Author Topic: Hey! Does anyone know any University Grade cheats for TS4?  (Read 292 times)

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Hey guys! I decided to ask here since the EAHelp page never really responds to help pages anymore, and the updated sims forums now make you have to gain points in order to write a post.

So I have two sims in University at the moment, and both of their presentation boards went missing. I ended up downloading a mod that lets you replace them if you email a professor, but my sims can't interact with the new boards they have been given. I decided to try and promote them in those classes by using the "Cheat sim info" mod, in hopes that their performance might just be able to be helped that way, but it just switched the goal of making a presentation board to a term paper, but again, there isn't a 'write term paper' option under the University Coursework.

I'd really like to be able to find some sort of GPA cheat or mod so I can easily fix things like this. My sims are on their second semester now, and this happened in their first semester too. Their grades keep getting lower and lower, so it's a really annoying bug. I'm guessing it could also be because of my mods? But I've seen some other people online having the disappearing presentation board too. I just want an easy way to fix their grades before the semester ends. If anyone knows of any mod or cheat that could help let me know! Any help is appreciated!   ;D

Edit: Removing mods and cc didn't change anything

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