover them somehow.
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Unless you have saved 5 times since this happened, you can recover an old save from before this happened.  From the load game screen, there will be a button on your save that says "Recover Save" or "Recover Game" when you mouse over.  When you click that, it will list the last 5 saves.  When you choose one, it becomes a "save fork,"  your game with its most recent save will still be there, and then you will ALSO have Game (#) [Recovered].

And I've just noticed the original post date, I imagine it's too late now.  Hopefully this will help someone else who had a sim die while out of their control though.

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@Brian Z Useful tip thank you